Thirty Seconds to Mars


Damn with Shannon!! But seriously if it were us wearing slippers out of our house I’d bet we’d be hauled away into the local looney bin…oh Hi Joker….so whatta ya in for? Oh killing people I see. Me? Well I uh…. Ummm…. Hmmm…I wore slippers outside… lmao!!

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A/N: A really long chapter to make up the really long kinda hiatus.

She is something in me. 26

    “Baby, you got it all; Sexy from her head to the toes” – OMG

Although the sun was shining brightly, it was very cold. Courtney opened her eyes slowly, annoyed with the clarity in the room, even with the curtains closed. She sighed and stretched her body, arms over her head. A small squeeze on her thigh made her look to her side, finding Shannon sleeping with his face turned to the other side.

She watched his chest moving up and down, with his slow calm breathing. Lazily, Coco forced her body up a little, kissing his shoulder. Only God knew how much she’s craving his touch. She placed her leg over his, moving it up slowly in a suggestively way. Her hand caressed his bare chest and stopped above his Trinity tattoo on his ribs, while she kissed his neck.

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