Thirty Seconds To Mars

How to be a “echelon” 2015 version

1 - Complain because the band is on a break from… may to august. 

2 - Shannon and Tomo don’t use social media? Assume they’re done with the band. Predict the end of Mars.

3 - Stalk every possible social media of people with a vagina who was seen with shannon or jared the last century. Complain said human beings are shoving themselves down our throats. 

4 - Look at those vagina owner to see if they have done anything related to jared or shannon. Complain because they are the only source of information. Say again they are shoving themselves down our throats. 

5 - Jared and/or shannon are seen with a vagina owner on the street. Say you’re done and you’re out. 

6 - While saying you’re done and out go update your hypocrite supporting page, buy your 74548th vyrt ticket and a vip package to an oncoming show. It’s always a good idea to pretend to be a huge supporter in the light. the illusion of winning something from them is good. 

7 - Insult LLFD as it was the worst album ever created. 

8 - A random person decided to create a fan account for a vagina owner. She’s offending the echelon and it’s jared fault. 

9 - Analyse the last pic where shannon appeared. Conclude his hands are too soft (4D computer screen you have) so he won’t be at the future shows. 

10 - Be very noisy expressing your opinions. this way it’ll look like everybody his hating them. 

11 - Get offended because you’re a fan, who only gets the right to have fan things, while people they personally know gets the right to do get things for free. 

12 - Find new troll conspiracy theories everyday. 

13 - Spread everyday as your life depends on it that every living thing around a Leto is a troll. 

14 - The band keep adding new dates, jared does vyrts, they invent the Mars camp. They speak about a new album soon. You have two options. Say how tired of this era you are it’s time for them to stop and jared should stop pressing the other two into working or you can say despite of it they aren’t invested in mars anymore, what they do it’s not enough and the band will end. Or you can say both things. 

15 - Make it clear you’re very offended because Jared doesn’t tell us the truth about his vagina owner friends. 

16 - complain about what they write on social media and about what they don’t write. make sure they never win.

17 - how does jared dare to be part of a super heroes movie. he sold himself. now he just has time for it and for his female friends. He spends all his time with them. isn’t it two days per month an absurd amount of time? 

18 - How does jared dare to have a life outside of mars. 

19 - how does jared dare to not treat his fans like they are family. He said we were. Our opinion should be as important as his mother’s. Why don’t he shares intimate aspects of his life with us?

20 - Get ready for shannon’s funeral or to visit him at the rehab center. After all he’s not been tweeting. 

21 - Make sure everyone, including your cat knows both brothers only think with his dick. 

22 - If you’ve been here following mars since the stone age, make sure the world knows it. Also let the others know how offended you are for not receiving a special treatment. You should get at least some VIP tickets for free. 

23 - Expect them to hide themselves and their vagina owner friends. God forbid jared of being caught with one of them on the street. It may offend his fans and he should change his life and do as we told. And everyone knows jared depends on the approval of every single one of his fans to have success. 

24 - What do you mean it’s weird when we say a successful 43 years old independent man should do as a bunch of fangirls he doesn’t even know exist demands? 

25 - Jared and Shannon, two grown up brothers who already spend months at a time together haven’t been posting pictures of them together, neither went for a walk in a boulevard full of paps. They are clearly fighting. 

26 - Say shannon won’t show up in the following shows, because you saw it in his eyes on the last selfie he posted.

27 - Say in every relevant tumblr that you’re out of all this, and done with the band because of some vagina owner. Who cares about music anyway. It’s a band we are talking about. And say you’re done at least twice a week during a indeterminate amount of time. And while you’re done keep checking every gossip blog for the gossip news you were tired of. After all you are done and out.

28 - they do 100 things, 99 are good things. let’s focus on the 1 negative thing they’ve done. 

29 - How does jared dare to spend OUR money in deserved things like holidays, cars, a house. Who gave him the right to buy a new big house? 

30 - Never forget. Every wrong in the world IS JARED’S FAULT.

“Self- Filling” Biking Bottle Pulls Water Out of Thin Air

Biking cross-country through rough terrain may mean that access to fresh, drinkable water may be limited. But what if there was a device that could “pull” moisture from the air and transform it into drinking water? That’s the idea behind Austrian designer Kristof Retezár’s Fontus, a “self-filling” water bottle that can make water out of thin air.

The solar-powered bike accessory uses a Peltier Element to generate water. It’s essentially a cooler with two chambers that facilitates condensation, and takes in air as the bike moves, which is then slowed and cooled down by barriers that allows it to condense and form water, which is channelled and collected in the bottle.

According to The Huffington Post, the gadget can produce 0.5 liters of water in an hour, and works best when temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity is around 50 percent. Of course, the Fontus wouldn’t be suitable in urban areas where there might be polluting particulates in the air. Though there is a filter to keep bugs out of the condensed water, there isn’t one for contaminants, yet.

But Retezár has bigger visions for such a design, and believes that it can be used in water-scarce regions, especially as climate change begins to change global precipitation patterns:

Fontus can be applied in two different areas. Firstly, it may be interpreted as a sporty bicycle accessory. Useful on long bike tours, the constant search for freshwater sources such as rivers and gas stations can cease to be an issue since the bottle automatically fills itself up. Secondly, it might be a clever way of acquiring freshwater in regions of the world where groundwater is scarce but humidity is high. Experiments suggest that the bottle could harvest around 0.5 L water in one hour’s time in regions with high temperature and humidity values.

Retezár estimates that the Fontus, which was shortlisted for a Dyson Award, would cost about $25 to $40. For more info, visit The Huffington Post and Kristof Retezár’sportfolio.


The Kill - 30STM

renan_ozturk: Taking in the last light on the top of Royal Arches after @jaredleto first day and climb in Yosemite. Hoping to have him fall in love with this place as much as I have over the years. Not even the night time descent down the chossy North Dome gully dampened his enthusiasm. #GreatWideOpen @taylorfreesolo@camp4collective @bchendrix@robertgreenwood_ @onebananna@shayhem @baddie_maddie


Thirty Seconds to Mars | A Beautiful Lie

The signs as bands who were at their prime in the early 2000s
  • Aries:Cute is What We Aim For
  • Taurus:My Chemical Romance
  • Gemini:The Academy Is...
  • Cancer:The All American Rejects
  • Leo:Taking Back Sunday
  • Virgo:Fall Out Boy
  • Libra:AFI
  • Scorpio:Panic! At The Disco
  • Sagittarius:Green Day
  • Capricorn:30 Seconds to Mars
  • Aquarius:3oh!3
  • Pisces:Metro Station