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Did u send me an anon really similar to this one like 5 months ago or was that just a different and equally desperate anon?


- Over 5.6 million subscribers reached on main YouTube Channel.
- Two New York Times best selling books published - ‘A Work In Progress’ and ‘Note To Self' - named one of Forbes Breakout Authors of 2015. 
- Received the Governor’s Award at the 6th Annual Thirst Gala for work for The Thirst Project.
- Honored at the 2016 GLSEN Respect Awards. 
- Launched lifestyle brand ‘Common Culture’.
- Launched a record label ‘Heard Well’.

Happy YouTube Anniversary Connor. Thank you for all you’ve done for us these past 7 years. Proud of all you’ve achieved so far and looking forward to the future. Whatever you decide to do next, we’ll be here loving and supporting you <3


#HartCookies given my the lovely mydrunkkitchen. Hannah deserves one of these herself!


Hello all!  If you are a Connor Franta fan and am proud of all he has achieved than this is a little gift for you~  These are the presents given by the Thirst Project that Connor was a part of last year.  The gifts will be split up into two separate gifts with the winner indicating if he/she would like either, 1. the signed photo of Connor Franta by the smol sweet boy himself or 2. the water bottle and the shirt (size small).  The second winner will get which ever one the first winner did not choose.  This is for fans in United States only sorry!  (i am doing this due to mailing issues so please don’t get upset)

-Only “Reblogs” count as entries, you may reblog as many times as you like
-You must be following me to win:   @lovemeshiori
-You must be willing to give me your mailing address (again this is only for fans in the US, soz)

Thats it!  Winners will be announced on April 15th!

———————————– WINNERS ————————————–

Congrats to @ohmytronnah on winning the T-shirt & water bottle and to @tronnorsweaters on winning the signed autograph of Connor! 

I hope you guys enjoy the gifts ^_^

Maki can’t help herself when she’s alone with Umi.