The North’s Economic Development Plan

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Of all of the regions of Westeros we’ve planned for, the North is perhaps the most difficult case we’ve deal with, next to Dorne (which had a much better export profile). 

As the Lord of Winterfell, my main difficulties are that the North is severely underpopulated, and has extreme weather conditions that exacerbate the northerly climate’s limits on agricultural productivity. 

So how do we overcome these problems…ideally, before winter comes?

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sanitys-rebellion  asked:

Hello, I've been scrolling through your blog and I came across a tag that says you listen to story telling podcasts. Do you have any recommendations?

Yes!! love storytelling - listening, reading, writing, telling - but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote. I do have loads of time at work, thus this list. (If you have any recs, let me know!)

live storytelling:

the lapse - true stories / gussied up

mortified -  adults sharing their most embarrassing childhood artifacts

the moth - true stories told live (highly produced)

porchlight - more intimate version of the moth, san francisco based

risk - true tales, boldly told

spark - london based live storytelling events

true story - a night of true tales told to friends

interview-centered/curated storytelling:

criminal -  interviews about crime

everything is stories - turns storytelling on its head

love+radio -  eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime

outlook - bbc gathers narratives from around the world

strangers - lea thau is amazing and i love her interviews  

snap judgment - storytelling with a beat

state of the human - stanford storytelling project

this american life - stories centered around a theme

personal recordings/narratives:

the listening project - british people overheard (SO DELIGHTFUL)

radio diaries - giving people tape recorders since 1996

storycorps - americans record each others’ stories

unfictional - independent producers, super interesting

favorite storytellers:

99% invisible - roman mars

kcrw independent producers project

the memory palace - nate dimeo

mystery show - starlee kine

nocturne - vanessa lowe

serial - sarah koenig

strangers - lea thau

theory of everything - benjamen walker

third coast festival - sundance of audio storytelling tbh

audio fiction:

black list table reads - unpublished screenplays into movies for your ears

black tapes podcast - serialized docudrama/paranormal

no sleep podcast - horror stories from the reddit forum

stories from the borders of sleep - original, fantastic and curious tales

the truth - short movies for your ears

special interest storytelling:

99% invisible - design

the memory palace - history

radiolab - science, lots of editing

story collider - science

audio interviews with authors about storytelling/writing:

i should be writing - mur lafferty

npr author interview selection

nytimes archives

otherppl - brad listi 

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a million dollars has nothing on you (cs one-shot)

Back with a one-shot for all of you. I don’t know if this is going to be a full on fic or not, but for now it’s just going to be a small snippet into a rich!killian and rich!emma au.

Tagging: @timeless-love-story and @piratesails

summary: Killian Jones comes from old money (father descended from British royalty and mother’s family owned an exportation business). Emma Swan rose from the ashes of her childhood and managed to make it into the 1%, the social elite, with her new security software. When Killian sees Emma, he’s certain of one thing: Emma Swan was priceless. 

Killian has seen a million dollars.


He’s seen a million dollars. He’s held it in his hands. He’s spent a million dollars in one night. He is in line to inherit a company worth millions and millions (billions if you want to be accurate) of dollars. And yet, when he saw her for the first time (could’ve been her golden hair, her smile, her red dress that fit her curves just right, take your pick), it was like all time stopped, and he was certain that he’d give just about any number of million of dollars to be able to talk to her.

“Dave, who is that? Talking to Mary Margaret.” Killian asked his newly engaged friend.

David Nolan (heir to a real estate business that owned half of the east coast and over two-thirds of the west coast) looked up and gave a tight smile to Killian, “Ah, Emma. Emma Swan. Newly minted 1 percenter from her security software company, used to go to school with me and Mary Margaret, and way, way out of your league.”

“C’mon, Dave, when has that ever been true?” Killian grinned.

“I’m serious about this, Killian.” Dave warned, “Emma is not to be messed with. She put herself through college by working for the New York police department. She got in a bar fight in London when some duke’s son made the wrong move. She has a doctorate in computer science. She would give you a run for your money.”

If that was supposed to deter him in any way, David would be disappointed. Killian tipped the rest of his rum into his mouth and said, “I do love a challenge.”

Without waiting for his friend, Killian strode over to the pair of women gallantly.

“Congratulations on your engagement, Mary Margaret.” Killian opened.

The women, who could be Snow White herself, blushed and gave Killian the happiest grin he’s ever seen. Mary Margaret was one of the good ones in Killian’s social circles. Despite being an heiress to one of the world’s best horse breeders, she still saw the good in people and for that Killian respected her immensely.

“Oh, thank you, Killian. But you probably knew about it long before I did.”

“That’s neither here nor there. Dave’s been positively terrified asking you to be his bride. I’m just glad I won’t have to hear him talk about how nervous he is every time we go sailing.”

Mart Margaret laughed, “Oh, well, Killian this is my old college roommate, Emma Swan. Emma, this is Killian Jones.”

“Pleasure, Swan.” Killian kissed Emma’s out stretched hand and couldn’t help but notice the slight flush in her skin. She truly was quite a marvel.

“Killian Jones, huh? Weren’t you the Jones Brother that bought a crocodile on his 20th birthday and then let it go into the Florida Everglades?”

Killian grinned, “Aye. The bloody crocodile did nothing but terrorize my dog and eat everything on my front porch. I would have much rather skinned it, but my self-righteous brother insisted that it be released into the wild.”

“So you sail and own crocodiles? Where’s your perm, Captain Hook?” Emma shot back.

Killian smiled. She was quick witted. If he wasn’t interested before, he was a goner when she smiled demurely at him over her flute of champagne.

Mary Margaret smiled as she caught the look between her friends. She happily excused herself, not minding that the pair didn’t hear a single word she said.

Killian stepped closer into Emma’s space, “A perm I may not have, but I assure you, a dastardly handsome pirate I certainly am.”

Emma didn’t back down, in fact she leaned even closer. She continued to stare at him with those gorgeous emerald eyes and her delicious looking lips transformed into a daring smirk. 

Killian’s mind wandered, imagining just how soft Emma’s lips were. How they’d feel on his. How’d they’d feel on his neck. How’d they feel-

“Didn’t realize you pillaged and plundered on the first impression,” Her voice brought him back into the moment and he raised an eyebrow in return.

“I can do a lot with first impressions, love.” 

He let the innuendo sing in and he felt an absolute thrill when he saw Emma’s eyes darken slightly.

But in mere seconds, something else crossed her face. She was putting a wall. She took a step back and broke eye contact for just a moment.

“Sorry, Hook, but I don’t pillage and plunder on second impressions either.” She stalked away from him, not bothering to look back.

Killian’s had a hard time of it lately. The last woman his heart raced for, the last woman he would have given everything to be with, the last woman he fell in love with turned out to be married and easily bought.

(He was sure that she wouldn’t take the money)

(He was sure of it)

(But as it turns out, his father was right. Everyone does have a price.)

Ever since then, he became more of a one-night dalliance type of man. He’s been with a lot women, but nothing like Emma. Emma Swan was different. She felt different. She had walls. She had doubts. And Killian knew the look she had when she looked around her, as if the world she found herself in was going to get up and leave her in the cold.

But there was a fire in her eyes. The kind that would most likely burn him if he got too close, and maybe David was right. Maybe she was out of his league. 

But he stood by what he said.

He did love a challenge.