Third Man Records


Last summer, Jack White roamed the festival grounds going from set to set with his polaroid camera in hand. When he wasn’t handing out baseball cards to kids or taking in the amazing performances, he was taking portraits with fans.

Here’s Jack’s photo of himself with Ruby, one of our younger Folk. Photographer Dave Salafia also had great timing to get a shot of the shot. Thanks Jack for being so open with the fans, and thanks fans for being so respectful of our artists; it’s what makes our festival a haven for all to enjoy.



“I believe all human beings in this planet and in this society we live in deserve to be treated the same,” he said. “They deserve to be treated the same in their social lives and in their financial and business careers as well.”

White, said it is “embarrassing” that a gender wage gap still exists. He said pay should not be dictated by gender, or whether an individual is transgender or gender neutral.

“In my life in the arts, I’ve always considered it unfair when, for example, while producing a record, that a drummer would be less than a singer simply because that singer had an agent or representative,” he said. “I think they should be paid the same.“

“Now wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to pay two fiddle players a different wage because one of them is male and one of them is female? I think so.”

The hook for White’s involvement: Third Man Records’ policies for employees, which at a Wednesday press conference to announce the new council were lauded as a model for other small businesses. White said his record store has health insurance for all employees, six-month paid maternity leave for new mothers, three-month paid paternity leave and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for all employees regardless of gender.

Source: The Tennessean.