The Doctor and Selfies
  • One: Outwardly disdains them but takes a few cheeky ones when no one’s looking
  • Two: Has thousands. Jamie is in half.
  • Three: Has an OOTD Instagram. 20,000 followers.
  • Four: Does selfies shortly after causing massive chaos. Always grinning.
  • Five: Stopped taking them after Tegan made fun of him.
  • Six: Invented them.
  • Seven: Used to take them while something exploded in background but doesn’t because they could be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Eight: Shoes.
  • Nine: You’re joking right
  • Ten: 12,000. All of his hair.
  • Eleven: All selfies are blurred because he keeps dropping the damn phone
  • Twelve: Fuck right off
the doctors putting on makeup

one: fusses & redoes everything 10 times

dr. who: do you think barbara is letting her grandfather anywhere near her makeup kit

two: has zoe do it & comes out looking very sparkly

three: the most flawless winged eyeliner you ever did see

four: oddly fond of false eyelashes for some reason

five: doesn’t use makeup but has a million hair accessories

six: orange lipstick & pink eyeshadow? why not

seven: puts it on w/ace in the morning for bonding time

eight: gets distracted halfway through & ends up w/only one eye done

war: who has time for makeup when there’s daleks to fight

nine: will give you the best damn makeover you’ve ever had

ten: puts on way too much blush & people are concerned b/c they think they’re sick

eleven: repeatedly & accidentally stabs themself in the eye

twelve: fills in eyebrows. they grow more powerful


Carnival of Monsters // Robot of Sherwood

“They all hate him equally.” Braxiatel smiled. “Actually, that’s not quite fair. The Doctor has a growing reputation, but it was what he did with the miniscopes that impressed everyone.”

“What did he do to the miniscopes?”

“He persuaded our people to ban their use across the nine galaxies. Miniscopes were a barbaric inventionzoos of intelligent creatures, miniaturized and kept in time loops for the pleasure of other, more ‘developed’ races. The Doctor petitioned for their abolition and our people—for once in their long lives—acted.” Braxiatel shrugged. “The Doctor always was one for causing trouble.”

The Empire of Glass by Andy Lane