I’m on a beverage roll today, this time anticipating that crisp fall weather. These heat-changing mugs from Think Geek will get you wishing for colder weather so you can watch the magic happen!

This is Not a Supernova (TRUTH - it’s actually a red supergiant called V838 Monocerotis, which has had more than a few outbursts this century)

Aurora Borealis

- Summer


EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest

Sometimes you feel like you’re in your own little world. And with EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest, you can be.

Messages like “daily activity goal reached” or “Congratulations. You moved 10,497 steps” just don’t motivate us, so we developed our wearable technology - EnCounter, a Wearable Interactive Quest. You strap the kit’s bracer to your wrist, and it begins to track your movements. And with a tri-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, GPS, digital compass, and an optical heart-rate monitor, it constantly communicates your physical status back to the free downloadable app (available for iOS and Android) via Bluetooth®. When you’re ready for an adventure, just start moving, and the bracer will respond accordingly. Pop the earpiece in to hear a dramatic description real time. Ascending stairs? We know you can make it up to the crow’s nest on the pirate ship if you just keep climbing. Briskly walking? Perhaps you’re hacking through the wilderness to the legendary Keep on the Borderlands. Keep an eye out for those random encounters, which your EnCounter may throw in if it thinks you could some interval training. And be ready to roll at any time!

Inside the app itself, you can fill out your Character Sheet, letting your EnCounter know whether it should be training you to be the party’s tank or making sure you magic users catch up on your sleep to recharge your mana. Oh, and when we say “party,” we mean it. Link up to your friends inside the app, and you can take on challenges as a team, even when your gaming group is scattered across the country or the world.


Magic: the Gathering - TCG: TINY CARD GAME

All the fun of your standard Magic deck, now in super-concentrated form.  Travel Edition includes everything you need to play head-to-head.  Pick up a Expansion Pack to customize your MtG-TE deck - available only during April Fool’s Day.

Considering it has the word “Gathering” in its title, you’d think Magic would be more of a travel game. Not that it’s difficult to carry around, but it is challenging to play in an impromptu location. You’ve got your deck with you. Your friends have their decks with them. Now all you need is 2 feet of lateral space on a flat surface each, and you’ll be good to go. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is. Those of you who end up at tournaments playing with mats overlapping your neighbors’ know what we’re talking about. And your tray table on the airplane just isn’t going to cut it. So if you can’t get more space, what’s your other option?

Smaller cards. That’s why ThinkGeek and Wizards of the Coast have come together to released a new Magic: The Gathering - Travel Edition just in time for the summer travel season. With 120 mini cards, MtG-TE has all the fun of your standard Magic deck, now in super-concentrated form. The carrying case itself turns into a Battle Board with an integrated playmat and life counters for a head-to-head duel. And don’t fret that you might not be able to read the abilities / flavor text on your mini cards. MtG-TE comes with 2 pairs of Battle Magnifier goggles, also handy for reading the small print on those commercials for prescription drugs where the side effects are nausea, vomiting, and spontaneous combustion. If you enjoy MtG-TE, we encourage you to pick up a expansion pack and build your own travel deck that’s a force to be reckoned with


DOOM: Cacodemon Piggy Bank | ThinkGeek

I mean, when you think about it, spending money on a piggy bank is kinda silly, but this is a Cacodemon, so what the hell! (Just whatever you do, don’t send him on a world tour or something like that.)


Officially-licensed DOOM merchandise
Keep your spare change safe from other demons
Shaped like the Cacodemon from classic DOOM games
Coin slot on the back and coin release door on the bottom
Dimensions: 5" wide by 6" tall (with horns)
Weight: 9 oz.


Captain Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring

This amazing ring transforms into both a working telescope, a magnifier and a compass! It is also very lightweight and can be detached from the body of the ring for easier use and comes in many different sizes.

Find out more at think geek