So um… starry skirt is here. I freaking love it!! #thinkgeek #constellationskirt #ledlights #fashion #wearables #space

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New pants!  There was a clothing shop across from the place we were staying in California and I saw these pants on a rack outside.  You may be able to tell that I need to try to shrink them in the wash a little more, but I still love them.  They were on sale, so Mum bought them for me as a gift–I asked to unwrap them right away on the 25th so I could wash them and wear them ASAP.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short light magenta hair.  I’m wearing a burgundy crop top that says “SHS” on it in yellow print.  Under that, in smaller text and also in yellow, it says “Sunnydale High School”, as in the high school from Buffy.  There are little fangs hanging off each large S and the large H is on fire.  I have on a pair of somewhat loose, straight legged cropped pants, with vertical stripes in different shades of orange.  I’m wearing burgundy socks and light brown hiking boots with black soles and dark red accents.  Over the shirt and pants, I have on a sheer, short sleeved light pink robe.  I’m wearing silvery earrings, and I don’t have any lipstick on.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]


Hi everyone! I work at ThinkGeek now. Yay, I have a real job!

Anyway, my store is having its grand opening this Friday. It’s at the First Colony Mall just outside of Houston. There’s going to be tons of events and things to do, as well as a lot of sales.

I hope to see you there! I’m really nervous but excited to start working, setting up the store was a lot of work.