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You all gotta stop changing your names every few days.

Some of us are old and can barely remember a short 5 letter name, let alone “bacontacotruckintherear” or “letsalldojengonakedandlickfrozenpoleswhilesurfing” etc.

Im going to have to make a chart tracking your name changes so. Know who you are people and Im not really fond of things that make me feel as old and forgetful as I am :pPpp. :D

chillsandfrills  asked:

OMG okay so like I remember reading your comic from the atcomic site years ago and you just got recommended to me ! You made me realize my fear of crustaceans as well ...


And wow ATCOMIC hasn’t been a thing for a while (making me feel old).

Glad you’re still checking out my work ♡♡♡♡

The thing that always makes me feel OLD is when fandom specifically attributes some behavior or concept or misbehavior specifically to Tumblr Fandom and I’m like hey no, trust me, we were doing/talking/writing about/pr0ning about it way back in the old country when we sent binary smoke signals into the sky.

That’s WHY you sometimes run into incomprehensible warnings or weirdly prescient guesses about possible fandom behavior (Especially bad behavior). It’s because there’s a chunk of people who were around before tumblr and we’ve seen it before. Yeah it doesn’t always work out exactly the same, but let me tell you, the patterns repeat. All the time.

Things that make me feel old:
  • Wannabe by Spice Girls came out 16 years ago
  • Friends has been off the air for 8 years
  • The OC premiered almost 10 years ago
  • I’ve been driving for 4 years
  • Britney Spears married Kevin Federline 8 years ago
  • Heath Ledger has been dead for 4 years
  • The first iPod came out almost 11 years ago
  • I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen a floppy disk
  • The entire American Pie soundtrack
  • I’ve had a Facebook account for 5 years

I could go on but these lists are annoying anyway.

So it’s that time in my life. People I used to know in high school or who I’m still acquaintances with are getting engaged or married or pregnant. It seems every few days I log into Facebook an engagement ring photo is staring at me with 100 “likes”.

And then it happened. A friend of mine got engaged and I’m actually close enough with her to be invited to her wedding! It shall be the first in a string that will span decades I’m sure; and I’m totally cool with that, I love weddings. But 21/22 seems way too young for marriage. Then again that’s coming from someone who never goes out on dates and feels no desire to marry. Some of these old friends I would have predicted would marry young. It seems to be the people who were in back to back long relationships in high school or those who jumped around all the time, continuously dating, never single and always looking for love.

engaged: kristen, marissa, natalie, nicole, emily, kendall, katie and scott

married: alex and jessica, travis, musette, anne, olivia, stephanie, kelly, kelsey

pregnant: jessica, lexie, stephanie

Also, a good friend I know through ballet just got divorced and my best friend has been dating her future husband for over a year now.


Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

I’ve been listening to Nirvana this morning for some reason, and then I realized something:  This album came out in 1993.  This song is almost old enough to vote.

I think I started reading fanfiction when I was about 11 or 12. It was Sailor Moon fanfiction, followed closely by Gundam Wing, because these shows were on Cartoon Network when I got home from school.

The disturbing part isn’t how young I was. The disturbing part is that it’s been 16 years since I started reading fanfiction. That’s as old as (or older) than some of my followers.

“I’ve read fanfics older than you” is something I could legitimately say. O_O

Things I'm old enough to remember at 24

When double stuff Oreos came out

When Mr Pibb became Pibb Extra

When Mr Pibb took the guys face off their can

When the wild berry pop tart came out

When cherry coke had the purple background with cherries on it (I always loved that)

The rise and fall of beanie babies The very first iPod Please feel free to add to the list and make me feel older but not alone
aerintine replied to your post:So my daughter has this boyfriend, and the kid has…

YOUR DAUGHTER IS A BABY SHE CAN’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! she’s like nine years old. tiny baby. no boyfriend.

Try telling HER that! She has the audacity to think she’s fifteen and has a JOB WHICH PAYS HER MONEY FOR REALS, and a boyfriend who stalks me on facebook!

I spent the last, well… I lost track of time. It happens.
I was looking up images and posts on Tumblr of bunnies, guinea pigs and, finally, hamsters. That lead me to a post about…. Hamtaro.

For those unfamiliar with this show, Wikipedia will tell you everything you need to know. (You’re welcome.)  I looked up the English airdate for the show 2002-2003.

Ten. Years.
I was 16 when I watched this show.
I feel old right now.