Connichi is over and I’m as happy as could be! I got to draw A LOT of dragons for people :> Stormfly <3<3<3

And that little special commission for a very lovely Astrid uwu (the last picture) 
Without her, I would’ve never touched that sketch again. And let me tell you, it was one messed up scribble! But she liked it and so I finished it. It turned out way better than I’d hoped >____< I will send it to her tomorrow, but it’s really hard to give away somehow ;A; 

Something else!

I’m still looking for help to be able to attend the CTNX ‘14 ;A; And I need YOUR help!
I don’t expect anything for free, so EVERY donator will get something in return! Details are on the GoFundMe-Page :>

THANK YOU ;__________________;

Things I do when home alone.

- Sing. Sing everything. All the time

- Try to have a serious heartfelt conversation with my pets. In which they lay there and sleep. 

- Drink out of the carton. ‘Cause being a rebel is what it’s all about. 

- (If dark) Turn on all the lights. Not ‘cause your scarred… You just like the light :)

- Don’t wear pants, gets cold, but then still doesn’t put on pants. You’re only alone so often so you are going to take full advantage of the lack of pants. 

- Laying in odd positions. On everything

- Dance. Dancing that is so terrible that you hope nobody is secretly filming you. 

- Making strange sounds. Now that you’re alone you don’t need to explain why you mooed or why you decided to honk at the cat. 

- Eat out of really big bowls. I don’t know why, I just like it. 

- Speaking of eating, why not just eat that whole pack of cookies! Why not, you have no sense of time! 



well…I guess I’ll look on the bright side. More time to prepare my internship applications for next year…(I’ll be going for the “big three” - studios again XD over-ambitious, I know. But I think reaching big isn’t a bad thing to do :} )
These won’t be part of that, of course. It’s just my way of coping with the long wait. I usually don’t do fanart that much, but when I’m really excited for something? There’s no holding back.

Its that time of year! Please fill out this form if you would like a holiday card from me. Link will also be available on my sidebar! :D

Submission Deadlines

Halloween - 10/24
Thanksgiving/Fall - 11/14
Christmas/Winter - 12/12
New Years - 12/19
Valentine’s - 2/2
St. Patrick’s - 3/6
Easter/Spring - 3/27

**Outside of the US? No problem! Just note your country and any other necessary details when filling out the City State Zip area**


 So recently I had a new neighbour move in, and he’s a pretty interesting guy, save for one TERRIBLE thing.

 He love love LOVES to blast music like Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande Latte or whatever her name is. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but I do not like either one of these artists at all, so it started to grate on the nerves.

 So, after a few weeks, I felt the need to take action against this ear crime.

 With the help of stay-myheartbeatsforlove, I created this little card that I slid under his door.

 At this point, I have been made aware that he is going over the suggestions. In fact, the last time I met him at the mailboxes, he told me about it, and seemed to find it interesting.

 Let us hope he takes our suggestions.