Something I Noticed in Episode Prompto...

So you know that Episode Prompto dream theory that I discussed before?
And how weapon manifestation is usually a gift that the Lucian kings can bestow upon those who are apart of their inner circle?

That makes me wonder something…

How is it that Aranea is able to do this?

And notice how it’s not a glowing crystals when she makes her weapon disappear as well. It’s smoke. Like snow when her lance disappears.

It makes you realize: is this really the reality we are lead to assume is real?

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Hey, there's this thing I kinda notice on some of your pictures — were you wearing some kind of makeup on your nose-tip? Like a pinkish one. I think once I saw a photo of you using black, but I think it was cosplay related But point is that it looks nice. And you've got a cute nose, regardless if you weren't actually using any makeup

ayyy yeah, it’s red lipstick. I make my nose pink from time to time lol. It use to naturally get pink and I miss that

MOS Burger, Shanghai

Yes, it’s true, with no fanfare, promotion or online buzz, MOS Burger secretly opened here in Shanghai in the basement food court of the Apita mall in Gubei!

That’s how the name is translated into Chinese…

Their menu is a toned down version of the Japanese original, sadly and shockingly lacking the chicken burger…

Combos with fries and drink run about $5.50 US, which is pricier than McDonald’s or Burger King here…

I tried to order a Double MOS Cheeseburger as I always do in Japan, but was denied. No second patties allowed here in China…

The first thing I noticed about my burger was that the cheese here is yellow, not white, but that’s really the only difference I could find. The texture of the bun, consistency of the burger, chop of the onions, and most importantly, taste of the MOS chili, were all pretty much spot on compared to the original!

And in honor of their grand opening this week, you get a commemorative MOS Shanghai tote with every order…

I have a feeling these fine folks will be seeing a lot of me…

Now if only I can convince the manager to make me a double!


Apita Mall

179 Maotai Lu, B1F

Gubei, Shanghai


New thing I just recently noticed in GotG2 …

When Yondu and Nebula do their desperation move and take out all the Sovereign ships using Nebula as a battery (there’s the battery theme again!), I’d noticed that one of the blasts almost hits Drax and Mantis …

But I didn’t notice that Mantis’s hand actually gets burned, and she is obviously in pain.

Poor l'il bug! (And that’s another reason why Drax reacted angrily to the near miss, besides almost getting fried – he was being protective of Mantis!)

She doesn’t flinch away, though; she keeps holding Ego, though she must be having to concentrate through her pain, until the rock hits her.

A little funny thing

that I’ve noticed…

The white rot deer and wood ear deer from the new coli venue have holes in them too, with literal rot and fungus/mold/whatever stuff is on their shoulders on them, generally pretty nasty stuff, yet there’s not a lick of anyone saying that that’s affecting their trypophobia.

I searched the Blooming Grove topic for both ‘trypo’ and ‘trypophobia’ and not a single post came up. 

How interesting.

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Pet peeve and/or immediate deal breaker when it comes to reading fics?

Hoo, Lordy, you just opened the gates of Hell. Prepare for the pit of fire. 

1. Run-on sentences. Please, for the love of God, learn what a comma is, at the very least. I’ve read fics (regrettably) where each paragraph was one looong seven-line sentence, and it could’ve easily been broken into four separate statements.

2. No spaces between paragraphs and/or no new paragraph when a new person starts speaking.

3. Improper use of idioms or common phrases. (i.e. supposedly/supposably[wtf???], all of a sudden/all the sudden)

This shit is probably just me being petty but like… it’s highly unlikely that I’ll read stuff that contains any of these things. If I notice it in the beginning, I kind of just bail on it all together.

*ALSO! The “Keep Reading” feature is so damn important! It’s also highly unlikely that I will not reblog your fic if I have to scroll past it on my dash and it takes me more than ten seconds to do so because it’s 4,000 words long and you failed to use that little insert. 

Ask me anything

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(Tw) i feel like im the only one who gets really depressed/uncomfortable at even the mention of suicide? Like people saying studd like "life gets better dont do it" or song lyrics that say kind of the same thing? I didnt really notice it until me and my friend listened to Dear Evan Handson for the first,time together and he said that it made him feel really good and hopeful but for me i was just pretty fucked for a few days? Am i alone in this does this even make sence lmao

It’s not stupid and it does make sense. Suicide is touchy for a lot of people and sometimes the last thing they want to hear is “You’ll be okay” and “It gets better” even if it’s true. Also even the mention of suicide, bad or motivational, can trigger something in someone so that’s all they’re thinking about and it can take a toll on someone. 

For example, self harm. If I see it, or I read the action being taken place, I cannot handle it. I will think about it for days and days. Even, if the fanfic/story is about overcoming it. It sticks with me.

I don’t know if this helped or not but either way, If you need someone to talk to, I’m almost always online.  

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At that other anon- another thing I noticed is right when chaos jumps down after the dodge he heavily glitches! I'm wondering if they're all artificial. Not real. Recreations of familiar faces, if you will.


That is a good theory. It could be possible. Infinite might be creating images of what they want others to see. 

~Mod Nerd

Not that BTS has necessarily been bad about this before, but I think probably the best thing about the Spring Day MV is that they didn’t use color correcting, makeup, or lighting to white wash their skin












Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

The signs as: K-drama cliches

ARIES:  when a character goes into a fit of frustration by kicking their legs in the air repeatedly and thrashing their bodies around until the whole bed/couch/floor is a mess and so is their hair

TAURUS:  when character A watches in adoration as character B stuffs their face with delicious food or drinks/having a whole day filled with them eating street food and going clubbing

GEMINI:  the main character always treating the happy-go-lucky side character like crap for comedic effect, but it’s kinda sad bc they never apologize

CANCER:  the infamous umbrella scene. “I dislike you/don’t know you that well, but I can’t let you get soaked in the rain so I’m gonna hold this umbrella/cape over you bc I’m just a good person and I’m totally not interested in you”

LEO:  having 284 different shots/angles of the main characters’ first kiss/hug. That zoom in slo-mo of character A pulling character B into their arms and embracing them for the first time/locking lips with them

VIRGO:  there’s always that ONE THING that has to destroy the couple’s relationship. Whether it’s bc your bride needs to kill you or she dies, or you somehow went back in time a couple hundred years and can’t tell your prince bf

LIBRA:  the main characters always being bound together by destiny such as outside supernatural forces/parallel universes/connecting timelines from the present to the future or past

SCORPIO:  seeing that happy montage of the main couple after all their ups and downs, and knowing something terrible is going to happen shortly after

SAGITTARIUS:  character A tries to convince themselves that they don’t need character B, and do everything they can to distract themselves by working/drinking/dating someone else, only to finally admit to themselves that they’re in love 

CAPRICORN: the rich, cold, mysterious character always falling for the person who needs help…but they’ve convinced themselves that they totally don’t like this person until they finally admit it on like the last episode

AQUARIUS:  having an idol/famous actor who’s worked alongside one of the actors on another series before appear in almost every kdrama, whether it’s a short cameo or one of the main characters

PISCES:  that scene when they clutch their chest and cry waterfalls for seemingly no reason, only for us to find out that something horrible occurred later on to reveal this character’s sadness and why they’re emo 

one thing i noticed is that when lance comes to talk to keith keith says “must be really bothering you if you’re coming to talk to me” and he smiles bc he’s happy lance picked him to talk to

but then when lance says “well you’re the leader now right” keith says “i guess..” and then he gets sad bc he thinks that’s the only reason lance actually wants to talk to him

so basically lance wanting to talk to/be friends with keith makes keith very very happy


we’re talking about Voltron season 3 here so wATCH OUT

-We see Keith’s knife only once this season, and it was sheathed
-Pidge is trying to find her family in the first episode, but nothing about it is mentioned the rest of the season
-We got no flashbacks to Keith’s childhood or past with Shiro
-We saw baby Allura, but not baby Lotor
-Kurōn means clone in Japanese guys
-Keith is dominant left-handed, but he’s actually ambidextrous
-Keith teleports the black bayard through his body to his other hand. I need answers
-So technically Zarkon and Haggar are dead?
-If Sven exists, do the other original “space explorers” exist too?
-if Zarkon and Haggar had Lotor, and if they had him after they were dead and revived by quintessence, wouldn’t that cause some problems with the birth?
-I know we’re supposed to assume that being in the rift and dying and coming back gave Haggar her powers. But what about the rest of the Druids?
-It’s apparently a Red Paladin thing to just leave your teammates and do your own thing on an impulse. Does that mean Lance is gonna start doing that?
-I think that Alfor is more like Keith than Lance, actually. If Keith had had a better past and childhood, he probably would’ve ended up a lot like him.
-How in the world are they going to defeat the new comet ship? Like I know that they’ll be able to, but how? It seems very impossible at the moment
-I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the Awkward Two Leaders moments
-Keith is absolutely on to Not Shiro. Did you see the way he was looking at him?
-I also don’t think Not Shiro knows he’s Not Shiro. He thinks he’s Shiro, but remember Young Justice with Red Arrow? I think it’s like that.
-The Black Lion so far hasn’t shown a lot of her personality to Keith, not like Red did. I wonder if she will later, or if she even has the ability to.
-Why was Lotor exiled, and where? They’re obviously setting this up. And unless Galra have extended lifespans like Alteans do, Lotor was exiled pretty young. He appears to be in his early twenties right now. And he was exiled so well and efficiently that not a word was casually spoken about him in hallways and such that we saw. Is this part of the reason Lotor is so bitter towards his father?
-Lotor doesn’t treat Haggar like his mother. Does he know if she is his mother?
-Haggar had Space Amnesia, gaining a new name and identity while her husband presumably knew her original identity the entire time. That seems kinda sad. I almost feel bad for them.
-I stand by the theory Acxa is related to Keith somehow. Also, we know Keith flashbacked to the Weblum. But did she as well? If she did, then she’d remember he saved her life, right?
-Since Keith is in the black lion now, does that make him Space Big Brother?
-How is Earth doing rn
-I bet that Keith will tell the others that Shiro isn’t Shiro. And I bet none of them will believe him- except one. And it’ll be either Lance or Hunk. Pidge and Allura are too happy to have Shiro back. Hunk is suspicious and observant enough to come to the same conclusions as Keith, and Lance trusts what Keith says.
-“Take me to a space hospital”
-Young Zarkon looks like a lego