Being in one place for such a short amount of time is interesting. You feel detached from your surroundings. Out of place. Never really sure. And you start to notice things.

I was always fascinated by the book about the time traveler’s wife. And as we travel on this long road trip, I identify with her husband. You are always out of place. Everywhere we go, I will never get to know the people there as I wish I could. At every store we visit in every city, I wonder….will I ever meet these people again? Maybe in 20 years, our lives will cross paths and we’ll have never known about that time we spoke in the grocery store. So many stories I will miss and that makes me sad.

I wonder while at the park in San Francisco, sitting and eating lunch with Ryan, do the guys playing basketball know that we don’t belong here? That in 24 hours, I’ll be gone from here, whisked away to another town, our lives never intersecting with their own, never making an impact on one another.

Another thing about traveling so often - you begin to read people better. You begin to see what the check out guy says over and over at thousands of different coffee shops. You begin to see pain flash in people’s eyes when you may have never noticed it before. You begin to watch emotions better, because you need connection and emotion in a life of constant detachment.

and you begin to love people more. How could you not? Always watching them. You see them visit their parks, shop with their babies in their neighborhood markets, smoke behind the building with their friends, see them eat breakfast at cafes on Saturday mornings just like I used to do all the way in Florida. You begin to wish you could hear the stories of all people. You begin to feel things for people you saw on the street or at the gas station or at the Starbucks. You want to know them. You want them to know you. There are thousands of them and you see their pain and laughter and joy and you watch them go on first dates in coffee shops, you watch them pump your gas from the window in Oregon, you watch them sit alone in a Panera and gaze out the window in sadness, you watch them walk down the street with lovers, frustratingly pick up their crying children on the sidewalk, you’ve seen glimpses of them tearing up at a John Green book on the train. And you love them.

Traveling so much can make you feel detached, yes. But it can allow you moments where you see the tapestry of life, drawn into full scale. Where you are afforded quiet moments into thousands of people’s lives. Moments where you just forget about yourself and see each person as they wish to be seen. And how could you not love them? Their pain and sadness and anger and heartbreak and joy. Oh, their joy. They are like you, everywhere, wanting to be loved and walking through anger and growth and laughing at funny movies and drinking too much coffee and having awkward moments and happy moments and struggling with life and hoping, always hoping.

I’m not creepy, I don’t think. I’m not trying to be. But I watch people, because after tens of thousands of miles, mountains look the same. But people, crafted uniquely and perfectly and flawed and beautiful. They fill me with such joy and I hope that when I go home, I never forget them. Every single one of them. Even the ones I never spoke to. They deserve to be remembered. And in my small, silly little love for them, I am overwhelmed by the love of another who sees us the way we’ve always wished to be seen, thousands of us, one of us. Even all of us at once in our patterns and even one of us alone in our sorrow. We are different and we are the same and I love you and thank you, whoever you are, for allowing me to glimpse your beauty and pain and quiet moments and fullness of life.


The Evolution of Alex Gaskarth’s Smile - House of Blues, Myrtle Beach ~ April 20, 2015

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I hate how they obsess in oversizing Hinatas breasts. I mean she is such a beautiful girl and I hate what they do to her.

Agreeeeeeed, oh my god.

I’m sure Hinata’s breasts are very nice and that her partner would probably enjoy them immensely but they’re not her most impressive or important characteristic! There’s so much more to Hinata than her breasts and so much more to NaruHina than physical attraction (physical attraction is literally presented as the least important aspect of their bond in canon). The only times her breasts are ever focused on is in filler bullshit in the anime ffs. 

Plus, if we really have to go there, I sincerely doubt that Naruto cares how big Hinata’s breasts are anyway? I’m sure he’d be enthusiastic and pleased with them but that’s probably got more to do with them being, y’know, HINATA’S breasts than them being large breasts. Naruto strikes me as the kind of person who appreciates a person’s physical aspects because he finds them attractive as a person first but maybe that’s my demisexual naruto headcanon talking

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now im not black, and not into the whole "who has it worse" thing but one of the big things i noticed was pretty much every language has a derogatory word specifically for black people. and if it's not meant to be derogatory, it still sounds insulting like the word in my language literally means "black white man" and my people hated white people

youre 100% correct!

anti blackness is global and seems to be present in every single culture :/

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Interesting things I noticed in Once Upon an Ed: In Double D's story, Eddy and Ed show remorse when he scolds them. In Ed's story, Eddy tries protecting Ed and Double D from the Kanker kiss. In Eddy's story, most of the kids are in some way a parody of themselves except for the Eds. Really a good episode for showing how the Eds perceive themselves and their friends/neighbours.

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One thing I noticed was that in chapter eighteen I think is that when Bill and dipper where talking dipper said he had fourty years left yet at the beginning of the story he is stated to be 25 not thirty also the age gap kinda bothered me Bill being described as being in his mid thirties

There is no way Dipper ‘I’m gonna jump off a cliff at the age of twelve’ Pines is going to have a full term life span and he’s well aware of this.

Also, Bill is somewhere between thousands of years to a millennia older than Dip so….that age gap is a bit bigger than up to ten years visually speaking. A slightly older body just makes Bill more comfortable and that’s why he picked it.

Whenever I get a new follower, I try to look through their blogs. I’ve got some kickass followers, but one thing I routinely notice in myself, I always get off-put whenever I get new followers that reblog a lot of social justice or anti-social justice posts.

Like, I don’t express my opinions all too often in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like doing so would set off a massive chain reaction because of it. :Y

Submit:  Another Damn Otter?

The Tennessee zoo named another otter after him.  That is getting so old!  It almost makes me support his “rebranding”.  I almost wish the guy would retire.  Not for my sake but his.  I can’t help but think he didn’t want to do the Oscar run, but probably can’t openly say that.  I also do kind of get his wanting to distance himself from Sherlock.  I doubt he was expecting the cult craze that resulted from it when he first signed up.  I think he did enjoy Star Trek and The Hobbit, as they were roles he took out of fun and not need of work.  For some reason I can’t help but believe his more serious roles tend to be the “ working actor” roles.

One thing I have noticed in general about British film and TV, the talent of the acting is great, but the behind the scenes organization is always deplorable.  They really need some project management training.  It’s like they try too hard to be artsy, and it just looks sloppy and cheap.  I think this goes for their agencies too.  They really skip the planning stage, which is the most important part if project management.

Just my little stinger of an opinion.

-Pupok the Scorpion


Ballsy:  Otters?   Sigh!   Yeah, he must hate some of those meme things.  I get him trying to shake that off – but this?  Not the way to do it. 

Actually, if the shamwow hadn’t happened.  The whole Oscar run?  Imagine it without all this rubbish.  Without pissybatch.  Without interviews being taken over by cumberbabies talk.  With a relaxed and excited BC smiling properly on all the Red Carpets.  No stompoffs.  No moneymoons.  No publicity stunts.  Just good honest promotion for his film in-between solid acting work.  No shade thrown at his motivations.  He would have earned respect instead of losing it and would still have his integrity, health and happiness intact.  And could have moved away from the silly otter memes and be seen as more of a serious actor – instead he’s become a famewhore willing to shill his personal life for publicity and it’s doing him in.  Oh, and they’re still naming otters after him. Sigh! 

You know? I absolutely love Check, Please! for a lot of reasons- the art, the characters, the storyline, etc.

But one thing I’ve noticed that really puts the cherry on top is that (as far as I know) there hasn’t been any drama within the fandom. Like, we’re small compared to most, but we all just have fun talking about the comic (and examining Bitty’s tweets, ha).

I’ve been in a lot of fandoms, but never in such a positive one as this, and it’s the best kind of breath of fresh air honestly

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Such a silly thing to notice but I love the fact that you changed her hair for the last picture.

I freaking love that you noticed!  8D  

(It actually changes twice through the scene [it’s different in the second- and third-to-last pics], but it’s a little more difficult to tell because the change is quite subtle.)

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I'm panromantic demisexual or the other way around, both fits. Weird thing I noticed was that I need to get really clos to a male person to become (at least romantically) attracted to them, but I dont need to get remotly as clos with female people, I need to get along with them and I may become at least romantically attracted to them (sexual attraction is anorther story, it happens rarely, I have been sexually attracted to one person in my life)

Permanent Assignment: Nibben’s Ranch

Hi notebook! My 3-month evaluation has ended and I’m going to be assigned here at Nibben’s for the foreseeable future! I’m kind of relieved, to tell the truth, because there’s a lot I have to learn about being a good army person. Galeras is just scary enough and just safe enough to keep me on my toes. It’s just me and the acting commanding officer, which is just ole’ Jed Nibbens strutting around like he owns the place. Which I guess he might, after all, since the place is named after his family.

So I’m going to be here for a while, and I’m going to make the best of it. The work is repetitive but not that hard, and I figure it’ll lead to new opportunities! In fact, on my day off I went to visit the nearby hoverbike depot at the Gas ‘n Guzzle just over the Whitevale border, because if there’s one thing I’ve noticed it’s that there’s a terrible shortage of good food out here, and maybe I can start a delivery business after I muster out. For that, I need something bigger than a hoverboard! While was at the Gas ‘n Guzzle, I ran into another Aurin named Lyraff, who helped me look at the hoverbikes. There were two others people browsing, an Aurin ((Varynn)) that Lyraff knew and a humie ((Riverino)) . They were doing something funny to one of the bikes, and got into a huge argument! I thought they were lovers at first, but it turns out they were just friends. Or were, because the fight was pretty bloody. It’s weird how after only a few months in the army fights like that seem normal. None of my business, thank yew very much! Lyraff was kind of mysterious at first, but he seemed friendly and we even tried being detectives to find out what the strange fight was about. It was just like on tee-vee, when one of them just WALKS AWAY exasperated with our detective questions! Pretty awesome! Next week I might meet up with him again to maybe pick up a hoverbike. So exciting!

The next day I was back on duty at Nibben’s and caught up with Strategic Hole Placement Phase 2, which meant adding three new holes and removing three old ones. While I was digging, a poor Aurin who was just in the area fell into one of the holes! I didn’t catch his name ((Rocio)) but he was helpful, and even helped me dig a hole! Then he expressed interest in meeting Jed, and then it got weird with them arguing about some kind of scam involving overtime pay, and that the BIG COMMANDER HIMSELF was gonna come down! Jed, being the jerk he is, just ignored everything and blew the Aurin off. After that, I was told to clear out the western ridge of Razorbeaks because the numbers were building up again, thanks to that horny old bird up there making more birds. A nice humie engineer named Seera helped me out. She had bots that made the job super quick, even though we ended up having to shoot a lot of birds. They never shoo away! Dumb birds. Usually they leave me alone, but sometimes they’re as bad as Screechers! 

So that was basically my weekend. Kinda boring, right? But also kinda good. I would have liked to have done some cleanup on Hayboria but ended up visiting a new soda shop instead. 

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As a girl, the first thing I notice when I see you is your glasses and your eyes, and then I see your hair, but the more I look I notice your skin. It looks soft and looks like it glows. You're all round beautiful and I only see good things about you.

I keep forgetting to answer this but this is lovely.

Another thing I’ve noticed. There are blogs on here purposely made to misdirect social justice work, especially that of POC.

Their intention is to deflect and detract from  my statements and to keep your mind in the mud. 

Be well.

I will not return. I know I’ve said too much this time.


I was going through my photos for markiplierfangirlingblog Operation Markiplier Tag Take Back thing and noticed that i still have the screen shots i took for the milestones i’ve been here for. 

There’s been four since i became a Markiplite. Looking at the first one and thinking about where i was in life (starting my second year of college) happy to be here with the other four million fans… Its only grown exponentially since then. 

Have some midnight thoughts as well:

A few months from now we’ll be approaching nine million.. ten million. Next year.. fifteen million.. you know, if it all doesnt turn to shit for some reason.. 

Right now at 7.4 million, thats a country. There is a countrys worth of Markiplites right now. 

This fandom grows very fast and thats not a bad thing. Change starts from one person and continues to grow as more and more people strive to do the same thing.  A year from now, April 2016, there could be 15 million Markiplites making changes in their own lives and others lives. Changes for the better, reintroducing what hope and love feel like to others…  Theres gonna be alot of us. And we’re still going to be one big ohana. One big family and no one will get left behind or forgotten. Everyone is and will still be important. 

Lol. 15 million internet moms for Mark all telling him to take a break or vacation.  15 million fans yelling at/telling him not to do the thing we all know he’s gonna do no matter what we say.  

15 million fans in agreement that if Mark needs to take a fucking break he can take a fucking break. A few days or a week. Whatever. 

But thats all a year from now.. what about two years? Or five? How many Markiplites will it take to change the world? (and youtuber fans in general, all doing the same thing) Will this generation of fans be the one to make the change this world needs? 

Everyone can contribute to this community in some way. Use your strengths, your talents, what you’re good at. Not everyone can draw. I cant draw for shit so i write. Paint, write, sing, play an instrument, make a sculpture, theres so much to choose from. Not every one can make gifs or draw so dont get discouraged. Set a goal. Do something that Mark would be proud of. 

Also dont just sit there and read the anon hate, ask for help if you find yourself believing what theyve said. Dont respond to it. Thats what they want. They want to start shit and leave. Anyway. Milestones. Screenshots. More to come. Lots more. 

One of the things I’ve noticed when talking to academics about trigger warnings is they don’t seem to….understand them somehow? They either consider them Very Bad Censorship That Is Very Bad, and aren’t interested in having a good faith conversation about them, or they interpret trigger warnings as somehow like….acceptable censorship?
Like I know professors who think of it as “because of trigger warnings, I understand that I’m not allowed to teach books on sexual violence anymore, that’s fine, I just won’t do that.” And it’s like???? No? We’re just asking you to warn us, and ideally, to have alternative readings on hand. And they somehow seem really morally opposed to just putting warnings?
It’s bizarre.