Do you know how Broadway Stars are always like “I grew up listening to Into the woods and West side story” “I was obsessed with Patti Lupone” “Bernadette Peters was my idol” “My parents will always put Les mis in the car”

Well, in a few years, Broadway stars will say things like “I grew up listening to Hamilton and Spring Awakening” “I was obsessed with Jonathan Groff and Aaron Tveit” “Idina Menzel and Laura Benanti were my idols” “My parents will always put Hairspray in the car”

We are the new generation, the girl who sits next to you in choir could become the main character in the next Broadway hit, that boy who does really nice covers on Youtube may be the next tony winner. Hell, the person reading this can become the next Broadway stars and inspiration for thousands of children from all over the world. 

Have you ever actually thought about this?

music is such a beautiful thing like i could attentively listen to my favourite songs and stare at a wall for hours and not be bored

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Tbh, most K-POP fans I seen online are racist to Chinese people that are not celebrities. They like Chinese idols in K-POP, but not Chinese people that look like them. They act like China is antagonist, cuz they hate us & other Asian people

One word: sinophobia.

Sinophobia is not a very common term (at least not here) but it has very real effects against Chinese people all throughout the world.

One thing I like to do is listen to the way people say the words “China” or “Chinese.” Almost everytime someone says these words, I can feel a negative connotation attached to them. It’s like the words themselves have some sort of stigma to them. Then once they start to think and talk about actual Chinese people, so many stereotypes come out. This is one of the ways how people dehumanize others. Thoughts like these don’t just come out of no where. They are taught and conditioned into people’s minds.

And since most people in America (especially racist white people) think all East and Southeast Asian people are Chinese, we all get hit with sinophobia. To them, we’re all dirty ch*ng ch*ngs who eat dogs unless you’re super pale and slender (dancing and singing on stage). Then you’re okay.

Angry Asian Guy

Podcast time... again?

Like I wrote a post about a week ago or so. And never a post of mine had receive such likes and reblogs (there aren’t many, but for me they are a lot. I have like 20 followers and most of them are not real people, and I’m at 70 or more notes) So if people like this, why shouldn’t I write more? This isn’t going to become a weekly thing, because even if I wanted I get obsessed with things too often. Like I only listen podcast for two weeks and then I stop and see like 10 seasons of 6 different series, or 20 movies per week, or 3 books a day (the book thing happens scarscely, usually on holidays). Well, here I go again.

If you want, you can skip to the interesting part, I don’t mind people not reading my rantings.

Podcasts I’m listenting to:

-Alice isn’t Dead, written by one of the creator of Night Vale. It promises to be as strange as Night Vale is, and I have to admit it creeps me out a bit, but other podcast is almost giving me nightmares.

-D&D is For Nerds, just listened to the first episode, mostly it is an easy listening (does that expression make sense?) It’s just a group of friends having fun.

-EOS 10, I finished the first season and I love it. I can’t bring myself to listen to the second one because we still don’t know when the third season will start. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably have finished it by the next update I’ll post.

-Hello From the Magic Tavern, this was actually a recommendation I got from tumblr (thank you, @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey​ ) And it is just pure, unadulteraed fun. It is improvised and the main cast are just three but they have guests in almost every episode. It’s a fantastic comedy, quite literally.

-Kakos Industries, I listen to it when I want to stop thinking It’s quite regular i its format, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a bit monotonous but it works. I like it.

-King Falls AM, it’s so easy to fall in love with King Falls AM. I’ve previously compared it with Night Vale, and maybe the concept seems similar but the actual show isn’t. Whereas Night Vale is a creepy town which I would be scared to live in, I actually would love living in King Falls. Just listent to it.

-Limetown, waiting for the second season.

-Lore, creepy as always but I’m actually a bit disappointed with the last episode because it seemed more like an addition to the first episode than anything.

-The Black Tapes, remember when I said before ‘other podcast is almost giving me nightmares’? Well this is it, between this and Lore, these two week I’ve scared of everything, I’m like 8 years old again and I can’t be without a light on. Pathetic, right? I was actually kind of bored mid-season because they never really closed a case and most of the information given I could do wihout, even when Alex *SPOILER ALERT* realises that everything is connected, which honestly wasn’t such a big a revelation, it was a rather weak plot twist. Ok, it kind of got me mad, because it was kind of stupid. (Ok, sorry for ranting, sorry Black Tapes, I like you a lot really)

-Welcome to Night Vale, I still need to listen to the last two episodes so nothing new to report

-Wolf 359, only listened to the first three episodes but so far, so good. I love Eiffel antics and how he distrusts basically every other character.

List of to-listen: Tanis, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City, The Message, Serial, Sayer, The Secret World, We’re Alive and Presidential.

there’s something that’s been bothering me and so I’m going to bust out this account real quick to say it

over the years Tumblr has gotten a lot better at the issue of art sourcing and reposting – I remember when I first joined art without source (let alone repost permission) was rampant and everyone was doing pastel filter edits for aesthetic without remorse, and now although the problem does still remain it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be and people are generally far more aware of source and permission etiquette

I’m glad but I wish the people here could apply this mentality to things that aren’t visual art, too

the same people who look down on “art not by me” I see reblogging videos that were obviously taken from some user on Twitter on YouTube but aren’t sourced back to them just because the video is memeworthy or something (which I guess somehow entails it didn’t have a ton of effort put into it??? idk)

and as another example, music – I see things like “listen to this cool remix of (game song)!” or “omg this mashup” and everyone will comment on how this gives them life or how it weirdly fits but absolutely no credit will be given to the person who did it; if all of you cared even half as much about nightcore as you do about pastel filter aesthetic art edits (they’re really just as damaging!) you’d be making an uproar about the fact there are actual YouTube channels monetizing their unauthorized edits of people’s work, but here it’s treated as just some minor cringeworthy phenomenon at worst

speaking as a musician it’s even more damaging to have this kind of thing happen to us than visual artists because we don’t have things like reverse image search to help us once our work is taken from us and it will be completely dependent on some kind soul remembering who made it – yet the problem is largely ignored because we don’t do visual art

so the next time you’re thinking about posting or reblogging something like that where there’s no source whatsoever please do consider what you’re doing, thank you

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i love your art style and everything you draw! what do you use to draw and what inspired you to draw i would love to know!

Good thank you!! I am glad that you like it, I do not use much, the program I use is the Paint Tool SAI and drawing with a mouse, when I drawing anything else inspires me to listen to electro (chill or future bass) and when drawing batim and things like that I listen to ElectroSwing ^^

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Hi I'm not sure if it's a problem or not but, i thought you should be aware: Your latest Dear Mynock question seems to be taken almost word for word from mbmbam ep 340.

Got ya. Yeah. I’ll check with my legal folks, but tentatively, I don’t much see how that’d be a problem.

Whether the person who sent in the letter was the same pal who sent in the mbmbam one or not, the intent behind the send is the same: I want to see how these two things I like handle the same listener question.

Presumably, the answer was VERY DIFFERENTLY, and that person got what they wanted.

That said, no one do this ever again. We’ve now done this bit. There’s no fun in redoing bits and, like with this one, we on the show will not know. We’re trusting you to send us original stuff as we don’t listen to these other shows y'all listen to. Just send us in original Dear Mynocks please. I don’t want to deal with legal issues ever -_____- or have to take stuff down. That’s a pain in the neck. Bluh.

It’s neat to know which ep. Thanks! I’ll go listen to how they answered it now.

Hi! My name is Sonia and I am a 16 year old girl from Spain. I am a shy girl who would like to meet new people from other countries and hopefully make some good friends :)

I love reading and some of my favourite books are Harry Potter,Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson,… I also like watching movies and TV shows like Teen Wolf, Star Wars, Narnia,Skam,13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things,…

I like listening to pop and rock music. My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran and I also like bands like 5sos,My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Green Day, Bon Jovi, Arctic Monkeys,..

I am into history and languages. I speak Spanish and English and I am learning French and German. I love traveling and I want to go to as many places as I can!

Oh and I fangirl a lot.

I am looking for someone who is near my age and shares some interests with me, but if not I don’t mind, you just have to be nice and not racist,homophobic,sexist,.. I think I am a good listener so you could talk to me about anything and we could tell each other how our days went.

I don’t have a tumblr account but if you are interested you can send me an e-mail :

@betty-coopers-number-one-primary replied to your post:

I’m loving all your song suggestions but shout out…

If you’re ever looking for some really great music the Riverdale Soundtrack is available on Spotify and it is the perfect mix of indie/pop/80’s/acoustic and American Money is on there! Also it’s provided me a lot of inspo for fics!

I love any CW soundtrack they are always incredible, and so many of the songs from the early episodes made their way into my playlists! I guess I fell behind with them a little because I had very specific things I liked to listen to when I was revising and such, but I’ll definitely check back in - I can’t believe I missed this song, do you know where they use it?

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I strongly agree on what you said about healthy expression of your chart... two years ago I was SUCH a mess... I was diagnosed with anxiety (and later depression) and I became the worst part of myself. I was lost and I even stopped doing the things I love, like hobbies and listening to music (which is crappy af because I've got a 5th house stellium). The thing is, I was very self destructive but I didn't realize I was hurting those around me too (I'll continue in another ask) (...) -ss

(…) That’s when discovered astrology and it had such a strong impact in me. I started trying to understand my chart, I analized it and even though at the beginning I refused to believe all the bad things it also said about myself… the realization finally hit me one day. I can’t say that I’m now fully developed, but I’m sure I’m trying my best. I want to progress step by step, and empowering what you are and correcting your mistakes is the best use for astrology. (I’ll continue lol) (…) -ss

Now I love myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see what’s wrong with me. I’ve moved forward and that’s what’s important. (I’m sorry this was long af but I think people need to realize that this shouldn’t be used just for compatibility and to justify questionable actions lmao) thanks for sharing your knowledge and being so generously helpful, have a nice day! -ss

I’m glad you found such a meaningful & productive use for astrology, that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for sharing!

I was tagged/Thank you @lithialetheia

● One insecurity: I have many so I cannot answer that.

● Two fears: 1. Spiders. 2. Not achieving my goals.

● Three turn-ons: 1. Nice perfume. 2. Deep, strong voice. 3. Good sense of humor - that involves being sarcastic!

● Four life goals: 1. Be stronger (mentally). 2. Have a peaceful life. 3. Have a family. 4. Learn latin language.

● Five things I like: 1. Listening to music. 2. Playing video games. 3. Eat ice-cream. 4. Singing. 5. Swimming.

● Six weaknesses: 1. Ice-cream (give me chocalate ice-cream right now!) 2. Cats (why they are so cute?). 3. Cinnamon rolls. 4. Nice perfume. 5. Have a relaxing shower. 6. Dark-hair man.

● Seven things I love: 1.  Music. 2. Reading good books. 3. Empathetic people. 4.  Witcher universe. 5. Cats. 6. Going for a walk. 7. Sleep.

I tag: @lilasegroselha, @little—games, @aditya-zahian-khan, @witcherislovewitcherislife, @allaboutthewitcher, @galilea-galilei, @bryd-one-brere and everybody who wants to do it. I may tag somebody who already done that but I do not remember whoXD

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I've heard a lot about this but I can never get an answer anyway, is it true that Ted did not like music? And if so what kind of music?

i don’t think it’s accurate to say ted didn’t like music, since there isn’t too much info regarding his musical tastes/interests.

however, he did make the following statement in michaud & aynesworth’s “the only living witness”: 

 “I would lie in bed for hours and hours, listening to news broadcasts exclusively. Meet the Press, or whatever. My favorite thing on Sunday nights was to hunt the radio bands for talk shows, call-in programs, documentary-like things. I’d listen to talk shows all day rather than listen to music.”

that passage is often interpreted as ted’s dismissal of music. to me, it seems like he’s emphasizing his love of talk radio rather than expressing a disinterest in music. 

as for genres - i’ve only read about ted listening to classical music. this excerpt is from dr. carlisle’s “i’m not guilty”:

“Ted wanted to be like him [Jack Cowell], and even took up his uncle’s interest in classical music.

hopefully that answers your question! it’s really all i could find lol

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Where r u learning Japanese? Like if it's a site or app can you please share

Oh no, I’m not using any particular sites or anything, I’m basically teaching myself. I do things like listen to the news in Japanese, or try to translate text from my doujin and things. Learning a language is pattern recognition, basically, and the more you immerse yourself in it, the easier it is to memorize words and meanings and things like that. Listening to the language, too, helps with pronunciation–even if you don’t entirely understand, exposing yourself to the language and natural conversation between native speakers will definitely help.

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*Kiyo nods at that and tilts his head as he hears Ishimaru yelling from down th hall* Yeah! I'm sure you'll see him at some point! We um... can't control when we switch after all...

Oh great, just what is that loudmouthed baboon screeching on about this time, I do wonder…?

Well, hopefully if he’s anything like you, there isn’t a thing to worry about. Though I find it a tad strange how you look nearly identical to Ishimaru-kun, yet you don’t act a thing like him. I’ve listened through this entire conversation and have yet to come close to a migraine.

don’t start the conversation when it’s 2 am and
all you want to do is talk about her
i need you to talk about the constellations
and pinpoint the one you like the most
i need you to talk about the thought of running away
and the songs you can’t make yourself listen to anymore 
i want to familiarize myself with the depth of
what one of your certain smiles really mean
i want to know the things you’ve been keeping from
breaking the surface and the movies that still
make you cry and i want to be able to retrace my steps with my 
eyes closed as you tell me a childhood memory of yours
for the second or third time - i want to see your ruins 
and scars and stories you can only tell in the dark 
i want to know the entirety of who you are
and show you how much none of it changes a thing
—  hch | listen, i like you but
things i like to yell while listening to hamilton





“how did we know that this plan would work? we had a spy on the inside thATS RIGHT HERCULES MULLIGAN”






“i have the honor to be YOUR OBEDIENT SERVENT A.BURR, A.HAM”


“and when my time is up hAVE I DONE ENOUGH. WILL THEY TELL YOUR STORY”

I was curious to see if Paramore was doing anything after their last album so I looked them up and found out they just happen to have a new album coming out on the 12th and they had released 2 singles that will be on the album already.

Hard Times is nice but I feel like it doesn’t exactly sound like the Paramore I expect? Which isn’t a bad thing but usually I like to listen to one artist or genre at a time. I’ll get used to it.

I don’t quite like Told You So as much but it’s not bad. It too, however, doesn’t sound like typical Paramore (if anything it’s further from that than Hard Times is).

The new album is looking nice so far, but I’m gonna have to get used to it.

I don’t understand where cis men got the idea that they were good in bed at all let alone that they should be “teaching” women anything….

I’ve never had sex with a cis man (and there have been a lot) in which:

1. He showed me literally anything new that was actually good (putting me in an impossible position you saw in a porno doesn’t count as “good” - also I’ve seen that porno and you’re doing this wrong.)

2. I didn’t have to show HIM something ultra basic - either about my anatomy OR HIS. (don’t bite my clit??? Don’t put your tongue in my ear?? Or my belly button wtf??)

3. Had ANY DUDE listen when I tell him things I DON’T LIKE. (Listen I understand most girls like getting finger ed but I don’t so shoving your fingers in me ANYWAYS isn’t gonna get me off or “show me what I’ve been missing” it’s just gonna show me you don’t know how to listen, are uncreative and generally TERRIBLE IN BED).

If you can’t listen or respond appropriately to what your lovers body is doing cause you’re too set on what she SHOULD like and not what she DOES like you’re garbage.

Someone tell cis men they are boring in bed cause they don’t listen when their lovers do it.