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Because we’re huge nerds and the Marauders give us life

I’d just like to take a second (upon completion of this post it was much more than a second but…) to acknowledge that my friend @shelbychild and I had a sleepover last night. At midnight, we turned the lights out. We did not go to bed at midnight…

We were up until 6 in the morning talking about Marauders headcanons. We actually spent 6 hours in the middle of the night talking, 90% of which was just us talking about our favorite characters in the whole world. Some things discussed:

  • Heights
  • Eye color
  • The progression of everyone’s hairstyles
  • Literally where everyone’s bed was located in the freaking dorm this is how much of a dork I am
  • Cuddle positions
  • Kisses (both platonic and romantic)
  • Bascially all of the affection because let’s be honest these boys were just one big cuddle puddle
  • Endearments (we spent a good 30 minutes just talking about how Wolfstar* would use all of the mushy pet names whereas you would almost never hear Jily using ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’ and the like)
  • Sirius’s relationship with the Potters and him totally calling them ‘mum’ and ‘dad’
  • Everyone’s role at James and Lily’s wedding like Sirius was the best man but come on Remus was totally Lily’s maid of honor
  • Sirius being the dad for the father/daughter dance, except they literally have a choreographed dance routine to some cheesy song and it makes them both so happy (thanks to @siriusly-not-over-remus and @girlswillbeboys11 for this one, which has quickly become one of my favorites)
  • We talked about this whole scene of Lily getting sleepy drunk after a post-Quidditch party and James bringing her to their dorm and her sleeping in Remus’s bed because Remus sleeps with Sirius now and Lily waking up the next morning and being like “what whose bed is this” and Remus is just like “it used to be mine” and Lily just squeals with happiness
  • How fun it would be to talk to @jackisnotabird about the Marauders because we both know how much he loves them too and how we see all of his activism stuff but he’s also just a huge Harry Potter nerd and how fun would it be to hear all of his headcanons too
  • How all of them are so close and even when Sirius and Remus started dating James in no way felt left out ever and he knows exactly when to squeeze in and force the couple to love him and when to let them have time to themselves
  • The importance of Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey
  • A fair amount of angst, but we tried to stay away from Marauders angst for once and mostly focus on the happy things

And also a lot of other things, but yeah. The Marauders is one of my favorite things to talk about ever and it was super great to talk about them all night.

If anyone ever wants to talk about the Marauders please hit me up and I would be super happy to spout headcanons with you for hours. Just putting that out there.

*I would like to take this time to point out that Shelby was apathetic towards Wolfstar before last night, but a few hours in and she was spouting Wolfstar fluff almost as much as I was

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my first lil gay crush was luna lovegood from harry potter bc she was such a cutie and such a good person. also bc im genderfluid i get to have other lil gay crushes, and another 'first' was seamus finnigan pls don't judge me the only thing i liked as a child was hp

Buddy. Pal. Friend. Comrade.

Harry Potter was and is everything to me and I could literally talk about it forever. I will be cosplaying for FBaWtFT

Luna is cute and smol and precious and beautiful and should be protected at all costs and Seamus is a lil Irish cutie so I feel you

let’s get real if I ever meet daniel radcliffe someday i’ll geek out and be like “OH MY GOSH you were j. pierrepont finch in the 50th anniversary revival of how to succeed in business without really trying!!!!” just to spice things up a bit from the whole “omg youre harry potter!” thing

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4, 5, 8? Sorry if they've already been asked 😚

4) Three things I love: 

* Kpop

* Harry Potter (Books and movies)

* My boyfriend (I know he isn’t a thing but still lol)

5) Four turn ons: (I am just assuming this is sexual)

* Dominance

* Hickeys

* Spanking

* Hair pulling

8) Sexual Orientation: Straight  (I think)

James Potter

At age eleven, James Potter attended his first year at Hogwarts, became a Gryffindor, and made friends he knew he’d keep the rest of his life. He also met Lily Evans, a girl whose personality was even more fiery than her hair that was the same orange of sunset. He didn’t like the company she kept though, that greasy Slytherin Snape, so they didn’t speak much.

At twelve, he’d been in more detentions than he could count for the trouble he and his friends seemed to always be getting into. He’d also figured out, after many observations made by himself, Sirius, and Peter, that Remus was a werewolf, that one of his best friends had to endure unimaginable pain once a month, sometimes twice. He’d tried to talk to Lily, to befriend the girl whose heart was just as fiery as that hair she still kept in pigtails, but she’d made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him until he “pulled his head out of his arse and joined the real world.” He’d hexed Snape in his frustration and ruined his chance with her even further, but he regretted the detention much more than the harmless jinx.

At thirteen, he, Sirius, and Peter began researching ways they could help Remus with his monthly transitions. It was Sirius who proposed they become Animagi after Professor McGonagall entered the class as a cat, and even in that form she wore spectacles and a stern expression. That year, it seemed it was much easier to keep Evans off his mind. After all, who could focus on some bird when all you could think about was finding ways to obtain ingredients and means for a potion much more complicated than they could logically achieve. It was for their Remus though, so they would do it, because they loved him and they had to help him.

At fourteen, James was officially an illegal Animagus, having Peter and Sirius over most of the summer, brewing the potion again and again to get it right, and then stealing Mandrake leaves to hold in their mouths for a month once they went back to Hogwarts, managing to keep it hidden from Remus the whole time. Wasn’t hard with how tired he always was nowadays. A week before the next moon, they’d surprised Remus with it, and none of them laughed at the tears that’d fallen from his eyes. They managed to make sure Remus never injured himself like he did before, and James felt he’d undoubtedly done the right thing here. Lily seemed to hate him more than ever as his rivalry with Snivellus grew, though it seemed the greasy git painted himself as the victim every time to earn her forgiveness. He couldn’t be upset about that though, not when he’d managed to do something so wonderful.

At fifteen, James spent nearly the entire summer with Sirius, who spent more than one night wrapped up in James’ arms shaking from nightmares, or crying because he knew he was losing his little brother. That was the summer James found out what the Blacks had done to Sirius since they were only twelve, and he made a vow never to take his own parents for granted again. Remus, after a summer of transformations without the others, had new scars, across his face this time instead of hidden under a shirt, and James almost cried in frustration because he should’ve been their for his friend dammit. Snivellus finally managed to do something to lose Evans, calling her a Mudblood when she tried getting James away from him, after James had made an ass of himself and asked her to Hogsmeade in exchange for leaving Snape alone. He still felt Snape deserved it, but he knew Lily deserved better, and wrote her a letter simply saying “I’m sorry” and as expected, got no response.

At sixteen, Sirius showed up at James’ door beaten and sobbing, finally leaving the Blacks. He spent nearly the entire summer trying to help Sirius be him again, to let down the walls James already had to break once. Trying, but not succeeding. Sirius and Remus seemed on the verge of something more than friends, but Sirius being Sirius, being afraid of letting people in, told Snivellus where to find Remus during the full moon, and destroyed any relationship, friendship included, that he and Remus had. James was caught in the middle, pissed at Sirius for a betrayal like that, but unwilling to lose either. He helped Sirius try to apologise, helped Remus through the nightmares he started having about tearing people to pieces, nightmares he previously hadn’t had in years. Apparently, trying to keep everything from falling to utter shit qualified as pulling his head out of his arse and joining the real world, because Evans no longer sneered when James was around, and the time she found him in the common room one night, panicking and trying to breathe, just wanting his friends to be okay again, she helped him. Gave him advice, helped him calm down, held him when he began crying to her because why can’t everything be easy again? And a careful friendship formed between them after that night, now that he was a person with feelings and issues in her eyes.

At seventeen, James managed to get Sirius and Remus talking again, and Remus was still a bit weary, as he had every right to be, but it seemed they would be okay after all. A month into term, Peter managed to get his first proper girlfriend, and he never hesitated to talk their ears off about it. Admittedly, it got annoying at times, but the others were still happy for him, still found his childlike excitement endearing. The first day of term, the first time Lily spoke to him, just a simple “Hi James, have a good summer?” he almost reverted back to flirting and calling her Evans again out of fear because holy shit it isn’t a crush he’s properly in love with her. He knew though that he probably still didn’t even deserve her friendship, and he should be glad he got that rather than ruin it with telling her he wanted more. Even Sirius’ incessant teasing, or Remus and Peter’s encouragement wasn’t enough to persuade him, and Lily ended up making the first move, grabbing him by the tie and snogging him breathless one day in the library. He truly was gone for this girl. Of course, reality set in, and there was a war, and they were going to fight it. They’d all decided on being Aurors, except Lily, who was thinking of becoming a healer. That is, until Albus Dumbledore offered them positions in the Order of the Phoenix, a secret group dedicated to taking down You-Know-Who, and they all agreed without a moment’s hesitation.

At eighteen, they were all in the Order, risking their lives daily for the sake of bringing down the Death Eaters and their leader. Sometimes one of them would disappear for weeks on end, and none of the others would be able to sleep until everyone was together again, overtaken by the fear their family would be dead. Peter’s girlfriend didn’t make it back from a mission. They all mourned her in their shared flat, taking turns making sure Peter slept, drank, took care of himself while he sobbed for days on end for the loss of the girl he was sure was the love of his life. He didn’t leave his room for three days, didn’t speak for a week. He was a lot quieter after, seeming to have realised that he should be afraid because he might not make it out of this war alive, and suddenly he was a lot less excited for missions he was assigned.

At nineteen, it seemed everyone they loved was dying, and so James married Lily because if he didn’t now, he may never get the chance. The day after the wedding, they heard news of Marlene’s death. Remus was gone, vanished for some mission Dumbledore refused to disclose to them. James’ parents died, killed for being blood traitors who associated with ‘impure’ people. James never stopped blaming himself. Peter retreated further into his shell, and he was always so afraid, that much was visible to everyone. Lily got pregnant. They both cried, mourned that their child had to be born in a time like this. They both wanted a family, wanted it more than anything, but neither of them would wish this war upon a child. According to Dumbledore though, a prophecy spoke of a child who would defeat Voldemort, and that it may be theirs. Alice Longbottom had gotten pregnant as well, and both James and Lily hated themselves for hoping it was her’s destined for this instead of their own.

At twenty, James found out the baby wasn’t due until mid August, and sobbed in relief because the prophecy said July. It was suggested they go into hiding anyways, just in case. Naturally, James’ first instinct for Secret-Keeper was Sirius, but Sirius convinced him Peter was a better idea, because Remus was being dodgy lately, and he knew that if he was Secret-Keeper he’d tell Remus even with the dodgy behaviour because he did stupid things when it came to people he loved. Apparently the hiding was more necessary than they thought it would be, because Lily went into labour on the 31st of July, and she tried so bloody hard to make it to midnight, to August, to her child’s safety, but he was born that evening, and she couldn’t stop apologising. Sirius was entrusted to be the godfather, because in the rapidly growing possibility of James and Lily dying, James trusted nobody more to care for his son.

At twenty one, James loved his son more than anything in the world, and positively doted on the boy. He was positive the boy would be an excellent Quidditch player one day. How could he not with how enthusiastic he was with the toy broom Sirius had gotten him? They found out from a letter that Frank and Alice had been tortured into insanity, that their son, the same age as Harry, had been left as good as orphaned, and they cried some more, for their friends and for the child. Peter didn’t write as often now, claiming to be caught up in missions, and in every letter he made sure to tell them how much he loved them, how they meant the world to him, and towards the end of summer, apologies for being so afraid all the time. Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Dumbledore sent gifts for Harry’s first birthday, and Harry seemed to love all the little toys he’d been given. As Halloween, the Marauders agreed on favourite holiday, approached, James made sure that even if they weren’t able to leave their home for it, they would go all out, bewitching things, putting out decorations, scaring his wife at any given chance. As he snuck Harry (another) piece of chocolate on Halloween, the door burst off its hinges, and James was on his feet, passing Harry to Lily and telling her to run. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew Peter had given them up, but he could hardly let the sting of that betrayal sink in before he was pushing Voldemort to the ground, trying to get to his wand. Just as his fingertips reached for it- “Avada Kedavra!” The last thought that crossed James’ mind as he collapsed to the ground was that at least his wife had a chance, at least she might be able to save their son.


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Can you please please please please ppllleeaaassseee write some fluffy Drarry? Your writing is amazing btw

The one thing Harry loved most about moving in with Draco (other than getting to live with his boyfriend) was watching Draco learn about muggle things. Draco, who had never stepped into his kitchen in Malfoy Manor, had learned all kind of things about kitchen appliances since moving in with Harry. Harry was especially fond of the way Draco always seemed a bit caught off guard when the toast popped up out of the toaster.

There was an endless amount of things that Harry found amusing about living with Draco. The way he’d get into rows with the microwave for not heating his food properly, or blame the pot when the water would boil over because he’d put too much water in it, or how he hated the sound the hoover made.

One thing that was very surprising was that Draco seemed to love to cook. “Well, I was top of the class in potions,” Draco would say snippily.

Harry would come home from Auror training and find Draco hunched over some recipe, concentrating on it so hard that he didn’t even hear Harry come in. Some of his cooking had been a complete success, like his chicken parm. Others had been a disaster, like the banana bread that had turned to mush in the oven.

“Draco, come on,” Harry complained as Draco tried to roll out the dough yet again. For some reason he’d decided to make homemade pizza instead of just ordering it from the place down the street. “You’ve been at it for half an hour and I’m starving.”

“Then have a biscuit,” Draco grumbled, sprinkling flour onto the counter yet again and starting to knead the dough out into a kind of circle.

“I don’t want a biscuit,” Harry informed him, coming up and standing behind his boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed his neck. “I want dinner but you’re a crazy perfectionist about something as basic as pizza.”

“If you’re not going to be helpful then get out of my kitchen,” Draco said, shaking Harry’s arms off.

“Oh, it’s your kitchen now, is it?” Harry asked, stepping back and putting his hands on his hips. “I seem to recall you not even knowing what half the things in here were when we first moved in.”

Draco huffed and turned towards Harry. “What is your point?”

“My point is…” Harry said, stepping forward and crowding Draco against the counter. “I don’t have to be up early in the morning and you are wasting time trying to make a pizza that would barely cost us anything to have someone else make.”

Draco’s pupils dilated and he bit his bottom lip. “What did you have in mind?”

“Most pizza places take about thirty minutes for delivery,” Harry murmured, beginning to kiss down Draco’s neck. His hands slipped around and undid the apron Draco was wearing. “We call and order a pizza and I try to get you off before they get here. You know how I love a challenge.”

Draco grinned. “Thirty minutes is hardly a challenge, Potter.”

Harry hummed and began sucking a mark onto Draco’s neck. “True, maybe we shouldn’t call until after I’ve already started. I’d love to hear you attempt to order a pizza when you’re all out of breath and turned on.”

Draco sighed and tangled his fingers in Harry’s hair. “But I already bought the ingredients to make a pizza here.”

Harry groaned and pulled back. “Why can’t you ever just do things the easy way?” he asked, stomping over the the sofa and flopping down on his back. He looked up at the ceiling and wondered just what he was going to do with his stubborn arse of a boyfriend.

Draco walked over and stood beside the sofa. “Is this really about the pizza?”

“Yes,” Harry answered automatically before really thinking about it. “No, I guess not. How do you think it makes me feel that you’d rather make a pizza than have sex with me? It’s a real self-confidence boost, Malfoy.”

Draco stared at him, his eyes hard and determined. “You haven’t called me Malfoy in years.”

“Well sometimes you’re such a shit I can’t help it,” Harry shot back.

Draco threw a leg over Harry and lowered himself onto the sofa, curling up half on top of him. “Do you know why I’ve become so obsessed with cooking?” he asked softly, making lazy patterns over Harry’s chest with his finger.

“Not a ruddy clue,” Harry responded, gently rubbing Draco’s back.

“I thought about how you grew up,” Draco murmured, making sure not to meet Harry’s gaze. “Your Aunt and Uncle didn’t take care of you, so you can’t have had many good home-cooked meals there. You didn’t grow up with house-elves like I did. Then at Hogwarts there were feasts and I know you felt at home there. But you also felt at home at the Weasley’s and a lot of that had to do with Molly’s cooking. I wanted you to be at home here, too. So I cook for you because it’s not much of a home if we’re ordering food in every night or living off things we can put in that devil microwave.”

Harry would have laughed if he hadn’t had a huge lump in his throat. “Merlin, Draco, you sod. That was so romantic.”

“It was?” Draco said, lifting his face up and quirking an eyebrow at Harry. “I thought it was rather pathetic.”

“No, of course not,” Harry said, ducking down and kissing Draco tenderly. “I can’t believe how much thought you put into it.”

“Yes, well, your friends already talk about me enough as it is,” Draco said bitterly. “I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t capable of taking care of you.”

Harry beamed at him. “You take such good care of me,” he said, kissing Draco again.

“Don’t you forget it,” Draco said, grinning against Harry’s lips. “Now remind me again how to use the damn phone.”