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so @crazyclockgirl and I were talking and she suggested that Ben and Bea would totally make a book about birds around the world as they travel together (bc of ben’s love of birds and bea’s eagerness to travel). anyway i was bored so I drew a lil thing. I apologise for my lack of skills but yeah I thought it was too funny to resist.

Listen, Uber drivers here leave a lot to be desired, I’m telling ya. Mine couldn’t have been more than a teenager and said ‘who?’ when I pointed out that Counting Crows were on the radio. Wasn’t even a rare song. It was ‘Accidentally in Love’. Is this a youth thing or a New Zealand thing? Fuck both, to be honest.
Givealittle - Project - Pristine beach in the heart of the Abel Tasman
There is a pristine piece of beach and bush in the heart of the Abel Tasman up for private sale. Together we can buy it and gift it to NZ. Givealittle is the place to donate and fundraise for causes and charities online.

For any New Zealanders out there (or maybe even non-New Zealanders),  Awaroa Inlet, a seven-hectare beach in Abel Tasman National Park is selling for $2 million, with buyers from overseas showing interest.

Mr Major has set up Givealittle page proposing the public buy the beach in order to ensure it will never become private.

If every New Zealander donated 50c, the beach would be guaranteed to be available for everyone, he says.

“We rang DOC and they said they had been interested in it, but market price was out of their ballpark,” the Givealittle page says. “We will give it to DOC, or a suitable trust. The bottom line for this project is that this beautiful piece of NZ is off the market permanently for all to enjoy.”  - Source 3news

A Givealittle Project page will only pay the funds if we reach the target of $2 Million. If we do not reach the target the page will not charge your credit card.

@ my original “unpopular opinion” anon and the subsequent anons; i’m sorry i deleted your ask, i just really don’t feel like i have any right to speak on this, i have no authority on the injustices experienced here & i’m not comfortable with turning my blog into a debate platform for something i’m so out of my depth in.

maybe i’m as far removed from european matters as an american would be because of the location and country i was raised in, and because i am exposed to a lot of US-centric ideas about race which i defer to but yeah. sorry i have nothing to say on this.

Small rant

Okay, a couple of things—

A) This whole Anti-women/transexuals/homosexuals (bisexuals? – no mention) thing is dumb, and you should probably stay away from Aotea Square (Auckland), Glover Park (Wellington) and the Dunedin Town Hall unless you’re wanting to protest it or something

B) Seriously getting annoyed with all these news sites localising it. NO the guy isn’t specifically organising a meet-up in New Zealand; it’s a sorta worldwide thing.

C) Not saying I’m against protesting the TPPA, but putting us more in debt because a bunch of you have decided to write “#FKTPPA” on the new bank notes and make it a thing is probably not best… although I’d quite happily see them charged the up to $1000 for doing it (Again, I’m not against the protesting, but I am against this - it’s just dumb)

I got approved to study abroad at the University of Auckland next spring!!!

why do american’s always say NZ is the little country beside Australia that might as well be part of Australia when like .. ur country is literally touching two other countries. You’re touching butts with mexico. There is no real border between ur countries other than some imaginary line, not even a sea like any proper country has around the border. You just made ur country up. We got a whole sea between us and Aus. ????

Stream: Marlon Williams, 'Strange Things'

Stream: Marlon Williams, ‘Strange Things’

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A dilapidated old cinema in New Zealand, heavy on atmosphere and light on TLC in years past, was the perfect place for my live introduction to Marlon Williams. The venue suited the “New Zealand gothic” aura projected by the best of his songs … Strange things happen in small, solitary country towns, and the weight of history looms large. Into this time capsule strode a young man, alone, soberly…

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