An assortment of headcanons from the Vampire!Bilbo and Werewolf!Thorin AU which I and the bae, @thorin-wiggles, have been discussing for months now.

  • Basically, Bilbo needs someone to feed from otherwise he will fade and die. He is more than five centuries old and he has been lonely for three of them because his last feeder was killed for treason and left Bilbo to wallow in his eternity. Then he meets Thorin, on a cold dark night when the werewolf is two weeks from his transformation, they meet under rather precarious situations with them both hunting the same deer.
  • Cue the two of them battling and sassing at each other as they hunt the dear, Bilbo using his stealth and quick movement and Thorin charging at everything like the wolf he is. Bilbo is able to trip him up a few times and disappears before Thorin even has the chance to snap at him and Thorin is able to stampede Bilbo into the mud before Bilbo can even jump.
  • It ends with Thorin catching a deer or two and taking them over to Bilbo, who drains the blood and then leaves Thorin to cook the meat and remove the skins.
  • They seem to hit it off from there and become friends and after a few months Bilbo asks Thorin to be his feeder, and Thorin accepts under certain terms that he can live with Bilbo and have full freedom on the vast land attached to Bilbo’s home. Bilbo agrees to all his terms.
  • Werewolves also have much warmer blood than Vampires, obviously, since they’re the undead and such. So when Bilbo gets unnervingly cold, he always shoves his hands on Thorin or just sits against Thorin in an attempt to get warmer and Thorin complains to begin with because Bilbo’s hands are so damn cold but he gets used to it.
  • Also Bilbo is repulsed by sunlight because being dead his skin is thin and sensitive like paper basically. And Thorin in his human, and even in his wolf form, he casts such a large shadow that Bilbo can just stay in to escape the sun slightly and it helps.
  • Bilbo can’t see himself in the mirror which is also a problem because he has such wild curls that he needs to keep on top of them and make sure they don’t get matted. Thorin is there to help too and helps Bilbo untangle knots and directs the Vampires hands to more fluffy spots to straighten.
  • Thorin being a rather large wolf when he’s in his opposite form and Bilbo just gets to sit on top of him and ride him like a horse when they’re out in the forests searching for prey at night. Bilbo gets quite good at riding Thorin (heh) though Thorin is always complaining when he’s back in his human form about his back aching and Bilbo suggests they stop, but they continue doing it anyway because Thorin likes to know Bilbo is close and Bilbo knows they can cover much more ground this way.
  • Bilbo braiding Thorin’s fur and putting flowers in the longer tufts of it when he’s asleep and when Thorin returns to his pack they all snicker under their breaths and don’t tell him his wolf form is littered in daisies and wild flowers.
  • Just the two of them being friends (with blood and food benefits) and just gradually actually falling in love.

My top 7 otps all consist of 2 guys, -a guy with blonde hair who takes more shit than necessary and a dark haired man who’s very different than most of his friends.

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