Julian Cope the uptight homophobic square? (end sensationalist title)

TPS (ThighPaulSandra): The majority of the outrage and aggression directed toward me was as a result of the erect penis image on DV2. This was not helped by the fact that this was the image that Beta - Lactam Records and some other sellers chose to advertise the record. I was disappointed that so many people took this image out of context from the rest of the artwork and maintained that what I was doing was a cheap shot at sensationalism. Perhaps naively my expectation from my audience for DVs 1&2, considering my background in Coil, was of appreciation and acceptance. I did not expect the wave of homophobia, quite often masked by very wordy and pseudo-intellectual responses, that ensued. I expected more of Julian Cope too. He had always seemed to me a very forward thinking individual ready to embrace radical ideas and stances but he showed his true colours publicly and privately distancing himself from my work. I should have suspected that he would do this because as much as he always expressed great respect for Coil I always felt he held deep suspicions over the ‘satanic child abuse’ allegations surrounding Psychic TV, and by association, Coil.


Coil - Blood from the Air


Coil on Channel 4’s Hello Culture.

Michel Publicity Window

Repels the waves from the shore

He tells the future in (?)

Hands spread the seed on the floor.

He’s only nineteen but he’s always lost in space

He’s got the change from a twenty all over his face

He’s got dental records and a suit in your car

He’s got the largest piece of who you think you are.

Michel Publicity Window

The smell of feet in the (?)

I can tell the peaks in the windows

Well he’s allowed the skin to mature.

He’s only nineteen but he’s always lost in space

He’s got the change from a fifty all over his face

He’s got a big box of records so you know where you are

He’s got the champagne t-shirt and a circumcision scar.

Thighpaulsandra - Michel Publicity Window