Goodnesssss. What am I even doing?? I have to leave for work soon<33

I haven’t seen a TZ yet, sooooo~<33
And red heels since I don’t have red thighhighs and Karkat’s shirt because Rezi’s hasn’t come in yet.

> ;]
OH!! MR V4NT4S, OH!!

[ edit: OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!! I’VE BEEN BLUSHING FOR THE PAST 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT<333 I’m a really conservative tom-boy, so this was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone BUT DEAR GOD YOU GUYS MAKE ME FEEL SO AWESOME ABOUT MYSELF<333 I just might wear a skirt tomorrow. >:D ] 

My opinion on Thighhighstuck

Seems to be rather unpopular in relation to what I see on my dash right now. Most of my dashboard seems to be complaining about this. Strangely, I’ve seen none of what they’re talking about actually on my dash. Clearly, I am not following some people I should be?

I don’t really see what the problem with it is. I mean, it’s actually a fairly tame meme, considering how much skin people are showing (ZETTAI RYOUIKI~ just saying) and who’s all getting involved in it. I’m amused to see even guys are getting involved in this!

Are people upset that a lot of these are closet cosplays? Or that they’re kneesocks instead of thigh highs? Are some of the photos just plain tacky/uncomfortable?

I’ve seen a few cries of JUST GET THIS OFF MY DASH/CALL ME WHEN IT’S OVER, but guys, it’s been like, a few hours since this started. Most people haven’t even been awake for it. It occurred at a time where Tumblr is at it’s least active, no one is busy spamming up your dash with other things for the posts to disappear. Calm down and go look at some other websites for a while.

I was excited to have a meme I might be able to actually participate it, but looking at my dash discourages me. :|

Edit: Not that I’m not going to do it, that is.