BTS Scenario: Discipline

Jeon Jungkook X Reader

Genres: Smut, Spanking, Fingering, Blowjob 

Summary: After seeing you getting closer to another member, Jungkook decides that he needs to teach you a lesson about keeping your hands to yourself.

Word Count: 2.3k

Thank you to anon for the request!

The dorm was filled with chatter after the boys had finished their evening practice; the room mingled with sweat and loud voices. You threw your head back in laughter as Jimin cracked another joke, raising a hand to grab his arm in an attempt to steady yourself. He leaned forward to butt his head against your shoulder as he tried to suppress his own giggles. Jimin placed a hand on your waist as he straightened himself up, the last of his chuckles fading out.  

“You know, Y/N, no one else will joke around with me like this, we ought to hang out more often.” Jimin grinned, grabbing your hands and swaying them side to side as you nodded your head in agreement. You opened your mouth to respond when you suddenly felt a pair of eyes boring into you and looked across the room to see Jungkook sitting on his own on the couch. He glanced back down at his phone as he caught your gaze. He briefly flickered his eyes back up to glare between you and Jimin as his mouth screwed into a grimace while nibbling at the inside of his cheek. You frowned at his scowling expression, wondering what had caused his anger-filled state. You watched as he even brushed off Taehyung’s attempt to start a conversation, pushing himself further into the corner of the couch as his eyes narrowed towards you. Excusing yourself from Jimin, you began to make your way over to where your boyfriend was sitting. Jungkook’s glower remained unfazed as you approached him and his hands balled into fists, clenching so tight that you could see his veins begin to appear. Upon reaching him, he stood up, towering over you as he leaned down to whisper into your ear.

“Meet me in my room. Now.” He ordered; his warm breath washed over your neck, causing goosebumps to rise. You cocked an eyebrow and turned to innocently stare up at him through your lashes. Without another word, he stormed towards the stairs, leaving you in confusion at his sudden anger. It wasn’t often that you saw Jungkook like this, so what could he possibly be so upset over? Not wanting to keep him waiting, you headed upstairs and stopped outside of Jungkook’s closed bedroom door. You knocked gingerly. When there was no answer, you cautiously turned the knob and stepped into the room where Jungkook had his back to you, his shoulders rising and falling as he breathed heavily. You watched as he removed his jacket, leaving him in his sweat slicked t-shirt that hugged tightly against his brawny frame.

“Jungkook…” You pried carefully, afraid that you’d cause him to burst. He whipped around to face you; his jaw clenched as he advanced toward you until your back was pressed against the wall. You stared up at Jungkook exasperatedly as he lifted both of his hands to slam against the wall above you, cornering you against the surface. You felt a hot rush of blush rise in your cheeks as he towered above you. His tall form was intimidating as he stood over you, stepping closer to nearly crush himself against your small frame.

“Y/N, you’ve been getting far too friendly with Jimin lately.” He growled. You attempted to avert your gaze, but Jungkook immediately slid a hand under your chin, forcing you to look up into his darkened eyes.

“What are you talking about?” you spoke timidly, “He was making me laugh and-”

“You think I can’t see the way he gets close to you? Letting his hands graze your waist and holding your hands; it makes me furious to see someone else touch you.” He continued. You tensed as he brought one hand down to tightly grip your waist. “And the way that you’ve been allowing him to do so, even letting your own hands wander at times. No, this won’t do at all.”

“But-” You began but were cut off by Jungkook lowering himself close to you, until his face was mere centimeters from yours. His eyes, glistening with fire, bore into you as he breathed harshly through his nose.  

“I think you need to be taught a lesson about keeping your hands to yourself, Y/N.” He whispered, sending a chill up your spine. Your entire face burned a bright red as he got closer, his lips barely hovering over your own. The scent of him, his sweat mixed with his warm breath, swirled around you, making you feel intoxicated as you breathed it in. You shivered beneath him as each breath sent a dizzying wave through you.

“W-what?” You choked, blinking at him through your lashes as he towered above you. Without another word, Jungkook stepped back, suddenly letting out a low, conniving laugh, and made his way over to the bed where he sat down before lifting a finger to beckon you over. His previously furious expression wavered as a devilish grin now played at his lips. You slowly walked over, utterly confused by his behavior as he grabbed a hold of your hand.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Y/N, and naughty girls like you need to be punished.” He spoke in a deep voice as he lifted a hand to caress your thigh. Pressing his fingers roughly into your skin, his eyes roamed over you, scanning your entire body as he chewed on his bottom lip. Your breathing hitched as his cool fingers trailed further upward, disappearing underneath of your skirt and toying with the fabric of your panties.

“This ass,” he began, “is only for me. Is that understood?” Jungkook leaned forward to grip your jaw with his hand, bringing you closer to him. His other hand gripped your ass tightly, digging his fingers into the plush skin over the fabric of your panties. You gulped and nodded silently before he sloppily crushed his lips against yours, keeping a tight hold on your jaw as his tongue granted itself access and began to roam your mouth. Your lips smacked as he pulled back from you, his eyes darkened with lust as he stared up at you. Despite being unsure of Jungkook’s intentions, his intimidating actions were somehow managing to send a thrilling rush through you.

“Bend over,” Jungkook commanded, gesturing to his knees.

“I said bend over.” He said with a rising sternness in his tone when you failed to move. Jungkook placed a hand to your back, forcing you to lean over his knees. “Do you see how disobedient you’re being? You need to be disciplined.” He growled into your ear as his fingers disappeared underneath of your skirt once more. This time, they hooked around the waistband of your panties before he slowly tugged them downward until they pooled around your ankles.

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” You whined but were immediately quieted by his hand cupping over your mouth. Without warning, you heard a swish of air as his other hand lifted up and came back to crack down firmly on your ass. Jungkook rubbed your stinging flesh as you let out a cry muffled by his hand.

“I want you to count how many times I spank you. Outloud, is that understood?” He demanded as you trembled and nodded silently before he removed his hand. Despite being a bit frightened by his tone, you couldn’t help but feel a pool of fire developing in your abdomen and a slight heat between your legs. You couldn’t deny that you were finding his dominance thrilling when his hand cracked down another time, causing you to yelp once more.

“One!” You cried out, your voice echoed throughout the room as you immediately received another sharp slap which caused to you to screw your eyes shut.

“Not so loud, kitten. You don’t want the others to hear, do you?” He cooed, leaning down to nibble your earlobe as he soothed your burning skin. “Now try again, quieter.” He whispered before lifting his hand once more. Spank.

“Two,” you whimpered. Spank.

“Three,” Spank.

“Four,” you continued to count smack after smack as your skin blazed and reddened from Jungkook’s hand until the area began to feel numb. With each spank becoming more forceful, you felt the heat between your legs increase until your thighs were dripping with wetness. Jungkook’s sudden dominance sent a wave of pleasure through you with each grunt he emitted as he cracked down on your ass, smoothing it out with his rough hands after each one.

“Tell me who you belong to.” He demanded, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh of your thighs.

“You.” you managed to splutter out in between gasps.

“That’s right,” he growled, “only me.” This time, he brought his hand down to spank you three more times, rapidly without pausing in between to allow the stinging sensation to settle in. Your skin felt like it was afire and you bucked your hips forward in an attempt to relieve the pressure. You tried to bite back a moan, failing miserably as you squirmed over Jungkook’s knees and let out a loud groan.

“Are you enjoying this? Do you like it when I spank you?” He purred as you swallowed hard and nodded, unable to speak as you quaked from the fiery mix of pain and pleasure. By now your legs were practically soaked and you bucked your hips upwards, pleading for Jungkook to stop.

“You’re such a naughty girl, getting pleasure out of punishment. Look at how wet this is making you.” He laughed darkly as his fingers trailed towards your slicked thighs. You also took notice that you weren’t the only one who was finding pleasure in the situation as you felt the growing bump in Jungkook’s jeans poke against your abdomen. You felt his finger dip between your thighs, ghosting over your slit as you swished your hips towards him, begging for his fingers to fill you up.

“Don’t be too eager now.” You received another harsh spank, causing you to mewl softly as he began to glide his fingers along your slit. “Naughty girls like you don’t always get what they want. If you want these fingers inside of you, you’ll have to beg for it.”

“P-please Jungkook,” you keened, “I want it so bad.” Finally, he gave in and you gasped as he dipped one finger inside of you, slowly stretching you out. Your walls clenched around him as he added another finger, falling to a rhythm as he pumped his digits in and out of you. The feeling sent you into bliss as you lifted your hips up towards him, begging for more as he quickened his pace. Your moans echoed throughout the room which was now felt heavy with the scent of your sex. Jungkook’s fingers swirled around inside of you, curving at just the right angle to make your eyes roll back and your entire body pulse with pleasure.

“Jungkook, I’m-” You began, unable to finish your sentence; your vision became starry as the sounds in the room faded into white noise. You clenched around Jungkook’s fingers as you burst into your orgasm, covering them with your heat as you squirmed about over his knees. You went limp as you came down from your high; Jungkook removed his fingers from you and placed both hands on your shoulders, hurriedly pushing you off of his lap.

“Fuck, baby, I need you right now.” He groaned as he immediately stood up and began to fumble with his belt. You rose to your knees as he shoved his jeans down to his ankles and released his erection from his boxer briefs. Jungkook languidly stroked his cock before you reached up to wrap your hand around it followed by your mouth closing around the tip.

“Yeah, just like that baby. Suck my cock just like that.” Your eyes fluttered up to look at Jungkook who had had his head thrown back as a throaty groan emitted from his slightly parted lips. Your tongue swirled around his member as you bobbed your swollen lips along his length. After a moment, Jungkook impatiently reached down to grab a fist full of your hair in each hand. He began snapping his hips forward; thrusting into your mouth as he fell into an impossibly fast rhythm.

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m gonna come.” He breathed as he fucked your open mouth, your lips now darkened with saliva that dribbled down your chin. Jungkook pulled his cock out of your mouth before his hand flew downward, hastily pumping it through his fist. He kept one hand in your hair, tilting your head upward as he approached his climax. At once, his breathing hitched before he let out a prolonged groan that bounced off the walls of the room as he released onto your face. Jungkook breathed heavily, slowing his strokes as he finished himself off before bending down to cup your face with his hands.

“You know to suck me just right, baby.” He said, still catching his breath as he lifted you to stand up. You winced as you rose up; your bottom sent a scorching sensation through you with every movement. Jungkook noticed your struggling and leaned around you to admire his work on your ass, tenderly placing a hand on the still reddened flesh.

“Well, I expect that you’ve learned your lesson about being a naughty girl?” He asked smirking as he grasped your chin and tilted your head up to look at him. You nodded as he pressed his lips to yours, tasting himself on your still swollen lips. “And will you misbehave like this again?”

You shook your head vigorously, promising to obey him.

“Good girl,” he grinned, squeezing your ass once more and making you wince quietly, “otherwise, you know what’s in store for you should you decide that you need to be disciplined again.”

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Golden Dress [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is Lin’s date for a pre-Oscars party and decides there’s no better way to celebrate than with a little teasing. 

Word Count: 5,286

Warnings: smut, papi kink,a slow burn??? - it’s long u guys.

Authors’ Notes: 

Mickeyi’m bad at this but ren is good at it & i will love and support her always (also the word vajajaja has been removed 4 more sexy reasons)

Ren: So as you can see I had a little help! This is my first smut you guys so take it easy on us, okay? I really loved writing this fic and Oscar season just got us really inspired! Hope y’all like it <3 

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When Lin hired a whole crew to assist you getting ready for one of the many Oscar’s press parties, you were sure that was too much.

That didn’t stop you from making the best of it, though. A silky blowout, beautiful makeup were done, a gorgeous golden dress with a seductive thigh-high slit was waiting for you on a hanger near your vanity: you were almost red-carpet ready.

“I don’t know how you do it; you’ve got the seduction of Marilyn Monroe with the elegance of Audrey Hepburn!” The compliments from the hired makeup artist made you blush under the contour you didn’t necessarily need, but made you feel like a million bucks.

“Lin messaged me to tell you that he’ll be downstairs in the limo in 15, okay?” You nodded at Lin’s assistant, Sarah, who’d joined you while taking care of the press calls.

“All that’s left is the dress and the shoes, [Y/N]. Slip those on and you’re Oscar-ready!” your stylist beamed.

“Of course, just slip them on quickly.”

“Right, of course - and thanks for the dress, Marc,” you smiled sheepishly, watching him gaze at the gown on the hanger. You were still mind-blown by how amazing the team made you look. Only three people did the job you thought an entire army wouldn’t be able to; you were mesmerized by your reflection in the mirror, to say the least. “You think Lin will like it?”

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Secret [SMUT. NSFW. 18+]

Summary : It wasn’t love. It wasn’t a deeper connection. It was lust, pure unfiltered and raw lust.

Warnings : No plot. Smut just smut. Dom!Daddy!Seb. Unprotected sex (bank it before you spank it kids!)

Author : Ash

A/N : I don’t own the gifs or NIN or their song “Closer”. I also got bored and figured I’d write a smut fic for the first time. This had potential but i ruined it. Be kind!

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Originally posted by lelucibianchediparigi

“ You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Help me, I broke apart my insides
Help me, I’ve got no soul to sell
Help me, the only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself “ 

“(Y/N) , (Y/N)” he said in a mocking tone as his fingers traced your exposed upper thigh through the slit of your dress. His body was pressed against yours…pressing you harder against the door to your NY penthouse, the penthouse he payed for.

You could feel Sebastian’s hot breath against your neck. His lips ghosting over your pulse points, drinking in the smell of your perfume. His hands ghosted over your thigh again. His eyes met yours one more time before he devoured your lips in a kiss. A raw, passionate filthy kiss. 

He pulled away suddenly gripping the slit in your dress firmly in his hand as he pulled it straight across displaying your bare sex to him. His eyes met yours and you knew that you were in for one hell of a night. You stood in front of him in only the sweetheart neckline, his favorite, with your breasts perfectly displayed and nothing else but his favorite pair of black Louie heels. He bit his lips as his eyes feasted on the sight before him. 

You weren’t friends with Sebastian. You weren’t his girlfriend. You weren’t his lover. That’s what she was for. You were his toy. His escape. His dirty little secret. The reason he kept his sanity. You indulged his kinky fuckeries and let him escape the mundane if only for the brief hours you spent together.

“I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything

Help me, tear down my reason
Help me, it’s your sex I can smell
Help me you make me perfect
Help me become somebody else “

Sebastian’s fingers ghosted over your jaw, softly tracing as they slid down. Tracing your collarbone, right to the dip between your breasts. He ran his hand over your breasts, softly groping through the fabric. You moaned at the slight touch. You squeezed your legs together trying to give yourself some kind of friction. Sebastian’s chuckled as he watched you squirm. 

“Damit Sebastian” you pleaded. Sebastian loved to turn everything into a game and his favorite game was making you beg. Watching the way he could make you squirm, make you completely and utterly dripping wet just by teasing you. Stolen touches in places where you could get caught, such as tonight’s party. 

“After all the teasing you did tonight. The way you purposely grinded yourself against someone else. Letting their hands grope you, pressing their cock into that sweet ass of yours.” Sebastian pushed his body against yours once again, grinding his already hard cock into your throbbing sex. The pressure rubbing against your aching clit. He ran his hand up your neck and back into your hair grabbing it by the fist. 

“You knew I would be watching didn’t you.” His eyes glanced you over again. You knew Sebastian watching you grind against his best friend and flirt with him all night would drive him insane. Jealous Sebastian was always your favorite. 

“Yes sir.” You said with a hint of seduction in your tone. You felt Sebastian slide his hand down your stomach, cupping your sex in his hand. You groaned at the contact his fingers made as they barely ghosted over your aching slit. You could feel it dripping down your thighs. “Please Sebastian..”

Sebastian smiled at you as his fingers grazed over your clit pressing it. You relaxed at the contact only to have it end as quickly as it happened. You huffed in annoyance as Sebastian just threw you a shit eating grin and walked over to your couch. He sat down…undoing his pants and spreading his legs wide. 

“It’s not gonna suck itself (Y/N)” as he motioned to the hard cock he was pulling out of dress slacks. You crouched down in front of him your knees pressing into the plush fabric of your carpet. You brought your eyes to meet Sebastian’s, his usual blue eyes dark and clouded with lust.

Sebastian grabbed the remaining top part of your dress and just ripped it open. He smirked at you as he squeezed your breasts. His fingers pinching and rolling your nipples. “Fucking beautiful” he whispered before kissing you deeply. He pulled away just in time to see attempting to slide off your heels. 

“Leave them on.” He demanded as he sat back against the couch. You happliy complied as you leaned forward. You were always taken back by his size. He wasn’t lengthy, but long enough with just enough girth just to make stretching you out even more fun.

You slowly ran your hand up his length as your tongue began to work on the head. Slowly licking the pre-cum that was already forming, you never could wait to taste him. Sebastian hissed at the contact of your tongue against his slit. You smiled to yourself as you licked a long stripe from the head of his cock all the way to the base. You swallowed him in your mouth inch by inch, agonizingly slow.

You kept your hand on his balls rolling and lightly squeezing them. Your fingernails lightly scraping against them, occasionally letting your fingernails scrap against the underside. Next to actually fucking Sebastian, being able to suck his cock was your next favorite thing. The control you had over him in this moment, the way he became undone because of you was your favorite thing to witness.

“Fuck, I never get tired of seeing your pretty mouth wrapped around my shaft” Sebastian muttered. Your eyes met and you could see the control he was begging for in his eyes. You had started to slowly bob your head up and down Sebastian’s shaft and stroke him when he slowly took your hand away. You felt his hands pulling your hair into a ponytail. You just placed your hands behind your back. 

When Sebastian was jealous, he needed control. He needed to be reminded that you knew who you belonged to. You were more then eager to comply. Sebastian loved to watch you take his cock all the way down your throat. Hear the delicious gurgling and gagging sounds you would make around him. The way his cock would be covered and dripping from your spit. 

“Such a good fucking slut, fuck (Y/N) ..f…f..” He was lost in the moment and you were growing wetter by the second. You could feel Sebastian’s hips moving erratically, without any real rhythm, you knew he was close. You hummed against his shaft, “Damit…Fuck” Sebastian screamed before pulling out of your mouth with an obscene pop. 

“I’m not done with you, yet.” He smirked as he took your hair and pulled up to  meet him as he stood. “I want you to remember whose little fuck toy you are. I want you to feel me days later. I want you to think about me when he’s inside of you, when he touches you.“ He growled in your ear as he turned you around and pushed you over the back of your couch. You groaned as you felt his large palm land perfectly on your ass cheek. 

“I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive “

Before you could say anything you felt Sebastian ram deep inside of you. “Sebastian..soo..fucking..deep” you managed to moan out as he adjusted himself behind you. His chest pressed against your back. His fingers interlocked with yours as he pushed himself even further.

“Who.Do.You.Belong.To?” Sebastian asked as he pounded into you. Each word followed by a deep thrust. You turned your face to meet Sebastian’s as your cried out. 

“You..fuck you Sebastian.” You cried out as you kissed him deeply. You felt his lips moved to your neck, you shoulders biting and kissing. You knew you’d be covered in purple and blue marks, but you didn’t give two fucks. You felt his hands creep over your breasts. 

He squeezed, pinched and grabbed them. Moving his hands to explore over your body. Grabbing and slapping your ass. You could feel the fingerprint bruises forming. “You’re always so fucking tight and wet for me. Is it for me?” he groaned into your ear as he pushed all his body weight against you, hitting that sinfully sweet spot. 

You gripped the couch until your knuckles were white. “All..the..fucking..time..just you..Sebastian” you screamed out in ecstasy. You were both gone. You felt your walls clenching and his hips moving erratically. The sounds in your penthouse became obscene. Slaps of skin against could hear Sebastian’s dick moving in and out of you. The moaning, the groans. Begging from both of you not to stop. 

Sebastian slowed down one last time pulling all the way out except for just the tip and ramming back deep into you twisting his hips as he pushed in. He could feel your walls tensing and clenching around him. “Cum for me (Y/N). Cum all over my cock.” All it took were those words and you were done. “Fuck Sebastian..” was all you managed to say before you saw stars. “Fucking perfect…so perfect” Sebastian moaned out before he came deep inside you. 

You both laid there for a moment. Relishing in that feeling. You felt Sebastian give your shoulder one last bite as he kissed your neck. You gasped at the feeling as his hand slipped lower over your sensitive clit collecting your juices on his finger as he pressed against the sensitive bud. He felt you quiver against his body as he chuckled. 

“We’re just getting started.”


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Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

Originally posted by kingsebastian

“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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Reylo Attending the A.I. Gala

In honor of Oscar night, have a little fancy dressed-up Reylo!

Kylo Ren is dressed sharply in a tailored Burberry navy blue suit; a textured wool jacket with elegant black satin lapels, simple white shirt, black bow tie and black lace shoes completing his look.

Rey is wearing a stunning Zuhair Murad burgundy chiffon gown with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit; a Salvatore Ferragamo gold clutch and Christian Louboutin heels complete her outfit.

Thank you so much to the talented @auroralynne for doing this commissioned work for me. It’s so beautiful!!! :D 

This is taken from a scene that occurs in Chapter 9 of The Escort. If you wish to read this modern AU Reylo fic you can do so on AO3 or 


hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god 

The Neighbors( 8/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff , SMUT FINALLY.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                       Chapter 8 : The Invitation

       You walk back into your kitchen, immediately going to the freezer for an ice pack for your hand.Damn, they never say how much punching someone hurts.Why on Earth do people do this shit for fun? You hold the pack to your hand as you begin making margaritas. You zone out into your own little world, thinking about how good it felt to finally shut Nick up. Huh, I wonder if he’s still in the hallway. You finally shake yourself back into the real world, and are welcomed by your friends proud smiles across all their faces. You send them and awkward smile.

“So…who else is having a 10 a.m  margarita?” Gloria comes up to you, forcing you into a tight hug. You squeeze her back.

“I didn’t know you had that in you! Thank you for standing up for me.”

You kiss her cheek. “I will stand up for you  always, my love.” You give her hand a squeeze and turn back to the blender, dropping half a bottle of tequila in with some ice.

“Plan on getting bombed this early, Doll?” Steve asks as he comes up behind you. He wraps his arms around you, placing his face in the crook of your neck. You lean yourself back into him.

“I think I deserve it.” He chuckles, putting his mouth close to your ear.

“That might be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen you do.” He nips your ear, sending chills down your spine and causing heat to pool in your body. You twist yourself around, pulling Steve’s face to yours, and give him a lingering kiss.

Originally posted by couplenotes

“Don’t start something you’re not going to finish, Captain. It’s rude.” You wink and turn back to the margaritas. Steve lands a swift smack to your butt, causing you to squeak. You can hear your friends laugh at the what they just witnessed. Just as you’re pouring the drink into cups for everyone, you hear Gloria’s voice.

“Wait, you’re telling me they haven’t had sex yet?!” Oh god. I’m going to kill them. Bucky and Sam let out roars of laughter, while you hear what you assume to be Steve Smacking the backs of their heads. You move to carry the drinks to them but Gloria stomps up to you.

“Is there a reason you haven’t slept with Steve yet? Or are you just out of your damn mind?” Your eyes go wide and you begin to stutter. She rolls her eyes, sending a ‘we will talk about your stupidity later’ look your way. You let out a puff of air. Thank God I don’t have to endure that lecture right now.

After two rounds of margaritas, you remember you still need to talk to Steve. So when he volunteers to help you carry the empty glasses back into the kitchen, you jump at the chance.

        When you’re both out of earshot, you finally speak “Hey Steve, I just want to apologize for the night of the gala.” He goes to stop you but you raise your hand. He takes the hint and lets you continue. “Nick said some things and I let them get to me. I treated you like you did something wrong when you didn’t. I let him get into my head and make me second guess everything. I’m sorry I snapped at you that night, and I let those elevator doors shut in your face.” You’re leaning against the counter now, he’s doing the same across from you.

“What did he say to you that did that Y/n?” I can’t lose him, I have to tell him the truth.

You sigh and begin telling him everything Nick said: about how he is going to realize you don’t belong in his world; how you’re not good for anything besides sex; everything that’s been replaying on your mind, you spill to Steve. You try to hold back the tears, but you can’t. As soon as the first one falls, Steve’s in front of you wiping it away. He pulls you to him, resting his head on top of yours while you cry into his chest.

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“He’s wrong Y/n, you belong here with me. I don’t want you to be anywhere else. You’re worth more than sex, and anyone that thinks other wise is a fool. He couldn’t be more wrong. He just wanted ruin what you have going. Please don’t let him. Don’t let him ruin this for us,” he whispers the last part. You look up at Steve, he wipes away another set of tears.

 “I’m not leaving until you ask me to Steve. You’re stuck with me.” He chuckles, and pulls your lips to his. You don’t know if he meant it to be a quick kiss, but you turn it into a long, sweet one. Only to be interrupted by Gloria’s voice making its way to the kitchen.

  “Y/n, can you come here for a second?” She asks. Oh God, what did they break. You hesitantly pull Steve with you to the TV room. Gloria pulls an envelope from her bag and hands it to you.

“Oh God, this isn’t a piece of paper saying you have 6 months to live, is it?” You ask. She rolls her eyes but doesn’t answer. The boys are all looking at you, making you more nervous. You open the envelope expecting something bad, but what you get couldn’t be anymore perfect. You pull out beautiful card: a wedding invitation. For Gloria and Alexa.

“OH MY GOD,” you yell, sending a wide eyed look to Gloria. “When-” She cuts you off.

“I’ll tell you everything in a minute, flip it over”

You do as she says. Your eyes water as you read, “Maid of Honor is a title meant for someone that knows you better than anyone else in the world. Someone you love with every piece of heart. Will you accept this request, and accept that I love with every part of me?” Tears are raining down your face. So much information so fast.

 “Do you think I’d say no!?” You yell as you pull her to you. You love Gloria and you love her girlfriend (now fiancee ) Alexa. She tells you everything about how she proposed and Alexa’s reaction. It sounded so perfect; you love weddings and honestly can’t wait for your own. You’re surprised she asked you to be a Maid of Honor when she has 3 sisters, but you aren’t going to question it. It means too much to you.

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  Gloria stays for the rest of the week, leaving two days before you return to your night shifts. You promise to help her with as many wedding decisions as you can even though you’ll be far away. You have two months until you have to fly home to help her set up for the wedding; two months to prepare for having the boys meet your family, since Gloria invited them to come with.

    It’s been two weeks since Gloria left and she sends you pictures everyday of potential bridesmaid dresses. Not all of them are horrible, just 70% of them. She finally decides on one that isn’t terrible. She refuses to show anyone her or Alex’s dresses, wanting it to be a surprise. You help her pick out flowers over facetime, and do anything else possible using that to help ease her load for decisions. Today, you help her pick out name plates for the guests, and a playlist for the reception. Those are the last things she needed. You guys really got a lot done, and the rest is up to her and Alex. As you’re about to start getting ready for work, Steve walks into your room. He stops in your doorway, a deep blush blossoms across his cheeks as he looks at you. You’re only in a bra and panties, and you raise your eyebrow at him.

“I – I should knock next time, right?” He asks awkwardly. You laugh, and slowly stroll up to him.

  “Why would you need to do that, Steve? I don’t mind.” You run your hands up his chest until they land around his neck, playing with the back of his hair. He leans down, wrapping his arms under your butt and lifts you. Your nose brushes against his as you tilt your head and connect your lips. As soon as your lips touch his, you can feel fireworks sparking through you. I will never get sick of this feeling.

Steve lays you down on your bed, placing your legs on either side of his waist. Is this it? Is he finally going to fucking do something? As if Steve’s reading your mind, he leans down and connects his lips to yours, while rolling his hips against you. You gasp into the kiss, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. It turns heated quickly, your tongues moving against each other’s as he rolls his hips harder against you. You can feel yourself getting wet at the feeling of his erection pushing against you.

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Steve moves away from you, a pout forming on your lips from the loss of contact. He leans forward, taking your lip between teeth. Hot damn, Rogers. A whimper slips from you as Steve stands up to remove his clothes. You just watch him as he does, taking in every muscle and line on his body. When he finally slips his boxers down his legs, your mouth goes dry. How is that going to fit? Yikes. He senses your worry.

“Tell me to stop if I hurt you,” He says sweetly. You roll your eyes.

“Steve just touch me, please,” You whine. He smirks, then moves down your body. He removes your remaining clothes, and just stares down at you.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, Doll.” You smile up at him as he leans down for a kiss. He guides his hand down to the apex of your thighs, ghosting over your slit. You move your hips, trying to get him to touch you.

“Be patient, Sweetheart,” he whispers. He moves his lips down your neck, and pauses right as he is about hit your chest. The anticipation is killing you, but he doesn’t speed up. He slowly takes one of your nipples into his mouth, keeping eye contact with you as he swirls his tongue around it. You arch yourself closer to him, moaning at the feeling of him sucking at your chest. His hand finally makes contact with your clit, rubbing slow but hard circles into. You moan at friction he’s giving you, but crave more.

“Steve, please. I need-” You’re cut off when Steve slides a finger into your wet heat. A loud, obscene moan escaping you.

“You need what, Doll? I’m listening.” That smug bastard.

He inserts another finger and starts thrusting faster, switching to your other nipple and giving it the same attention. His name leaving your mouth in moans as he drives you to the edge. You can feel yourself about to tip over when he removes his mouth from your breast, and places it over your clit. A high pitched whimper shoots from your mouth as Steve sucks on your clit while fucking you harder with his fingers.You move your hands to his hair, holding him against you while he sucks and licks at your core. In mere seconds, you’re toppling over into an intense orgasm. When Steve pulls away from you, you see the evidence from you finish coating his lips and chin.

“You taste so sweet Y/n, I’ll never get sick of it”.

He quickly reaches into his pants on the floor and grabs his wallet. He pulls out a condom and quickly tears the wrapper before sliding it on. You pull him down to you into a heated and desperate kiss. You flip yourself so you’re straddling his hips, his rock hard cock nudging at your sensitive folds. You moan at the feeling and begin sliding his dick between your soaked folds. A strangled moan leave his lips at you teasing.

  You send a smirk his way. “Patience, darling.” A low growl leaves his lips. He grips your waist, lifting you to slide you onto his length. You slide down slowly, feeling yourself stretch from his size. The mild discomfort subsides quickly, turning right into hot pleasure. You start slowly rocking yourself on him, lifting whimpers from both of you. You finally break, and start riding him fast & hard. He moves his hands to right under your breasts. You watch him as he watches them bounce from your movements. His hands slide back to your waist, and hold you to him. He starts thrusting up into you, hitting the perfect spot inside you.

 He flips you both, catching himself on his elbows on either side of your head.

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“Steve, harder please!” you beg and he complies, pounding into you as he sucks at your neck. The only sounds that can be heard are your moans, his praises, your headboard smacking into the wall, and his skin against yours.

“Is this what you want sweetheart? What you were so impatient for?” He pushes himself up onto his knees, and holds your waist for more leverage. This position has him ramming right into your g-spot repeatedly, and your back arches at the contact.

“I’m close Steve,” you whimper. He speeds up his thrusts even more, and begins circling your clit. All you can do is moan. You feel the elastic band inside you about to snap, you just need a little more.

 “Harder, Captain.” That does it. Steve moves himself at an unbelievably faster pace, causing both of you fall into your orgasms. You feel the band break, and Steve finishes off inside you. Your breathing is harsh and both your bodies are covered in sweat. Steve rolls off to the side of you, both of you wearing blissful smiles.

 "So, you have a Captain kink?” You ask as you try to catch your breath. Steve chuckles, and you can tell he’s going to deny it. “Don’t even deny it Steve, it’s hot,” you say casually. You look over to him, he’s just shaking his head and laughing.

“You’re really something else, Doll.” You wink at him in response, then sit up quickly. You turn and look at your wall behind your headboard. You burst out laughing, resulting in Steve getting up to look.

“Holy shit,” he mumbles under his breath. Your wall is dented from the force of your headboard, the paint cracking around it.

“Well, Captain Rogers, I’ll take that a sign we did it right.” He rolls his eyes and pulls you down to him. You snuggle into him, ready to fall asleep, when you hear your front door open. Bucky and Sam appear in your doorway, and you pull the blanket around just barely in time.

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“Dude, next time warn us. Jesus, I could hear you both through my headphones!” Bucky barks.

Sam just send you a sly wink, then pushes Bucky back towards the exit. “I want a kid named after me!” he yells over his shoulder. You groan, going to lay back down before Steve stops you.

“Doll, don’t you have work in,” He looks at your clock, “25 minutes?” Your eyes widen and you shoot out of bed.

“Great timing Steve, I don’t even have time to shower!” He laughs as he watches you fly around your room, looking for your scrubs. You give him a quick kiss, then bolt out your door.

  It’s been a week since you’ve been back at work and you already want to sleep for eternity again. Steve’s been gone on a mission with Bucky for a couple days, and you haven’t been able to sleep well without him there. Sam stayed behind , helping ease your anxiety. You end up cuddling up to him when you get home from work hoping your body will think it’s Steve and lets you sleep, but it doesn’t work that well. The soldiers come back on day 3, but not exactly how you want.

You’re standing at the nurse’s station, organizing files since it was a slow night. The entry doors fling open, revealing your two extremely beaten up soldiers on the other side.

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“ Oh my God.” You sprint to them, helping Steve hold Bucky up. “What the hell happened?” You ask as you guide Bucky onto a gurney.

“This was closer than the tower, and I don’t think he can wait. He’s losing a lot of blood.”

 You look to Bucky, evaluating his injuries. “Karen, page Dr. Johnson, NOW,” You yell. You grab gauze and place it down onto Bucky’s cuts. He has shards of glass along his flesh arm that have tore through his uniform. And a deep gash on his thigh that’s leaking blood into a puddle on the gurney. You wheel him into a room, waiting on the doctor.

Two other nurses come in, you direct them to put pressure on all open areas and to avoid the glass. The Doctor rushes in, taking in the scene before him. He comes up next to Bucky, looking him over before going to leave the room.

“There’s nothing I can do for that man,” He spits out. Your mouth drops open, and you run after him.

“What the fuck do you mean there’s nothing you can do? You’re a fucking Doctor. He’s bleeding all over the place, with glass sticking out of his body for God’s sakes. What is your problem!?” You shout.

He turns to you sharply, stepping directly in front of you.

“I will not attempt to save the Winter Soldier. I’m doing the world a favor. He’s a murderer.” A growl rips out of your throat, you grab the doctor by the lapels of his white lab coat and slam him into the wall. His eyes go wide.

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“That man is not the enemy. He is my family. If you don’t get your ass in there and help him, you will be sorry. And that’s a fucking promise,” you growl at him. You feel an arm around your waist, and then you’re being hauled off the Doctor.

“I stand by my prior statement, Nurse. You are on your own, and there will be consequences for your actions.” You growl again and Steve’s grip tightens on you. The doctor walks away, and you break away from Steve and rush back into the room.

“You two,” you point to the two nurses in the room, “go get an IV Stand, forceps, stitch kit and cleaning kit. NOW,” you yell. The nurses scramble out of the room, returning no more than a minute later with the supplies.

“If you don’t want to get in trouble by superiors, I suggest you leave now,” You state. They all leave the room without a glance back. You look down to your broken friend, then to your distressed boyfriend, then at the medical supplies in your hands.

Alright, let’s do this.

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Birthday Gift

Prompt : # 23 “Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.”

Request : Yes. Anon.

Summary : What happens when you invite your ex to your birthday party? How does a certain Buchanan Barnes react to that?

Author : Ash

A/N : The looks Seb gives in the GIFs is how I imagine Bucky would look at the reader. You’re welcome! It feels great to be back writing! I apologize for this being a bit weak. Can I say how amazing @caitsymichelle13 is for running this blog while I’ve been taking care of things!  Hope you guys enjoy!

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** 2 Weeks Earlier **

“You actually invited Brad to your birthday party?” Natasha said nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders as she flipped through some Russian magazine.

“Yeah, we’re friends. Minus the bad break-up. I’ve known him forever, even before we dated. Why wouldn’t I?” I casually asked. I looked over at her wondering what she was thinking.

“Well I just think considering B…” Natasha instantly hushed up as we watched Bucky enter the kitchen. She casually nodded at Bucky. I’ll never understand their silent head nods.

“Morning Ladies.” Bucky said casually as he shot me a sly grin.

“Buck, you’re coming to my party in two weeks right?” I said as I started to make my way out of the kitchen.

Bucky just smiled and I noticed a small hint of happiness in those otherwise steel blue eyes. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, doll.” He said.

I gave him a small wink and a smile as I continued out to the gym.

“You should just tell her ya know?” Nat said as she shut her magazine and looked at Bucky.

Bucky just turned to look at her giving her the “stop meddling in my damn love life” look. He nodded his head.

“Seriously, she invited Brad to that party too. We both know what that means.” Nat said grabbing an apple and heading to start the day.

Bucky instantly saw green.

** Present Day **

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Everything was perfect. You were sure there wasn’t a better way to celebrate your birthday, unless Bucky would make a move. You just shook your head as you sipped your drink. You knew that would take an act of War. You were just hoping the outfit you wore for tonight would do the trick. (x)

“Well, (Y/N) you just look as beautiful as I remember.” You gave the bartender a quick nod as you took your drink and spun around to meet your admirer.

“Brad! I’m so glad you could make it!” You say as your arms wrap around his neck and give him a close hug. You stepped back as his eyes raked over your figure. Even though you’d been friends forever it still hurt when your relationship ended.

“Care to share a dance with me?” He said with a small smile and laugh.

“Absolutely!” You said as you placed your drink against the bar and followed Brad out to the floor. You scanned the party hoping to see Mr. Buchanan Barnes but that was to no avail. You frowned in disappointment.

Brad took your hand and spun you lightly around. You were both laughing and sharing small talk. At one point, you buried your face in Brad’s shoulder laughing at the mention of the time you two tried to dance drunkenly on the balcony of his father’s house.

“You ended up puking over the rail and screaming how much you loved me for letting you dance to Celine Dion.” Brad said as his hand traveled lower. He placed his palm against the small of your back pressing you closer into him.

When you picked your head up to retort a comeback that’s when you noticed it. Bucky’s eyes were boring into you and Brad. Not just looking, but daggers piercing through the both of you. You watched his jaw tighten as he stiffened up and kept eye contact with you. He wasn’t even focused on the conversation going on around him.

“You could just go cut in, instead of being the creepy stalker.” Sam said.

“I’m not a stalker, I’m just….”

“Jealous.” Chris and Sam both stated.

Bucky took a deep sigh as he turned back to face you and your “lover.”

“You better hurry up…because the way (Y/N) looks tonight, someone is going to want to take that home.” Sam said as he pointed over at the two of you.

“He’s got the hand on the lower back … he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear. They have history, chemistry. She pressed up tight against him. He’s about to”

All Sam felt was a smack against the back of his head from Chris before he realized Bucky had walked away, jealous and enraged.

Sam muttered a small “Oh shit.”

You watched Bucky walked towards the two of you, and if it had been a cartoon you knew he would be the green monster. Brad looked at your face of concern and before he could ask what was wrong he felt the hand grip his shoulder.

“Do you mind if I cut in, pal?” Bucky asked. You could hear the threatening tone his voice held.

Brad turned and looked up at him, not impressed and not scared. “What if I do?” he asked. Leave it to Brad to make things more difficult.

Bucky’s jaw tightened. “I’ll just make you move.”

When you meant an act of war, two guys fighting over you was not what you had in mind. Or was it?

You sighed while silently smiling to yourself.

“Boys, while this is every woman’s fantasy. There is plenty of me to go around. “ You said as you grabbed Bucky’s hand from Brad’s shoulder.

You watched as Brad took a step back and gave you a thumbs up while silently wincing and grabbing his shoulder to ease the pain. You laughed a bit as you saw him walk over to Chris and Sam who also threw a thumbs up your way.

“Why did you invite him?” Bucky looked down at you. He was searching your face. His eyes moved over your neck, your chest. You felt his hand tighten around your waist. He was holding you close as if he was afraid to let you go.

You felt yourself shiver under his touch. “Are you jealous Barnes?” You moved your arms around to his neck. Your nails lightly scraping against the exposed skin. You brought your face closer to his. God, this man was intoxicating.

“No, I’m not jealous.”


“Okay, fine maybe a little. “

“He’s a great friend. A previous bf, but he also happens to be married now. But you didn’t know that. I wanted to make you jealous. I wanted you to finally make a move. Nat let it slip how you felt about me, and I felt the same. But I understand you old men are set in your ways. Plus I wanted to make you work a little.” You said with a smirk.

“So I had nothing to worry about? You did this to tease me? To drive me crazy for two weeks?” Bucky said as he gripped you tighter.

“Yes sir. Guilty as charged”

You smiled up at Bucky as you pressed yourself a little bit closer against him. You felt his metal hand trail down your arm, down your side and over your thigh threw the slit in your dress. You were absolute putty in his hands.

You felt Bucky’s stubbled chin slightly graze across your jaw as he whispered how amazing you looked tonight. How soft you were, how intoxicating he found you. You ran fingers back up to Bucky’s hair and pressed his lips closer to yours before you passionately kissed him.

“Doll, you teased me. Made me green with envy over another man touching you. And looking at you in that dress..” Bucky bit his lip and you saw a glint of mischief roll around in those eyes.

Bucky leaned closer and softly whispered in a deep but sultry voice “I’m going to have to punish you..” before he placed a small kiss to your sweet spot.

“So much teasing to make up for …. having to think about and watch some other guy with his hands on you. Pressed against you. I’m going to make sure that never happens again.” He whispered.

You knew this was going to be the best birthday gift you’d ever received.

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Hello, baby - part 23

The morning seemed to come quickly, I turn and see the not surprisingly empty sheets next to me. I check for anything telling me the time and I realize it’s well into the afternoon.
I stretch out against the silk sheets and groan, my body aches from a numerous of things and nothing sounds better than a hot shower right now. I place my feet on the ground and strip right there leaving my clothes in a pile by the bed, the cool marble floors are comforting reminding me where I am. 

I walk past the closed bedroom doors and into the bathroom, I get in the shower and let the hot water run over my shoulder and neck occasionally rubbing the knots that are there.

“Good morning.” J’s low growl startles me.

I don’t try and cover up, he has seen every inch of me by now, I look up at him and flash him a smile, “Good morning to you too.” 

He palms himself through his pants and electricity runs through my veins, it’s empowering knowing I have this effect on him. He throws his shirt off and to the side, I laugh at his urgency as he quickly drops his pants and tosses them as well. 

“Hows the water?” He asks reaching for the handle on the glass shower door.

“It’s heating up.” I lean my back against the wall in the shower and let the water run over me.

He lets out another growl, louder this time, and he is standing in front of me in a split second. His hands run down my sides and over my hips, his touch is gentle, so far. I lean my head back and close my eyes getting deeper into his touch. He lifts my hips and runs his hands over my ass and with a slight grab he pulls me close to him, I open my eyes and I look up directly into his eyes that are now overlaid with lust. 
I place my hands on his biceps and press myself against him harder, feeling every part of him against me. He leans in close and purrs before letting his lips meet mine. His tongue quick to explore my mouth, I let out a gently moan letting him know he is welcome there. 
Out breathing picks up as our kiss intensifies and our hips begin to grind into each other. He pulls his lips away from mine and flips me around, his hand trails down my spine and he ends it with a hard smack on my ass, I jump and let out a groan which he responds to with another smack. 

“I never grow tired of this view.” He groans in my ear and chills get sent down my spine and my knees feel weak. 

The water is starting to get cooler as the moments pass, he presses his hips against my ass and I can feel him at my dripping entrance. He presses himself upwards and I lean forward against the shower wall, he adds more pressure and moans as he completely fills me. 

“I never get tired of this pussy.” He groans in my ear again as his hips find their rhythm against me.

I try to grab onto the smooth surface but it’s useless, instead I press my hands against it to hold me in place with each of his thrusts.
I moan and scream his name, every motion he makes gets harder, his fingers digging into my hips and his head thrown back as he lets his own string of moans out. 

“Fu-fuck!” I scream out as he picks up his pace.

The water is almost cold and chills run through my body as the curse words continue to flow out of my mouth. His hand leaves my hip and grips my hair around his hand and tugs it back, I arch against his pull and his thrust get deeper. My moans are louder and his hips are slamming against me gets faster, he lets out a deep growl every few seconds and it makes my nerves stand on end. 

“Cum for me baby, lets me feel you!” He groans and pulls my hair back even further and I can’t help but to scream out his name.

“Yes, yes daddy!” I moan back and I let my breathing take its own pace and I let myself go.

Again, my nails try to dig into the shower wall but with no prevail, I feel his teeth bite into my shoulder as he holds his thrust in me and I scream out again but my breath is quickly cut short from my own orgasm. 
He lets go of my hair and his hand trails my skin as his lips press to the fresh bite mark. My body shudders as I finish my high, he then pulls out of me and we both let out a deep breath. 

“I’ll have lunch waiting, clean up doll, we are going out tonight.” He kisses my shoulder again and grabs a towel as he exits the bathroom. 

I stay leaning against the wall for a moments to catch my breath and the finish my shower in cold water, which didn’t feel all that bad. 
I grabbed another towel and dried off and got dressed in simple jeans and T-shirt, I braided my hair back to dry. 

I head downstairs and J is sitting at the table with a plate of food next to him, I take my seat on his left, “Not hungry?” I question him.

“I already ate darling, thanks for being concerned though.” he lets out a chuckle and pinches my chin with his finger and thumb.

I roll my eyes at him and I can see him get slightly annoyed, he gets up and makes himself a cup of coffee, “We will be leaving at 6, so three hours. I’ll leave you if you are not waiting by the front door.”

“Understood.” I smile up and him and it’s returned with the shine of his capped teeth. 

I finish my food and briefly wonder where Jackie is but I figure she is busy with one of the thousand things J has her doing.
I run up the stairs and search my closet, I decide on a full sleeved black dress with a thigh high slit and red heels, I lay it out on the bed and begin working on my hair and makeup. 
Once I look at the clock again it’s almost 5:30, I add a few last touches and slip the dress on and slide on the heels, I finish off the outfit with my ‘J’ choker necklace. 
I open the bedroom door and see J waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“It’s before 6.” He winks at me, “So it looks like I won’t have to punish you.” I can’t help but blush, somewhat out of embarrassment since the guards were around. 

He holds his hand out for me and I take it, he spins me around and places a kiss against my neck. He places one hand at the small of my back as we walk out the front door.

“What is this all about?” I have a hint of laughter in my voice.

“Nothing really, I just missed showing you off.” He holds the car door open for me and closes it once I am in. 

The drive is quick like always, we pull up to his club and butterflies fill my stomach, it’s been a while and I have missed it. 
He rushes to my side of the car to open the door before the valet does, again his hand is on my lower back as we walk. 
I can hear the whispers of what the people around thought had happened between us and since none of them included the real story I know J must have done some heavy convincing or killing to keep the rumors off.
As we enter the club more eyes are on us, we make our way to the upstairs area and it has a lot more people than what I am used to. 

“Busy, huh?” I whisper over to J.

“Business, actually. Have a seat and i’ll be right back doll. You need me, you call.” With that his hand leaves my back and he is walking towards the end of the room, his hands moving erratically.

I take a seat on one of the available couches and order a drink, I keep my eyes on J making sure he looks comfortable but even if he wasn’t it would be almost impossible to read it. 
He glances over at me every now and then, I have had a few drinks already and I can feel the alcohol warm my veins. 
I didn’t realize how much I was drinking but I became bored of waiting. 
The night is coming to an end and J is either completely engulfed in this meeting he is having or he has completely forgotten about me, I swallow another drink to both thoughts.

The rest of the night is a blur. 
I remember J coming back over to me, I think I was sleeping.
His glare, I do remember that, it felt like fire piercing my skin. 
He was mad.
I was drunk.
He stood me up and halfway carried me to the car and once we pulled up to the house I puked at the front door.
I don’t remember anything after that. 
Then I woke up on the bathroom floor. 

I groaned as my head pounded with every move I made to sit up. I was face down on the marble floors but I could feel my stomach turning again, I leaned over the toilet and puked for what felt like the twentieth time. 
My throat burned and my body ached. 
I heard the bathroom door open and I let out another groan. 

“You have to drink some water darling.” J’s cool hand against my forehead felt calming.

“You’re mad?” I mumble.

“Not at this moment.” He brushes my hair out of my face before placing a cup of water in front if me.

I took the water from him and began to sip it, he kissed my temple and let me know he would be back later.
All I wanted to do was sleep but the constant roll of my stomach made it impossible. I moved slowly into the bigger part of the bathroom and opened the bottom cabinet to get a towel.
I reached in and a small box caught my eye, I dropped the towel and grabbed it.
My heart sank remembering the hidden picture.
I move to sit back against the wall and open the box, there is was. The picture of J, The Joker before he became anything.
Before all of this, before he went mad.
The light smile on his face in the picture brought a smile to my face.
I stared at it and studied it. My heart felt heavy for J, I wonder why he kept it around for so long, I wonder if he misses it or misses who he used to be.

“I brought you..” J stops and I can feel his stare on me but I refuse to look up, “What, where the fuck did you get that?” I can hear the rage sneak in his voice.

I begin to stutter my words, “I w-was looking for a towel.”

He stays quiet longer than what I’m comfortable with, I lift my head and look up at him. My heart breaks looking at his face, it was filled with such disappointment and it almost looked like he was hurt. Like something had dug inside him and was leaving his speechless from some sort of pain.
His mouth hung open and his eyes almost glossed over as he looked at me holding the old picture.
I have seen J hurt, I have seen him almost heart broken, but this, this was different.  
This was a far deeper cut. 

He stayed there staring at me but never really seeing me, minutes had passed and I couldn’t find the words to break his trance so I waited. 
He blinked and took a deep breath, he turned around and walked away. I waited for a door to slam but nothing, no screaming, so gun shots, nothing. 
I stood to my feet, grabbed the small trash can to take with me just in case and stumbled my way out of the bedroom. 
No one was around so I guessed with the office, I held onto the railing to keep my balance. I pushed the office door open and he was there, sitting back in his chair with his eyes closed. 

“J, I, I’m so…” I try to make my mends but he cut me off.

He draws his gun and points it at me, his eyes still closed and his chest rising and falling with his heavy breathing. He switches the gun to point it against his own head and my heart sinks into a deep pit. 

“Please.” I plead.

“I don’t even know if I could kill you anymore. It almost seems easier to end things this way.” His voice is hoarse and deep. 

“W-wy would you want to end this?” I can feel the tears falling down my cheeks seeing him like this. 

“I haven’t thought of that, those moments for so long. It’s like reliving it all again, that, that fucking picture!” He screams out and slams the gun on his desk.

I quickly run over to him and wrap my arms around him, he lets me which surprises me so I bring his in tighter to me. His breathing is hard but he doesn’t say a word. 
Within seconds he switches moods, he pushes me back with just enough force to get his hands around my throat, he doesn’t ease into it. Veins are popping out in his neck and I’m instantly cut off from my air supply. 
My chest burns, my nails digging into his arms but it’s no use.
His eyes seem black, I know J is one hell of a creature, but this is not J. 
My eyes flutter closed and before everything goes dark he drops me, cries that I didn’t expect leave my mouth in screams. I curl myself up on his office floor wanting to disappear from this moment, I watch him pace the floor but he walks right back over to me and his foot meets my hands that are covering my stomach.

“J!” I scream out louder than ever. 

His head twitches to the side and he does it again, my cries are now pleads for help. I scream his name again and again, I beg him to open his eyes and to look at me. 
He takes a few steps back and sits on the ground, he sits there staring at me curled up, crying and bruised.
He smacks his palms to his forehead a few times before quickly getting up and opening the office door.

“I’m sorry Kat.” He whispers as he leaves me there.

I curl up tighter and the emotions that I was holding back come rushing in, my breathing is hiccuped with my sobs which make the pain in my throat and stomach even more unbearable. 
I hear the door handle open and Lucas comes rushing to my side.

“What the fuck happened in here?” He lifts me into his lap.

I can’t make out any words, I can’t even put my thoughts together. 
I sit there holding onto myself, holding onto me waiting for my own tears to stop and waiting for my breathing to calm down. 
I don’t know what just took over in J but I know that if it were to ever happen again one of us would have a bullet in our head.

Everyone’s Gonna Know You’re Mine - Baron Corbin x Reader

Request by Anon - here you go love, hope you like it! 

Summary:- You and your boyfriend Baron Corbin barely get enough time together being on the road. You decide to make the most of the time tonight that you two have together, letting Baron discover some of your kinks too. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Tiniest bit of Fluff (Daddy Kink, aGAIN I AM SORRY) 

Word Count:- 1,404

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you are a lovely plague

near reckless in your abandonment
of civilized short black skirt conformity

lisping whilst whispering lists listing
linking whimpering linguistic twistings

the plot is a statue of drying concrete
in the form of a dumaflache deity

raised mini above the thighs of heavenly
split slits of corrugated copper inflections

wax me nostalgia with brazilian razors
and samurai my soft silken samizdat

immolation as bridal bouquet beneficiary
soaking diesel in climate change parking lots

Coma - Jughead x reader

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader is suffering from depression and selfharm and jughead founds out?

Warnings: Triggering, depression, self-harm, car accident, death 

Word count: 3546!!!

A/N: This may be triggering, please don’t read if you’re easily triggered loves. Also after I publish this i will get to writing Addicted part 2! Feel free to give me feedback, ask questions or request! Peace and Love x

All you remember is screeching tires and your mother screaming. Then it all went black.

You and your parents were out for family dinner at Pops, you were having a good time, sipping away at your chocolate milkshake you smiled at your parents, they were so in love and you adored that about them, you hoped one day you would find a love like that.

On the drive home you had stopped at a stop sign and your father turned to your mother and smiled, “I love you” he whispered to her, her eyes lit up every time he told her he loved her, she kissed his cheek and as she pulled away she screamed.


A truck driver lost control of his semi and it smashed into your family car. Your mother, father and the truck driver had died, you were the only survivor, but you didn’t know that yet.

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barelytherenotallhere  asked:

Prompt: chuck clayton vowed to get Betty back for what she did to him, so he decided to humiliate her by doing something to her cheer uniform in the middle of a big crowd, juggie helped her cover up by giving her his flannel shirt...

(This is rather angsty, I’m sorry!! Hope you like it, dear!!! Thank you for requesting! <3)

With hands hidden inside the pockets of his jeans and headphones adorning his neck as usual, Jughead made lazily his way to the central park of their small town, already detecting the hordes of people that filled the historic site from a corner away. Today was a big day for Riverdale.

Today marked the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Riverdale’s very famous and very beloved varsity team, their River Bulldogs, and the town had worn its best to celebrate its athletic stars. Like any other year at this date, every street and every shop were decorated with flags and posters and banners and shiny confetti, all in the colors of blue and gold. Bakers were selling lemon cupcakes with yellow frosting and blue sprinkles, Sheriff Keller was patrolling with only the blue lights flickering on top of his police car, even Pop’s had a special menu for the day, consisting of hotdogs and fries served in blue and yellow wrappers along with a blue raspberry milkshake. The peak of all these festivities was a huge gather around at Riverdale’s Central Park where music, food and dance lasted till the small hours. Yeah, their town was crazy just like that.  

Jughead could always remember himself slouching in a booth as Pop’s at such date, gloomy and grumpy at how ridiculous and pointless such fiestas were in his opinion. However, this year he could feel a tad of excitement run to his system, just like any other high schooler or resident of this town. It wasn’t because the event was a tad bigger this year – sixty years for some reason were a big deal – nor because Chuck Clayton and his gooneys’ squad wouldn’t be the guests of honor, bragging and sporting cocky grins like always – even though that was indeed very satisfying. It was because a certain blonde haired, blue eyed someone could barely hold back her own radiating thrill and wide smile this whole passed week.

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Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Word Count: 4722

Summary: “God, you look so hot when you’re pissed at me.” 

A/N: So someone requested angry!sex, and somebody else sent in that sentence prompt so here we are. So this was just ?????!!!!!! to write. That’s how I can describe writing this. I’m honestly not sure if i went a bit overboard with it tbh, like I’ve never written anything like this before, so feedback would be appreciated?! Because I am very unsure about this?! I am but just a girl, please be gentle with me.

“Hey, come here. There’s some people I want you to meet.” Harry murmurs in your ear, arm sliding around your waist, and tugging you away from your conversation. You open and close your mouth in surprise as he doesn’t wait for you to answer, shrugging helplessly at Sue, and waving goodbye to her.

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