Pff. I shouldnt be doing two things at once, but yeah! I made an undertale AU called KingdomTale! So basically asgore and toriel are still the king and queen. Then of course, asriel the prince. But for chara, She’s a thief in the surface. For her crimes. They punished her by throwing her down into the underground, but instead of um.. “Suffering” as to what the humans say, she was met by a kind and loving family which treated her like their own. Chara for instance. She never tried to steal anything. Or even do any crimes in the underground. Her love for the monsters were very strong. That she wanted to free them all. (Just like in the game. So after these it occurred to the part where she dies from eating buttercups.)


KingdomTale AU belongs to me!

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Another day, another Black person’s name trending, because their life was tragically cut short by the hands of the police. #‎DonnellThompson‬, 27, was shot and killed on July 28 by a Los Angeles SWAT Team, who believed that he was involved in a carjacking. A review of the shooting found that Thompson, who had the mental capacity of a 16-year-old, was innocent.

“We have determined that there is no evidence that Mr. Thompson was in the carjacked vehicle, nor that he was involved in the assault on the deputies”

Cops admit to being wrong but watc no one get charged … don’t know what to say anymore… #Hate it!


Bagumbayan is an alternate reality novel set in The Philippines’ Spanish colonial era | Written by Redge Tolentino | Illustrated by Jap Mikel

Chapter 1 Preview [DECLASSIFIED]

Fig. 1 | Agapito looked up. He watched villagers trickle through the distant Spanish garrison. The facility was little more than land, enclosed by ten-foot high walls. Inside, soldiers and their horses slept. Guns and supplies were kept. And it held the odd prisoner. The Thief’s band had never raided one, because nothing valuable was ever there…until now. —Bagumbayan | Excerpt from Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Fig. 2 | Agapito always felt a sense of pride, seeing his comrades’ eyes opening - no longer the subdued shades of dull brown - but the first, deep reds of an early sunrise. —Bagumbayan | Excerpt from Chapter 1 (Part 1)