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Yes to all of that about clarke past relationships,for that reason her relationship with bellamy is and its gonna be so different, when they become canon romantic couple next season and s5 fingers crossed, there's gonna be angst yes but its gonna be healthy without lies,manipulation and the most important thing they are themselves when theya re together, but they relationship its gonna be epic,I cant wait.

You know I do agree that they are showing Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship as a contrast to all these other relationships we see them having. From Bellamy’s sleeping around phase, to Niylah who was Clarke’s desperate reaching out for human connection, to R and B looking to solve their problems with sex, to Bellamy and Gina which was commitment without devotion :(, to Clarke and L which was a whole dissertation on problematic issues. 

They’ve avoided all of that with Clarke and Bellamy by building Bellarke slowly, brick by brick, each element of a healthy, strong relationship adding on to the depth and stability of what they mean to each other. I like that they showed a physical attraction in season 1, but dropped it, and got to know each other instead. Not only does it allow them to build their relationship, but it also adds to the romantic tension for us. 

itv and bbc have been interviewing leave voters today. the vast majority said that they

a) regret their vote

b) changed their minds after putting their ballot in the box

c) didn’t expect us to actually leave and are now worried and concerned

d) woke up thinking “what have i done?” when they saw the result

While absolutely no one deserves the kind of harassment that Anita Sarkeesian gets, its remarkable to remember that Anita has done nothing whatsoever that should scare even the most misogynistic gamer. She has not called for regulation, hasn’t proposed any industry standards or policies, hasn’t asked for anyone to be fired or any company to be singled out. She hasn’t ever even suggested that anyone who makes or anyone who plays these games is misogynist or should “feel bad” about what they are doing. She has literally just given some talks and made some videos saying “here is some stuff I see happening in games.”

And yet she is harassed with such violence and persistence, you would think she somehow hides inside of every game console in the world, nerfing male characters and screaming feminist rants and electrocuting the testicles of any boy who looks at boobies. 

A great way to tell that oppressive structures are real is when the privileged group goes bat-ass crazed any time their targets take even one small step outside of their assigned box. 

im having a good time

Last Call: Part I

Nessian Modern AU: Cassian Montem proves two things every night, seventeen minutes before the Nocte Diner closes: he is devoted to his music and he is immune to Nesta Archeron’s death glare. He slouches in his customary booth drinking his plain black coffee and flirts shamelessly while Nesta fights to balance a job, piles of homework, and a changing relationship with her two younger sisters. this fic is my baby, that’s all i’ll say. i had so much fun writing nesta, as always. thanks to @nightcourthighlordrhysand for proof reading this fic! i hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated. 


Part I

Nesta was getting the check of the last table of Nocte Diner, where she had worked for four years now—to help pay for college and her sister, Elain’s, flower shop—, when he arrived.

He always came at this time of the night. Every day. Always seventeen minutes before her shift ended. The stranger just sat there, smelling faintly of alcohol and cinnamon and apple trees, and wrote on this large black notebook, and, ah! Ordered coffee, like he was trying to now.

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