Louis and Eleanor are seen by fans who insist that they look “private” and “comfortable” and “don’t want to be bothered”

Larries: lmao bet you they got papped tho


*12 hours later* Louis and Eleanor pap pics in a DM article


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it’s that time of year again: finals. as one of the poor souls who stays up to study and finish projects, i figured it’s time to give this topic its own post.

i’ve been pulling all nighters (to my chagrin) since grade 10 and have yet to learn my lesson, so below the cut are some tips on how i’m able to stay up~

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Ta-daaaa! Niko, from Oneshot. I’ve been watching @markiplier play through Oneshot recently and I really enjoy the game a lot. I love my ambiguous cat ‘not a cat’ child.

What I think about all MBTI types from what I have observed so far part 1- NJs

What the title says. I had some close relations with almost every type so far I think, or had enough observation to make a post on them. Tell me if you see anything inaccurate.

INTJ: They are actually fairly sensitive when you get under their Te resting bitch face. They tend to be rather soft hearted, despite giving a reverse aura. One of my classmates is an INTJ in Ni-Fi loop with Se grip showing now and then- And even if this causes her to feel not at ease with most of the class, getting mocked, I remember her defending a girl despite acting rather asshole-ish to her before (Though, from what I have gathered, she often times tries to make a joke at those times yet her PoLR Fe is seriously horrible. She isn’t aware of it when she does something really socially inappropriate. Even my Inferior Fe facepalms, it can be that bad. I try to translate things for her though, so we tend to get along well despite tension between her and rest of the class.) Not all INTJs are as obvious though. There is also this small thing I realized while I was checking forums- Most INTJs tend to have a different view on functions and their relations than INTPs. Check any forum and if there is an INTP and an INTJ arguing, chances are they actually define and interpret whole system in on entirely different way. More often than not good willed, with their Ni often hid behind Te, they can be and tend to fairly good at sciences though I see that most tends to prefer art (from painting to playing an instrument or writing) more than cold hard sciences. It feels like they often show their Ni-Fi in such areas, perhaps? Their Se often seems to draw them towards ESFPs, or at least makes them have shadow moments under Se grip. Unlike stereotypes, they are often simply off to doing their own thing- They don’t really care about taking over the world more than their current project- Be it a story they are writing or scientific research they are doing or perhaps trying to figure out their current crush, who knows?

ENTJ: Okay, so we all know that they are dictators of the MBTI, right? Wrong. Actually, more often than not, their Inferior Fi kinda makes them “protector of underdog”. While they are striving to achieve their goals, I find that they actually rather like it when people asks for help and they can help. (Given that situation actually is challenging and the person asking wasn’t too lazy to do a ten seconds google search or something. This would just annoy them, I suppose?) It might or might not be true but I saw a few healthier ENTJs whom kept saying that as they get older, they spend more time with young people becase they learnt most they can from people at their age- Their Auxilary Ni and Dominant Te drives them to understand and use new things and technologies- Which can be done easier if you interact with people who grow up with those new things. Their tertiary Se seems to give them a love for aesthetics as well? They also can seem scary at times to other types, but as long as they are not choking down their Fi too hard, most of them are fairly nice people, despite stereotypes. They can be rather harsh on themselves. It is okay to feel and it doesn’t mean you are weak if you feel things, guys/girls/whatever you identify as. I like how you are actually quite open to new ideas as long as one can prove or give a good reasoning for it. Can be quite ruthless and machiavellian if unhealthy, but when healthier they truly can bring change to a society- or make their own dream company.

ENFJ: This might be simply me thing, but I often get a manipulative wave from them. They are one of the easiest types for me to recognize- Their Dominant Fe and Auxilary Ni softens their voice in a certain way that I can’t explain through text. They often have smiley faces and I sincerely believe that they mean well, but when combined with Ni, they can come off as a bit… fake. Their Fe-Se can sometimes seem narcisstic too, despite all the stereotypes showing them as angels from the heavens. Their love for Se often shows as much as it does with ENTJs, yet Fe seems to add a different “feeling” to their Ni-flavoured aesthetics/taste. A bit more on the morbid side, perhaps? While healthy, they can keep many groups together and be an incredibly inspiring leader, while when unhealthier they simply manipulate others to survive/get what they need. With males, I see that they get often underestimated due to softness they carry outside, but they can read people fairly well, so I would not suggest thinking little of them, really. Their Inferior Ti actually pokes its’ head at times, but perhaps due to Ni, they often tend to see “only good solution” to things than multiple ones. They actually need affirmation and trust in them so much that it can be crazy, which is likely the reason if they ever end up coming manipulative. Not exactly out of bad intention, more of security thing from what I understood? They also seem to hold rules in a high regard- the system they are in. 

INFJ: While, if they desire, they could be as manipulative as ENFJs, they tend to prefer not doing that unless it is too necessary. (ENFJs may use Ni to get their Fe quota met, but INFJs have their Ni as their main process. They can use Ni-Fe for manipulation but this would be more of long term thing for a specific goal than simply be loved and other Fe goals.) They often pick an interest in reading and writing just like INTJs, they are also rather interested in politics/power structures to some point from what I see? Though, again, nature is prefered over such structures if possible. In their writing, you can see their readers shine through- A close INFJ friend of mine often addresses struggles of her readers as well as throwing in some certain inner jokes- Ni also tends to make her give answers earlier but not the question- She likes BAM! The truth revealed! A bit too much. Like INTJs, they tend to have strong guts feelings. Also rather mother bear-ish. Not just because theya re FJs and stereotypes says so- But because they can see what people feel due to Aux Fe and dominant Ni helps quite a bit for seeing things from other’s angle. Tertiary Ti makes them quite the perfectionist- though it is often hidden due to them mostly applying it to themselves. Inferior Se comes and goes in a similiar fashion to INTJs. They may be aware of really subtle details like how many steps a stairs have, or how many minutes does it take for their schoolbus to reach from X to Y and knowing the time down to the minute without checking their watch to simply wanting to burn everything they worked so far on- With INFJs it is often connections they made, with INTJs it takes more of self destructive stance due to tertiary Fi. Fairly afraid of being corrupted. Their Fe seems like a headache at times- It makes them sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings and Ni-Ti perfectionism might end up making them try hard to fit into their self image of how they think they should be/desire to be. They actually have strong moral convictions- Even if they tend to keep it to themselves, they often can’t help but spill it out if they see someone going againist it painfully hard? Overall, nice people though they can be one of the most paranoid at times due to Dominant Ni.

I think that’s all I have for NJs? Again, tell me if I got something wrong.

If Three’s a Crowd... (Fall Out Boy Smut)

Based Off of the Request: could you write one where you’re joe’s new gf and you move into fobs apartment and they all fall in love with you and they watch you and joe sleep together and maybe join in……..

 Warning: Contains Smut

“You’re absolutely sure the guys are okay with me moving in?” You ask, dumping your last bag on the floor of the room, looking at Joe.

“Babe, I told you, everyone’s cool with it” he says, crossing the room and putting his hands on your shoulders, “They all love you. In fact they might even be in love with you”

“Oh shut up” you roll your eyes.

“Seriously, theya were all extra happy to hear you were moving in. Is that what you need to hear?”

You smile, shaking your head defeatedly, “As long as you’re happy with it, I’m good”

“I am definitely happy with it” he says, kissing you softly.

“Perfect, then all is well” you say jokingly, “Now I really need to shower”

“Yeah you do” Joe says.

“Rude!” you respond, “And to think I was gonna invite you to join me”

“Really?” he asks, grinning.

“I guess you’ll never know now” you say giggling, grabbing a towel and slipping into the bathroom.

After a fast five minute shower, you step out of the tub, wrapping a towel tightly around your body. You walk over to the mirror, wiping away the smudges of eyeliner from under your eyes. Suddenly the door opens, and you turn towards it to see Patrick gawking at you.

“(Y/N)! Oh my god I- I’m s-so sorry, um, uh” He stutters out at lightning speed, face flushing bright red as he looks at everything but you.

You resist the urge to giggle, “Patrick relax, I’m in a towel, not naked. No worries”

“Right, I just , uh” he stutters again, smiling awkwardly, “Sorry” he turns and closes the door. You giggle at the event, leaving the bathroom to go back to your new room.

“What’s gotten you all giggly?” Joe asks, looking up from his computer.

“Patrick walked in on me in the bathroom”


“Nah, in a towel”

“Good, he might have fainted if you were naked” Joe laughs.

“You’re insane” you giggle, rolling your eyes.

“No, you’re just really hot” Joe says, pulling you toward him by your waist.

“And you need to let me get dressed for dinner” you say, kissing his nose and playfully pushing him away. He groans and regretfully releases you, but you feel his eyes trained on you as you get dressed and you turn to see him smiling.

“What?” you ask.

“I just can’t wait to get home from dinner and have you all to myself” he says, eyes looking up and down your body as you pull your leggings up.

“Tsk tsk tsk, pull your mind out of the gutter buddy or we won’t make it to dinner”

“I’d be fine with that” he grins.

“You’re impossible” you say laughing, reaching your hand out and tugging him off the bed, “Now come on, let’s go get some food”

Three hours later, the five of you pile back into the apartment.

“Thanks again for buying” Pete says as he moves past you.

“Yeah thanks” Patrick and Andy add on.

“No thank you guys for letting me move in and everything”

“No problem, we could really use a girl around here anyways” Pete responds with a grin.

“Alright but this isn’t Snow White, don’t expect me to clean up after all you dwarves” you joke. The guys all throw you an offended look, only causing you to laugh more. “Just kidding, relax. But seriously, not cleaning up after anyone”

“Relax, you won’t have to everyone picks up after themselves.” Andy explains.

“Yeah, but don’t go into Patrick’s room unless you want to see horrors beyond your wildest nightmares” Joe comments seriously.

“Hey man, come on!” Patrick groans, slapping his shoulder, “It’s not even that bad”

“It’s definitely that bad” Andy stage whispers.

“Okay, so I won’t go in there” you decide laughing, feeling a little bad when Patrick blushes.

“Well as much fun as this has been boys, I think we should retire to our room now” Joe says, looking to you.

“Oh do you?” you ask teasingly.


You laugh but nod anyway, “Alright I guess we’re going to bed then. Goodnight guys” you add with a wave of your hand, following Joe to your new room.

You barely hear the guys’ responses before Joe pulls you into the room and shuts the door, promptly pushing you against it and kissing you strongly.

“I was wondering why you were so excited to go to bed” you comment with a giggle when he pulls away.

“I was just thinking it was about time we christen the bedroom” Joe admits, kissing down your neck.

“But we’ve already had sex in here before, remember?’ you slide your hands into his hair, gripping it tightly as he continues his assault on your neck.

“But never when you’ve actually lived here” Joe argues, pulling away from your neck and grinning at you playfully.

“I mean i’m not one to argue with logic” As soon as the words leave your mouth you kiss Joe again, squealing slightly as he pulls you up, wrapping your legs around him and walking to the bed. You laugh when he clumsily moves around a box, before playfully dumping you onto the bed and climbing on top of you.

“You are so beautiful” he murmurs,kissing you hungrily as his hands grip your waist. You smile against his lips, loving the way he talks to you even after being together so long.

You kiss him harder before pushing him up and away from you. He looks a little surprised, but smirks when you reach for his shirt and tug it up and off of him. You grin back and pull your own shirt over your head, smirking at the way Joe’s eyes light up. You laugh and push him onto his back, straddling his hips and kissing him deeply again. Joe’s hands pull at the waistband of your pants, tugging them off. You let out a small groan as his hands brush against your skin, and you hurriedly move back to pull his pants off too. His lips run down your neck, kissing the swell of your breasts and causing you to moan softly again. Joe kisses down in your stomach, but you’re distracted by a strange sound coming from the door. You cock your head, trying to listen closely, it almost sounds like…whispering? Joe stops his movements, confused by your distractedness. You hold a finger to your lips, jump off of him, and walk silently over to the door, pressing your ear to the door. You walk back into the room, moaning out “Oh god Joe, right there!” excessively loud

Joe looks super confused now, and you hold out a finger, holding back a laugh and walking to the door. In one fluid motion, you yank it open, and Patrick, Pete, and Andy crash to the floor at your feet.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” You ask, laughing at the heap of red-faced guys at your feet.

“We were just-”

“We didn’t mean-”

“Oh shit-”

“Guys, what the fuck?” Joe interrupts. “What were you doing?”

The three guys struggle to untangle, trying to explain and looking everywhere but at you.

“Nothing!” Pete says.

“Tsk tsk tsk” you say, walking over to Pete, “Careful Petey, naughty boys get in trouble.”

Pete looks up at you, partially shocked, partially scared. Holding back a laugh, you press your foot to his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. “Tell the truth”

“We- we were…” he trails off hopelessly, looking at the other guys, blanching when Joe walks over to stand next to you.

“Trying to watch Joe fuck me, through the crack in the door?” you interject.

“No of course not!” Patrick interjects.

You cluck your tongue at him,leaving Pete and turning to face Patrick, crouching down to his height  and running a finger across his cheek. “Come on Trick, you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

Patrick gets even redder than you thought possible, stumbling over his words, “We’re so-sorry, w-we just-”

“Think I’m hot? Sexy?” you ask, curious, noticing the way all the guys have been looking at you this whole time.

The three guys nod, looking at the floor.

“Well damn so do I, but I admitted it instead of watching her through a door like a perv” Joe exclaims with a laugh.

The other guys all stutter out excuses, apologizing.

“Yeah I mean you guys should’ve just asked to join us” You say, and all noise drops out of the room as the guys stare at you.

“Wait… seriously?” Pete asks, looking at you and Joe.

“Whatever the lady wants” Joe says, raising his hands, used to trying new and weird stuff in the bedroom.

“The bed’s big enough, if you want to join us, get off the floor” you add casually.

Immediately the guys get up, looking at you half excited, half nervous. You try not to laugh at their eagerness.

“Alright, come on, pants and shirts off” you demand. Joe laughs and walks back to the bed as the guys trip over themselves as they hurry to undress. You walk and sit in the middle of the bed, smirking at the guys awaiting your instructions. “Come on” you gesture, and they come onto the bed. “Seriously guys, don’t be nervous, I’m okay with this.” you add when none of them do anything.

You’re surprised when Patrick is the first one to make a move, hesitantly moving towards you and pulling you into a kiss. You smile against his lips and grips his hair in your fingers. You feel another pair of lips kiss your waist, a pair of hands tentatively stroke down your sides. You feel Joe sitting behind you, clearly okay with sitting back and watching for a while, though his hand rubbing your spine lets you know he’s there. Patrick kisses down your neck, sucking to leave a mark, and then Pete is kissing your lips, and then Andy. You’re almost lost in the flurry of motions and sensations, four different sets of hands all desperate to feel you. You lose track of who does what, but you feel hands touch your chest, your stomach, unclip your bra , a different one pulls it off your arms, and then two sets of lips are on your chest, and you moan out at the sensation. You’re in heaven for a few minutes, basking in the feeling of so much attention, but then your panties get tugged down and off, and the guys start arguing. You get annoyed, rolling your eyes at their bickering over who gets to do what, and you look back and up at Joe. Seeing your eyes, he immediately reaches forward and pulls you into his chest protectively.

“Hey!” he almost yells, quieting the bickering and causing Andy, Pete, and Patrick to look at him guilty. You feel their fear for a minute and fight back a giggle. “Do you guys think (Y/N) is a piece of meat?” he barks out.

The others all rush out answers. “No” “Of course not” “Never!”

“Then why are you treating her like one?” Joe asks, irritated, his protectiveness warming your heart despite the somewhat absurd situation you find yourselves in.

The guys murmur apologies to you, and to Joe

“This is about her, so why not ask her what she wants, instead of arguing amongst yourselves over there” Joe raises his eyebrows, smiles at the looks of guilt, and then looks to you.

You smile at his attitude, looking back.

“Come on Patrick, let’s see what else that mouth of yours can do”

The rest of the night was a flurry of limbs and lust, never being entirely sure whose lips were pressed to yours, whose hands were leaving trails of fire down your sides, whose fingers were drawing moans and squirms from you, whose mouth was sucking marks into your skin, whose fingers gripped your hips as they moved into you.

It was a blur of lust and pleasure and fire and feeling and it was so overwhelming you almost couldn’t handle it.

Your eyes finally drooped shut as sunlight creeped over the bed. You peeked around, the four guys draped unceremoniously across the bed. Joe was wrapped protectively around you, but didn’t stir as you slipped out of his embrace, grabbing your phone from the bedside table. You stepped onto the corner of the bed, careful not to step too close to Patrick’s hair, Pete’s arms, or Andy’s legs. Silently laughing, you snapped a picture of the way the guys were sprawled out around the bed.

You did it partially to remember the sight, and partially because you knew it would make great blackmail someday.

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seeing reviews for the new Mummy movie, I keep seeing people put out this idea that studios make remakes and reboots because it’s “safe” and theya re motivated by a desire to avoid losses

and is this really true? are reboots and remakes actually safer than non-reboot, non-remake movies of similar budget?

in the past 10 or 20 years, it appears to me that a significant portion of remakes and almost all reboots are not motivated by them being “safe” and are instead motivated by “oh shit we fucked up this franchise really bad, didn’t we, let’s try to salvage it while not fixing the problem that made us fuck it up to begin with”

Luring people into the fandom

Just a little about making people read the ACoTaR series:

Ok I understand that we love Rhysand and Tamlin is a Tool™ but I think it’s really important that we try to keep those opinions of ours from new readers/those who haven’t read ACoMaF yet.

Because, like, it doesn’t have the same impact if people expect to start hating Tamlin and loving Rhysand.

The whole point of the first book is to make us fall in love with Tamlin: we see that he is kind to Feyre. We see him take care of her. We see him show a level of understanding that nobody else has before (he understands all her paintings and what-not).

Because the second book then goes on to show us how relationships with people we care about can turn toxic. That abusive relationships aren’t something people just get into for kicks, that people don’t realize that a relationship will be abusive when they get into it.

It’s like boiling a frog: you don’t throw the frog into boiling water, you start with the pot lukewarm and then turn up the heat until it kills the frog. In this case, the frog is the reader and telling them “I’m going to boil you!” is… sort of counterproductive, I’d say?

And I know, I know how hard it is to keep from screaming “theYa RE MAAAATES!!!!!!!1!!!1!!”. I’ve been there. Multiple times. But I guess what I’m saying is… let’s try?

Last Call: Part I

Nessian Modern AU: Cassian Montem proves two things every night, seventeen minutes before the Nocte Diner closes: he is devoted to his music and he is immune to Nesta Archeron’s death glare. He slouches in his customary booth drinking his plain black coffee and flirts shamelessly while Nesta fights to balance a job, piles of homework, and a changing relationship with her two younger sisters. this fic is my baby, that’s all i’ll say. i had so much fun writing nesta, as always. thanks to @nightcourthighlordrhysand for proof reading this fic! i hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated. 


Part I

Nesta was getting the check of the last table of Nocte Diner, where she had worked for four years now—to help pay for college and her sister, Elain’s, flower shop—, when he arrived.

He always came at this time of the night. Every day. Always seventeen minutes before her shift ended. The stranger just sat there, smelling faintly of alcohol and cinnamon and apple trees, and wrote on this large black notebook, and, ah! Ordered coffee, like he was trying to now.

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So, Why Are There “White“ Jews?

There are Jews, whos skin tone is lighter, and who are more genetically distant than their counterparts. Ashkanaziim have a roughly 50% leventine match, compared to sephardim and mizrachim’s ~75% and 80%.

Why is this?

Anti semites, usually antisemitic LEFTISTS, will claim that this is because white people (polish, german, russian, ukrainian, ect) have infiltrated and corrupted Judaism. They claim ashkanaziim are the descendants of the Khazars.

They are wrong, or atleast they are not correct.

The existences the Khazars is a widely disputed topic. If they did exist, it is unclear if they were founded by Jews, converted in, or if mearly the rulers converted.

so: claim 1. Ashkanaziim are descended from converts, who are not “real jews“, and thus have infiltrated Judaism.

debunkment: Converts are concidered real Jews by judaism. If the claim that a great rabbi convinced the King to convert and his nation followed suite is true, then theya re all VALID converts.

Claim 2: Khazars were white in the first place

debunkment: Given the geographical area at the time, they most likely weren’t. If they existed, I supped they could technically be qualified as true Caucasians or possibly Russian. They were most likely from the same group as Armenians, Georgians, chechnyns, ect. They might have also possible have been ethnic Slavs, which I’d like to kinda remind tumblr, have never been considered white. Even if they all are to be considered white NOW, certainly they wouldn’t have been so at the time.

claim 3: “white“ Jews are white, because converts.

debunkment: most jews who are white passing are white passing because of the cossacks, or because eastern europian pogroms that occured later on.

claim 4: “white” Jews.

Ashkanazim come in all colors. Sephardim come in all colors. They are culture identifiers. Jews, by definition, CANNOT be white. “White“ is a social construct wich emerged during the colonialist era, and jews were not part of it. Jews ability to whitepass is directly related to those individuals will to hide their jewish-ness. It is conditional. Traditional jewish wear is middle eastern. If I wore my traditional garb, which I intend to do somewhat when I’m older, It would be a headscarf or a turban if a man.

- a “white passing” Sephardi woman who intends on going Hijabi when shes older.

@jewish-privilege @antisemitic @marcoboat @returnofthejudai @antisemisogyny @antisemitism-eu

im having a good time

[Transmission::] H.. Hello? Is this thing on? Oh! Okay, here we go! Hello, everyone! My name is Nev’Dolak and I am of the freshwater origin of the Kle’Theya’Sil. I am also a senator of the Alien Alliance! 
Since I was attacked last year or so and lost a portion of my arm, I have been outfitted with a new one! Sort of. Well, y’know not a real arm, but a metal one. Anyway, I was just cleared from physical therapy on it, so now I’m free to go about as normal!
So I’m available for questions now!
Thank you!