I’ve been recently obsessed with this video game and I am making a new RP so here is original impromptu cosplay aka the vampire from Toreador clan 😏

Last Call: Part I

Nessian Modern AU: Cassian Montem proves two things every night, seventeen minutes before the Nocte Diner closes: he is devoted to his music and he is immune to Nesta Archeron’s death glare. He slouches in his customary booth drinking his plain black coffee and flirts shamelessly while Nesta fights to balance a job, piles of homework, and a changing relationship with her two younger sisters. this fic is my baby, that’s all i’ll say. i had so much fun writing nesta, as always. thanks to @nightcourthighlordrhysand for proof reading this fic! i hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated. 


Part I

Nesta was getting the check of the last table of Nocte Diner, where she had worked for four years now—to help pay for college and her sister, Elain’s, flower shop—, when he arrived.

He always came at this time of the night. Every day. Always seventeen minutes before her shift ended. The stranger just sat there, smelling faintly of alcohol and cinnamon and apple trees, and wrote on this large black notebook, and, ah! Ordered coffee, like he was trying to now.

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So, Why Are There “White“ Jews?

There are Jews, whos skin tone is lighter, and who are more genetically distant than their counterparts. Ashkanaziim have a roughly 50% leventine match, compared to sephardim and mizrachim’s ~75% and 80%.

Why is this?

Anti semites, usually antisemitic LEFTISTS, will claim that this is because white people (polish, german, russian, ukrainian, ect) have infiltrated and corrupted Judaism. They claim ashkanaziim are the descendants of the Khazars.

They are wrong, or atleast they are not correct.

The existences the Khazars is a widely disputed topic. If they did exist, it is unclear if they were founded by Jews, converted in, or if mearly the rulers converted.

so: claim 1. Ashkanaziim are descended from converts, who are not “real jews“, and thus have infiltrated Judaism.

debunkment: Converts are concidered real Jews by judaism. If the claim that a great rabbi convinced the King to convert and his nation followed suite is true, then theya re all VALID converts.

Claim 2: Khazars were white in the first place

debunkment: Given the geographical area at the time, they most likely weren’t. If they existed, I supped they could technically be qualified as true Caucasians or possibly Russian. They were most likely from the same group as Armenians, Georgians, chechnyns, ect. They might have also possible have been ethnic Slavs, which I’d like to kinda remind tumblr, have never been considered white. Even if they all are to be considered white NOW, certainly they wouldn’t have been so at the time.

claim 3: “white“ Jews are white, because converts.

debunkment: most jews who are white passing are white passing because of the cossacks, or because eastern europian pogroms that occured later on.

claim 4: “white” Jews.

Ashkanazim come in all colors. Sephardim come in all colors. They are culture identifiers. Jews, by definition, CANNOT be white. “White“ is a social construct wich emerged during the colonialist era, and jews were not part of it. Jews ability to whitepass is directly related to those individuals will to hide their jewish-ness. It is conditional. Traditional jewish wear is middle eastern. If I wore my traditional garb, which I intend to do somewhat when I’m older, It would be a headscarf or a turban if a man.

- a “white passing” Sephardi woman who intends on going Hijabi when shes older.

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im having a good time

itv and bbc have been interviewing leave voters today. the vast majority said that they

a) regret their vote

b) changed their minds after putting their ballot in the box

c) didn’t expect us to actually leave and are now worried and concerned

d) woke up thinking “what have i done?” when they saw the result

i wanna say right now in case you guys did not know, that ‘taylor swift will sue you’ jokes are THE HEIGHT of original and sophisticated comedy so please keep making them. they are so funny. please please make as many of these jokes as you can. everyone will laugh. we will get the wind knocked out of us in shock and awe at your originality. you will impress all kinds of people with your edgy and forward-thinking brand of humour. nobody has EVER heard of these jokes before and we need as many of these jokes as possible to keep this world tu rning so just keep fuckgin going tyalro is going ot sue us al jsut make those god dman joeks theya re so funnfy therye s fo

leilukin-deactivated20150809  asked:

7, 8 for Theya, 9 for Jiyon


7.  How I came up with the concept for her

I’d been wanting to make an SIS agent for ages and ages and ages, so it was just a matter of figuring out what class would fit the idea of one being undercover the best.  And one day I just really really wanted to make a twi'lek with freckes.  and was just tired to death of making cis characters

8.  Who they eventually end up with

In gameplay-canon, Risha

In OC-canon, my other (actualfacts) smuggler Havren


9.  Their favorite animal

Jiyon didn’t really care about animals one way or the other until he caved to his daughter’s begging for an akk pup.  Doting on her ended up meaning also doting on it, and it remained in his household long after she was smuggled away from the Empire.