leilukin-deactivated20150809  asked:

7, 8 for Theya, 9 for Jiyon


7.  How I came up with the concept for her

I’d been wanting to make an SIS agent for ages and ages and ages, so it was just a matter of figuring out what class would fit the idea of one being undercover the best.  And one day I just really really wanted to make a twi'lek with freckes.  and was just tired to death of making cis characters

8.  Who they eventually end up with

In gameplay-canon, Risha

In OC-canon, my other (actualfacts) smuggler Havren


9.  Their favorite animal

Jiyon didn’t really care about animals one way or the other until he caved to his daughter’s begging for an akk pup.  Doting on her ended up meaning also doting on it, and it remained in his household long after she was smuggled away from the Empire.

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14, 17 for Theya and Diadre

14.  Are they a team player or do they prefer to be solo?


She’s used to being supported through a network of Watchers and Fixers and so on, but when it comes to her actual operations she’d rather not have the watching over her shoulder be in person.  She likes being left alone to use her own judgment, especially if she can get the sense from it that she’s been trusted with the task for her own merits.  She’s not really not a team player on her part, but it gets too messy and frustrating to try to assert her place and her worth in a group that often doesn’t have the same faith in her loyalty and competance than they might for humans.  Plus it usually ends up with her getting the dirtiest and most dangerous work.


From the SIS side of things, Theya prefers to go solo because it’s much easier to blend in and put up a convincing front when you’re not having to worry about how the other agents are doing the same–and whether your cover will require acting out against each other.  But on the whole Theya works better in groups, both for social and tactical support.  This usually leads her to go into a mission alone, but build up a network in the environment she’s placed in.  

17.  Is your character an introvert/extrovert?  


Definitely introverted.  When she’s around others, so many of her thoughts revolve around how they’re perceiving her and how she can get them to perceive her right that it’s exhausting in the long run.  While she does enjoy the company of friends, she trusts few people, and those she does trust she’d rather spend time around in companionable silence than out doing something.


Somewhere in the middle, though more extroverted than not.  She gets along well with people and can quickly make friends, whether in sincerity or as part of a role.  Because so much of those friendships were built on false pretenses (though not necessarily worth less to her because of it), she’s careful to maintain long distance friendships with those who know her as her true self.  She gets bored quickly by herself, and spends most of her down time swapping messages with old friends.
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double xp weekend has made Theya ridiculously overleveled for where she is questwise and it’s basically perfect for being IC

barreling through lines of enemies that are supposedly as tough as she is cause she’s an expert spy with like eight hundred James Bond gadgets pretending to be a derpy spacer

it’s wonderful