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So you recently said that "So Let Us Create" was your first dance song; Was it "your song" or was it just a song you both liked?? [I just wanna hear a cute story about your love life (or be very disappointed because it was just a random pick)]

Our song is actually this. And added later, this. Sometimes he sings them to me when the anxiety is bad and I can’t sleep. 
As for So Let Us Create, it is one of our songs, and we love the message, but the special part of SLUC is all about how it came to be.
Jordan and I bonded a lot over music when we dated. When we were dating, going wherever, whoever was driving would put their ipod on shuffle. There are a lot of great memories of me/him hearing a song we loved and turning it up in surprise and excitement, and kind of looking at eachother like “SAME” and singing together. 
We realized we liked the same stuff for the same reasons. I wanted to listen to the bands he loved that I’d never heard. We both gained new favorites from eachother. He wanted to know what my favorite song in the world was. What is my favorite movie score?
It was never really about the music, but at the same time was. Tell the truth, we would’ve fallen in love either anyway. It was more like…while we were falling in love, we were also bonding over music. It wasn’t a “you have good music taste and so you are worthy” thing. There are songs I like that he doesn’t. There’s bands he likes that I don’t. But there are amazing memories we can thank music for.
As for So Let Us Create, 2 years or so before I met him, I was listening to Everything Under the Sun (one of my fav albums, ever) SLUC came on, and I thought to myself: this is going to be my first dance with my husband. This is the right song. Jukebox isn’t crazy well-known (which is so unfortunate, seriously) and so I figured my future-husband would prob want something different from me, and I was cool with that.
Then, one night as we’re sitting in a taco bell parking lot in the middle of the night, I find out Jordan knows and loves Jukebox the Ghost. And I remember the thought I’d had two years prior. It was like a sign.
After we were engaged, I played it for him and he agreed, it was the song. It had to be. Because I really think it was a sign. And we both really appreciated the sign. 
Haha, writing this out is making me teary eyed. I love him. I really do.