Dearest. There are no accidents and he would have found us one way or another. Everything comes full circle. Be grateful it was sooner rather than later. You’ll think it harsh of me to say so, but no explanation I offer will satisfy you. Please don’t be angry when I tell you that you seek resolutions and explanations because you’re young. But you will understand this one day. And when it happens, I want you to imagine me there to greet you, our lives stretched out ahead of us, a perpetual sunrise. But until then, there must be no contact between us. I have much to do, and you, my darling, even more. Please believe that I would do anything to see you happy. So, I do the only thing I can… I release you. — Carol (dir. Todd Haynes, 2015)

someone found a picture of us at mayfaire on the green and tagged me in it oh lord they are surfacing nowwww uggghh 

i like this picture but i wish my face had been clearrrr

maddy is flawless as usual

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From what iv found wlw was used by black lesbians/bisexuals to seperate themselves from the antiblackness n general racism of the whites in the lg community so i think its only smthn black wlw should use


“I am made of Love” jar spell!!!
This is completely original, and it is my first, and it works wonderfully for me!

What I used (feel free to add or substitute as needed!)
Bottom to top:
•a strand of my hair, it focuses the spell more, I find it helps
•salt- purity and protection, help negativity dissolve
•blue glitter- (use whatever color you like!) to remind me that I sparkle
•sugar- so I’ll be sweet to others and myself
•vanilla- love and happiness
•lavender- love, peace of mind
•catnip- self love, happiness, beauty
•mistletoe- sweet dispositions, love, happiness
•rose petals- self love, beauty, happiness
•the top is a rock I broke open and found quartz inside, used to represent inner beauty. Use what you like here

•pink and black candle

Draw a sigil for self love on the inside of the lid

Light the black candle to banish the negativity and hate, I sprinkled pepper in the wax once it melted for an extra kick
Light the pink candle to invite in positivity and love. I added some lavender in this one

If you have deities, ask them for their assistance and to aid you in seeing your beauty through their eyes, help you treat yourself with the kindness you treat others and such and such, whatever feels right!
As you fill the jar, focus on the intent of the ingredients. Visualize that you are taking in their properties as you put them in the jar.

Seal the jar by pouring the pink wax first, to seal in the love, then the black wax to keep the negativity out
Keep it in your window or by your bedside
When feeling distressed, meditate on the jar

Yesterday, my girlfriend came home in tears. She had a former student visit her afterschool who told her about how her brother (who my girlfriend also taught) had found a picture of us and was showing it around. Their mom saw and went on a rampage about how my girlfriend shouldn’t be allowed near children much less teaching them. And while the student told my girlfriend that she thought we were adorable and obviously had no problems with her being gay/that the way she thought about my girlfriend hadn’t changed, she had also confirmed my girlfriends worst fears. She’s not out to her students because we live in a state where it’s legal to fire teachers for being gay, where there are often gay teacher manhunts where schools clear house. I held her for a couple hours last night repeating that I loved her and that she is an amazing teacher. I get this shit all the time as an out educator, but there’s something different seeing someone who you love who believes the best in people be torn down by someone else’s ignorant bigotry. Yesterday was a long day.

I just wish people realized how much further we all need to go. Employment rights are must. Complacency isn’t an option.

the one where the Akimichi are descended from Oni

The Akimichi are monsters, and they’re very good at making people forget it.

It’s buried way, way back in the family archive- the section you need to be a seal-carrying member of the Clan to get into, the one that requires special written permissions if you’re related by marriage. The Clan Patriach and his direct relatives can access it at all times, which Choza found particularly useful when Chouji’s hair began growing in. Thick, auburn, a wild mane that defied most blades.

Chouji has the teeth, too- big incisors, not too big for his mouth but big enough that when he grins, even fellow nin who have known him for years feel something not unlike a primal shiver of fear.

Chouji has the most Blood the clan has seen in a long time, despite how diluted their family line has become. The jury is still out on whether this is a good thing. Choza watches his son and determines that it is. Chouji is kind, and this kindness (weakness, cowardice?) cuts any rational fears down to dwindling nubs.

This is good. It helps with the forgetting.

Of course the Nara and the Yamanaka do not forget; in fact, the Akimichi rely on them to remember.

Remembering isn’t hard; it is in the story they have.

It’s become fanciful over the years, shared by adults during the Festival of the Three Clans.

(Children are not told the story, because children share without thought and children are clever, and the Akimichi cannot afford the damage that would bring.)

Choza’s favorite version has always been the one where his rampaging ancestors, descending upon the Nara village, had their shadows sewn together and then died of starvation.

It isn’t a very pleasant version of the tale, but Choza suspects it is the most likely.

Whatever the truth history has stolen it; all there are now are vague references in old texts in a room that Choza makes difficult to access, as his father did before him, as Chouji will do after.

Being a monster isn’t really so bad. At least Chouji wasn’t born with horns.

Now those, Choza would have a hard time explaining.

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I started watching Sons of Anarchy for the first time and Jax's mom is also Hyde's mom and I can't stop thinking "so, this is what Edna does while Hyde fucks up his life for a stripper" lmao

LOL, indeed, both Edna Hyde and Gemma Teller are portrayed by the same person, the wonderful and sweet Katey Sagal:

She’s one of my favorite TV actress, and her character in SoA is one of my favorite female characters of all time. 

My brother an I watched SoA before T70s, so it was a surprise for us to found out Hyde’s irresponsable and abusive mother was portrayed by the same person that gives like to Gemma Teller. You see, both characters may have the same face, but they share nothing more. Where Edna is someone who never wanted to be a mother and obviously doesn’t give a shit about her son, Gemma is a woman who is a mother by nature. In fact, she is the Club’s “mother”, everyone calls her “mama”. Gemma would do anything and everything for her family, especially for her son, who she loves with all she is, and her grandchildren. I asume you are only in season 1, so you will learn of the kind of woman Gemma is. She’s strong and she can be mean, but she has good reasons to be.

Now, something I really like to think about because it makes me smile. Katey was in the 80s TV show ‘Married with Children’, she was the wife, Peggy Bundy. It’s about a disfunctional family and her character is… well, how I imagine Edna could have been if she had tried (she lives frustrated but also tries her best, and idk this show is great). Also she cute af:

Anyway, in this show, her husband is portrayed by Ed O’neill who does the grandpa in ‘Modern Family’. You know, the show were Sarah Hayland interpretates Haley Dunphey, aka the girl we chose as Hyde and Jackie’s daughter a couple of weeks ago:

And also, notice that this girl, Sarah, also looks a little like Katey too. So I imagine at some point, Hyde will notice there is something of his mother on his daughter and will feel uncomfortable at first, but here is also the thing: his daughter would make Edna’s memory a blur, less painful every time she smiles at him, and soon the memory of that face will be replaced by something much, much better.

We adopted Maisey (formerly Daisy Mae) two months ago and have completely fallen in love with her. She is a very smart, energetic and funny little girl. She loves to play fetch with the frisbee (almost obsesses over it). Her favorite place to hang out is on the back of the couch where she can see out the windows.

We are having fun at her puppy training classes where she is learning new things each week, even though she is that “one dog” in class who is always barking and trying to get the others to play with her (I have been on the receiving end of many eye rolls from other puppy parents). Maisey was adopted and returned twice before we adopted her, I really think it was because she just hadn’t found us yet, she was truly meant to be ours!