I just want people to understand that Taylor’s lyrics are originally often written about her own life but you shouldn’t try to interpret their meaning in relation to her life??? The great thing about Taylor’s lyrics is their deeper meaning. For example, in getaway car, I’ve seen people speculating about the “think about the place where you first met me” line and relating it to the met gala but the song…is about a rebound and I think that line is referring to the emotional place Taylor, like many of us, found herself in: she was in a relationship she wanted out of, searching for a companion to jump ship with and there he was…THAT’S the actual meaning of that line, imo. Basically, if you just try to relate Taylor’s lyrics to her specific life details, you’re really trivializing her work and that’s not cool so maybe cut that shit out


Ever wonder how he would feel, knowing all the warnings the Founding Fathers gave us about allowing religion and the wealthy take control of any portion of our politics, and the disaster it would cause?

Looking at the Republican Party, we see them using Religion as a wedge. We are aware of their Policies that protect the Power of the Money. We are aware that they now own all the media to control the Message.

“Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession.”
George Washington

“It may be laid down as a primary position, and the basis of our system, that every Citizen who enjoys the protection of a Free Government, owes not only a proportion of his property but even of his personal services to the defence of it.”
George Washington.


Right Libertarians(Koch Brothers) now run the Country, and they care nothing about the People, they are all about CONTROL and EXPLOITING the people.

You will observe that if the Koch Brothers are against any proposed legislation, that proposed bill will not become law. The Koch Brothers own the Republican Party and the Republican Party has total control of the government. The majority of Republican voters are just fine with this.

Washington, Lincoln and all the Great Presidents would be sad that we have sunk to where a TRUMP could be President. The absurd idea of a character like Trump ever becoming POTUS is what the Founding Fathers were concerned about.



A new 14″ x 17″ colour pencil portrait.

Prismacolors on Strathmore Bristol. This was one of the first times I found using fixative over the crayon to assist with adding more layers. For those interested, I used Krylon workable fixative spray intermittently to create a gritty surface for the next few layers of pencil. Worked like a charm. It also helped at the end when I used some white ink pens on the highlights.

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Cherry Stems
  • Chika: Hey You! Riko! I just found out you can use cherry stems to tell if someone's a good kisser. Let's try it!
  • You: Okay, sure!
  • Chika: Riko, you too!
  • Riko: Chika, there's no scientific evidence that being able to-
  • You: Done! It's a Palomar knot. What do you think?
  • Chika: Wow! As expected of You! No wonder your kisses are better than Riko's.
  • Riko: First, rude! Second...did you just tie a complicated sailing knot with your tongue in three seconds?
  • Chika & You: Two and a half.
  • Riko: ...WTF?!
  • Chika: You're just jealous because she's a better kisser than you.
  • You: *Ikemen Voice* Hey, if I can do this with Chika's cherry, just imagine what I can do with YOUR cherry.
  • Riko: * nosebleeds everywhere, -9999 hp, one hit KO, Critical hit! It's supereffective! *
hamburgergod skomentował(a) Twój post: if you are gonna to delete the caption from under…


I mean I am just like ?? I literally expect nothing from people when I am posting my art except from not deleting my captions and not using it without giving me the credit ( or, idk, asking??? I am more than fine with not asking if it’s gonna be used as a sidebar or background or anything like that tho. But once I’ve found that someone used my art as a cover for the fic - and they not onlu used it but also edited it - and I can’t even say if I would like my art to represent this story because it was - I think - in Spanish and I don’t understand a thing. So yeah, in this case please ask me ) 

and people still delete the captions. 
like I am sorry I don’t fit your aesthetics okay 


Just completed and submitted the final version of my Extended Essay !!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 

So I compiled lists of words that I found super super useful in making it easier for me to finish any essay !! Here is a masterpost of some sort with transition words + key vocabs grouped together for easy access as well as an IB IOC ‘cheat sheet’ I used for my english LAL orals last year (though most commentaries follow a similar structure so its generalisable) ~

Good luck with your essays !!!

… oops just realised I forgot to bullet point one of the lists 

  • Namjoon changed officially his name to RM
  • BTS’ nominations in MMA even V and Jin’s ost for Hwarang is nominated for Best OST! 
  • BT21 ep 9 
  • We lost BTS  (everyone was waiting at the airport but they were nowhere to be seen)
  • Jimin saying how spontaneous his vacation with JK was
  • We found BTS (Jimin told us they were coming)
  • RM, V, JH, and SG all have different hair colors/shades (we died)
  • Jay is on the move (we died again)
  • BTS Run 27 (because what was happening already was not enough already): Suga and V holding hands, V and JH getting so close like they want to kiss, Jimin speaking in eng and acting cute, V wants to name his son Kimchi, Jin named his team again ‘Kim Seokjin’, Jungkook’s printed his infamous photo from Hawaii and made Teeshirts. Namjoon still finds Jimin cute … BT21 plushies …
  • BTS’ articles trending everywhere
  • BTS arrive at LAX with security guards escorting them and ARMYs screaming
  • Dispatch followed BTS and so did the fansites too
  • ALL BIGHIT stuff is coming to the US
  • BTS’ luggage seem like they are staying in AMERICA for a whole year and not just a week 
  • Late Late Show with James Corden goes to Twitter to have the sweetest talk with ARMYs and even share a gif of JHOPE. 
  • The Late Late Show recording go suuuuper well: ARMYs cheered well on the boys, BTS are proud, Jimin even spoke in English, Jungkook is still … shook. 
  • Jimin and Jhope messaged Bang Pd and were telling him how much fun they had and how the fans were so supportive
  • James Corden was trying to book BTS on his show since last year
  • ARMY all around the world will have a one week worth of insomnia

✨ minimalistic succulents wallpapers  ✨

three colors * quote or no quote  * universal size

I’ve recently reached 10k followers (omg thank you so so much) so I made these to thank you for following me and just as a little celebration. Hope you enjoy ;) 

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The CEO of MoreThan (the company that makes recycled/eco-friendly backpacks) found out RM uses their bag through articles and was surprised that the “world top class” celebrity showed support and interest in their social&environmental efforts.

  • Since RM posted the photo of him wearing the MoreThan backpack, the company is flooded with orders and struggling to keep up with demand 
  • To show thanks to RM & the support following his post, MoreThan is planning to have a 25% discount on this item until the end of the year

Cr  agirlinthepark 

Quick PSA

So earlier today, I found a compilation video called, ‘Cuphead Cringe Compilation’ and found out that it used a video of mine that I had recently dubbed over. For one, I did not give this individual permission to use my video, two they did not credit me or any other content creator whose material they took, and three they did not change much of anything to the video except for adding loud music and filters to each video they compiled together. So, I sent in a copyright strike to the video and it was taken down.

A couple hours after the video was taken down, I got a message from the creator saying:

First off, thinking that not citing sources is okay to do, is NOT a strong way to start off your argument. Second, yes it would have changed it, because at least at that point, I would have left the video alone considering you went through the effort credit every creator whose content you used in your compilation. So I responded with this:

My next response was:

His final response to me sending that was this:

The last thing I said to him was this:

Tl;dr Because I went and did something about a person taking mine and several others content without our consent and monetizing them, he got upset and tried to justify his actions.

You Can’t Keep a Secret If It Never Was a Secret to Start: Thoughts on the Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in Mainstream Emo

As My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way once said at a show in 2005, “Ladies, there ain’t nothing to do backstage but smoke cigarettes, hang out with assholes, and talk about Star Wars.”

While the sentiment is largely true, there was in fact more going on backstage than we imagined as pre-teens in the early 2000s. These bands, namely Brand New, touted themselves as tormented, broken-hearted love bugs. The kind of boys who “aren’t like the other boys.” The anti-jocks. The faceless barrage of sweeping haircuts and skinny jeans that marched along the fence lines of Warped Tour and Bamboozle.

Jesse Lacey, pretty boy and worshipped “emo king” has been accused of sexual misconduct with not one, but two minors. The curtain behind the stage of mainstream emo is beginning to be pulled back. It’s only a matter of time before your favorite band is pulled from their pedestal and revoked of their music-playing privileges. Thank the gods. Let them hang. Good fucking riddance. 

In the time it took for Jesse Lacey to shamelessly masturbate on webcam in front of underage girls, he was writing lyrics hoping that his ex-girlfriend would die in a plane crash, because how dare she study abroad in England (see “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad”). In the time it took for him to ask for nudes from another underage fan, he was penning songs about encouraging a girl to drink more booze and then having sex with her in a parking lot (see “Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis”).

Older male rock critics can take a seat for this conversation, because it does not involve their opinion. We don’t need it right now. We’ve had enough. The fact is simple: it is young impressionable women who made up the fanbases of these monstrous emo bands we once worhshipped.

We contributed the most money and the most fanship than any other demographic in the scene. We were at the shows. We were buying the constant flow of merch and CDs. We were at the meet-and-greets, hoping and praying to get a photo with our favorite member of the band. Not because we thought they were “cute.” It was because we thought we found a place we could call home.

Many of us found solace in the lyrics that put mental illness in the spotlight, and we were able to identify with the despair that so many of these bands wrote about. We sat on the edge of our seats each time a new album came out, and we could be found sitting in our bedrooms, CD booklet in hand, pouring over lyrics and swooning over precious melodies, most of the time alone.

Jesse Lacey of Brand New, just one example of the cesspool of garbage people that ruled the scene, was the broken messiah of an entire online community of confused and overwhelmed young women.

In the current state of the world, where women are now finding the courage and the guts to finally speak out about the atrocities that men like Jesse Lacey have inflicted upon them, it’s safe to say that the honeymoon phase of mainstream emo is officially over. Let it die. Quick and sudden.

It’s time for us, as a collective, to start analyzing these lyrics and to stop making excuses for the already-powerful proletariat force that is mainstream male-centric emo. We need to stop idolizing the men who write lyrics romanticizing the abuse and violence against women. The same women who pay for their records. The same women who attend all the shows and know all the words to their shitty, watered down, and fucking desparable songs.

The next time you see a young girl wearing a Used t-shirt sitting outside a venue at 4AM, because she wants to be front row to see her favorite band perform, do not shame her. Do not make her feel lesser than you. Do not think for one second that you are any better than anyone at a show, regardless of their gender.

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. In the lyrics we sing, in the beats we dance to, and in the communities we find that embrace us for who we are and what we love. If there’s anything we can take away from the resurrection and crucifixtion of Jesse Lacey, it’s this: Women are here, and we refuse to take your shit. We are heaven-sent. Don’t. You. Dare. Forget.

Write that in your fucking diary, Jesse.

Catherine Dempsey is starting a campaign to replace all male-centric emo bands with teenage girls. You can follow her on Twitter.

Not in Front of the Baby!

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Older Steve Harrington (20s) x Reader

I got the idea from this prompt.

“Steve?” Y/N called through the apartment, pushing in the back to one of her earrings. She looked into the bedroom, but the only occupant was Gizmo the cat, who was stretched across the bed. The comforter-less, sheet-less, pillow-less bed. She sighed and continued her search. “Steve?” A yipping noise that could only come from one thing was quickly silenced before Y/N could tell where it was coming from.

Shhh, Scoot. She’ll hear us,” Steve’s hushed voice made Y/N’s eyes turn into slits. She slowly walked down the hall, passing the many pictures they took throughout the years that documented so any memories. A playful growl and a yip sounded from the living room giving their location away. When Y/N made it to the end of the hallway, she stopped dead in her tracks, jaw practically on the floor.

“Steve Harrington, what the hell are you doing?” A ruffling of sheets and blankets got closer and closer to Y/N until Steve’s head popped out of the opening to the massive pillow fort he apparently made in the living room in the time it took Y/N to shower and get dressed. He looked up at Y/N from his place on his hands and knees. Moments later, Scooter -their two year old beige French bulldog-, stuck his head out of the opening much like Steve did.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” He had a dumb grin on his face and his thick head of hair was a mess. He ran a hand through the top to tame it.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, you goon,” Y/N ruffled his hair. Steve swatted at her and Scooter barked playfully. “We need to leave in half an hour and you are still in your pajamas,”

Babe,” Just with that one word, Y/N knew Steve was going to try and weasel his way out of the plans that he made.


I love you,”

“And I love you, but you’re still going!” Y/N turned around and walked back down the hallway to the bathroom to put her makeup on. Before she shut the door, she heard, “She wouldn’t’ve found us if you hadn’t been sassing back, little man. We’re gonna work on that,

“Steve, for the love of God, please get out of that fort! We’re supposed to meet Jonathan and Nancy for dinner! I don’t care if I have to drag your dead body behind me; You. Are. Going.”

“Counter-offer,” Steve started, once again sticking his head out of the fort with Scooter, but this time his hair was neatly done.



“We’re meeting them in ten minutes, Steve!”

“Just hear me out. You join me, we rule this pillow fort kingdom together with Scooter, watch Beetlejuice, and eat popcorn for dinner.” His eyes were wide, his brows raised, and he gave her a persuasive grin, trying to sell her on the idea. Y/N kneeled down to his level and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I would love to rule this pillow fort kingdom with you and Scoot,” Y/N tapped Steve’s cheek, “After we get back,” Steve sighed dramatically and dropped his head back with a groan.

“The restaurant is only a few blocks down. We’ll grab something to eat, have a few drinks, and we’ll be back to have plenty of fun in the fort,” Steve gasped, scandalized, and clasped his hands over Scooter’s pointy ears.

Not in front of the baby, Y/N!”

I actually really love this. I’m an idiot. God.