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Hi! Do you know the best apps or websites to track my test scores and grades ?

Hello! I actually don’t know of any websites (my Google fu only turned up grade trackers for teachers, not students), but as for apps: I’ve read good things about 

  1. iStudiezPro (which has iCal integration for lectures, but costs $2.99)
  2. myHomework Planner (not as many features, but free!)
  3. Grades (also free)
  4. 100 Best iOS Grade Trackers
  5. 100 Best Android Grade Trackers

You could also try using a spreadsheet template, and even if you don’t have Excel, you can open it in Google Sheets!

  1. Microsoft publishes a template for student grade & GPA tracking 
  2. And here’s another one from the University of Connecticut

If those digital options don’t work out for you, don’t discount printables! There are tonnes of them out there and you could always fill them in digitally by using a PDF editor, something like Autodesk Sketchbook, Paint, or by converting it to a Word document and typing manually.

  1. Assignment/Grade Tracker by @boligraff
  2. I also made a grade tracker last March 
  3. Back To School Printables (with grade tracker!) by @emmastudies
  4. Grade Tracker by @bulletsjournal
  5. For some variety, Landscape Grade Tracker by @studyblr-criminal

Hope that helps!





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Transgender Americans: Why can’t we serve in the military?

Trump Administration: Too disruptive to morale.

Current & Former Vets: I don’t care about anybody’s genitals as long as they have my back.

Trump Administration: Too many of em anyway.

Numbers: There are less than 7,000 trans military personnel out of a force of 1.3 million people.

Trump Administration: Too much “elective” surgery to pay for.

Statistics: The Rand Corp. study from 2016 estimates that there are only 25 to 130 gender reassignment surgeries annually among service members.

Trump Administration: Too much money having to pay for that though.

Receipts: Transition related healthcare costs range from $2.4 million to $8.4 million per year. The military spends $84 million a year just to treat erectile dysfunction.

Trump Administration: We don’t have any more fake reasons to offer y'all. Obviously we’re just pandering to the core of our bigoted base that hates everything if it isn’t straight, Christian, and white. Stop asking us for facts or valid reasons. This is just garden variety transphobia and ignorance.

jo-ann fabrics

you came looking for a single item but you can’t find it. you’ve walked down every aisle at least twice. you see a sales associate but she vanishes when blink. there is a new row of yarn ever time you pass. time isn’t real. you finally find what you’re looking for and its on sale but only if you buy 4. you end up in front of the cash register with 7 other items you don’t remember picking up. when you finally leave 3 hours have passed and you’re filled with a burning desire to create that dissipates by the time pull into your driveway.

Making Dragons Deadlier...

D&D Stands For One Thing - Dungeons & Dragons!

And what’s the second part of that name?


One of the most famous, if not the famous, creatures in all of D&D History.

And so for the Reptile-Lovers and Exceptionally Cruel Dungeon Masters who just happen to have a few dozen Dragons in their Settings and Campaigns, here’s a selection of Traits and Weaponry to armor-up those special little guys and girls and turn them into the world-destroying weapons of D&D, that we all know and love…

Note: Here is 80+ Traits, Actions, Reactions, Attacks and Much More for all your Dragon-Making Needs…

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Cost me 2 working days of pay and tell your supervisor I'm a liar, ok let's play.

So I decided to change my internet/cable provider. I had a date and time scheduled for the change and the new provider never showed up. It was an early morning appointment so I called out of work. They missed the 8-10am window, I called customer service and they told me they were running an hour late. Fast forward to 4pm no one showed, I called customer service back and they told me that the technicians showed up to my residence, couldn’t reach me and they called my home and cell phone multiple times to no avail. So we reschedule, for tomorrow at the same time. And guess what? Another no show, but they told customer service the same thing that they banged on my door and retired calling me multiple times. After jumping through hoops I finally get the warehouse number and where the technicians are based out of and reach a supervisor who told me that his “He runs a tight ship and all the guys he works with wouldn’t lie to him” and went on the accuse me of fishing for discounts or free service by creating problems. I try to tell him no one called me and no one came to my house and I have the cameras on my house to prove it. But it wasn’t having any of it. Well, now it’s the weekend. So rather than do fun things on the weekend my hatred fuels me to print out multiple copies of my home and phone records and make full 12 hour copies of my home surveillance cameras. After talking to upper management for a few days the following week and letting my displeasure well known, I send in my “courtroom like evidence” (their words). After some digging management finds something interesting. Turns out those trust worthy technicians have a habit of telling dispatch that their earliest appointments are not home, so they can come in a few hours late. At the end of the day I got 2 deadbeats fired, their supervisor wrote me a letter apologizing for the way he handled the situation and corporate gave me 6 months free internet/cable and 24 months of premium movie channels.

The progress of a recital

12 months before: Maybe, perhaps, possibly mention the recital when choosing repertoire.

6 months before: Consider starting the scheduling process for the recital. Decide against it, that sounds like work and you have plenty of time.

5 months before: Check the recital hall calendar, realize there’s only two weekends still open during the month you want to have your recital. Panic and get it scheduled ASAP.

4 months before: Actually decide what you’re going to perform on your recital. Choose at least two pieces because they sound cool even though you’ve never seen the sheet music.

3 months and 3 weeks before: Realize that the pieces you chose because they sound cool are REALLY FREAKING HARD. But you can’t change them because that would be wimping out. Apologize to your accompanist for what you’ve accidentally done to them.

3 months before: Actually start practicing stuff in earnest.

2 months before: Realize this is going to be the best recital in the history of EVER, you’re going to have this in the bag.

1 month before: Realize that there is no way this is all going to come together in time, it’s going to be awful, panic.

3 weeks before: Start practicing truly obsessively. Alternate with avoiding the practice room at all costs. 

2 weeks before: Finally memorize/solidify that one piece. Take a deep breath. Panic a little less.

1 week before: Do your dress rehearsal. Learn what still needs work. Feel calm.

6 days before: PANIC.

2 days before: Decide that you’ve hit the point of no return, and move into calm one final time. It’s gonna be okay.

Day of: Be a little numb, outside of obsessive, ritualistic preparations like drinking hot Emergen-C and doing lip-trill runs. Do the performance.

Afterwards: REJOICE IN YOUR FREEDOM. Become a little sad that you no longer have a goal to practice for. Remember the next thing you need to prepare for. Repeat from beginning.

It’s Now Time for Medicare for All

Senator Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Jeff Merkley, are introducing a Medicare For All bill in the Senate. It’s a model for where this nation needs to be headed.

Some background: American spending on health care per person is more than twice the average in the world’s 35 advanced economies. Yet Americans are sicker, our lives are shorter, and we have more chronic illnesses than in any other advanced nation.

That’s because medical care is so expensive for the typical American that many put off seeing a doctor until their health has seriously deteriorated.

Why is health care so much cheaper in other nations? Partly because their governments negotiate lower rates with health care providers. In France, the average cost of a magnetic resonance imaging exam is $363. In the United States, it’s $1,121. There, an appendectomy costs $4,463. Here, it’s $13,851.

The French can get lower rates because they cover everyone — which gives them lots of bargaining power.

Other nations also don’t have to pay the costs of private insurers shelling out billions of dollars a year for advertising and marketing — much of it intended to attract healthier and younger people and avoid the sicker and older.

Nor do other nations have to pay boatloads of money to the shareholders and executives of big for-profit insurance companies.

Finally, they don’t have to bear the high administrative costs of private insurers — requiring endless paperwork to keep track of every procedure by every provider.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicare’s administrative costs are about 2 percent of its operating expenses. That’s less than one-sixth the administrative costs of America’s private insurers.

To make matters worse for Americans, the nation’s private health insurers are merging like mad to suck in even more money from consumers and taxpayers by reducing competition.

At the same time, their focus on attracting healthy people and avoiding sick people is creating a vicious circle. Insurers that take in sicker and costlier patients lose money, which forces them to raise premiums, co-payments and deductibles. This, in turn, makes it harder for people most in need of health insurance to afford it.

This phenomenon has even plagued health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare for all would avoid all these problems and get lower prices and better care.

Ideally, it would be financed the same way Medicare and Social Security are financed, through the payroll tax. Wealthy Americans should pay a higher payroll tax rate and contribute more than lower-income people. But everyone would come out ahead because total health care costs would be far lower, and outcomes far better.

A Gallup poll conducted in May found that a majority of Americans would support such a system. A poll by the Pew Research Center shows that such support is growing, with 60 percent of Americans now saying government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans — up from 51 percent last year.

Democrats are wise to seize the moment. The time has come for Medicare for all

as someone who can’t afford a lot of the expensive stationery everyone seems to have in the studyblr community, i’ve spent years finding the cheapest alternatives! here’s a short masterpost of the best ways to get that studyblr aesthetic™ on a budget.


  • alternatives to mildliners: monami liners ($12 for 12), pilot highlighters ($8 for 6)
  • alternatives to muji gel pens: uniball pens (£2.53 for 3)
  • muji pens honestly aren’t revolutionary - they’re nice for exams if you want to write quickly, but i use cheap biros for everyday notes and fineliners from the art department if i want something fancier


  • paper with smaller lines comes in bigger packs and lasts longer! i use this pad (and the grid version) which is super cheap, but you can just search “narrow lined pad” on amazon
  • check the damaged bin of your local stationery store - i have a bunch of branded notebooks that only cost me £1-2 because they had a tiny fault in their cover!
  • your maths / sciences department has more fancy paper than you know - ask them to give you some for revision and you’ll be sorted for the term
  • if you want to buy them, try talking to teachers when they next order supplies - they’ll normally let you get stationery at their prices!

bullet journals

  • squared/dotted paper is for some ungodly reason more expensive than lined/plain but it’s also really similar to the a5 maths books that lots of schools provide
  • look into buying exercise books if you’re just starting out - places like the works and wilko sell really cheap ones
  • you can decorate them with anything as long as you use it in an “artsy” way! for this spread i used whiteboard markers and an old envelope that i ripped to cover a title i messed up - you really don’t need to get expensive papers and tapes
  • print at school! it’s free, you’ll never run out of ink, and if you start showing an interest in cute art or anatomical diagrams or whatever you choose to decorate your bujo with, you’ll look better rounded to teachers!

other stationery

  • there is literally no difference between a muji ruler and a lidl one, trust me
  • some schools offer departmental sales - you can get cut price maths equipment and art supplies if you ask teachers politely enough!
  • ask your teachers what you really need and what you can borrow. chances are you don’t actually have to buy that set square, even if they recommend it
  • lots of schools have a hardship fund! mine bought me copies of a german play we’re studying because i couldn’t afford them - talk to your head of year or a teacher you trust if you’re having difficulties!

remember, you’re no less of a student for not having a certain brand! notes written in wilko biros are as good as any in muji gel pens - it’s what you do with them that counts!

Things I learnt from that episode

1) Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are precious souls who need to be protected at all costs

2) Betty Cooper is in fact in love with Jughead Jones and doesn’t care who knows it

3) Jughead Jones is in love with Betty Cooper, he doesn’t even have to say it you can see it in how he acts

4) Varchie need to think before they act on something purely based on instinct which they know could hurt their friends (hell I already knew this)

5) FP is the OG daddy (already knew this too) who in fact looks better with facial hair (new information)

6) Mama cooper is the she devil again (she took a few episodes off)

7) I never want to witness Jughead crying again in my lifetime



Okkayy, so I did a lot of researching to buy the real thing, but ebay prices is ridiculous. So I found a manufacture on alibaba that can produce it. However, there is a minimum quanitity for me to buy. Was wondering how many of you would be interested?? I’m not going to make money out of it. It’s whatever cost from the company($~2) + shipping. Just let me know and please commit! Will update about once they get back to me. Only thing is they won’t talk (i dont mind tbh).

Reply “yes” if you are forsure interested!

Reblog to spread the word please :) The more the better because the price would be cheaper!

Coffee’s For Cuties

Summary: Coffee shop AU. It’s your first day on the job and your very demanding boss sends you to pick up coffee. With a ridiculously complicated order, you’re sure to annoy the barista, but what if he’s more understanding than you expect? 

Word Count: 1,168

Warnings: none? 

A/N: Please forgive me if this isn’t up to my usual standards. I’ve been really sick for the past few weeks and we’re still trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong with me. I currently can’t keep any food down so I’m having trouble focusing because my energy levels are pretty low, but I really wanted to do something productive, so this happened. Anyway, here’s some cute, fluffy Bucky to (hopefully) brighten your day. 

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

You trudged through the New York streets, yawning as you desperately tried to wake yourself up. Today was your first day at a new job, and you hadn’t been able to sleep the night before. Your mind was buzzing in a mixture of anxiety, excitement, and anticipation, the combination of which had caused sleep to evade you. This was your dream job, and you still weren’t quite sure how you had managed to get it, but you weren’t going to question it. You just hoped that you could make it through your first day without any major problems. 

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Airport Battle CACW

I rewatched the airport battle scene and counted up total damages Team Cap did to the Leipzig Airport (in chronological order because I’m cool!! XD). And an additional note, THAT WAS ALL GERMAN PROPERTY! Team Cap came in and trashed an international airport probably resulting in billions of damage costs! Tony came to negotiate and this is what Team Cap did (TO A FUCKING AIRPORT). And I actually care about laws, unlike Steve.

- Wanda dropped at least 15 civilians’ cars onto solid asphalt from about 7 stories high and those cars crashed through the steel bar/gate barriers

- Sam destroyed a help desk inside the terminal

- Steve and Scott helped each other enlarge that “water truck” and it smashed against the concrete and exploded

- Wanda used her magic to throw 2 trucks and something else (it looked like a concrete block or a ramp thing) at Peter

- Wanda used her magic to throw T’Challa into a jetway (severely denting it)

- Steve dropped an entire jetway onto Peter and used his shied to break a support pole

- Scott kicked a bus at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)

- Scott tore of the wing of an airplane

- Scott kicked two carts full of wooden boxes (probably cargo)

- Scott stepped on a truck

- Scott slapped Rhodey onto a jetway (denting it)

- Scott picked up the entire jetway and swung it at Rhodey, crushing it in the process

- Scott stepped on another truck

- Scott threw Peter onto a pile of wooden boxes (more cargo?)

- Steve and Bucky stole the jet thing and escaped (THAT IS AIRPORT PROPERTY)

- Scott smashed his arm onto the partly destroyed airplane

There’s way more, but that was all I got for now.

Now lets calculate this shit out.

15 cars Wanda dropped- The average cost of a car in 2016 is about $33,560. Now $33,560 times 15 is $503,400 (note that Wanda might have dropped more than 15 cars.

Airport help desk that Sam smashed (including merchandise in the desk)-I dunno how much a help desk is worth but I’ll add $1100 more onto the total costs (I’m being generous, do you have any idea how much window repairs cost)

2 trucks that Wanda thew at Peter-  average cost of a truck in 2016? About $39,000 or so. $39,000 times 2 is $78,000.

Truck Scott and Steve enlarged and exploded- Add $39,000 to damage costs.

Jetway that Wanda threw T’Challa in- This is the same jetway that Scott destroys later so it won’t be counted here.

Jetway Steve dropped on Peter plus the support pole he snapped- One jetway costs about $300,000. Support pole damage add $1000.

Bus that Scott kicked at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)- Buses costs about from $300,000 to $600,000 each so we’ll just add $500,000. Plus another $33,560 and $39,000 for the car and truck.

Airplane Scott pretty much irreplaceably damaged- One standard commercial  airplane costs between $51,000,000 to $87,000,000. Lets add $70,000,000 to the total damage costs. 

Wooden boxes of cargo- Who knows whats in there? Could be expensive stuff or vegetables. I’m gonna add another $2000 for cargo and box damage. (again, being generous. There were at least 20 wooden boxes)

Truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

Jetway Scott swung at Rhodey- add $300,000

Another truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

More cargo- less boxes were destroyed this time though, so we’ll add $1000 more 

Jet that Steve and Bucky stole- technically it wasn’t destroyed so we won’t add any damage costs, but for your information, that’s a felony. 

Scott add more damage to already destroyed plane- It’s destroyed already.


$503,400 + $1100 + $78,000 + $39,000 + $300,000 + $1000 +$500,000 + $33,560 + $39,000 + $70,000,000 + $2000 + $39,000 + $1000

$71,537,060 give or take several million bucks (because I was generous) 

Now let’s think a little more. Team Cap has literally no way of paying for all this damage. They are fugitives and if the pool up all their bank savings can maybe cover a third of the costs. 

Now guess who would feel responsible and pay off the the damage even though HE CAME TO NEGOTIATE AND NOT FIGHT?

That’s right, Tony Stark. 

He doesn’t even have to, but Tony would shoulder all the costs for his SHITTY TEAMMATES THAT DON’T GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT HIM. 

(note: I may have gotten some of the costs wrong but you get the point)

(another note: This is just the Leipzig airport. I’m not gonna even think of the damage costs in Bucharest when Steve purposely collapsed a tunnel, hijacked a car, and endangered dozens of civilians. Or in Berlin when Steve had attacked and severely injured several of members of the German police and military and illegally trespassed in German territory. Or in Johannesburg when Wanda purposely used her magic to manipulated Bruce and set the Hulk onto heavily populated city streets. Or the disaster in Lagos. Or Wanda’s involvement in the creation of Ultron that lead the the tragedy in Sokovia.) 

Peace out Tumblrers!


Special Sale on my Etsy!!

Necklaces £8 with low cost shipping worldwide. 

Plus £2 off when you spend £5 or more with voucher code ‘MMTUMBLRPROMOfrom now until Friday the 4th of August!

A perfect gift for yourself or basically anyone else!



Starting Prices:

  • -Head $4
  • -Torso $5
  • -Full body $6
  • -Per additional person $5


  • -Sketches +$3
  • -Lineart +$4


  • -Flat color +$2
  • -Messy shading +$3
  • -Cell shading +$4
  • -Crosshatch +$6
  • -Realistic +$8


  • -plain/flat color no cost
  • -Pattern/Design +$2
  • -Full background pricing will be discussed based on scenery/detail

(If you are confused about pricing feel free to message me!)

There will are 5 available slots, though I will open them again in the future

For payment, I ask for half upfront and the rest once it’s finished via PayPal

Please let me know if it’s okay for me to post your commission afterward!

You must have an email so that I can send you the finished piece because Tumblr has very poor image quality

To commission me, send me a private message and we will discuss it or alternatively ask me for my email if you feel more comfortable communicating that way :)

Thank you for reading! Even if you’re not interested, I would really appreciate reblogs to spread this around, any support helps!

My emails to Netflix

I just wrote to the four people listed in this post about the cancellation of Sense8 and I thought I’d post what I said in case anyone wants a bit of an outline for what to write. Don’t write exactly what I said, obviously, or they’ll just be more likely to dismiss us all, but feel free to use this as a loose template for your own complaints.

It’s a bit long so I’m putting it under a read more

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This is my guide to getting started with embroidery!

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3}

Hello everyone, this guide is based on how I do my embroidery. Some of my methods aren’t perfect but they work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you.

This will be done in three parts: equipment, execution, and bonus tips.

This first part will help you get everything ready before you start. (this is quite a lost post under the cut and I’m not even sure it works on mobile lol)

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