The Rascal Fish Debacle
The Adventure Zone Live in San Diego
The Rascal Fish Debacle

“I kill Rascal.” “I’m gonna centre on the place where I see that fish, and all of his other fish friends, and I’m gonna cast reverse gravity.” “I cast banishment.” “I didn’t give the fish a fucking Charisma stat, Clint!” “It turns and swallows you whole?” “I don’t know what that means but I know it’s not gonna be good-”

i know this is old but also, i hope the memory of the time the boys fucked up griffin’s fishing plan so bad never gets forgotten

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You would be #1 on that Nice List yourself, you know that right? You're THE BEST. Everytime someone send you an ask you answer with such nice words no matter how stressed you are, it's amazing. And you write these amazing fics for us in your short breaks at work, before work, after work, before bed and so on and you don't ask for anything in return. We are so greatful to have you in this fandom. You're that kind of person I aspire to be one day - smart, talented, kind, etc. Merry pitchmas doc!

Oh gosh that’s so kind of you to say anon! I got home from work a couple of hours ago, got a nice hot cuppa tea, and my dude made me some dinner - but enough about me, here, have a cheeky Bechloe one-shot as thanks for your kindness 🤗 and a very Merry Pitchmas to you toooooo ❤️

Chloe Beale sat in her double bed, tucked up under the bedcovers, reading her favourite Harry Potter book. She wore a huge knitted hat on her head, had three jumpers on, and a pair of fingerless gloves.

This was her, Beca, and Fat Amy’s first winter in their Brooklyn apartment - the studio apartment they’d moved into straight after graduation - and unfortunately the heating had broken. The only saving grace for Chloe, who infamously hated being cold, was that she had to share a bed with Beca - the studio apartment being too small to fit three beds in it.

Chloe looked up from her book as a key unlocked the door of the apartment and she smiled as Beca shuffled over the threshold, groaning at how cold she felt. In her hands were two takeout coffees and a couple of paper bags.

“Shhhhit..” Beca muttered under her breath as she closed the front door, “I don’t know if it’s any warmer in here than it is outside.”

“Mmm..” Chloe agreed, placing her book page-down on her lap and reaching out for the coffees that Beca handed her way. The brunette dusted the snow from her shoulders, tore her winter coat off, threw it to the ground, then quickly dove down to pull her boots off. Chloe took a sip from one of the cups that had ‘SFSVL’ written on it, knowing that it would be her Sugar-Free Skinny Vanilla Latte, and let out a happy sigh as it warmed her insides, “Thanks for going to get these” she said happily, taking another sip whilst watching her best friend finally fling her boots off.

“No worries, you got the coffees yesterday morning.” Beca said, flinging the two bags on the bottom of the bed then darting over to the top of the bed, “Scootch up then!” she ordered, waving her hands at Chloe, and the redhead smiled.

Chloe moved a little closer to her side of the bed, holding up the coffees while Beca scrambled back into their bed, letting out a slightly relieved groan, “Ugh this bed is so waaarm!!”

Beca took the black coffee that her best friend held out to her and the two women huddled together in the centre of their double bed.

“Becs your hands are freeeeezing!” Chloe squeaked as she noticed how pale and blue the woman’s hands looked as she grasped her coffee cup. She immediately placed her latte on her bedside table.

Beca rolled her eyes as Chloe took her right hand and stuffed it into her left glove. But the second her ice-cold fingers nuzzled into Chloe’s palm, the warmth of her best friend’s skin soothed her, and Beca could do nothing but smile gratefully at Chloe as she placed their hands under the bedcover.

Chloe took her latte in her right hand then looked back at her best friend with a curt nod. This was a very Chloe thing to do. And because Beca had been sharing a bed with Chloe for five months now, it was something that the notoriously unaffectionate woman had begun to get used to.

So Beca simply smiled slightly and motioned with her head to the book on Chloe’s lap, “Still reading the Prisoner of Askaban?” Beca asked, cocking her eyebrow in a teasing manner as she sipped her coffee.

Chloe’s expression changed to one of light amusement as she also cocked an eyebrow at Beca, squeezing her hand under the bedcovers, “And here I was thinking you weren’t a Harry Potter fan..”

Beca raised her eyebrows quickly to defend herself, “I’m not! I just-“

“-You knew EXACTLY what book I was reading based on the cover!” Chloe teased loudly, giggling at how flustered Beca was getting.

“I can READ Chloe! I read the title!” Beca said rolling her eyes but chuckling all the same.

“Whatever,” Chloe said finally, her giggling subsiding as she grinned at her best friend, “I’ll keep your Harry Potter obsession a secret..”

“Thank God..” Beca mumbled sarcastically with a grin, and the two women sighed happily, sipping their respective coffees, hand-in-hand.

After several quiet moments Chloe motioned to the bags on the bed that Beca had brought home with her, “What did you buy while you were out?”

Beca pulled her hand from Chloe’s glove, having not realised just how warm it had made her until her skin was exposed to the cool air of their apartment, and she reached down to grab the bags, tugging them to the top of the bed.

“More cough syrup for Amy, because her cough is still driving me fucking nuts!” Beca grumbled as she pulled the packet out of the bag. Chloe took it with a nod of agreement then placed it on her bedside table. It was all very well the two of them having to share a bed, but their roommate had caught a cracking cold, resulting in her keeping them up most of the night with her coughing.

“Aaand..don’t go all weird but..” Beca said in a no-nonsense voice, delving her hand into the other bag. Chloe leaned a little closer to her best friend, her heart racing a little in curiosity, “as this year will be our first Christmas Day together, I got us this..”

It was an odd choice of words, and Beca internally cringed as she heard them back in her head, but it was true, none of them had spent Christmas Day all together before. But as of next week, she, Chloe, and Fat Amy were going to be spending Christmas Day in their apartment due to work commitments and lack of funds.

Chloe’s eyes widened as Beca pulled a cute bauble out of the second bag. On it was written ‘Our First Christmas’.

The redhead felt tears welling up in her eyes, and she was so overcome with emotion that she let out a short squeak then threw her arm around Beca’s shoulder, pulling her into a tight hug, “Beca it’s PERFECT!!”

She placed kiss after kiss on her best friend’s cheek and, as they were behind closed doors and not in public, Beca merely chuckled, “Chlo!! Chloeee! Stop! Sto-hop!”

Chloe stopped kissing Beca’s cheek, giggling loudly while she brought her arm back and picked up the bauble to inspect it closer, “I love it!” she said sweetly.

Beca smiled at her best friend as Chloe put the bauble back in the bag. She couldn’t believe how different she’d become since meeting the redhead. When she’d been a freshman she would have never been caught dead sitting in a bed with anyone, let alone allow them to put their arm around her or kiss her cheek. But Chloe wasn’t just anyone. And as such, Beca felt closer to her than anyone else in this world, so let Chloe get away with some very forward moves.

“Now,” Chloe said as she placed her coffee and book on the side, reaching down to the floor on her side of the bed and picking up her laptop, “where did we get to with Parks & Rec?”

Beca smiled as she watched her best friend tug the laptop open and it immediately started up. Netflix loaded.

“Snuggles?” Chloe asked sweetly, and Beca didn’t look at the redhead. It had become customary for the two of them to curl up in their bed together, particularly when they were watching Netflix. It had all started on their third ever day in the apartment back in August, when Chloe had felt crazy homesick and Beca had agreed that actually cuddling together wasn’t the WORST.

The best friends settled into their usual positions, Beca with her arm around Chloe’s shoulders as the redhead curled up into the petite woman’s body, snaking her arm around Beca’s waist. They both let out calm sighs, and as Beca leant down to press play on the laptop, Chloe tugged their bedsheet up over their bodies, tucking it under their chins.

And there Beca & Chloe lay, keeping each other warm, holding each other tight while they watched Netflix on that early Sunday morning in December.

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You can’t tell me in a high school AU Taako and Lup wouldn’t break all of the dress code violations

they absolutely would, but i think they would also fuckin graceful ass dodge all of them by technicality like ‘actually, sir, i’m not breaking dress code by wearing a skirt shorter than my fingertips because you never even wrote a skirt code for the boy’s uniform. that’s on you my man.’ and ‘technically the dress code only says you can’t wear shirts with swears, so ‘rich people have no morals’ is totally legal on a shirt’