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Do you have any Shiro and Matt headcanons?

Like romantic? Or Platonic? Or just in general because I sure do!

  • Shiro and Matt a.k.a ULTIMATE DUDE BROS
    • like you know those bromo dragon comics? That’s them
      • M: bro, guess what
      • S: what bro
      • M: *makes a heart with his hands*
      • S: bro 
  • If Shiro is your casual bisexual, Matt is the oblivious gay
    • I actually like to think of him as bi as well, but it took him fucking forever to figure out he liked dudes
      • M: Like, no homo Shiro, but you’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met.
      • S: Dude, that’s hella gay.
      • M: I said nO HOMO!
    • He eventually figured it out though, and no homo became full homo
      • M: full homo your pecs are gorgeous
      • S: (。♥‿♥。)
  • They watch cartoons stoned (they’re in university and adults please chill)
    • If you think Matt hasn’t seen all of Adventure Time you are sadly mistaken
    • His ringtone is just Lumpy Space Princess saying “Hey Gurl” over and over
    • Shiro hates it (he loves it)
  • Shiro has a playstation but doesn’t get to use it much (school bruh), but he and Matt will spend an evening or so playing 2 player Lego games when they have the time
    • they haven’t actually ever finished a game because one always ends up killing the other (by mistake or on accident) and it gets them nowhere
      • M: You bitch you did that on purpose!!
      • S: What? No I just don’t know how to use Gandalf! 
      • M: Did I? oops.
      • S:  (¬▂¬)
    • They also play Mario Kart
      • Shiro is boss at the game, but he always loses to Matt on Rainbow Road
      • Which doesn’t make sense since it’s the hardest?!?!
        • M: To beat the rainbow, one must become the rainbow
  • Matt accidentally left a half eaten granola bar in his pod before taking off on the Kerberos mission
    • He woke from (cryosleep?) and saw it at the bottom of his pod
    • And then he ate the rest
      • Shiro gagged for a solid three minutes 
  • Anyways I love these two (even though I have no idea what Matt is actually like) and can’t wait for season 3
  • The only thing I can’t stand is their ship name.
    • Shatt guys?! Really?!

That’s it that’s all :)

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No. I didnt read into anything the other anon said. My ask wasnt directed at them.. Sorry. Im going off the ones who do literally base support on relationship status. Because they do exist and it baffles me.

Ah! Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification for me and for the other anon :)

I will say this though, with Louis specifically, the “relationship status” is - for many people - the thing that confirms that Louis is not a homophobic douchebag, no matter what has been reported about his words. So it’s not quite as simple as only “loving Louis if Larry is real.”  People do have reasons other than shipping to add that caveat.

For me personally, I moved away from that mindset a long time ago. Whatever the reason for the things “Louis” says in interviews, he’s not a homophobic douchebag. Larry or no Larry, I don’t believe Louis is straight, but after that, if I’m wrong about Freddie and Eleanor and anything else, I still like Louis for who he is. There are arguments to be made about what kind of father he would be if this was real, and what kind of boyfriend, but I feel like what I know of his character would make what we’ve been sold a lie, because he is a lovely human all by himself.

While I am not having an argument about this on my blog and people of course are free to feel how they feel and think what they think, for me, the simple fact is that Larry doesn’t make me love Louis. 

Louis makes me love Louis.

venusdemi1o replied to your posti have some thoughts on elf beauty in d&d but…

PLEASE share

IDK mostly just like I’m fascinated by the potential of a society where everyone is ethereally beautiful. what are elven beauty standards like? do they exist? do they find humans to be ugly or beautiful? like originally elves in like. the tolkien sense. were beautiful because their beauty was a divine/moral beauty but there’s no rulebook that says that has to be the case. and i’m playing a dark elf character in a game now and I wonder how beauty standards impact elven life. like maybe it’s an interesting character choice for them to not think of themselves as beautiful whatsoever, or to feel insecure in their looks, or simply to not think about looks in the way humans do. 

today at work about 15 minutes to close i heard someone over the walkie like “do we have any school supplies like…lunchboxes?” and I responded cause I remembered we had a couple in the clothing department with the kid’s stuff and went to go double check

we had exactly two kinds of lunchboxes: a pink one with a horse on the front, and a green one with a tractor on the front.  Clearly meant to be a “”girl”” lunchbox and a “”boy”” lunchbox

the people didn’t end up coming over because we were closing and they said they’d come back later (angels do exist) but i stood there looking at the lunchboxes for a moment

and then just under my breath, to myself, i whispered “there are only two genders: horse and tractor” and for some reason i was in a state of hilarity that late into the shift and i thought it was the funniest fucking shit and i’m still laughing why

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Do elevators exist?

Does Fantasy Hairspray exist? Of course! We’re trying to get in as many Adventure Zone tie-ins as possible until the McElboys either applaud us or sue us for copyright infringement 

Authentic Existence

Why do you look that way?
Are you real or just in play
Do you dress based on what you dream?
Or according to others plan and theme

Keep in mind that you can decide
And can put others choice aside
You are a grown up man
They are not hindrance on your plan

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"You're literally a fuck" - "*lifts leg* you're just jealous because I'm more fabulous than you *falls*" - "Youre all so gay haha losers" "You were the first to come out asshole" - "Why do you even exist" - "Why haven't I disowned you yet" "We're not related tho" "exACTLY" - "I hope he never climbs down"

steve and soda messing around (while ponyboy climbs a tree)

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Hey darlin I kinda wanna design a rook (if i have time ;;) but I have just a few questions about them to make sure i do it right! I apologize if you've answered these already.. So can a rook have any number of wounds/any type of wounds? I know hunk and his brother are sorta different but how far can rooks go? Do centaur rooks exist? Can they have any kinda weird body horroness going on? And lastly are there restrictions on color types? 🦑💜

awww hellu bby, and that’s okay!! you take your time <333 So you can look through my #dollyinfo tag for information about Rooks, but here’s a MASTERPOST in terms of designing one, it doesn’t have everything, but I’ll answer your questions here regardless:

1. A Rook actually does have a limit to the number of wounds they can have. When damage is so extensive that there is really no body left to salvage, then it’s finally time for that Rook to pass on to the underworld or wherever you’d think they’d go in their afterlife. 

Living Rooks are reincarnations of past lives. Some Rooks can be hundreds of years old, Looker and Doll included. They don’t die unless they don’t have a body they can inhabit. Rooks know nothing about their past lives aside from the wounds they bear, but until the final blow is struck to where the spirit can no longer reincarnate, then they can finally rest.

So yes, they can have a lot of wounds, but that can signal their passing will come soon, no matter how young or old they are. 

2. I’m not really sure what you’re asking here, but again, Rooks are extremely flexible in terms of design. Chimeras like Jock and Hunk are rare, in their past life, Jock and Hunk were two separate Rooks who had an extremely strong bond with each other and ended up dying together and they were given each other when they were reincarnated. 

3. Yes, -taur Rooks exist, and that means any kind, if you’d like to design a Rook off of a bull, they can have the body of a bull, but still have to have their humanoid torso, like @akroveros‘ elephant based Rook, TANK or my COUNT, as long as there is a humanoid feature with their torso, they can gave whatever body type or head structure you want, as animal as you’d like! 

4. Yes, wounds would classify as body horror, BUT!!!!!! Rooks do NOT have the same anatomical biology that we do. Rooks are an entirely different species, please remember that. They do not have intestines that can spill, they don’t have bone that can show through skin, they don’t have many organs you can pull out. 

They are relatively solid creatures, something like a solid jelly substance if you’d like to compare, they are structured around that, they don’t require a skeleton or exoskeleton, the closest thing to that would be the harder, almost metal armor that some are born with. Any organs they might have are for pumping what would be their blood, so a heart obviously, for eating (a stomach, they don’t past waste like we do so the need for intestines is useless) and for reproduction. 

5. I’d say no there’s no restriction to color, but I’d like to keep the number of colors to one individual Rook under 6. All Rooks are bioluminescent! Their markings are all unique, not one Rook looks like another in terms of coat color.

Any other questions, please ask me bby, thank you for these <3333

- Dolly ❤

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Hey! Hope if isn't offensive, but what is gender fluid? I know some things but I want to be sure! Hope this isn't taken in a bad way, I mean no harm by it. Xx

You’re fine kiddo. To put it in a somewhat simple way, it means that I neither conform to gender roles, nor do I identify as female/male. I’m kind of in a middle ground as an existential thing. It’s honestly just how I see it. I have had someone ask if maybe I’m just “trans” and thinking about it, like really thinking about it, I would not be comfortable if I ever did go on the T-Shot and go through the process. Yes I would look great as a young adult with pecs and a beard or whatever, but as I’d get older, I know I wouldn’t be as comfortable. But I’m not comfortable being female and growing into that either. I just…exist and do not identify as either/or.

It is essential, therefore, that you learn to recognize the meaningless, and accept it without fear. If you are fearful, it is certain that you will endow the world with attributes that it does not possess, and crowd it with images that do not exist. To the ego illusions are safety devices, as they must also be to you who equate yourself with the ego.
—  A Course In Miracles Workbook