Jupiter Collision

John McKeon, an amateur astronomer, captured footage of what may be an asteroid colliding into Jupiter.

Another amateur astronomer, Gerrit Kernbauer, captured similar footage.

There’s quite a bit out there which we aren’t tracking, and it takes a significant sweep of fortune to capture cool stuff like this!

365 Day Movie Challenge

103. Parenthood. i really like the current tv show adaptation of this movie, so seeing the movie was pretty great. it was really good and featured Keanu Reeves being totally ridiculous, and Joaquin Phoenix being quiet and weird and really young and watching a bunch of porn. plus Rick Moranis sings in it, which is fantastic.

104. They Came From Beyond Space. the premise almost reminded me of a Lovecraft story, but i guess it was based on a novel by someone other than Lovecraft. it wasn’t my favourite movie ever.

105. Gamera the Invincible. old, good kaiju movie. my favourite parts included when the kid who was friends with Gamera said that he didn’t mean to destroy buildings, “he’s just so big and clumsy,” and when all of the scientists were baffled that the giant rocket turtle ate fire. they seemed to be fine with the rest of the biology of Gamera, but how could it be possible for him to eat fire?

106. We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story. i’ve been trying to stop counting movies i’ve previously seen on this list, but it’d been years and years since i’d last seen this film. also this movie is scary. i don’t understand how such a frightening kid’s movie got made. i guess the 90s were a different time, but still.