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the walking dead meme — scenes [ 1 / 8 ] — (episode one, chapter nine: back in the shed)

“I’m not wasting supplies on a lurker bite. If it turns out you’re telling the truth, I’ll clean it and stitch it up for you in the morning.”


@farkledagain sent me this post b/c it reminded her of H+A and I was like ‘yesssssss. but oh no now i wanna draw something like this 4 theeem’ and then she told me to do it so I did it b/c I’m WEAK.

I have no idea what happened in the show that photoset is of, I’ve seen a couple episodes of it in the past but never got around to watching more. As for what’s happening here, I’m thinking Helga beat the crap out of some dude the other day who was making a mutual friend of her and Arnold’s miserable. Or was just being awful to them or something. It was probably someone most of the school thought highly of, so even though Helga did it for the right reasons she’s still seen in a bad light by most pple, b/c her reputation isn’t the greatest to begin with either and ppl are pretty scared of her normally. Arnold knows better tho, and he knows why she did it, and although he isn’t big on settling things with violence, he knows this was probably the only way that person would stop and tbh he was pretty close to decking them himself soon, Helga just beat him to the punch (da dum tsh). So ya, Helga’s got to deal with pple talking shit about her and she doesn’t really care b/c at the end of the day she has pple like her friends and Arnold who know better and that’s all that matters. The talk still puts her on edge tho b/c pple are feeling sorry for the asshole, but Arnold’s touch and words of affirmation melts the tension away and gets rid of the urge to punch more pple in the face.

AU // Darcy Lewis as a Demi-Goddess as suggested by @typhoidmeri

– I made a short ficlet to go with the fan art –

It was their first time in Asgard.

Well, not really. It was Jane’s second? Third? Seventh? In Asgard. It was her first. Darcy has been invited the previous times they had to cross the rainbow bridge, but she refused. Her mother would kill her.

“Those Asgardians with their stupid tree of life and their posh golden castles. They think they’re so much better than us Olympians. They’re obviously wrong, Darcy, so don’t listen to a word they say,” her uncle’s siblings used to say. (Zeus. It was mostly Zeus. And Hera. And Ares.)

Who was her uncle? No one other than Hades. Who was her mother? The goddess Nyx. Which was kind of ironic since Darcy herself didn’t really personify night skies and darkness. Although ending up working for (with!!!) Jane made sense when she thought about it. She didn’t tell her friend though, when she chose to help clear the skies when they went out star hunting.

“You’ll love it Darce! Everything’s so golden, and they have the perfect view of the sky. And there are so many things to learn! Their healers know advanced medical techniques!”

Darcy listened to Jane, all the time pretending she heard this for the first time. (She already heard it from uncle Zeus. “They think their technology is better than ours simply because it’s fancier! Heathens!!! Their healers can’t even-“)

“Darcy! Are you even listening?”

“Yes Jane. Rainbow bridge. Awesome doctors and nurses. Golden gates.”


“What? My expertise is negotiating between countries. Not which doctors can cure the flue faster.”

“Just don’t be a drag? Odin has went from hating me to tolerating me, and I can’t have you-“

“Jeopradize your relationship with Thor. Goddit boss lady.”

Thor called for Heimdall and in a flash they were transported. Darcy’s eyes hurt the moment they landed. Odin must be overcompensating for something.

“Welcome, Lady Jane and Lady Darcy. If you feel queasy, that is normal.”

“Nah, I’m fine golden eyes,” she stated to who she assumed was Heimdall, standing straight with his golden regalia. He raised an eyebrow, and she mentally slapped herself. This guy already knew her secret, didn’t he?

“Your rooms await you,” he replies, simply smiling rather mysteriously Darcy’s way.

One of the maids (slaves? Long line of servants families? She didn’t know how the service industry works in Asgard, okay?) led her to her room, which was so much bigger than her dingy apartment back on Earth

“A dress has been chosen for you, milady. Please wear it to the ball,” the maid said. Jane walked by and whispered rather loudly, “Please wear it Darcy. The dinner’s formal and it’s polite to wear it so don’t wear one of your strappy dresses for bar hopping.”

Darcy faked a gasp. “I would never!” she said before laughing and entering her room.

She looked at her dress. Wearing Asgardian clothes as a daughter of an Olympian (well…technically Chthonic) deity? Even Hades, as patient as he is, would get angry. Something about wearing the clothes of the enemy team. Thank goodness she brought one of the dresses her aunt made for her. Persephone did always have good taste. It was polite enough for a formal dinner party, without looking to Midgardian, but still not Grecian enough to make people notice that she was a half. “Aunt Seph, you’re the best!”

Darcy cleaned and prepped herself, wondering what kind of people were invited to the king’s feast. Asgardians probably ate a lot. At least, if most of them ate like Thor they would.  She donned on her dress. It was a pretty lilac-ish, lavender-ish (Persephone’s words, not hers!) colour that was soft enough to obscure her familial ties. She wasn’t bold enough to wear her mother’s colours to an Asgardian feast.

Darcy stepped out of her room and promptly crashed into another body. Another rather hard, leather-bound body.

“I didn’t know we invited the Olympian pantheon to an Asgardian feast,” the sarcastic voice drawled. Drawled. It made her skin crawl. And not in a bad way. She wished it was in a bad way.

“You didn’t. I’m Midgardian. Fling me off a roof and I die Midgardian???” she replied, trying to conceal her panic and her lie. He really was as smart as the stories told.

“We can test that theory of yours.”

“Be ready to be beaten to a pulp by Bruce again if you try to do that Loki,” she said right back, boldly looking up at him (quite up, he was a tall man).

His reply was an amused smirk.

“Well, milady?” he finally said after a long rather tense silence. She took his offered arm and they went together to the ballroom where the feast was held. Darcy was floored. Everything was gold. Chairs, pillars, the goddamn ceiling. Everything. It didn’t compare to Tartarus, obviously, because the dark glinting walls and silver lights that made up her second home grew on her. Asgard was just so 180 she kind of went into shock.

Her eyes scanned the entire room. Her hand went up to cover her open mouth. It was gorgeous. Jane totally didn’t exaggerate.

“Shocked? I assume there is nothing like this on Midgard,” Loki said, a smirk on his face from what she could see from the corner of her eye.

“Cathedrals, my man, cathedrals are totally like this. And castles. Palaces? Yeah those.”

“Midgardian palaces?” he inquired, his smirk growing, as if he know something he shouldn’t, and would use it against her.

Darcy starts to get cold sweat in fear of her secret getting spilled.

You’re a god damn demi-goddess, Darcy Lewis! Get over yourself! You can get through an Asgardian meet n greet!

But before she could tell Loki to shut his trap, fanfares started and they were ushered in.

I spent so long on this drawing, I have mixed feelings about it. Especially about Qui-Gon. Sometimes I think it’s a good likeness but other times I feel like something’s out of proportion. I don’t even know anymore. Anyway, I think it turned out well overall. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon aren’t wearing Jedi robes, and their hair is a bit different than in the Phantom Menace. The armbands that they’re wearing have similarities to the symbol of both the Rebel Alliance and the Old Republic. I based the design of Qui-Gon’s tunic off some of the clothing seen in the prequels, and the Imperial uniform. Obi-Wan’s shirt was inspired by a piece of cyberpunk art I saw, but his wristguards (gauntlets??) are more in style with the prequels. I don’t necessarily have a story for this, but I think it would fit for an AU where Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are members of a resistance group, possibly an alternative Rebel Alliance. 

Anyway, I absolutely love Obi-Wan’s look, particularly his hair. My favorite things about Qui-Gon (though he also has nice hair) is the design of his belt, the asymmetrical tunic, and the electronic bracelet on his left arm. I like the idea that the bracelet might have been a prisoner or slave tracking device at one time and Qui-Gon has since modified it for communications, triggering a bomb, all sorts of things, really…

I honestly don’t understand how Luke and Anakin are perceived as whiny bitches?? Like, for fuck’s sake I’ve seen people say Anakin was being a whiny bitch when he said “I’m a person and my name is Anakin”, when he was having an emotional breakdown and lashing out after Shmi died, and when he alludes to his bad history and trauma as a slave on Tatooine with his “I don’t like sand” line. If those are your only examples or the first ones that come to mind, maybe rethink what you think of as being a “whiny bitch” and take a long look in a mirror, because I think you’re the actual whiny bitch here.


Aidan Turner as John Mitchell at the end of Being Human (2008-2012) S01E01 and S01E04. Click the gifs to get 540x450 px.

Some Mitchell before bed, @peonies-and-poppies, @abbessolute, @noclevernamelbr, @its-pineapple-me?

Bryce literally must have thought Chris was hitting on her at some points in this movie shoot lmao first the surprise kiss and now we find out he totally improvised the vanilla lotion pahahaha I love Chris and Colin so much. She’s such a pro though like it makes me so happy knowing the fact she stuttered her lines but still made it work. Queeeeeen of my life

squeeingfangirl  asked:

Your post about what you'd change in HOO made me realise just how angry i am at everybody not respecting Percy. Like I kept having to tell myself that this was normal, this is aother serie I need to stop expecting everyone to consider Percy as a total bamf because he's not at the center anymore, they're all bamf and it's okay for Percy to stand on an equal footing with them... But no. The others are great but it doesnt justify completely all of Percy's accomplishment and treating him so unfairly

Exactly!! Percy shouldn’t be on equal footing with the others (apart from maybe Annabeth, who’s been with him every step of the way) because he’s so much more experienced and powerful than them. And it particularly doesn’t make sense to portray these characters who have literally only just found out they’re demigods as being on the same level as Percy, who’s been in the game for five years at this point and is, again the most powerful demigod.

Rick could have easily kept him as powerful and impressive and intimidating without letting his narrative overtake the other’s in the ensemble cast, but instead he tried to diminish Percy’s in universe importance while simultaneously devoting more time to his personal narrative than other’s, which was just completely jarring to read. (Until BoO, of course, where Percy and Annabeth became nothing more than afterthoughts.)

you know what I want? I want more female friendships in bbc sherlock

  • i want sally donovan lingering in the morgue after she’s closed a case to say hi to molly
  • i want mary sipping tea and smiling kindly while mrs hudson tells her yet another the story from her most promiscuous past 
  • mrs hudson does indeed talk to sherlock’s mum…in fact they phone each other every other week for a chat
  • i want irene adler to meet molly hooper and for them both to roll their eyes when sherlock barks at them to do something
  • mary scolding sherlock when he’s rude to molly and comforting her when she’s a bit upset
  • mary admiring irene adler for her various bamf skills and vice versa
Agents of B.A.M.F.s  x

animation team

what are you doing


I can’t handle the choppy motion, the lack of expressions, and recycled cuts.

The unison raid doesn’t look animated, but more like a poorly executed stop-motion that took cuts from the manga and moved the pictures left and right. The fights were so static and failed to create the impact of the glorious victory achieved after episodes of laborious battle.

Despite the chubby faces and unaesthetic art, the last animation team did better in bringing out the movement of the characters during fights. 

Perhaps we do complain too much about the anime- but at least for Gloria, I think I have the right to be a little disappointed.

sarisarahe  asked:

I just wanted to say that I have never gotten the Mary Sue vibe from any of your female characters, and I adore them all, they're all sassy and BAMF and Darcy cracks me up every damn time. It seems like you've gotten some bad comments, so I wanted to offer my two cents. I don't know why people get upset about female characters who speak their minds and don't smile and say 'appropriate' things. Like, Tony Stark can get away with saying whatever he wants, but if a woman acts that way, oh heavens!

Even the term “Mary Sue” is horrifically sexist.  It exists only to attack female characters, and is inherently gendered.

I’m getting rather sick of it.

I recently got the following comment on a fic on AO3.

Gave up part way through, the OCs are too Mary Sue for my tastes. Happily, there are hundreds of thousands of words in this series so I can skip to the next instalment and hopefully find something that works for me. (I have loved many of them, just not this one).

Firstly, I’m not sure what the point was of sharing this.  Honestly.  I don’t.  Someone took the time to inform me that they didn’t like my OCs, that they were ‘too Mary Sue,’ but MAYBE they’d find something else that would work for them.

I’m not certain if this is supposed to shame me, or remind me that OCs are not why they are here, or just prop up the general concept of 'I can pass judgment on everything you do, because it’s the internet.’ 8)

What’s more funny to me is the story this comment appeared on.  It was the one with Phil’s family.  Where all of the OCs are female.  Yes, I did introduce Phil’s father, who’s pretty much a rather serene tourist and engineer, and Phil’s two nephews, neither of whom have shown any indication of exceptional ability or intelligence.  I’ve also mentioned Phil’s sisters, one of which has created a website to make fun of her brother.

That leaves Phil’s mom, and his 13 year old niece.  And if you do not think that Phil Coulson had to have been raised by a badass, I respect your opinion, but heartily disagree.  So either both of his parents are badass, his father is, or his mother is.  I’ve gone with his mother.  

Because I like badass moms. 8)

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How great is the inception fandom, tho? Cause the movie's just like dramatic music, idiotic decisions and then the fandoms like BAMFS THEY'RE ALL BAMFS BUT NOT COBB, HE'S GOT HIS WIFE FOR ALL THE BAMFERY and then there's a/e and its like they COULD be doing all this stuff, but no, we want chav verse and domestic verse and that coffee shop AU. AND THOSE FICS THAT ARE BETTER THAN THE MOVIE!

hahaha, yes, thank you! This is exactly how I always describe the Inception fandom to everyone, i.e. “The fandom mostly ignores the main character and his manpain because we think he’s a moron and instead we just write zillions of fics about the rest of the ensemble and how badass they are.” It’s always so cool because no one outside of fandom even knows the Inception fandom exists, so they’re all like, BWUH? THERE ARE GIRLS WRITING FICS ABOUT CHRISTOPHER NOLEN FILMS? 

but inside fandom, everyone’s all, ‘oooh, Inception fandom, I heard y'all are the shit.’ DAMN RIGHT.

so many fics, so many geniuses in this fandom, SO MUCH PARTY TIME. :D