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Look what’s finally here!

There’s still some left of anyone’s interested. :3

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On Priorities.

I’m not one to be personal here.
But I have had epilepsy for 6 years now, and went a year and a half without a seizure, was almost out of the woods to drop the medication (2 year probation). It’s what also attracted me to altered states of conscious, madness, drink, other…substances.
Half the time I found myself raving without any of them. This seemed to attract friends as easily as deter people who claimed that it was “too much”.

As a Jungian, I noticed major dream figures, Dionysus and Haphaestus were making appearances - brothers in arms, polarities in their response to childhood trauma - but also the person I was becoming versus the person I wanted to leave behind. 

Most people have self-congratulatory Egos, with depraved Shadows; when I enter and altered state of consciousness in my post-seizure rampage though, this time (instead of my usual screaming and wailing and breaking the occasional object), I did the dishes.