They win


25.05.2008 - 25.05.2015 happy 7th year anniversary, shinee!
my dear boys, words cannot truly express how proud I am of you for accomplishing what you have, for getting to be where you are, for doing what you love. i am so incredibly proud of the five of you and I love you so much. you’re so hard-working and so incredible, I want you to know that there will always be people who love you, support you and care about you. watching you smile and cry, and perform, all of that is an experience I can never thank you enough for. you’re so important to me and I wish you so many more good years together, and so much success and happiness, you deserve it all. “5 stars form the universe, the most shining name of the world, SHINee!” #7YearsWithSHINee


m!countdown - 080918
love like oxygen / first music show win


Okay, the last five of the Double Zodiacs I did during the livestream!

Thanks for all the submissions, if I get time etc, maybe I’ll take the next batch of requests next week and LS those too.

Also! if you’re enjoying my work, I’ve set up a patreon (link)! You’re free to treat it as a tip-jar and just send me change if you ever want, but no pressure, your life comes before mine :>


mkmf awards ‘08 - 081115
newcomer award (english sub)

That post that lists the reasons why violet and pearl should win (with pearl having ‘trade’ as the only reason) is SO wrong. Pearl had the best storyline of the season, she was the most vulnerable queen, she got out of her comfort zone, she got mad shit from other contestants and never got bitter about it, she delivered on the runway every single week, she was able to get through dancing and acting challenges even though that’s not her thing, she developed as a queen and as a human being and she was so fucking likable and inspiring. I’m not saying that Violet shouldn’t win, this post isn’t about that. I could list a billion reasons why both of them deserve to be on the top 3. But can we just stop trying to validate our faves capacity by putting down the other queens? Yeah? Alright, thank you.

some guy who was like 6′7 just came to my door and introduced himself as a candidate for the MP in my town and halfway through his whole “vote for me” speech i told him i wasn’t old enough to vote he was like “okay!!!” and then started petting my cat xena who was just rolling around on the front porch for like 5 minutes and then left