They were nice and would have been worth it

fourfangsnishiki asked:

howdy! if you're not too busy, would you make a nishiki/kaden (from fire emblem: fates) aesthetic collage and some positivity, please? lately i've been wondering if my personality should be different, because it's a drastic change from how i used to be. thank you for your efforts!

Hello Nishiki. Kamui here. You were always amazing and brave, caring and a nice companion. I have no doubt that you, as you are now, remain just as great as you used to be, different or not. I hope this can at least make you smile; that’d be surely worth any effort.
                                                                                                         - Kida

anonymous asked:

I love how everyone is being fucking rude to me I just expressed my opinion. You are a fucking hypocrite and I do know the meaning. So how about you and your suicidal friends go and kill themselves. Also your profile is public so I don't have to "hop" off your blog. Another thing is the pictures I am talking about are of girls and shit being hurt .You know if you were to just come to me nicely and told me that is not what those meant that would have been nice.But if your going to rude I can too.

LMAO why are you telling suicidal people to kill themselves? you sound very very pathetic :/ i could track your ip address anytime and do whatever i want with it. but you’re so pitiful and below everyone else that its not even worth it HAHAHA. no one, ever, would kill themselves because of you. i don’t even wanna kill myself, and this message made me actually less depressed cuz i realize how much smarter i am than some people! and those pics aren’t REAL has that occurred to you? probably not. you came to me being rude calling me a fucking hypocrite (which by the way doesn’t fit in this situation) so, i merely responded accordingly because i don’t like stupid, or rude people, and people who are too scared to come off anon while sending dumb shit.

Can I not with the late night depression? I just want to sleep before this hellish week and I just can’t. I’m just crying instead. Spend a weekend sick and miserable. Can’t even get friends to interact with me much which would have been a nice distraction. The games were nice. But it’s like, that was a few limited hours before my depressed sick ass had to go to bed. Cried after that for a while. Desperately tried to get rps all fucking weekend just to be ignored as usual. I don’t know why I bother posting starters. Clearly my desperate ass isn’t worth it. Prime sick person starters, fairly easy to work with in my opinion. Nothing. And I can’t usually think of a response to everyone else’s since they’re always extremely vague. Like the hell am I supposed to do with that? I tried sending fun things to people. Pull a little conversation out. Yeah no. Doesn’t work. And I don’t know why I even bother trying to keep people updated on my life. Oh your grandfather died? ‘kay moving on.

Like do you guys even care I’m your friend? Or am I just here for when you need me? Someone to rant to. Someone to fill space in a game. Don’t get me wrong, I like letting people rant to me and helping them, especially my friends. It helps me feel important to them. But when that’s all I seem to be sometimes, just a fleeting thought or that person you know will listen, it’s gets annoying. I stop feeling loved. I just feel like a pestering extra person in your life. Just crying a lot because people aren’t around when I need them and feeling annoying when I want something. I know I don’t always try enough. But it’s like, it gets so out of my comfort zone. Especially when all the conversations seem to be one of us upset or me wanting something.

I don’t even know. Some of that’s probably wrong. I just feel lonely, unneeded, and uncared for. And I’ve still got to deal with this week too. Just let me disappear.

About Stained and it's Usefulness

For all those complaining about Stained being lazy and ugly, I used to think it was useless too. I tried it on every single dragon I had, and only one was decent. Not decent enough for me to spend treasure, let alone gems, but just okay.

But I decided to take a step back and see if it worked on any dragons. I went to the scrying workshop and generated some…realitively unattractive dragons. And you know what, it helped. These dragons that would have been exalting fodder were saved by a simple tert. It even gave some better colors and blended colors nicely.

So lazy I’ll give you. Ugly, sometimes. But useless, no. This was something that we kinda needed and does add something to the game. Is it worth gems? No, absolutely not. Was it a money grab? Probably.

As for the argument that those with color blindness cannot appreciate stained, well first of all there is different kinds of color blindness (red-green, not being able to recognize specific colors, total color blindness/monochromatic vision etc.) and each type has a range that they can or cannot see. So some with color blindness would be able to recognize when something is stained some of the time, when the right colors are involved. They can tell when something is darker or lighter at least.

And if we’re going to use that argument, let me point out that a lot of the site is based in color. That’s one of the points, breeding for new colors. So if stained is bad wait until the new color wheel comes out.

Granted, stained does take away from the new color wheel, but not everyone will be using the gene. And not only that but after this there will be no new colors, so stained gives the opportunity for any color possibility, leading to near endless possibilities. The only thing I want from the staff now is to know when Ghost and Points are going to show up, because I’ve been waiting for those two since I first got on this site.