They make me happy

Domestic af laurent x damen headcanons:

  • On the days where laurent wakes up first (which is most of them) he’ll make damen breakfast and he’ll make sure to get his favorite food and set it perfectly on a tray on his bed, sometimes he’ll even decorate with a flower and damen will smile and pull him in for a kiss.
  • Damen loves buying laurent small gifts that he knows he’ll appreciate, so a book, flowers, a box of chocolates (A FUCKING HORSE)…. and laurent always smiles SHYLY at him and tells him that he shouldn’t have but secretly loves it.
  • Hand kissing, lots of it.
  • Also laurent has woken up damen many times by running his fingers through his hair bc it’s so soft and thick and luscious.
  • Laurent showing or even reading to damen the fav passages from some of his books and damen listening completely charmed.
  • Laurent coming home from the cold, his hair kind of messier than usual and damen combing it with his fingers and kissing his red cheeks. 
  • Damen touching softly laurent’s face when he gets in a rambly mood bc he’s tense or nervous.
  • Laurent and damen laughing in bed at 3 am at some inside joke (i hate them)
  • Laurent standing next to damen with his head against his shoulder just whenever.

I love these cuties. 

After the shitstorm that was yesterday and today, I seriously needed fluffy, comfort, and cute things. So have some soriel from our @royalbluetale blog. 

I have a bunch of other doodles I have done since late last night, but a lot of them are either my OC’s from original stories that none of ya’ll really know or are spoilers from royalbluetale that I can’t post yet. If I make anything else, I’ll post it.