They make me feel good

This dress is the one piece of clothing that always makes me feel good. It has been with me for three years and every time I put it on whether pregnant or not, I feel like my best self. It was not expensive yet something about its flow just works for even the worst days. Plus Lue gasps when I put it on and literally always holds her round cheeks and says, “oh Mama! Spin, Mama! Spin!” I love her magical view of the world and it forces me to take an extra minute to relish in the simplest nothing’s of life. 🌰

Blogrates bc 200 followers

Hey so I just hit 200 followers so I’m gonna do some blogrates!


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I’ll be tagging all these as ‘anna rates blogs’ so if you don’t want to see these posts just blacklist that. :)

Thank you to all my followers for being wonderful! <3

radio-anti-hero asked:

Seriously though, a round of applause for the native one. I, and probably loads others have learnt Soo much more about natives and native culture. Before you, native one, I didn't know much about natives at all. *rapid, excited clap of respect*

Awww, thank you so much! :))

-The Native One

anonymous asked:

☺️hello sorry to add another question for your pile, but I'm seeing everywhere that scorpios like people with some smarts, my boyfriend is Scorpio and I'm a Taurus we have been together almost 5 years but the thing is I'm dumb as a cucumber. Why would he find interest in me? Like he's so smart he makes me feel like a 4 year old some times😂 thank you and good luck with answering everybody! x

Let me tell you a secret… Ready?
You actually are a lot smarter than you think. He sees something in you, that you don’t see. Don’t make yourself feel inadequate when you’re obviously not.

i have spent the better part of the last month at my boyfriends house and honestly getting a taste of what it is like to go to bed every night and wake up every morning with the person you love, it is really incredible. he is so incredible. its crazy how easy it is to be around him, i don’t feel like i have to put on some kind of act or entertain him or vice versa, we can just be ourselves and hang out and its just so nice. he makes me laugh and smile and just feel good. i love him so much and its the most genuine kind of love i have ever felt. it doesnt feel like overwhelming infatuation or lust. its such a simple kind of feeling that I feel whenever i look at him. i just look at him and i know i love him.

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Your style is amazing!! I love how you've gotten to your ideal body weight and you look so healthy! Your focus doesn't seem to be skinny but just to be healthy:) and how you explain its okay to have cheat days!

Aw thanks so much! In the beginning I definitely did go through a phase where I was more obsessed with how I looked and being skinny. After awhile I learned that being healthy is a LOT more than how you look and eating “perfect” and working out all the time. I think it’s a lot about how you feel and how happy you are. I just live my life, workout and eat well because I love to and it makes me feel good, and I treat myself when I want. I’ve never been happier than I am right now! 

4543) I can't shake the feeling that I'm seeing myself as male too early because I haven't fully "experienced being a woman." For me, that mean I've only had one sexual relationship AS a woman and, though it didn't feel good, it makes me think I'm calling myself a boy too quickly.

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Did you know that supernatural is the worst show? And you don't have a family living in your head. You're an attention whore. It's ok though, it's entertaining to read and it makes me feel good I'll never be as pathetic and worthless as you. You're the reason that people with real mental illness have problems in our country.

imagine being this person

imagine having no idea how mental illness works

imagine believing that this shitty opinion might matter to us like, at all

now imagine getting a life

anonymous asked:

hi sunny! first off I love what you do, you promote healthiness and self confidence! but while trying to up my self confidence I've noticed there are a lot of people who don't like it and if you try to feel good about yourself they'll tear you apart. I'm 5'3 and weigh 100 pounds and feel fairly good about myself but people constantly make me feel like I'm not good enough and that I should change and lose weight, I don't want to but I'm starting to feel that do I get past it?

The first thing you need to know about people is that when it comes to your appearance, the people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care. Essentially meaning that if you’re healthy and doing you, then the people in your life who matter will encourage you to keep on keeping on and won’t urge you to change if you’re healthy and happy.  Only those who are uncomfortable and not confident with themselves will project their own unhappiness with their bodies onto other people. Rather than feeling discouraged when people are bothered when you love yourself, set a good example for them and continue to be proud of who you are no matter what anyone else says.

Also idk what kind of twisted mindset that people who are telling you to lose weight have bc I’m shorter than you and weigh about 20 lbs heavier than you do (not even exaggerating)!! I’m v healthy and fit and that’s all that matters; weight really means nothing to me as long as I know I’m treating my body right.

The boyfriend has a way of making me feel really good about myself, even when allergies make me feel like crap.

He stayed over last night and I’m so glad he did. I just needed to see him, plus he brought pizza and flowers. 😍

Besides the fact that he had to leave so early for work, this morning was perfect.

i really want to learn about ceramics, and learn how to throw clay, i would wear dusty smocks that join like great sweeping eaves at my back ! ever since tash told me that she feels like i would make a really good potter, and have a dream studio full of flowers and sculptures and kate bush (this was on the night when she made me cry with her Luvin), i have been half-obsessed with this thought, and i keep studying the little plates and vases dotted around our house as if to ask them how they came to be?? i wish i could learn by looking


His fans laughed when he started =))))

I know he’s not a good singer but he’s still keep singing for his fans. 

I dont know what my feel but something not good but honest will make me joyful =))

he sang Choi Dalpo’s song in Pinocchio 

there is literally NOTHING like the feeling of sifting patiently through rack after rack of clothing in a thrift store while everyone just mills about not knowing how to look, and finding a rare vintage gem sandwiched between two gross dresses and looking at the price tag and seeing it’s less than $10 - it is like finding treasure and it makes me feel like i am good at something and doing this is really my happy place.

ps. lizzysmart if i ever get my ass to chicago, i feel like we should go on a thrifting marathon and do some real damage

I miss you so much but you are so bad for me. I know you’re already with other girls and it makes me feel like I wasn’t anything special but I am good enough. You broke my heart and can’t even apologize.