They make me feel good

someone told me steven universe would destroy me but all i’ve see so far is ~flowery happy funtimes~. like? how is this sugary sweet show supposed to destroy me??? with cavities??? ?

Dearest Priorities

1. Sleepy

“Big Brother…” Woozily she mumbled, chin slowly nuzzling on his right shoulder. “Giddy…up…” Snores then bubbled out through parted lips. Eyes still nicely shut, Kamui resumed her peaceful slumber.

Marx only curved a lazy smirk as he gave the snoozing girl a piggyback ride. “As you wish, milady.” Hands tucked under her knees, the prince brought her closer until Kamui subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. With more snores bubbled out from her, Marx popped a breathy chuckle and resumed his steps toward her bedroom.

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Hi. Im really fascinated by all your posts. If you don't mind me asking,what are your favorite books?

Probably a surprising answer, but I’ve been reading the Bible every night before I go to bed recently. Im a kid trying to become a man,and the Bible helps me from straying too far from the path that I need to follow and makes me feel good in a way. Just because i’m Buddhist doesn’t mean that I can’t agree with many of the teachings of Christianity.


Forrest Curran

seeing woman-attracted women talk abt their crushes is so so nice it just makes me feel so warm and good and Okay because look i’m not alone in this or gross for having these feelings we are all okay and we exist and by existing reassure each other that we are okay and allowed to have these feelings and !!!!! @all lbpq girls i love you and thank you and please keep talking about the girls u love i love hearing about them and i wish u the best with everything

5124) I don't know if I'm actually Trans, or I just feel male because I was taught to hate females and that woman are the weaker dumber sex. Still, dressing male, cutting my hair and people addressing me as a man in public makes me feel good despite me being pre-t. I'm lost.

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(1/2) Riddle me this, you're pro guns on the grounds that it's our right (contested interpretation of 2nd Amend). They make you and some percent of the population (mostly gun nuts) feel good/safe owning them, but they serve to end lives, whether in defense or whatever, and can be instruments of grisly work. You're anti abortion on the grounds that you're killing a totipotent life. I'll actually give this one to you, although the argument cuts both ways. Barebacking makes me and probably 100% of

Anonymous said:(2/2) the population feel good, and although it’s not my right, it’s my pursuit of happiness, and compared with the former, abortion/morning after pills will never be responsible for the things guns can do. The essential frustration I have with the Right’s stance on both issues is that one can only accomplish objectively bad things while the other can only do subjectively bad things while making people feel good. Sorry for typing like a kid but the character limit is a piece of shit.

First off, there is no contested interpretation of the Second Amendment.  It is 100% certain what the framers intended.  You can easily read what they said about it when the Constitution and Bill or Rights were written. 

Second, placing pleasure before morality is no virtue; and reveling in your own personal liberty at the expense of another’s life is not righteous.  The “pursuit of happiness” is not a free ticket to bask in debauchery, especially when it comes at the detriment, expense, or injury of another.

Lastly, inanimate objects cannot cause injustice.  They lack a consciousness or capability to act independently with moral judgement to “objectively accomplish” harm.  It is only human beings that have this capability.  Guns are merely the means in which people enact their vengeance, animosity or lunacy on another living person.

I’ll also point out, that if you haven’t actually fired a firearm for fun, you don’t understand the pleasure it can exude.

dont get me wrong i love american apparel but like their clothes run pretty small. while i would usually get a size small in a skirt, in order for it to actually fit around my waist, i would need to get a medium or maybe even a large which doesnt really make me feel so good about my body…

theres this guy at work who always asks about my day and how i am and he remembers everything i say like even the stupid pointless stuff like which pick n’ mix sweets i like and that i think cola slushie is gross honestly he’s so nice and he makes me feel so good

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Say It Again.

Group: EXO
Member: Sehun
Type: Smut (requested)
Warnings: Smut

“Say it again.”

Sehun’s long slender fingers rubbed over my ribs, up and down my sides, over my naked chest, stopping to squeeze my breasts. My hands gripped onto the bed’s headboard to steady myself while he pounded into me from behind. His breath was warm in my ear, causing me to shiver. That deep voice could make me wet all by itself.

“That feels so good, Oppa. Do it again,” I repeated, my voice a little shy.

“No, no. Louder sweetheart,” he said, pulling my hair to one side so he could kiss my neck.

My head rolled to the other side to give him more access which he gladly took advantage of.

“That felt so good, Oppa! Do it again please!” I practically yelled at the headboard.

His tongue flicked against my earlobe as he plunged particularly hard into me again. It was those jolting thrusts that got me. I gasped and bit my lip, letting out a low moan. His chuckle tickled my neck before he kissed it.

“That’s it baby. Tell me what you want.”

“Hmmmm,” I groaned as his fingers gave another squeeze to my breasts. His lips ghosted over my spine. But it was his fingers that I was trained on. They left a trail of shivers everywhere they rubbed and squeezed. I wanted them setting fire to my most sensitive part. I grabbed one of his hands and placed his fingers on my folds, guiding him.

He snickered, “So that’s what you want.”

“Yes,” my voice barely above a whisper.

His calloused fingers slipped into my lips and glided through my wetness. My teeth sunk into my lower lip as I whimpered. My hips rolled against his fingers while bucking from his thrusts. His hands moved skillfully on me, rubbing and pinching my clit.

“How does that feel?” he asked. His lips left nice kisses along my spine and on my shoulders.

I could only muster a loud moan for him. But that wasn’t good enough.

“Words, honey. Use your words.”

“It feels so good. No one’s fingers have ever felt this good on me,” I rasped, my knuckles aching from gripping the headboard so hard.

“Really? Is there anything else you want me to do with my fingers?” he questioned, teasingly ghosting his fingertips over my dripping folds.

I groaned, “Don’t tease me.”

“Tell me what you want and I won’t.”

“I want you to make me cum.”

“That’s not a problem.”

His digits went back to my clit, only this time they moved at such a rapid pace that I could barely keep my breath under control from all the pleasure. I whined as his thrusts matched speed with his fingers’ movements.

“Oh, Sehuuunnnn…”

“That’s right. Say my name.”

His lips went back to my neck, his teeth gently raking over my skin. With his free hand he was fondling my breasts and just gliding his fingertips over my skin.

“Sehun~” I choked out.

“Louder,” he grunted, his thrusts slowing down but only to get deeper and rougher.

“Sehuuunnnn!” I blurted out, my fingers on the headboard were slipping.

“You can do better than that. Come on, louder. Tell me, what’s my name?”

He gave out one last thrust that was so deep and so rough, that it had us both coming undone.

“Sehun!” I cried out, my fingers finally slipping off the bed and I fell forward, depending on my elbows to keep me up.

Sehun pulled out of me and rubbed my back soothingly, leaving a kiss against my cheek before pulling me into a relaxing cuddle position. He smiled at me and kissed my shoulder but I was already drifting into a deep sleep.
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Happy things

I was tagged by freedom-is-a-breakfastfood to post 5 things that make me happy!

1. Feeling sore the day after a good workout
2. When one of my favorite artists releases new music after a while
3. Opening up a watermelon that doesn’t taste like water
4. A half price books shopping spree
5. Getting positive, supportive messages on tumblr

I tag yogifindingpeace, plvntstrong, radiantyogi, charlotteswvrld, birdyally, agirlnamedally, maddiebailee, happyveganyogi annnnd whoever else would enjoy doing this!

I fall in love with people so fast I fall in love with people everyday and it is so nice and it makes me happy and I feel so good and am going to cry at my friendships

My favorite aunt/family relative from California is coming to visit my family and she arrives tomorrow and I’ve never been more excited. She makes me feel good about myself and she always sides with me and is always correcting my mom about how she acts towards me and ah !!!! I love her a lot