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so when i was younger I had this very strong assumption that my father was gay. I have no idea where it came from but I just thought he was gay, that my mom and him were just best friends living together, and that every time he left for work he would also be visiting his boyfriend. I remember telling my mom one day after he left for work “you know he’s going to his boyfriends right?” And she was like “what?” And I said “dad is gay” imagine my surprise when my parents told me they were actually married and in love. my whole world was flipped upside at 5years old because my father was actually not gay.

this is all i’m going to add to the garnet discourse but: a chunk of garnet’s story arc is so clearly an allegory to a lesbian and homophobia/heteronormativity that insisting she’s aroace is such a disservice, i mean look at “the answer”, you have garnet standing ashamed and humiliated in a circle of onlookers yelling things like this is unheard of! and this is an abomination!, etc etc

and “why am i so sure i’d rather be this than anything i was supposed to be”

these parts aren’t just ruby and sapphire, it’s garnet facing the discrimination and going through these struggles of coming to terms with being a fusion~ (aka lesbian) and thinking being out will disgust people like rose and pearl and wanting to be accepted for who she is, in the extended theme song she’s literally “i will fight for the place where i’m free/to live together and exist as me” i mean

aroace tumblr can’t insist that garnet’s her own character and then wave off all these obviously intentional parallels to homophobia and being a lesbian to “that’s just ruby and sapphire”, like no, garnet’s a lesbian too, and it’s pretty lesbophobic to suggest she’s canonically aroace~ just because she rejected a man

Clarke, the leader of the 100 (now the 13th clan, the “skaikru”), and Lexa, the Commander of the 12-now-13-Clans, are well-written, strong female protagonists. Both are brave and willing to make tough decisions even when it costs lives. Together, they’re like the fantasy show you always wanted to watch; finally, women are presented as powerful leaders not defined by their relationships with men. And they’re both casually queer. Lexa mentions her deceased female lover Costia and Clarke doesn’t blink. Lexa kisses Clarke…and Clarke kisses back. Clarke has a one night stand with Niylah. No one has to stop and worry about what this means for her sense of identity, no one has to face the anguish of coming out to friends and family. Two of the most powerful characters in the world of The 100 are queer and no one bats an eye.

“My name is Hakim and I am in love. I want to marry the woman of my dreams, Falastin, but in order to do so I need your help.

Here is our story:

I met Falastin 7 years ago in the besieged Gaza Strip, where we were both born and raised. We are both passionate about poetry and literature and our paths crossed as we began to write. We have wanted to get married for some time but are unable to do so because we simply cannot afford to.

Why? In our society, getting married isn’t done by going to the authorities and signing a document.  In order to be able to live together our families and the society surrounding us have to accept our relationship. That’s why we have to follow traditional wedding procedures.

For us to be able to live together as a married couple, the groom must have a furnished apartment. He must also rent a wedding hall for the traditional celebration, provide lunch for the wedding guests, as well as pay for the hairdressing, studio photography and transportation.

All of this is impossible because the Israeli/Egyptian siege has suffocated Gaza’s economy. In these difficult circumstances, few in Gaza are able to get married, and those who do rely on their families or collective wedding projects.

We are both professionals — I am an architect and Falastin is a computer engineer — but neither of us are able to find employment in our fields because of the economic situation.

As an architect, I was hoping to be involved in the reconstruction of Gaza following last year’s attack on the Strip which left more than 100,000 buildings and homes damaged or destroyed. I was also hoping to build houses for newlyweds, including my own house. But, an architect requires building materials and with the continued siege on Gaza, building materials have not made it to Gaza and only a mere small number of homes have since been rebuilt. Instead of working as an architect, I work in community service centers and child care centers – neither of which allow me to save enough money to get married. Living together, outside of marriage, is not an option in Gaza.

Falastin is no different. Instead of working as a computer engineer, she works to ensure that children have a right to play. She earns a meagre salary. We are now part of the statistics of the Gaza Strip with the highest youth unemployment in the Middle East. But we have hope: we do not want to leave Gaza; we want to help reconstruct it and we want to build a future for us and for our nation.

We hope that you will help us with our new life together.”

I’m so broke so I thought I’d repost this with the link in hopes some of you will help this beautiful couple get married. Here’s the link again 

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Do you think Mulder and Scully will live together again or they will just be in love in different cities and go to work together but go home alone? It makes me sad thinking about it tbh.

Mulder and Scully are sharing a blanket, cuddled up on the porch of the unremarkable house tonight. She is nestled between his legs, curled slightly with her ear over his heart as his chest rumbles with speech. He tells her every time he’d wished her back to life, rubbing her back to the beat of his story. Eventually, she drifts to sleep for the first time in 24 hours, clutching the sides of his shirt. But he doesn’t stop sharing his wishes. The ones he keeps to himself when she’s awake, the ones he dreams will come true for her, for them, for their son, all come tumbling out into the night. And before he joins her in the land in-between, he wishes the one thing he’s wished since the day she walked into his life.

Please, love me.

what if neil’s mom had not only stolen neil away on that night (you know the one i’m talking about), but also kevin? what if kevin and neil were raised on the run together, but instead of watching from afar they learned to play exy in every country they ran to. what if neil and kevin developed a brother bond super strong from living on the run together and trying to keep each other alive


Please imagine Adrien and Marinette grown up and living together. One day, Adrien offers to do some grocery shopping, but only comes back with several huge, heavy ass 1kg nutella jars.

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Ruthful Tuesday.

No pun in ten did. 

* When I fall apart a little inside and outside over my failures as a person I like to remember my successes as a mother. It might seem like I hate everything about myself but I love that I’ve given everything to keep my children happy and their lives and family together. No shade to those with different family units. I just like mine. And it’s taken a lot of work to keep it together. 

* I restrain myself a lot for someone who has comments for everything and I think I should be posthumously awarded for this skill. It takes a very strong sense of self and a stronger sense of fashion. 

* Speaking of fashion I’ve officially become the girl who buys sneakers instead of high heels due mostly in part to having no night life and RA, and too many high heels, and a sense of comfort. Air Jordy’s, converse, Nike Air’s and Adidas high tops for the win. And for the ability to walk. 

* I don’t give myself props that often, my job is shit, and I suck as a person in general but I will always be proud to say I work my ass off for anything I do have. I also work my ass off for things I don’t have. Like a great body. I can only do so much work on my face. Let’s just leave it at that. 

*  A homeless man approached my car today and once seeing my Subway attire and accompanying visor he took one look and walked to another car. I will always be aware of how much I’ve sacrificed for where I’m at now and that’s not saying very much. I’m at a food court in some black crocs. 

This entire post turned into a giant humble brag about how hard I work to be mediocre and that’s probably sadder than the current state of my hair. Just kidding. My hair is awesome. It’s one of my only redeeming qualities. That and my dedication to deep throating so much so that I practiced on a state fair zucchini just to appease my ex. 

He still dumped me. 

But I can still deep throat. 


Spaleb Thoughts 6x15
  • They are full on living together. Spencer asking if they had any food, Caleb making her coffee for her. Casual (okay, serious) morning talks in bed. I love it.
  • The shoulder kiss. The neck kiss. Spencer standing as high up on her tiptoes as possible to kiss him. So much sexual tension and so much chemistry.
  • I love that Spencer is so open with Caleb and going straight to him with all of her concerns re: A. I feel like she really feels like she can come to him with anything… and it’s really refreshing and a nice contrast prior relationships on the show which were muddled with secrecy and lies. AND Caleb gets shit done. When she showed up with Yvonne’s phone after making an admittedly dubious moral decision, he didn’t shame her or judge her, he was just was like, “Okay, we can work with this.” 
  • Also, the scene with Hanna really solidified for me that Caleb is over that relationship. He loves her in the way that you love all people who were an important part of your life, and he’s glad they can be friends and that she feels comfortable coming to him with things, but I truly think he’s moved on…. and he’s really into Spencer. He couldn’t resist holding onto Spencer’s hand a little longer than necessary when she handed him that phone. As soon as she came in, she was the focus of his attention 100% and same for Spencer re: Caleb.

What did YOU think about the episode? As always feel free to send me any thoughts in an ask or a message! Always up for a discussion!

Get the truth about people who get abortions!

  • By age 45, about half of American [people with uteri] will have an unintended pregnancy.
  • And nearly 1 in 3 will have an abortion.
  • 36% are white, 30% are black, 25% are Hispanic, and 9% are of another race.
  • 58% are in their 20s.
  • 73% are religiously affiliated.
  • 6 in 10 already have a child.
  • 88% have their abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • 69% are economically disadvantaged.
  • 45% are never-married, 29% are living together, 15% are married, and 11% are previously married.