They had some really nice button up

Page 365 out of 365

Genre: fluff
Warnings: alcohol mention, fireworks mention
Word count: 1,043 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Dan and Phil go to a New Year’s party which turns out differently than they had expected.

A/N: This is an art/fanfic collab with @a-little-bit-awkward! Check out her art here.

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First Dates

Dimitri was still in a bit of shock. He was actually going on a date with her. It hadn’t really left his mind since she had said yes. And when he left the bakery to his one worker he panicked a bit. What if the date was a failure…what if he dressed wrong? God, it was all so hard. It might be wrong, no matter what he did. After some long consideration, he went with a button up with the sleeves rolled up. He looked nice, but not like he tried too hard or anything. 

And then he went to restaurant. It was a nice place that was pretty inexpensive, but also not bad in quality or in price. So he figured so that it would be nice, a perfect place to have a first date. It was around 6:42 when he walked in the door. Not that early. Just perfect. 

Shut Up and Dance with Me - Owen Grady x Reader

A/N: Turn on Shut Up and Dance. And turn it up loud.

Looking in the mirror, you gave your reflection a little fist bump. You’ve never had a better hair day. Perfect timing, too:

The Raptor Squad Summer Block Party was tonight.

Every few months, a division of Jurassic World hosted some sort of “work” party. But really, at that point, no one on the island felt like coworkers. Living on a tiny commercial theme park-ified island in Central America—your friend choices were pretty limited.

So you partied. And that seemed to keep everyone from getting cabin fever.

“Ready?” You answered the knock on your door. Barry and Owen had offered to swing by your bungalow and pick you up.

Owen Grady, you sighed inwardly. He looked good tonight. A nice pair of fitted jeans and a black button down with the sleeves rolled up. It proved to be challenging, but you tried to keep your relationship with him as professional as possible…but—you can’t say you resisted his flirtations.

You smiled as you saw him give your backless dress and your beat up sneakers a once over.

The party was in full swing when arrived. Owen quickly got swept up in conversation, but his hand hardly left the small of your back. You liked when his hands lingered on you. Not quite a promise, but the anticipation was enough to make you dizzy.

He whispered in your ear. “Everyone keeps asking me how smart the raptors are. I don’t want to talk about work anymore.”

“Owen, you always want to talk about the girls.” You countered.

He laughed, not denying your statement. He gave you a look as the DJ started to play one of your favorite songs. Owen took your arm, you think, you don’t know how it happened, and led you to the dance floor. “Shut up and dance with me.” He said, spinning you with your arm high above your head.

Tonight, it seemed everyone was helpless to the bass and the fading light. Coworkers would rotate through, dancing and signing, drinking and laughing. Owen, not surprisingly, was an excellent dancer. The right amount of touching, hands on hips, and always kept you laughing with some new made up move of his.

Barry had gone off to fetch a round of tequila shots, but he had been gone a while. You looked around the room for him–but Owen turned you back around so you were looking straight at him.

“You’re holding back.” He said over the music, while spinning you once again. You laughed. "Keep your eyes on me.” He said, pulling you closer.

You were holding back a bit. It felt like every pair of eyes were on the two of you. And often, they were. Owen was one of your best friends on the island. Everyone thought you were bound to get together, as if it was an eventuality.

It made you self-conscious–your actions being scrutinized and judged. But it wasn’t worth missing out on an opportunity to explore what you had with Owen. It was chemical. Physical. It was your kryptonite.

So, you let yourself become a victim of the night. And when he looked deep into your eyes, it was as if he was seeing his destiny, his future. Which was infatuating and infuriating. You felt it in your chest as he looked at you. 

You knew then. You were bound to be together. He kissed you. Right there on the dance floor. A deep kiss. One hand cupped around your face, the other on your back. You answered his kiss, throwing your arms around his neck like you had imagined doing so, so many times. 

Someone cleared their throat loudly. Barry had finally come back with those tequila shots. “What did I miss?” He laughed cheerfully, passing on a shot to you, and clapping Owen on the back.

“Cheers!” Barry toasted, and you smirked at the bashful smile Owen wore across his face as you downed the shots.

Later, the two of you had found a blanket and a campfire. You cuddled together, the blanket around both of you while you leaned into his chest, sitting between his legs. His arms wrapped around your waist. He’d kiss your temple, breathing in the scent of your hair, and gently rocking you back and forth.

“Why tonight, Owen?” You asked. You had been alone together countless of times, and he never made his move.

“I realized, this might be my last chance.” You tilted your head at his answer. He kissed you again. “You never know what tomorrow holds. The raptors could turn on us all.”

You rolled your eyes, but smiled as you turned kissed him, and pulled him to his feet. “Shut up and dance with me.”