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Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Nightmare

Imagine having a horrible nightmare about Zoom and Harry comforting you.

Note: I’m so sorry for not posting for more than a week, I didn’t really have a lot of time to write and it’ll probably get even worse in the upcoming 3 weeks. I’ll still try to post as much as I can but I promise that after I (hopefully lol) successfully graduate, there will be a lot of fics coming up!
(Still working on the part 2 of my last fic!)
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Harry has always warned you, all of you, about how dangerous Zoom can be and what he’s capable of.

You knew that Barry isn’t ready. Not yet. You knew that somewhere deep down inside. He still had to get better, faster, stronger. But the clock was ticking, time was running out. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Fighting Zoom that night was a horrible idea and you couldn’t stop blaming yourself. Barry shouldn’t have faced him. Not alone at least.

You could have stopped him. You should have.

And now Barry was stuck in a wheelchair barely able to walk.

Zoom’s power was much greater than you imagined and it was hard to believe that he thing under the mask is still human.

How were you supposed to beat him now? Without Barry. Was it even possible?

It was driving you crazy. You barely even slept anymore. And when you finally did, you woke up screaming. The few past night were horrible and this one was no different.

You opened you eyes wide, breathing heavily, heart pounding in the state of emergency.

After a second of massively intense panic you realized it was all just a dream.

Just a dream.

The same as always. All over again. You see Zoom fighting Barry that night again. But this time the red speedster doesn’t make it out alive.

Quickly glancing around you made you realize you fell asleep on that tiny little sofa in your workshop once more. You sit up drawing your knees closer to your chest and laying your head on top of them as you started sobbing quietly.

It was okay to cry, right? There was no one there after all. Just you and the darkness. So you thought. You didn’t even notice the sound of the door opening.

„Y/N, did you see my-“

The familiar voice forced you to look up meeting the gaze of the genius scientist. You wanted to say something … but you couldn’t.

Even though the room was pretty dark, there was enough light for him to notice the state you were in. Red, tear-rimmed eyes, with watery streak falling down your cheeks.

„Y/N … are you alright?“ Harry asked gently as he came closer and leaned over to wipe the tears away from your face.

You weren’t used to that side of him. And you definitely didn’t want him to see you like this. But you simply couldn’t stop the tears rolling down one after another.

He didn’t really need an answer as he could pretty easily tell that you were not alright.

„Come here.“ He said softly as he picked you up in his arms, you instantly wrapping your legs around his waist and burying your head in his shoulder as he held you.

He knew exactly where you had your music since he spent quite some time here lately as Cisco couldn’t stand Harry’s habit of throwing stuff around when he was pissed off.

He pushed the little button and a song started to play. Probably one of your favourites.

You had no idea where he was going with all this but you couldn’t complain, it was actually really nice. You finally felt like you could let go.

You tangled your arms around his neck and let the tears pour down your face once again, your voice muffled as you pressed yourself tight against his shoulder.

He didn’t say anything. He was just there for you. Gently stroking your back with one hand and slowly sliding his fingers through your hair with the other one as he swayed lightly on his feet.

None of you said a word, uncertain about how much time has passed.

„.Harry?…“ You finally spoke. „Can I ask you something?“

„Hmm?“ He nodded. There was a surprise in his voice but you could see the relief in his eyes when he noticed you were feeling slightly better.

„… why are you being so nice to me?“

You couldn’t tell for sure because of the dark but you could swear his cheeks colored, subtly, but still, as he averted your gaze for few seconds before looking back.

„… because I care about you.“

A genuine smile appeared on your face.

„I care about you, too.“

He seemed like didn’t expect such answer at first but he smiled back, with a real smile, a smile you haven’t seen from him before.

„Come on, you’re not sleeping alone tonight.“ He whispered as he kissed you forehead softly before you could embarrass him any further.

—Next morning—

„Harry, HARRY! We’ve got a proble-“ Cisco screamed out as he rushed in through the door. „ … ou. Sorry.“

„Did you guys like … sleep together?“

„No. Well, yes, we did sleep together … but we didn’t sleep together …“ Harry tried to explain but failed miserably.

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

„He’s trying to say we didn’t make out.“

„… yet.“ Cisco added winking at you causing you face to turn red.

Sherlolly Week 2017 Day 2: First Date

(The rating is still G on this one. Set in S1, sometime after ASiP but before TGG.)


“Sherlock?  What are you doing here?  Do you have another case already?” Molly asked, setting her bag on the lab table.  He’d only left a few hours before.

“Nope.  John has a date and I’m not to return to the flat until two at the earliest, which, I have to say, is highly optimistic of him considering the length of his shower this morning.”  He went back to looking at whatever slide he had in the microscope.

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A Soulmate to remember chap 7

A/N- Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that my request box is open and empty

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5Chapter 6

Tags: @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots,@marvelsimaginess, @naturalnation123 , @suavehayes (let me know if I missed you/you want to be tagged) so I can add you to the list! Hope you enjoyed!

TW: Churches? Otherwise, none

Y/N- Your name 

L/N- Last Name

Word count: 1,863

You were sitting in an extra little sitting room, and You had just finished checking up on all of your college classes, and making sure you had completed all of the homework, when your mother let out a shrill call, “Y/N- phone!”

“Make sure you don’t listen in this time,” You call back a you reached over to the still-operable landline- that your mother refuses to get rid of -with your free hand. I pick it up and press the button, “Hello, Y/N L/N speaking.”


You immediately stop typing on your laptop and set it aside on the couch, “Jason! How are you, I saw a little bit of the situation on the TV - are you okay?”

He seemed taken aback for a moment, but cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, Yeah, a little bruised up, but I’m fine.”

You let out the breath, “Good, good, I’m glad, I knew you could probably take care of yourself, but still.”

Jason was silent for a moment, and you didn’t know wether to break the silence or wait until he felt like talking, and before you could make your decision he spoke, “So, I, uh, found your cellphone today.”

You blinked in surprise, “Really? You did? I ah, mean Thank you, but, uh, when in the world did you find time to find it?”

Jason was smirking, you could tell by his tone, “Oh, just found a little time, no big deal. When can I get it too you, I figured you need it.”

You nodded, “yeah, say I’ve got work in the morning, would you like to come with me to-“

The phone started ringing and You muttered under your breath when you noticed it was your boss, ‘hey it’s my boss, I should really take this… could I put you on hold real quick?”


“Thanks I’l make it quick, I promise.”

You quickly put Jason on hold before accepting the call from your boss, Steph who is quick to ask, “Oh, my gosh I saw on the news about your Uncle’s party- are you okay?”

You laughed, “Yeah Steph, I’m fine, just surprised you haven’t asked yet.”

Steph squealed, “Oh- M-Gee, about Jason Wayne meeting his soul mate, I was gonna, do you know who the mystery woman is?”

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Just for you

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Part 1

Request: “Can I request a two part angst with Baekhyun where you were best friends and he loved you but he was two late to confess because you were dating Sehun. Then 3 years later you guys met each other and… will you finish it because that’s all I have. 😘”-anon

Genre: Angst. Prepare yourself because there ain’t gonna be no fluff.

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: He has been waiting so much time for this. Knowing each other for so long, he knew you were the right girl for him. But when he gets the courage to confess his feelings to you, he is faced with the fact that you’re already taken.

Today was the big day for him. The day he would have to finally man up. The day he would take actions for what he has felt for a long time. The day were he will put his fear of rejection aside and take up enough courage to tell you everything he wanted to all this time.

He convinced himself, it was the day. Because previous days he would think of doing it but end up dismissing the idea and not doing anything. But this time was different, this time he was going to do it.

He had everything sorted out, well almost everything. He did invite you for dinner at a nice restaurant but was he didn’t know exactly was what he was going to say to you. Or more specifically, how he was going to express his feelings to you.

The anticipation was eating him alive. Of course you were his best friend, known you for years now. But that didn’t stop himself from getting anxious for your reaction. What would you think of him? Would you feel the same? And If you didn’t what would happen with the friendship you both had?

If there was something putting pressure on him more than the rest for his worries of the night, it was that. He didn’t want the bond between you two to end at all, but he wanted to be honest with you. You were his best friend after all and he told you everything that was bothering him or things like that. Everything but his feelings, and that was going to change.

He was already at the table he reserved for the both of you in the restaurant. He had a nice buttoned up shirt and dark jeans. He wanted to seem like he put some thought to his outfit but not too much that would make him seem like he was trying too hard. And it was really a rarely the times he got to dress in anything other than his usual clothes so he figured he’d give them a shot. After a few moments of looking back and forth waiting for you, there you came. You walked in with a casual medium length dress, hair behind your shoulders and a loving smile making everything he noticed about you even better.

You spotted him and walked to the table. Baekhyun stood up and walked to your seat and pulled out the chair for you. You were flattered by his actions and grinned to him “Such a gentleman Baekhyunie~ Please take a seat, don’t worry about me” he grinned back at you and sat down in his seat.

He sat a cross from you, starting to feel his heart flutter. You both talked to each other a lot and it was a normal thing to eat together but this time was different. This time he had been holding back his feeling and he was planning on letting them go for once. This time was the time for Baekhyun to finally let you know.

“So, how has my bestfriend been in these few weeks?” you asked Baekhyun, “You know, we should go eat together a lot more and even more now if you’re the one paying.” He laughed and replied “What are you talking about I pay for you all the time!” you laughed along and said “I know, I’m just teasing you.”

“I’ve been fine as ever, not much has happened since we last talked” he admitted. You looked at him suspiciously “Not much? From Chanyeol’s point of view, you seemed to be stressing a whole bunch about something he refused to tell me himself” you said to him.

In that moment, he cursed at Chanyeol in his head. His beloved close friend was well aware of his struggling with feelings towards you and even encouraged him to talk to you. What Baekhyun didn’t know is that Chanyeol was spilling the truth (well, not the complete truth, thankfully) to the one person it was about. He made a mental reminder to choke Chanyeol as soon as he sees him again for almost snitching on him.

He gasped “You’ve been talking with Chanyeol about me behind my back?” he added “I did not expect this from you, tsk tsk. If you want to know how I am, just ask me, not that idiot.” You then said “Well he did tell me something you haven’t told me. Come on Baekhyun, I’m your bestfriend, shouldn’t you feel comfortable enough to tell me if something is bothering you? I know I’m not always full of advice to give you but I’m always here to listen to anything you want to rant or just talk about” you finished, putting your hand on the top of his arm that was resting on the table and caressing it while looking at him with a sweet smile in your face.

He reciprocated a small smile to you as he put his other hand on top of the hand you were caressing him with. “It’s now that, I know I can trust you Y/n, but it’s just not that easy” he admitted while avoiding eye contact. He knew that if he looked up to your doll like eyes again while you touched him so softly, he’d crack and tell you everything in that moment and he didn’t want that. He wanted to wait a bit more, enjoy this moment with you just for a little longer just in case things went badly after he confesses to you.

You were about to ask him what exactly wasn’t so easy to talk about as he just claimed but your thoughts were interrupted by the waiter greeting the both of you and asking for your orders. You sighed quietly and smiled politely to the waiter to then look at your menu quickly and choosing the most appealing meal you could find. You knew something was up with Baekhyun and obviously you wanted to know what was bothering him so much. It did worry you a bit but you decided to let him talk to you about it when he was ready to. You didn’t want to rush him and possibly make him feel a bit more stressed because of it.

After the waiter left, he got oddly quiet. You guessed it was because of what you had previously were talking to him about and felt a little bad. You looked down at your lap, messing with the skirt of your dress, thinking of how to enlighten the conversation of at least change the subject he was clearly not comfortable enough to talk about in the moment. And then something popped into your head.

“You know,” you started telling him “you’re not the only one with secrets” that made him look up to you slightly confused. “There’s something you haven’t told me?” he said tilting his head unconsciously like a puppy. You giggled at his gesture and nodded “Yep, I was planning to tell you later on the week but I guess I can tell you now” you said and he nodded waiting for you to continue.

You inhaled and exhaled, feeling a bit nervous for what your best friend thought about what you were about to tell him but you pushed your anxiety aside because you knew he would support you through everything, like he always had.

“Well I have two things to tell you actually” you started saying “The first one is that I was offered a really good job outside the country. They’re going to pay me a really good amount per hour and also pay for my transportation. I know what you’re gonna say; it’s far away. But I’ve thought about it for sometime and I think it’s a good idea” you ended. He didn’t have any specific expression on his face, it was very serious and blank, but you knew him well enough to know he didn’t feel the happiest about it.

He continued to look at you and sighed, taking this information in. You, his bestfriend and girl he was madly in love with was going to move far away from him for sometime, who knows how many years. It pained him the thought of not being able to see you often as he would, not being able to share more times together or not having a chance at a relationship with you. Distance was going to be a pain in the ass, he knew skype calls and text messages wouldn’t cover or makeup for anything they can do in the moment together. But he also knew how hardworking you were and if you were even considering it, it must be because you wanted it.

“What did your parents say about this?” he asked “I know they wont be pleased with not having you around them”. You replied “I haven’t told anyone besides you, Baekhyun” and added “I was going to tell everyone this weekend but, I guess I just couldn’t wait to tell you”. That made Baekhyun’s heart skip a beat. You didn’t say it with the intention of making him feel some type of way but the your voice was so soft and lovely in his ears, he couldn’t help but to feel special.

He quickly snapped out of his little daze when the waiter came to their table serving them their orders. They both thanked the waiter as he walked away and began eating. Baekhyun paused himself, wanting to continue the conversation and said to you “Well, you better not think you’re getting rid of me that easily Y/n. You’ll have to do more than just move far away to do that” you laughed at his comment and said “Oh I’m sure it wont be easy but don’t worry because you aren’t getting rid of me either. I’ll come back for the holidays and gossip with Chanyeol to keep tracks on you” and he laughed loudly at that.

“But there’s also something else I have to tell you” you said catching his attention. He lifted his look from his food and stared at you waiting for you to continue. “You know Sehun from our hometown?” you asked and he responded “Oh Sehun, the one who was in our elementary school?” you nodded. He said “Yeah I remember him, barely but I do. What about him?” you then paused for a minute trying to collect the words to say and ease this to him. He was always understanding and supportive when it came to the decisions you took but even then, you didn’t fail to feel nervous as the words were about to come out of your mouth.

“He contacted me not so long ago and we started hanging out” you said “He’s actually really funny and cool. He dances amazingly too, like a professional dancer-” and without noticing you proceeded to rabble on about him to Baekhyun. Baekhyun began to feel jealous as you talked a bout another guy so deeply to him. He balled his fists under the table so you couldn’t see them as  thoughts about where this was going clouded his mind. Something told him to stop listening, to just get up and go. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He cut you off, unable to let himself hurt even more and asked “Your point is?”. You stopped your rambling and cleared your throat to talk. “I’m in a relationship now, with Sehun” you said looking at his face to see his reaction when you announced to him the news. But you began to feel strange as there was no expression, he was just blank.

In Baekhyun’ s mind, he was in chaos. He knew this would happen sooner or later if you didn’t feel the same for him but he didn’t know it would hurt this bad. It was like a blow to the heart. He didn’t even get to tell you how he felt, damn it, he thought. If he would have talked to you sooner. If you wouldn’t have met Sehun again. If you actually would have fallen for him, he wouldn’t be hurting so badly. He thought about all of this but he knew deep inside, there was no point to think about the it’s and what if’s.

The reality of the situation was presented to him with a spoon full of sugar but it tasted to bitter to him. He couldn’t swallow and digest it. The thought of you being in love with another man made his stomach turn. The thought of you being touched, kissed, caressed, loved by someone else made him sick. He wanted to spit out this awful truth but he couldn’t. He loved you and loving someone means taking care of and wanting only the best for them. And if loving you meant he’d just have to let you go and let you be happy with another man, he was willing to do just that. Just for you.

You stayed seated anxiously as the minutes flew by and you waited for his response. He stayed dangerously stiff also, not flinching at all when you moved in your seat. You wanted to know what he was thinking, what was running through his mind that had him so lost in thought. You wanted to say something and pull him out of his thoughts but you didn’t for some reason, you just sat there waiting for him to speak again. And he did.

Baekhyun sighed as he directed his eyes back to your face. The face he looked at with so much love was now full of worry. He took his hand from under the table to take yours. His thumb caresses your hand as he savored this little moment in his head. He pasted a smile on his face for you as he finally responded “I’m really happy for you Y/n, I hope he makes you really happy” in a caring tone. You smiled at him as the weight was lifted of your shoulders. Seeing him so supportive made you happy and glad you told him before anyone else. You squeezed his hand in yours and said “Thank you so much Baekhyun, you have no idea how much this means to me” making him squeeze your hand back and reply “Just as long as he’s a good guy and treats you right, I’ll approve it. If you’re happy, I’m happy”.

You felt your smile grow even larger if it was possible and looked at him. You both pulled your hands away and went to continue eating. As you were about to lift up the fork, you felt your phone vibrate in your purse. You took your bag and looked at your phone. It was a message from Sehun saying  he’d come to pick you up and he was waiting outside. You looked out and quickly spotted his car.

“I’m sorry Baek but I have to get going” you said to him as you began to lift up and stand from your seat “Sehun came to pick me up”. His gaze never left his plate as he nodded and said “Oh okay, I’ll see you around then”. You said your goodbyes and before walking out you hugged him from behind and said “Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it” and he replied “Anything for you, Y/n” and with that you un wrapped your arms from him and walked away.

You got outside and walked directly to Sehun who was leaning against his car in the parking lot. “Who was that?” he was asked and you couldn’t help but laugh at his straight-forwardness. You kissed his cheek and walked to the passenger side telling him “Baekhyun his my bestfriend, don’t stress about it”. You both sat in the car and you continued saying “In fact, I want you two to met soon” and he nodded his head. “Well if he is your bestfriend then he must be a good guy” he said and you mumbled “He sure is” as the car drove off and you were on your way home.

Baekhyun stood up later after you left and called the waiter to pay the bill. At this point his appetite was gone and he just wanted to leave, wanting nothing more that swim in the bed sheets of his room and sleep, hoping to dream with a reality far better than this one.

He stepped out of the restaurant and walked to his cars with his keys in hand. He opened the door and sat down in the driver seat. Closing the door he took a deep breath, still taking in what just had happened. Turning on the car radio in hopes to distract himself, he rested his head on the staring wheel and listened to the songs being played. After a while, he lifted his head and started the car. He could already feel the wetness in his cheek from the tears that had ran down his face. He couldn’t help them. He was alone and vulnerable so he let himself go while he was driving home. His vision was cloudy and it was almost not possible to see the road correctly but he couldn’t help it. He just loved you that much.

A/N: So sad! And the best/worst thing is that there wasn’t someone who was being the antagonist, both characters were doing what they thought was best. There will be a second part where they meet again though, so yeah. Any questions or thoughts leave them in my inbox! Take care, sweeties *waves goodbye*

Co Workers (Part Nineteen)

A/N: Surprise! I’ve decided to finally bless you all with a fluff chapter!!!!!!! I know I’ve been screwing your emotions for awhile. I thought I’d let up a bit. (for a while anyway muahahahaha) I even left you with a fluffy gooey cliff hanger

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there is any for once! (heheh)

Word Count: 2.2k

Catch up HERE Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Okay,” she said as she continued to read, “so you said you’d been drinking quite a lot lately?”

“Yeah,” you started, “I just, I needed it.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work on all of it.-” She sat the folder down on the desk and took her glasses off- “but right now, I’m asking because this shows that your hCG levels are about 75,500.”

You squinted at her and crossed your arms, “What’s that mean?”

She looked at you, slightly surprised that you didn’t know.

“It means that you’re pregnant, Y/N.”

You stared at her for a moment, not quite sure how to process what she’d just said. You looked around, finally holding your arm up and pointed to it.

“I-I have the arm thing, it’s supposed to be good for three years!” you practically shouted.

She stood up and walked around her desk and sat in the chair next to yours. You looked down at your lap.

“I-I can’t right now, I just, my job, and Misha, and-” you looked up at her- “I have to call him.”

You’re eyes shot open as the earsplitting alarm clock went off. You groaned and flung your arm over to hit the snooze button. It didn’t shut off. You sat up, leaning over to look at where the damn shut off button was. 7 AM. You rubbed your eyes and swung your feet off of the bed. You’d gotten maybe, three hours of sleep or so. You’d been up most of the night tossing and turning in the uncomfortable bed that they gave you.

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New Year’s Eve (Yuri x Otabek)

Type: One shot

Genre: Fluff and Romance

Word count: 2,667

Pairing: Yurabek also known as Otayuri (Yuri/Otabek)

Summary: Every New Year’s party Yuuri and Viktor hold Yuri and Otabek attend and for the last two years Yuri has been trying to get his midnight kiss with Otabek, he’s failed for two years but he won’t give up that easily.

Warnings: None.

A/N:  Prompt me if you have any, I hope you enjoy this one shot and thanks to the person who sent me this prompt :3 I edited this in like 10 minutes so sorry if it sucks major ass 


The first New Year’s Party

 11:00 p.m.

Yuri sat in the corner of the crowded living room of Viktor’s flashy roof top apartment, people were sitting and standing talking excitedly to each other as the time moved closer to midnight, Yuri sighed to himself as he looked around the room everyone seemed happy for the year to be over all except Yuri Plisetsky, he always hated the start of a new year with everyone making plans to be a better them with all their resolutions that they end up failing within the first week of the new year, Yuri thought it was pathetic and stupid and he wanted to stay in the year that he finally one Gold, his angry thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone sitting next to him, as he looked to see who it was he saw Otabek’s handsome face

“What are you moping about over here?” He asked with a smirk

Yuri crosses his arms over his small chest “I am not moping” he replies stubbornly

“Sure” Otabek says taking a sip of the beer in his hand “Got any resolutions?”


“Not one?”

“No” Yuri looks over at Otabek ‘He looks really handsome tonight’ Yuri thinks to himself as he looks Otabek up and down, he had on a fitting black shirt with the first three buttons undone he also had on nicely fitting dark blue jeans, he looked up to see Otabek watching him which caused his pale cheeks to heat up a bright red

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He guys. As you can see Sir and I had a fun play day this week hehehe. This is everything that I bought from this awesome site called they make a while bunch of different kink stuff that is great quality, works fantastic and is reasonably priced :) I juat wanted to do a shot out for an awesome company that helped me break some barriers this week hehehe.

Sir and I got to use the dildo at the club and I have to say OMGods I am LOVING it. At first I was nervous about bringing it to the club because my hole always tightens up when someone else is trying to stuck something up it. When I am not in control my hole tries to shut down. Well I have to say that that didn’t happen with this dildo. It is strong enough that it stays up when I’m trying to sit on it but flexible enough that my ass can take a lot of it hehehe. Sir opened me up real fast and good with it. I was pushing my ass back hard on that dildo to get it in farther. I actaully wanted the dildo in my ass farther and farther hehehe. And the really nice thing is that it is the same size and girth of my Sir so riding it is like riding my Sir. I can now practice taking his dick while he isn’t even around hehehe. Hope Sir can handle all the practice I get while he is on vacation hehehe.

Now our play day started out with Sir being really aggressive. He was certainly in FULL control and was making it know hehehe. He was working my nips and chest HARD! slapping them harder and harder. He was ordering me to strip and I was on my best behavior. No brat was in that room that night lol. When Sir took his shirt off he had a white mesh what looked like a shirt but ended up being a onesie on. It really showed off his nips grrrrrr. He took off his pants and got on the bed with his ass in the air and told me to eat his ass! Grrrrrrr one of my favorite activities. I lept up and devoured ass much Sir ass as I could. Dupping my tongue in and out. Nibbling at his ass cheeks and running my beard all over his ass. Mmmmmmmm. That’s when Sir told me to get my new paddle from the pic. Sadly I had forgotten that item so he had me get out my new dildo and he lubed it up and worked it into my ass. Man did it feel good. I opened up really nice and slowly and stayed open. Sir was able ti stuck his dick directly into my ass without my ass tring to fight him hehehe. YAY! That was such a great feeling. I can’t wait till Sir goes to town with his rock hard aching to get off dick and just ruins my ass hehehehe.

After that play Sir thought we should go to the hot tub but I got him distracted enough by playing with his nips that he wanted to get off first hehehe. I can be such a brat hehehe. I qorked his nips and then slowly sucked Sirs cock till he was nice and hard. Then I pushed a finger onto his hole and worked it on his hole while sucking. It got him so hard and he came really fast after that Hehehe. I like knowing some of my Sirs buttons. Don’t abuse them but know when to use them strategically hehehe. So afrer he recovered which took a minute. He was shuddering for almoat a minute hehehe we when to soak in the hot tub to recover which was nice. Everyone gets a chance to warm up and recover before round two hehehe. And round two to my surprise ended up being for me :) hehehe. Sir had me get out my new vibrator and was working over my whole body with it. My nips, chest, legs, feet…everything. MAN it felt good. Espically when he was working my feet lol. After my body got to feel the vibrator my dick got his turn. He was feeling good and when Sir put it on the spot just below my dick head on the underside of my dick I blew. It was sooooo great and I just let go and came hehehe. And this time Sir didn’t turn the pleasure into pain by continuing to rub my dick head.thank you Sir. It was nice to ride the pleasure the whole time :) remember boys to alwaya thank your Sir qhen you cum. It is his gift to you when he lets that happen
:) mmmmmmm it was such a nice night. Can’t wait to do it again hehehe. Have fun all you nasty fuckers out there. BYES

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Hi! I'd like do know... I'm a poor little thing who really like to had some ouji clothes. I don't know where I can find some cheap clothes. There's the Bodyline shop, but I don't really trust the quality... Argh. What can I do? (And sorry for my crappy english)


My best tip for finding more affordable ouji is to check Japanese second-hand sites. You can find some really great deals there, and the quality will be great too, since you’re getting brand items. Japanese second-hand sites typically won’t sell items that are significantly damaged or stained, so the clothes you buy from them will be in good condition too, even though they are used. Plus, most of them will ship internationally, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a shopping service. While I do occasionally buy pieces new from the brands or from Lacemarket, the majority of my wardrobe was purchased from these sites.

There’s a comprehensive list of them under the “secondhand” tab on Buttcape’s Where to Buy Ouji guide here.

I glanced over a couple sites to find a couple examples of the kind of deals you can find: here’s a Putumayo jacket for only 1,500 (~$13.50) and here are some Metamorphose shorts for only 1,800 (~$16.20). So you can totally find stuff that’s in line with Bodyline’s prices. Rarer pieces will of course be more expensive, but you can build a solid wardrobe out of nice affordable items.

It’s also worthwhile to check out Yahoo Auctions, but you’ll need to use a shopping service to buy/bid on anything, and I personally haven’t had as much luck with it (though I’ve seen friends get some great deals, so it’s definitely worth a look).

If you do decide to order from Bodyline, the quality isn’t terrible (though it’s definitely not up to brand standards) and some of their stuff can look quite nice if you swap out their cheap buttons for fancier ones. Also, in my experience, their shoes are really good, especially for the price you pay. Overall though, I think it’s better to buy from second-hand sites, since you can find a much wider variety of items, and the quality is much better.

I hope this helps!

still turning

Group/Member: GOT7 // Jinyoung

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.802

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jinyoung 33
“I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

Summary: You struggle with the news of your best friend, also the love of his life, celebrating his engagement.

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You really had meant to make it to the party. In no way, had you intentionally meant to sit down on your couch and subsequently get locked onto it, your body physically refusing to move from its place. After the first thirty minutes, you’d told yourself repeatedly how ridiculous this was. He was your best friend, and he was expecting you to be there, and yet here you were. After an hour, you’d gone through every single excuse you could possibly think of so that when you finally stood up and left, you’d be able to explain where you’d been. ‘Oh Jinyoung I’m so sorry, my car had a flat tire and I had to get my neighbor to change it for me’ or maybe ‘I’m so sorry Jinyoung, I was just getting ready to leave when my grandmother called me, we both know how chatty she can be.’ After the second hour, you realized that the excuses didn’t matter anymore, that none of it mattered.

You’d lost track of the amount of times that your phone had lit up, probably Jinyoung or some of your other friends wondering where you were, probably worrying due to your lack of response. The truth behind it all was more than a little pathetic, and more than a little heartbreaking, and it was none of your intentions to tell them why you’d managed to get fully dressed and ready for your best friend’s engagement party, only to find yourself unable to go.

The truth behind it all was that you had been in love with your best friend for years.

For years, you’d dreamed of building up the courage to tell him, for years you’d endured listening to him talk about other girls, and for years you’d convince yourself he would come around. Years hadn’t prepared you for the moment he would call you, clearly chocked up with tears and pure glee, nearly yelling into the phone that he’d finally done it. He’d finally popped the question to the girl of his dreams.

Nothing had prepared you for finally realizing that the girl of his dreams was not you, nor would it ever be.

Feeling the first tear slide down your cheek you clenched your eyes closed, fists squeezing shut until your knuckles turned white. Why in the hell were you crying? This was your own fault. You should have either made a move a long time ago, or should have realized by now that Jinyoung was not meant to be in your future in that sort of sense. Slowly but surely you pushed yourself forward, feeling the cramps in your muscles from sitting for so long. Your elbows on your thighs as you covered your face in your hands. Fighting with everything you had not break down from the pure and torturous heartache you were feeling.

“It’s not fair,” you whispered to yourself.

The idea of checking your phone was purely unbearable. You knew it was irresponsible, knew that you were making a lot of people worry for no reason, but right now you needed to take care of yourself, and to do so you needed to get away from your phone. By now it was nearly nine pm, well passed the time of the engagement party. Face washed of the makeup you’d applied, body stripped of the dress and redressed with your favorite pajamas, you were just preparing to make some tea when you heard the knock on your door. Freezing for a moment you struggled with whether or not you should go and answer, maybe at least see who was there.

“[Y/N]?” It was Jinyoung.

Deep down you’d known it was him from the moment there was a knock. Despite this being an important day for him, despite this being the day that he celebrated the presence of the new woman in his life, you were still his best friend and you still mattered to him.

Unconsciously you found yourself body moving towards the door, hand grabbing the knob and twisting it open before your mind could talk some sense into you. He was still dressed in his nice button up and dress pants. Hair a little messy but still obviously styled for the event. You hated the guilt you felt when you noticed the worry and stress lines in and around his eyes.

“[Y/N] where have you been? You haven’t been answering my calls, you had me worried sick.” Stepping back, you let him enter your house, giving him a sad smile and a shrug as you went back towards the kitchen. “I know…I’m sorry, I don’t really have a reason to why I didn’t go,” you say, too tired to spin some elaborate lie, but hurting enough to not bring up the truth on your own.

“What’s been going on?”

Turning at the question you saw Jinyoung standing in the entryway of your kitchen, his eyes going ever inch of your face to try and detect what it was. Why his best friend of all these years was suddenly feeling so distant. Why you weren’t there to support and him and celebrate him for one of the biggest events of his life. “What’s wrong?”

You tried to ignore the question, as well as the shaking in your hands by turning your back to him so that you could sort through your tea shelf. Pulling and looking through boxes, not even noticing what kind your grabbed, simply trying to busy yourself. “I’m sorry Jinyoung, I just haven’t been feeling well.” It isn’t the full truth, but it also isn’t a lie.

“So talk to me. Quick shutting the lights off on me and let me help. [Y/N] I wanted you of all people there today. I understand if weren’t able to go, but at least tell me why and let me help if I can.”

“You can’t Jinyoung!” the yell startles not only him but yourself as well, your sudden outburst causing your arm to knock out multiple boxes from your shelf, teabags scattering onto the floor.

“What do you mean I can’t?”

Covering your face with your hands you feel the composure you’d been so desperately trying to build begin to crumble. Images of him dressed nicely at his party flashing through his mind; except it’s not just him. She’s right there beside him, arm linked with his. She looks even more gorgeous than the pictures you’ve seen of her. She’s matches the exact type that Jinyoung has always described to you. She’s becoming the exact thing you’d always dreamed of being; Jinyoung’s.

Jinyoung cautiously takes a few steps towards you, noticing the slight shake in your shoulders, knowing that if it’s enough to bring you to tears, whatever is happening is something extremely serious. You’d always been the strongest person he knew, and had always been someone who was able to carry an extreme weight on your shoulders; watching you break down scared him more than anything.

“[Y/N]…what’s wrong?”

“I’m in love with you.”

Nothing could ever be said that would make the world stop as fast as that one sentence did. It was as if the earth stopped spinning, as if time had stopped, everybody freezing dead in their tracks, leaving nothing the whir of your refrigerator. Your hands slowly reach for the counter gripping onto them so that your knees won’t buckle on you, the time spent in silence becoming longer and longer.

“You what?” Jinyoung finally manages to say, his vocal cords feeling as if he hadn’t used them for months. Staring at you, at his best friend, he’s sure that he’s simply heard you wrong. Maybe you’d said you’re in love with somebody else and that’s okay if that’s why you missed the party, because maybe you’re going through some sort of breakup.

“I’m in love with you Jinyoung.” This time the world doesn’t freeze. This time there’s still a spin on the axis, and the second hand on your clock is still making full rotations. This time you slowly turn around, revealing the tears that were heavily streaming down your face.

“I’m sorry. It’s a shitty reason to have missed your celebration but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t see how happy you were with her because I’m in love with you. I shouldn’t be in love with you but I am!” you yell, your hand griping your chest where your heart is. Squeezing your eyes shut you don’t both to stop the tears as they leak continuously out, your temple pounding from the constriction of your vessels. “I swear if I could take it back I would,” you say as you finally look at him, “I can’t though. I can’t stop how I feel, at least not right now.”

He doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know if there’s anything he should say, and so he decides it’s best not to, his head falling down as he stares at the floor tiles, his hands fiddling with each other.

“I think you should go,” his head snaps up at this, heart constricting as he sees the pure pain that you’re in. He wishes that it had been any other guy in the world. Any other guy that had made you feel this way, had put you through this. At least then he could rush to you and hold you and let you scream and yell about how much you hurt and he could try and make it better. But he was the guy. Whether he’d known it or not, he knew that for you, he was the guy that had broken you. He couldn’t run to you and hold you, and he couldn’t tell you that everything was going to be alright. All he could do was step away; his presence only making things worse.

“You’re still my best friend,” he says, wincing at the pained expression on your face. “I…I’ll still be here,” he says quietly as he takes a few steps back, “I’ll still always be here for you [Y/N].”

He doesn’t expect you to reply to him, but the quiet hurts as he turns and slowly walks to the door. As the sound of the latch taking, letting you know he was gone you slowly sink down onto the ground. There’s nothing dramatic about it. You don’t fling yourself to the tiles and scream in misery, but instead slowly lower yourself down into a comfortable sitting position, head resting on the wood of the lower cabinets. You take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The world it seems is still spinning. And despite the pain that is coursing through you, and despite the humiliation that is engrained into your mind, you know that the world will continue to spin; whether we want them to or not.

Yes, sir

A/N: After searching through EVERY. SINGLE. DOCUMENT on my laptop… coming to the conclusion that it was officially lost/gone…and beginning to rewrite it, I found the story…in my Google Docs. (-_-  ) How annoying. The Sehun story is most likely in there too so… look out for that, lol.

Request for this scenario:

Then if you are willing can you write a daddy kink smut scenario with Yixing? If not then a boss smut scenario. (he messes with me soooooooooooo much)

Group: EXO

Pairing: Yixing (Lay) x Reader

Genre: Smut

“Two minute warning” your coworker announced to everyone. She was rushing from the door to her desk. You adjusted your hair in your compact mirror and made sure everything was fine: your make up in place, nothing in your teeth. You dropped your mirror back into your desk drawer and cleared your throat before standing up. You straightened out your black pencil skirt and walked around your desk to stand next to his office door. You fully opened the door and got back to your post. You grabbed his hot coffee from your desk and quickly stood up straight just as he walked into the room.

“Good morning, sir” a few workers exclaimed happily. Yixing nodded to them, adjusting his tie as he continued walking. He was a well-respected and highly pawned over bachelor. You smiled and slightly tilted your head to the side, subtly offering him his coffee. “Good morning” you smiled.

As he walked passed you, he stuck out his hand and grabbed the coffee from your hands. “___, I need to see you” he said, not bothering to look at you. You kept your smile until he was fully in his office and then exhaled, your polite facial expression sliding off. You grabbed your planner off your desk along with a pen and walked into his office, gently closing and locking the door behind you. He was a man who valued privacy which meant that his door was closed at all times and no one was allowed within two feet of his office unless they were given permission.

He was logging in to his computer as you made your way over to the desk. “Blinds” he reminded. You instantly turned around and closed the blinds before walking back over to the desk. As you took your seat, Yixing glanced at you. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked.

You flipped through your planner, looking for today’s date. You quickly went through his schedule telling him about every conference call and meeting that he had today. Yixing sipped from his coffee cup, his lips closing over the little opening in the lid. You swallowed hard, eyes lingering a second too long, before closing the planner and letting it rest in your lap. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to erase the memory that tainted your dreams. Yesterday, your boss had moved beyond his usual stares and you were a wreck, wondering what he was going to do next.

“Don’t you think this is a little inappropriate for work?” he asked. You were backed against the wall, your heart rate escalating with each step that he took to get closer to you. He ran his finger over the ‘V’ that formed from your buttoned shirt. The tip of his finger lightly grazing the top of your breasts. You blinked, inhaling shakily, and watched as his eyes followed his finger.

“In-inappropriate? I’m sorry”

“Mmm, don’t worry about it” he said, taking his finger away. He smiled lightly and cocked an eyebrow, studying your expression.  “I like it” he commented. He moved closer, his body only a couple inches from yours. He moved dangerously lose to your lips and you exhaled shakily with unblinking eyes. Yixing let his lips just barely touch yours before smirking and pulling away.

“See you tomorrow” he said, turning his back to you.

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Speed dating

He mated his high school sweetheart at the tender age of 17. They were in love and happy. After graduating high school, they had their first kid: Rebecca. He worked full time and went to school at night to get a degree so he could make more. All the while, she took care of the house and their child. A year and a half after Rebecca came Thomas, and two years after that came Evelyn.

They were in love and happy. They never really had problems and honestly… Duncan had been so happy with her and had been all the way up to when she died. It was long after the kids left and had certainly left him all alone in that big house that they had build together. That… that had left him a tad broken and very lonely.

He didn’t know what to do with himself. He had been so involved with her…

His kids told him to try dating, but he hadn’t tried dating anyone since he was 17! 16 if he was really specific. That was 25 years ago…. he had no idea how to date. So, they signed him up for speed dating of all things.

It was specifically for ferals and those who were interested In Ferals. He was placed with the older ferals and felt his face heat up when he was taken to a seat and younger men were brought to him– changing every 10 minutes. He was dressed nice; in slacks and a button up that was unbuttoned some.


A Detrimental Passion

Part III | Part I | Part II

                                                     -Week 2-

You had just got here, but you couldn’t help but watch as the second hand on the clock swung around the numbers, hitting each tick at a sickeningly slow speed. The only other noise in the small conference room was the chatter of your lawyer and your husband’s, which seemed to be a distant hum as you avoided your husband’s biting gaze. You scoffed internally, wanting to let out a chuckle as you thought about his anger towards you, the petty bitter state he held with little reasoning could only make you laugh.

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My opinion on the Signs!

from a Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon/Pisces Mercury/Taurus Venus/Mars/Aquarius Rising/Venus Dom/Fixed Dom/Pisces & Taurus Dom :3

Most Aries that I’ve met are absolutely amazing. Funny, great sense of humor, and fun to joke around with! They can be quite feisty, but have warm hearts and can be one of the most caring people you have ever met. The downside is that some Aries I have met are complete jerks. They can be insensitive and can be an a$$hole to someone but then get all butthurt when someone makes one small joke about them. And similar to Leos, they can get too cocky and can be too proud to apologize for a mistake they made. They can also be really rude! However, despite this, most Aries that I have known are very good people, and I love them to death!

Ah, Taurus. I love these guys! They are SUUUPER chill and have a weird sense of humor I can’t help but love! They also are very caring and worry a lot for our friends. When it comes to drama, they absolutely hate it, but are strangely calm. They honestly just want people to be happy and just wants to sit back and relaaaax.

I admit it, they are kinda fake, but if you see through that, they are pretty nice! Friendly, creative…nothing is ever boring with them! Most Geminis that I have met are into crafts, filming, and all that stuff. They seem innocent and friendly, but they are actually rather sassy and can be very rebellious! They aren’t the most peaceful people! They have good hearts though, and are fun and lovable friends!
I have not known much, but the ones I have met so far are pretty cool! I also forgot to mention that they are TALKATIVE, my gOsh! I was at a store and this Gemini girl at the cash register saw my Pisces necklace, and right away she started making conversation with me. However, she did most of the talking!

:( I haven’t met much, but the ones I have met are pretty cool. The one I know the most though is far from the Cancer stereotype. She has a dark sense of humor and can even be quite cruel at times! However, she is a good artist and has the same weird and random sense of humor my Taurus friend has. Other Cancers I have met can be sweet yet sassy, and one I know is SUUUPER cute! But that might just be because she is like…half my age…^^; I also know a Cancer Dom girl, who is shy and SO QUIET but actually has a dirty sense of humor, yet is cheerful and bright. She’s quite childish but is actually smart (all advanced, like me.) She seems innocent but if anything, she’s secretly Satan!

Aaah! I have only met a few Leos, but they are all quite amazing! The one I’ve gotten the closest to was a male who was about a year younger then me. They are so happy and cheerful! They can also be sASSY. Dang! The other Leos I have met are chill and very smart! They are also talkative too. They are kind and generous people and I find myself getting along with them pretty well!

As a Pisces, I find it ironic that almost ALL of my friends are Virgos! Despite this, I actually am kinda iffy about them!
Yes, the ones I know have their own unique sense of humor and can either be really laid back and weird or very perfect and proper, but they can actually be brutally honest, and have even gotten me greatly offended at times. And surprisingly, all the Virgos I know are actually not as crazy smart as you would expect. They are more average, and I even find myself correcting their grammar or helping them with homework. However, Virgos are goofy and my favorite trait of them is their sarcasm and humor. It may be weird, but it’s still awesome! They are also cute when they try to show affection but are too shy to! They are secretly just as emotional as Pisces, tbh. The one main thing that really bothers me about Virgos is how they are SO EMOTIONALLY RESERVED, GOD! It can sometimes get crazy frustrating, because they will get all upset and I will ask them what’s wrong, and offer them help, but they deny it and end up being all mopey and snappy for the rest of the day. It’s fine every once in a while, but for one of my friends it’s ALL THE TIME, and it can really annoy me. They can also be so uptight and they never want to leave their comfort zone!! Like, come ON! Stop being a stick in the mud and at least go on a walk or something. One Virgo I know doesn’t even want to go on a simple walk! What’s the point of living if you aren’t trying something new?

As a person who has lived with a Libra all their life, I have seen all the good things and bad things about these people. They are friendly and very energetic and outgoing people. They are very polite and fair as well! However, Libras can actually be surprisingly mean (without realizing it)! They can even be insensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings! I don’t mind it too much, but Libras are not people I would go to for emotional support. However, they are good at supporting you in other ways! They are really helpful people and just want to have fun with their friends! Libras are not my favorite sign, mainly because of how they are emotionally detached and how they can be kind of mean at times, but they can be really fun friends and are definitely people I’d love to party with!

These are pretty cool people! I don’t know much, but the Scorpios I do know are SO FUNNY and laid back and fun friends! They are far from the stereotypical “dark and brooding” type, and are really fun and AAHGH! I love Scorpios, nuff said.

This is probably the one sign that I know TOO MUCH OF! I think I know more Sags that Virgos! Sags I actually find really similar to Scorpios. They are super funny and really fun. They are cool people and make great best buds. The thing that annoys me about them is that they can be brutally honest and kinda annoying. Like…you can joke around and all but y'all need to learn when ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Trust me, multiple Sags have pushed my buttons a bit too much and they have seen my worst. Despite this, Sags do have a nice sense of humor. They are goofy and sarcastic, similar to my sense of humor. Like Libras, Sags are not my favorite, but they are not that bad! I just wish that one day I will me a Sag that I will end up becoming really close too!

OK. So at first I liked Capricorns, but now it’s kinda changed…I’ve had some crappy experiences with them. One that I knew was a good friend of mine, but ended up being too possessive and controlling for me. I ended up trying to part ways with her. She didn’t take it lightly. She wouldn’t stop bothering me and trying to get me to pity her. I know that this probably sounds nothing like a Capricorn. If anything, this would be something a Pisces or Cancer would do. But, this person was just too clingy and self pitying for me. She had absolutely no water influence (she had a Libra Moon!). Another Capricorn I know was kind and friendly, but very emotionally detached and childish! She had a Libra Moon as well! Overall, when I comes to Capricorns, I can get along with them…but I don’t think I’ll be become good friends with them anytime soon.

I LOVE AQUARIUS!! They are funny, cheerful, energetic, and very weird and goofy. However, my worst experience has been with an Aquarius, believe it or not. I will not get into too much detail, but long story short, my biological father was an Aquarius and even though he cared a lot for my sister and I, he was often irresponsible and ended up becoming mentally ill. Pride kept him from getting help, and he got sicker and sicker and has cause many traumatizing moments in my life because of how unstable he was (mood swings, speaking under his breath, yelling for no reason..). He made reckless mistakes, and has even gotten arrested once. He ended up getting so sick that he killed himself 4 years ago. He was too prideful to get help, and he ended up taking his life. Even now I see Aquarius folks that are too prideful to admit they need help with something, wether they needed assistance on homework or needed advice with love, they won’t admit they need help. It really worries me and this is a major flaw I see in a lot Aquarius people. A little advice for you guys: IF YOU NEED HELP, GET HELP. NO ONE IS GOING TO LOOK DOWN ON YOU FOR SEEKING HELP. IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU WEAK! *sigh* Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get on to the good stuff! Aquarius folks can be blunt, but they are actually really nice and lovable people! I can be weird and awkward with them and they won’t give a crap. There are SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT AQUARIUS!! I just can’t name them all. But to all mah Aquarius buddies: I love you, ur awesome! :)

Great people! Funny, friendly, and THEY GET ME SO WELL LOL (maybe that’s because I’m a Pisces, haha) They are probably the funniest signs out there besides Aquarius and Sagittarius! They are creative and actually very wise. They are not as innocent as you would think, but they are really chill and are always in a “meh. I’m cool with whatever” kind of mood. They are gentle people but can be really sASSY when it comes to it. They are very nice though! Far from pushovers (seriously, one Pisces I know has great come backs, dang) and are not someone you wanna get mad. Pisces are pretty cool ppl, And make good friends!

Title: The Fairy and the Angel

Length: 2,687

Rating: T

Warning: some cussing, discrimination, mutantphobia, talks of pain and emotional issues

Pairings: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Original Request: Can you do a warren fic !!! One where his father makes him go to a dinner for the business and he meets the reader and falls head over heels ?(I know it doesn’t go with the one for xmen apocalypse but rather the old movies !!) just fluff and cuteness !! ❤️❤️☺️☺️💕💕💕

A/N: @sweetievalencia You requested this a while ago so here you are. Sorry its so late. I have a lot of requests. Yes, there will be a part 2.

“Dad, I really don’t want to go to this stupid dinner.” Warren said turning to face his father whom he had been arguing with for the past 20 minutes. Warren’s family was hosting this really nice dinner party to welcome some new guy to the board. Warren knew the only reason this board member was being welcomed in this way was because he had a lot of money and a lot of sway with other biotech companies.

“Warren, this dinner is critical for the board, Mr. Y/L/N and his family are coming for dinner and I expect you to be present.” Mr. Worthington walked over to his son’s closet and picked out a very expensive button up Warren hated and nice pants he also hated and threw them on his unmade bed. He looked at his semi-nude 16 year old son with a visible frown on his face. Warren was still dressed in nothing but his boxers. “Put your clothes on. This meeting is critical and you shall be present whether you like it or not.”

“Have you forgotten something?” Warren looked over at the clothing and then pointed behind him gesturing to his wings. Warren’s wings flared out behind him. He really just wanted to go flying, not sit in a hard chair for two hours. “How ya gonna explain these?”

“Simple, his oldest daughter was cursed with the same affliction as you were. So, it won’t be a problem. All you have to do is wear your harness to keep them as contained as possible.” Mr. Worthington said the word affliction like it was the foulest word he could think of. Warren hated that word every time he heard it. His wings were an affliction. Never a mutation. Never a gift or a blessing. Always nothing more than a simple affliction. Like it was something that could be cured with a simple shot or an antibiotic. He also tried to pretend he didn’t feel a jolt of pain in his chest whenever his dad said things like that about him.

“Or I could just not go and you could let me go flying until they leave.” Warren countered sitting on his bed. Mr. Worthington knew he was gonna lose his patience with his only child.

“Alright Warren, here is a deal for you: You go to this dinner, and act on your best behavior, I’ll let you go flying for one hour tomorrow afternoon.” Warren perked up at the notion.

“You swear?” Warren asked looking his dad dead in the eye.

“I swear.”

“I want it in writing.” Warren said remembering some of the business lessons his father had taught him.

“That’s my boy. Now, get dressed. They will be here in fifteen minutes and I expect you to be ready by then. I also expect you to be nice to their oldest daughter. She’s has a similar problem as you so you two will do well to be nice to one another.” Mr. Worthington walked out of his son’s room so he could get dressed.

Warren put his hands in his face wondering why this had happened to him. Affliction. Cursed. Problem. How come his dad couldn’t just accept him how he was? Warren sighed heavily and reached for his wing harness on the nightstand. God how he hated this thing. It always hurt his wings to wear it but he figured it would be worth it when he got to flying tomorrow. Warren threw on the clothes his father had picked out being careful to put his shirt on correctly. The clothes had been specially cut up the back and had Velcro sewn into the back so he could slip his clothes over his back without blocking his wings. If he could he’d go without a shirt all the time he probably would.

“Let’s get this over with.” He said to himself and took a moment to brush out his curly blonde hair. His harness was already beginning to make his wings cramp like a motherfucker.

In the back of the car with your little sister Katie and your little brother Joshua, you were still sulking. Your parents were in the front seat driving. Your dad kept looking back at you from the driver’s seat. You glared at him every time. He had forced you into this and made you wear a tight black dress which you hated. You preferred loose clothes and jeans as opposed to this. You were supposed to go to this dinner party being hosted by his new boss. You had expressed your disdain for two weeks prior to this night but you were being forced to go anyway.

“Y/N! You had better straighten out young lady.” You dad said after the fifth time you glared at him.

“I would if you hadn’t made me go!” You said back sinking lower into your seat. Next to you your little sister was playing with a doll to keep her quiet and your baby brother, who was only eight months old, was babbling away in his baby seat.

“This dinner is very important for my work. My boss requested my whole family join him. If I worm my way into his good graces we will be one step closer to the cure for your condition.” You gave him the dirtiest look you could manage. Condition. Disease. Problem. Issue. You had heard them all. He called your mutation everything but what it was, a mutation. You, however, loved it.

You mutation gave you the power to control plants and the earth but it also had a side effect, it gave you pointed ears like an elf or a fairy. You liked them though. They made you special. You even made up your own mutant name. You secretly called yourself Fairy or Fae sometimes.

“Then why did I come? How you gonna explain these?” You argued pointing to your ears.

“Easily. It seems Mr. Worthington’s own son has the same affliction you have. I expect you to be nice to him.” He explained making a quick turn. “Here we are. I expect everyone to be on their best behavior.”

“I don’t have to get out of this car.” You muttered. Your dad pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily.

“Alright then, tomorrow, so long as you wear your Peru hat, you can go to the mall for two hours by yourself.” Your dad never let you leave the house even for school. You would take anything at this point.

“You swear on grandma’s grave?” You knew that was the only thing he held above his work.

“Yes, I swear.” He said. You glared at him but forced a smile on your face.

“Let’s go eat with your boss then.”

When you walked into the penthouse you were not surprised by anything you saw. The walls were beautifully, almost gaudily, decorated; the whole place was spotless from floor to ceiling. There was a maid standing in the corner pouring drinks. Something else you noticed, the building had weirdly low ceilings. You were surprised until Mr. Worthington shook you out of it when he walked up.

“Nice to see you Mr. Y/L/N!” he greeted your dad.

“Good to see you too Warren.” Your dad said back shaking Mr. Worthington’s hand.

“Now, now, there are two of us tonight. Son!” Mr. Worthington called out and a kid your age walked in. He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen. He had curly blonde hair and eyes that went from blue to gray in an instant. He was tall, built like a god, and wore a nice outfit making him look even more handsome. Then you saw them. You saw the most beautiful set of wings on his back. Suddenly, the low ceilings made sense. His dad didn’t want him flying in the house. You carefully brushed your Y/H/C hair back exposing your ears. Both Worthingtons saw them. The younger one gave you a surprised look, but gave a small smile. The older one held a look of disdain. “This is my son, Warren Worthington the third. Warren, this is Mr. Y/L/N, his wife, and their children.”

“Nice to meet you all.” He said sticking his hand out to shake your dad’s hand. Your dad didn’t offer his own, but you did.

“I accept your greeting on behalf of my family.” You said with a smile. Everything in the room went silent. You looked him dead in the eyes and he gently shook your hand. He looked back. Your heart skipped a beat. When you both let go and stepped back Mr. Worthington cleared his throat.

“How about I have Eliza get us all drinks and then we can all eat and discuss business? Warren, why don’t you show the children around?” You guessed Eliza was the maid standing off in the corner. You saw your father visibly tense up at Mr. Worthington’s words.

“Actually, my wife needs to mind the baby and our littlest daughter, my oldest daughter Y/N, however, will keep your boy company.” Your dad nudged you in Warren’s direction as your mom and little siblings walked to another room with your dad and his boss right behind them.

“Looks like you and me are the outsiders looking in tonight.” He said to you. Your eyes ran over his perfect jaw line.

“Looks like it.” You agreed looking down at the plush white carpet and then back up to Warren.

“Wanna go on the roof?” he asked giving you a wicked grin.

“Can I have a lift?” You teased. He smirked.

“Not tonight, I have to be good which means I stay harnessed, but I have a ladder installed outside my window.” He started walking down the hall and you followed after him. You couldn’t help but notice he looked just as good from behind.

He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were. Your Y/E/C eyes and your Y/H/C hair were gorgeous. You had a lovely smile and quite honestly, your body was smoking in that black dress. Your skin was soft and your ears were cute. He thought you were a little pixie. There was no doubt he was into you.

On the roof you looked out over the city and sat next to the hottest guy you had ever seen. The night was cold but not too cold. The view was breathtaking just like Warren. It was perfect. You both had been staring at each other.

“So, when did yours show up?” he asked out of the silence.

“I got the ears when I was seven, powers came when I was nine.” You answered. He lifted his hand and gave you a “May I?” gesture. You nodded and he ran the edges of his fingers over your sensitive ears. You closed your eyes for a moment.

“What can you do?” he asked not lowering his hand.

“I control the Earth. I can grow plants and stuff.” You motioned towards some ivy growing up the side of the building. You waved and it grew into an arch over yours and his heads. He looked impressed.

“Not bad. What do you call yourself? Mother Nature? Poison Ivy?” he laughed.

“I prefer Fairy. Or Fae for short. My real name is Y/N Y/L/N.” You looked towards his back. “What about you, Warren?” He flinched at his name.

“I prefer to be called Angel. Mine showed up when I was ten.” You lifted your hand and made the same gesture to him that he had made to you. He nodded and you gently ran your fingers though his feathers letting the very tips touch over the sharp talons on the ends of them. “My dad was furious he had a freak for a son.”

“Well, that makes two of us. My dad is so worried my siblings are gonna be mutants too he’s been looking into a vaccine for it. Can you believe that?” You shook your head in anger. You could sense Warren’s anger too. Yours was as long standing and deep seeded as his was.

“Are you kidding? My dad wants a cure altogether. For now, he keeps me harnessed and locked in my room all the time. He won’t even let his staff see me, no one except Eliza but only cause her nine year old daughter is one of us too.” Warren remembered the day he almost fired Eliza but chose to keep her as a private maid for Warren. Warren always liked Eliza like a second mom. His first one was dead.

“My dad refuses to let me leave the house even for school! He makes a tutor come over and I have to wear this gross, itchy hat all day. You are the only person my age I have seen outside of my TV! God, I hate him!” You yelled. “Mom’s no help either. She never says a word, always agrees with my dad, she’s too busy keeping me away from Katie and Josh cause she’s afraid I’ll hurt them or make them mutants too.” You couldn’t help but spill your guts to him. You knew he was the only one who understood.

“My dad is the biggest prick on the planet. He makes Eliza bring all my school work to my room, never lets me out to go flying, and always takes me to this doctor so they can poke, prod, cut, and drain me so they can do more tests to find a cure. Then, after all that, they clip my wings so I can’t go flying.” Warren’s hands shook with his anger.

“Sometimes, I wish my dad would just give me a little bit of money and throw me out but he never will. He can’t risk anyone seeing me or letting me tell the papers what he’s doing.” You wiped your eyes as they got misty. Warren reached over and patted your back. His hand stayed there.

“You know what, one of these days we should both run away.” He said still not moving his hand.

“Run away to where?” you asked.

“Wherever we want! We can go travelling. I can fly us anywhere and you could make whatever food we need. We wouldn’t need much at all. We could go far away.” He looked out over the city and removed his hand from your back.

“But we just met each other!” you said wondering where this came from. More than likely, this was a way you both could not be so lonely while you two faced your life sentences.

“So, we’d have all the time in the world to learn everything about the other.” Warren smiled. It felt good to make a plan like that. You felt a tingle as his hand reached down and touched yours.

“When we go back inside, I’ll give you my number that way you can call me in secret that way we can keep making plans.” You said smiling. You both laced your fingers together.

“Warren?!” you both heard suddenly. You both looked down and saw Eliza sticking her head out of the window. “Your father says for you and Miss Y/L/N to join the rest for dinner.” Warren nodded and Eliza stuck her heard back inside.

“Looks like we have to go back to making nice.” He sighed. Your hands were still laced together.

“Let them wait a minute.” You said with a naughty smile. He looked at you and you leaned forward. Your lips pressed against this and his pressed right back. It lasted maybe 10 seconds, but it was the greatest and most perfect 10 seconds of your life. It was also your first kiss. If you had to guess, it was his too.

“We should go.” He said. “Ladies first.” He beckoned towards the ladder.

You both climbed down the ladder into his messy bedroom covered in metal band posters and feathers on the carpet. You two kissed once more at his door before letting go of each other and walking out to the dining area.

Little did you know how much your life would change from that moment on.

Part 2 coming soon!

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Bucky x Reader

/Mission Impossible Part 5/

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The next day, I completely ignored what Steve said and left to go bathe in the waterfall again. Bucky hadn’t woken up yet, but he didn’t have a nightmare last night, so I left Bucky a text. I told him not to worry, that I was at the waterfall and I’d be back soon.

The waterfall got louder the closer I got to it and I stepped over a big rock and looked out around me. It was still absolutely breathtaking. I looked at the small flower garden and the trail leading down to the water. It look clean, untouched, peaceful.

Looking around me, I shrugged, not seeing a soul in sight. I slipped off my shirt and dropped it where I was standing. I carried my bag as I walked down the small trail, sitting my bag down on the soft grass.

A smile spread across my face and I snapped a few photos of the area. Placing my phone in my bag, I slipped off my bra set and flip flops, walking out into the shallow parts of the water.

I dipped into the water and wet my hair, sighing out at the feeling of cleanliness. I started to wash my hair, the soapy bubbles flowing away from me and disappearing in the water. The sun was beaming down on me and it felt amazing. I tossed my bottles up into the grass and decided to float for a few moments.

I closed my eyes, letting my body rest on top of the water. I felt free and peaceful, something  I don’t feel very often. My arms reached out beside me and I let my fingertips wiggle in the water. I’ve never felt so relaxed.

Sinking back down, I swam over to the waterfall. There was a small cave behind it and I looked out in front of me, the water falling down over me and  I smiled. Why didn’t I do this before? I wished Steve could be here to share this with me. I knew Bucky would try to ruin any ounce of peace I felt.

Inside, there was another grassy area with sunflowers sprouting. There were a few more rocks and I felt water droplets dripping on me from above. A small hole was in the roof of the cave and I held my hand out, letting the water drop into my hand.

Deciding I should get back to the campsite, I walked out of the cave and slipped back into the warm water. I swam through the waterfall and back out into the open area. I sighed, not really wanting to go back, but I was starting to get hungry.

I walked up the trail, hearing my phone ringing. I knitted my eyebrows, confused as to who was calling me. But when I got to my phone, it had stopped ringing. Bucky had called me and left me a text message.

Just as I was about to grab it, I heard a gasp behind me. I whipped around, and Bucky was standing  there, his eyes wide. “Shit.” He whispered, eyeing my naked body. My face got red and I hurriedly covered myself. Bucky cleared his throat and looked down at his shoes, he was dressed in a red Henley and blue jeans.

“Holy fuck, Bucky! Warn a gal sometime!” I yelled. My towel was down near the water where I left it and I stood there awkwardly with my arm over my chest, my hand covering my other private area. “Well I didn’t know you’d be naked!” He yelled back, his voice cracking. “I told you I’d be here, what else would I be doing other than bathing!?” I squealed.

Of all things, THIS would happen. I sighed and Bucky quickly jogged down to get my towel. He came back up and I went to grab it, but I would be exposed again. Bucky stepped closer to me and wrapped the towel around my back, pulling it around over my shoulders. “Th-thanks.” I said, embarrassed.

Bucky’s eyes never left mine and they darted to my chest. I held my towel around me tighter. “You’re staring, asshole.” I muttered, looking out at the waterfall one last time. Bucky laughed nervously. “My bad, sweet cheeks.” I groaned, turning back to him. “Stop calling me that.” I snapped, gathering my things.

I walked away from Bucky and picked up Steve’s shirt, making my way back to the campsite. My stomach was starting to growl even more and I needed to change into some clean clothes. With Bucky here, I’ll have to walk like this all the way back. I sighed, annoyance creeping into my bones.

Bucky came up behind me and muttered something under his breath as he walked past me and I followed closely behind him. “You know, you’ve got a great ass.” Bucky said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure you’d like to have it, huh?” I quipped, hoping to get under his skin even more.

Suddenly I was backed into a tree, my hand clutching the towel around me. Bucky was holding me in between his flesh hand and his metal hand beside my head. “Keep teasing me and you’ll find out.” His voice was low and needy. I gasped, my mouth falling open. “Excuse you, sir. We hate each other. Now move.” I shoved past Bucky and he glared after me. 

I rushed back to the campsite and walked to the tent. “Who said we hate each other?” He questioned as I was unzipping the tent. “I do. You do.” I was about to zip it back up but Bucky wandered inside with me. His head was barely grazing the top of the tent. I looked up at him, my eyebrows knitted together.

He looked me up and down and I held the towel tighter. “I don’t hate you.” Bucky admitted. I scoffed and nodded my head. “Yeah, I’m sure. Get out so I can change.” Bucky sighed and slipped out of the opening, zipping it back.

Dropping my towel, I started getting dressed. An idea popped into my mind and I smiled. If Bucky wanted to act like we were fine, so would I. I shrugged, only slipping on a large black and grey checkered flannel over my yellow bra but I opted for a white lace pair of panties. I’m not in the mood for bullshit. If we don’t hate each other, fine. I’ll put on a show.

Plus, this will be payback for him ratting me out to Steve. If he wanted to play dirty then fine. I left my flannel fully open, falling just a tad above my lace covered ass. I walked out and the breeze made me shiver. Bucky was sitting down on the bench, eating now.

He looked up at me and I smirked. “Hiya, Bucky.” I said as I took a seat beside him. He swallowed and coughed, wiping his mouth. “What the fuck. Where are your clothes?” He raised his voice. His face turned red and he tried not to look at me.

I turned towards him, poking my chest out to him. “It’s just us.” Bucky’s eyes widened and I smirked again, crossing one leg over the other. “Y/N, go put on some clothes, nobody wants to see that.” Bucky said, turning away from me. I rolled my eyes. “You did back at the waterfall.” I shrugged. “No, you’re too….thick.” Bucky stood to his feet and my eyes dropped to my body.

Well, this backfired. My heart sank as I buttoned my flannel slowly, frowning. Maybe I really was too thick. Even though he said I had a nice ass, I feel like he only said that to make me feel better about him walking up on me naked.

Bucky walked back and I scooted away from him. “Good, you’re covered. Thank God. What do you want to do today?” He asked normally. My throat burned and I shrugged. “Not sure.” I replied quietly. “We could go hiking or something.” He said. “Sure.” I muttered. “You should eat first, you haven’t yet.” I shook my head. He just called me fat and now he’s telling me to eat?

I stood up and walked to the tent, slipping on some shorts. I pulled on my running shoes and tied my hair up in a ponytail. I turned back to Bucky and he was holding out a fruit bar. “No thanks.” I said, walking past him. He sighed, putting it in his bag and walked behind me. 

We started walking down a trail, following a map Tony left us. Apparently this would lead us up a nice hill and there was a beautiful view out front. I sighed, thinking back to what Bucky said. We obviously hate each other, that won’t change. And he probably only said that he didn’t hate me because he was flustered.

I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and I tripped over a fallen limb on the ground. I huffed and Bucky looked back, shaking his head. “Wow, you’re blind, too.” I looked up at him, glaring. “Asshole.” I stood back up, dusting myself off. Bucky continued walking and I lagged behind.

We walked for a good fifteen minutes and I was starting to feel lightheaded. Bucky was further away so I jogged to catch up. The sun had gotten hotter now, less trees were around to block the sunlight. I groaned, my flannel was suffocating me. I rolled the sleeves up, wishing I had put on a tank top underneath.

I tapped Bucky’s side and he looked down at me. “What?” He asked, adjusting his backpack on his shoulder. “Did you happen to bring water?” I shielded my eyes from the sun and he nodded, pulling a bottle from his bag. He handed it to me and I went to grab it, but he lifted it up above his head. I groaned, getting on my toes to reach it, failing to do so.

Bucky laughed and watched me struggle to reach. “Bucky, stop! Just give it to me!” I was jumping up, my fingertips barely grazing near his wrist. “Say please, sweet cheeks.” I stopped jumping and looked at Bucky, my eyesight getting blurry. “Fuck you.” I walked off, stumbling over my feet.

I knew I should’ve eaten something and brought my own water. Bucky walked beside me now and his hand caught my arm. “Here.” He handed my the water bottle and I sighed.

I brought it to my lips and his eyes fell on the faded bruise he left around my wrist. The one on my arm had gone away mostly. I knew it still made him feel bad. “What happened to you that was worse than me bruising you?” He asked, his hat casting a shadow over his eyes. I could see a bead of sweat drip down his temple. I was confused at first, but then remembered he freaked out because I said they were just bruises.

I capped the water bottle, giving it back to him. I stuck my right leg out and he looked down, seeing the burn scar. “Fire pit. I can handle a lot more than a petty bruise.” I said, anger lacing my words. “I always wondered how that happened. I never asked because I have scars of my own. It’s best not to ask sometimes.” Bucky and I walked again and I nodded.

Looking out ahead of us, I could see the hill getting higher. I started to get a little dizzy and I bent over, resting my hands on my knees. “You okay?” Bucky asked, looking down at me. “I should’ve eaten.” I groaned, holding my stomach. Bucky laughed and got a fruit bar out of his backpack. “I knew you’d say that.” I quickly opened the wrapper, quickly taking a bite.

Bucky watched me as I ate and I swallowed, stuffing the paper in his backpack. “What? Never seen a thick girl eat in person?” I questioned, feeling a little better now. I took another bite and Bucky’s face fell. “Thought so.” I kept walking, having something in my stomach was slowly giving me more energy.

I heard Bucky walking behind me and we made our way up the hill eventually. I sat at the top, resting. The sun was beating down on me so I took off my flannel, wrapping it around my waist. I sighed and rested back on my hands, closing my eyes. The wind blew and Bucky sat down beside me. “I didn’t mean thick in a bad way.” He said quietly.

I looked at Bucky and his eyes fell to my chest, his cheeks reddening at the sight of my yellow bra. “You always have to tease me, don’t you?” He asked, looking back out to the trees below. I laughed and nodded my head. “I get kick out of seeing you like that, it’s hilarious.” Bucky sighed, taking a sip of his own water bottle.

The trees were rustling back and forth from the wind, birds flying by every now and then. I started thinking about my parents again. Bucky could tell I was deep in thought and he nudged my shoulder. “Why do you always zone out like that?” He asked. I looked at him, biting the inside of my lip. “I think about things. Is that bad?” Bucky shook his head.

He picked up a small rock and threw it over the hill. “I’d just like to know what’s going on in that pea sized brain of yours.” He smirked, picking up another rock, tossing it up and down. I rolled my eyes. “Nothing you’d be able to comprehend.” I shot back, my eyes looking up at the airplane flying by in the distance.

I sighed and Bucky nudged me again. “Try me.” He said, looking at me. I looked back at him and he looked genuinely interested. “I think about my parents. More so now than ever, on this camping trip.” I looked ahead, my eyes stinging with tears. Bucky shifted, facing me now.

He was silent for a moment, then he asked the same question he asked before. “What happened to them?” A tear fell and I angrily wiped it away. “Don’t do this.” I said, my heart racing. Bucky turned me towards him, his fingers resting on my shoulder. “Do what?” He asked curiously. “Don’t act like we aren’t enemies. Don’t dig into my life as if you care.” I stood up and Bucky followed suit.

I felt him pull my arm back and I looked up at him. “I’m actually trying here, Y/N!” He raised his voice, making me flinch. I shook my head and pulled my arm back. “We hate each other, I can’t get close.” I turned to walk away again and Bucky groaned, pulling me back. “I don’t hate you, Y/N.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

Bucky was breathing hard and fast now. “If anyone can relate to not wanting to open up to someone, it’s me. I’m trying to work things out, get to know you, TRYING to tolerate you. Why can’t you do the same?” He asked, his eyes boring into mine.

My bottom lip trembled and I looked away from him. “I’m not doing this, Bucky.” With that, I walked off yet again, making my way down the hill.

Later that day, Bucky hadn’t spoken a word to me since the short hike. He was sitting on the bench, stoking the fire with a long stick, keeping the flame high. I was ready to go back to the waterfall, needing some fresher air. I walked over to Bucky and he didn’t even bother to look up. “I’m going to the waterfall.” I said softly.

He looked up at me now, the fire making his face glow. “It’s too late, we’ll go tomorrow.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. “I’m leaving with or without you.” Bucky sighed and looked back at the fire. “Then do it.” He said quietly.

I sighed, turning on my flashlight and heading that way. Something in me wanted him to come along, but I knew we’d just argue.

The walk to the waterfall was short so I made it there in a few minutes. The moon was shining brightly, cascading against the still water. It was still peaceful and loud, I could hear small bugs chirping in the distance. I tied my hair up in a bun and set my bag down by the rock.

I slipped off all of my clothes once again, not caring if Bucky would see if he came back. It’s clear he didn’t like what he saw last time, so why cover up? I slipped into the water, ripples flowing through the surface. I sighed out, the water was still warm despite the breeze in the air.

Sinking down into the water, letting it rest up above my chest, I stared up at the moon. Thoughts of my parents flooded my mind again. I wondered if Tony had set this up, knowing something like this might bring Bucky and I closer. As if on cue, I felt another body slip in beside me. I knew it was Bucky, I could hear his arm whirring.

I continued staring up at the moon, hearing Bucky sigh. “Decided to join, huh?” I suddenly asked. Bucky nodded. “I told Steve I would keep you safe. I, unlike you, keep my word.” He said. It got quiet again, so much so, I could hear his breathing as if he were right next to me. “It’s beautiful out here.” He said, his voice closer than I thought.

I turned and he was right beside me, looking at me. He was shirtless and I stepped back from him. I was clearly naked and he was very close to me. “It is.” I said, looking back up at the moon. “Y/N?” Bucky said softly. “Yes, Bucky?” I whispered, not trusting my voice. “I’m sorry.” He said, his hand coming up out of the water, inviting me to shake it.

I looked at his hand then up to his eyes. I scoffed, raising my eyebrows. “Really? A handshake and we’re friends? I’m the one who should be apologizing anyways.” Bucky sighed, dropping his hand back in the water. “Yes, a handshake and I’ll let everything go. I haven’t been fair; neither have you.” I watched Bucky, searching for any sign of this being a joke.

Bucky’s eyebrows were furrowed and he was waiting for me to reply. “Let’s start small.” I said, holding my hand out. He shook it and smiled. “20 questions?” He suggested after a moment of silence. I scoffed, shoving him. “Gross! I fucking knew it!” Bucky gasped. “What!? No, I meant-like-LIFE questions!” He rushed, nervously running his hand through his hair.

I giggled softly. “I was kidding.” Bucky sighed, looking relieved. “Oh. Well then, how old were you when you go that scar?” I thought back to the memory again and I swear the scar burned as if it just happened. “I was 10.” Bucky nodded. “Your turn.” He said, now moving around me in a circle.

I thought for a moment, staying away from the tough questions. Well, one tough question wouldn’t hurt. “Why do you hate me?” Bucky was walking behind me and he got around to my other side and stopped. “I’ve never hated you. You just do things that annoy me.” He stated rather casually. I nodded, taking in his answer.

Bucky now stood in front of me, his body blocking the moonlight. I looked up at him and he looked down at me, his eyes dropping to my chest. “Why do you hate me?” The wind picked up and a strand of hair blew into my face from my messy bun. Bucky lifted his hand up to my face and I flinched, moving backwards. He immediately drew his hand back, looking hurt.

I moved the hair away from my face, my messy bun becoming a hassle. “I don’t hate you. You just get on my nerves.” Bucky nodded, rubbing his neck. “Why did you flinch?” He asked quietly. Shaking my head, I sighed. “I knew you’d ask that. Long story short, I was abused by an ex.” I rushed my words, my hands gliding through the water.

Bucky’s mouth hung open. “I didn’t know..” He trailed off, sounding guilty. “Only Steve did until now.” I said, looking down at the water. I remembered it was my turn, so I thought of something. “What do I do that annoys you?” Bucky chuckled now, circling my still body again. “Where do I start?” He asked himself.

He circled around me slowly and I hoped he wasn’t trying to see me through the water, though I knew he could. The moon was bright and it was directly on us. “You wear my best friend’s shirt, you claimed a simple bowl, you leave the lights on in rooms you leave, you chew loudly, you’re short so you constantly need help reaching things, you leave the volume on the televsion way too loud.” Bucky stated, ticking off his fingers as he went.

I rolled my eyes and he was beside me again. “And you roll your eyes a million times day.” He said, sounding annoyed already. I rolled them again for dramatic purposes and looked at him. “Well, you annoy me, too.” I started to circle around Bucky now. He stood still and I looked at his metal arm, the moon shining down on his scars and reflecting off the metal. “How so?” He asked.

I scoffed, looking at his back. “You use all of the hot water, you eat out of my bowl, you watch the same things every day, you leave food on your plate, you use my hair dryer, you leave your dirty socks on the floor.” I said, ticking my fingers off like he did. Bucky grunted and crossed his arms. “And you cross your arms a million times a day.”

Bucky looked down at me and his face got red. I hadn’t noticed that I was a little more above water, the curve of my breasts slightly showing just above my nipples. “Do you think I’m too thick?” I shyly asked, staying in my place now. Bucky looked into my eyes and I swear his resembled the ocean. “I think you’re perfect.” I giggled and rolled my eyes. “As if.”

Bucky stepped closer to me, his hand slowly moving my stray hair out of my face, careful not to startle me. His finger trailed down my jawline, causing my skin to cover in goosebumps. “Why do you tease me?” Bucky bravely asked again, his eyebrow raised. I smirked and watched his eyes fall down to my chest again. “It’s fun to make you all flustered.” I shrugged, circling around him like before.

“Does your scar hurt?” I softly asked, my fingers trailing down his metal arm. Bucky turned his head towards me, a slight pained expression on his face. “Not really. Mostly during my nightmares.” I nodded and hummed, my fingertips now caressing across his scar. Bucky watched me intently, keeping his eyes on my face.

He searched for any sign of disgust, fear, or resentment. All he could see was fondness, curiousity, and admiration. “Does it scare you?” Bucky asked, afraid of the answer. I knew he was thinking back to our first morning here.

I rested my hand where skin met metal and shook my head, listening to the whirring of his arm. “It doesn’t.” Bucky sighed out, nodding his head. “Good, good.” I gave him a small smile. “You were dreaming, Bucky. It’s alright.” I said and he nodded again.

I felt Bucky’s hands rest on my waist and I jumped at the sudden contact. He pulled his hands away and sighed. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly. I turned to face the moon again, trying to calm my fast beating heart. He shouldn’t be making me feel like this. “It’s your turn.” Bucky whispered, nudging my arm. I thought for a moment.

I was scared to ask him but I knew I had to one day. “Did you ever hear about the man and woman that Hydra captured two years ago?” My eyes remained on the moon. Bucky turned towards me. “I did, Hydra asked me to. Did you know them or something?” My eyes filled with tears. “My parents.” Bucky’s mouth fell open and his eyes were wide. “Y/N… I-they-I didn’t..” His voice came out strained and broken.

I faced Bucky. Tears fell from my eyes and Bucky pulled me to his body, holding me. “Fuck. I didn’t know it was them. I’m so sorry.” I rested my head on his chest and nodded. “It wasn’t you, Hydra made you. They did it.” I whispered. “I think this is why I didn’t like you, Bucky.” I admitted, a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

My parents had been captured by Hydra and I heard about The Winter Solider. Hydra made them his mission. I never blamed Bucky for what happened. But I think this was the main reason I didn’t get along with him. “I understand, Y/N.” Bucky pulled back and looked down at me. He wiped away my tears and I pulled away from him, remembering I wasn’t clothed.

I crossed my arms over my chest and Bucky cleared his throat. “I really am sorry, Y/N.” I nodded and sniffled. “I forgive you. I just wish I could’ve said goodbye and they didn’t go through that.” Bucky ran his hands through his hair, water dripping down his arms. “We have nine more questions.” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

Bucky looked at me, giving me a small guilty smile. “Can we try to be friends now?” He asked, hope lingering in his tone. I sighed and thought about it. What if we did but it backfired and we started hating each other again? Or maybe it’d be worse than before? How do I know this wasn’t one of his pranks? Is this the right thing to do?

I simply nodded and I heard Bucky sigh. “I’ll try not to annoy you.” Bucky said, his teeth shining in the moonlight. “You don’t have to walk on eggshells. Just go on as you have.” Bucky nodded.

The wind picked up and I shivered, sinking deeper into the warm water. Bucky watched me. I started to walk backwards, towards the waterfall. “Do you not like it when I wear Steve’s shirts?” I asked as I watched Bucky followed, walking in front of me. His lips pursed. “I’d rather they were mine.” My eyebrows raised and my breath hitched in my throat.

The waterfall was getting closer now, I could barely hear Bucky’s voice over it. The more I backed up, the more Bucky moved forward. My heart started racing and I could feel the pit of my stomach knotting in nervousness.

Bucky’s tall body was blocking the moonlight and I struggled to see his face. Suddenly, I felt the waterfall splashing water against my back in little droplets. I stayed put and Bucky stopped walking, staring down at me. “Why did you shut me out when I tried to be your friend before?” I questioned, hoping Bucky heard me. I didn’t trust my voice right now.

He sighed and I watched his chest rise and fall, little beads of water dripping down his broad shoulders. “You were quite annoying, but I think I was scared to get close to you. You seemed so innocent and I’m…not.” He said, looking behind me, avoiding my eyes. I laughed a little and shook my head.

I made my way around Bucky and he turned to face me, the waterfall now splashing him with water. “I’m not innocent. The fact that you think that is humorous. I don’t have a clean kill record. I’ve been through tons of shit.” I said, my tone sounding harsher than I intended. “Well, now I know that.” Bucky said, giving me a sad smile.

The moonlight was shining down on Bucky and I could see his blue eyes clearly now. A light blush crept onto my cheeks and I sighed, turning away from Bucky. “How are you and Steve best friends? He never told me.” Bucky asked, splashing my back with water. I smiled at the mention of Steve’s name and turned to splash Bucky.

He chuckled and dove into the water swimming out into the open area. “He saved me from Hydra the day after you got my parents. And that blossomed into a beautiful friendship. He’s like a brother to me.” I called out, walking away from the waterfall. Bucky followed suit, his body dripping with water.

I cleared my throat and tried not to look at his body. I’m supposed to hate this asshole. Not eye him like he’s some sort of Greek God. I shook my head, averting my gaze elsewhere. “Why did you come here?” I asked, looking at the stars around the sky. Bucky looked at me. “I didn’t want anything to happen to you.” He said, his voice low.

There was a rumble of thunder around us and clouds started to form, covering the moon. “We should go before the storm hits.” He said, looking at the sky. I watched Bucky walk out of the water. He had only boxers on and they clung to him in a lustful way. I inhaled deeply, looking away. He draped his own towel over his shoulders and held mine up, waiting for me to step out of the water.

I didn’t bother covering myself up and I stepped out, water dripping off of me. Bucky’s eyes remained on mine until I was standing in front of him. “You look so beautiful, Y/N.” The atmosphere around us shifted and every hateful thought I had towards Bucky was wiped out in the short time we had been out here together.

Bucky wrapped my towel around my body, drying me off. I took over and he bent down, handing me my flannel. I smiled and took it, slipping it on. I slipped on my bra and panties, feeling raindrops fall onto my head. I giggled softly and watched Bucky pick up the rest of our clothes frantically as another clap of thunder sounded.

Bucky held his hand out and smiled at me. I took it and we both sprinted out into the woods, leaving the waterfall behind. We raced through the woods, careful not to trip over anything. The flashlight was jiggling in Bucky’s hand as we ran, so it was hard to see what was in front of us.

Thankfully, we made it back to the campsite and were able to get there before the rain started pouring heavily. I quickly changed into pajamas in the tent. I slipped on Steve’s shirt over my yellow bra and white panties, remembering what Bucky told me at the waterfall. I started to shiver now, the temperature dropping and the heat from the water had escaped my body.

I unzipped the tent and let Bucky inside. He was now dressed in his usual sleep attire, a white t-shirt and his grey sweats. I looked away and heard another clap of thunder as the rain picked up outside.

I sighed out, lying on my back. “Damn, Tony couldn’t check the weather forecast before sending us off?” Bucky grunted, drying off his still wet metal arm. I laughed and rested my arm over my eyes. “He’s not one for planning ahead. He goes with the flow and acts on impulse.” I said with a smile.

Bucky grunted and tossed his towel to the corner of the tent. “Maybe that’s why he almost had my head.” Bucky quipped. I could feel his eye roll. “I would’ve had your head many times but Steve always stopped me.” I said, moving my arm and looking over at Bucky. He flipped on the lantern and he looked down at me.

I shivered again and slipped under my sleeping bag, turning on my side to face Bucky. “Are you cold?” Bucky asked, looking around for anything to warm me up with. I shrugged and nodded. “A little, yeah.” I cuddled my legs up higher to my chest. Bucky frowned and rubbed the back of his neck.

He crawled over to me and rubbed my arm over the sleeping bag. “Do-do you want me to-” Bucky trailed off, his face turning red. “To what?” I asked, already knowing the answer. The man I once hated wants to cuddle to warm me up. How did this happen? Why did this happen? It feels like a dream. A dream I didn’t want to wake up from.

I opened my sleeping bag and Bucky’s eyebrows raised. “You don’t mind?” Bucky asked softly. “I’m cold.” I said with a shrug. Bucky climbed in beside me and I immediately sighed out, moving in closer to his chest. Bucky’s arm wrapped around over my waist and I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder.

The rain started to pour down harder, the heavy droplets making noise against the roof of the tent. I looked up at Bucky and he was already staring at me. “Is that better?” He asked, his thumb gently rubbing across my cheek. “Yeah, thanks.” I whispered out.

The corner of Bucky’s lips raised slightly. “How many questions do we have left?” He said, his berath fanning over my face. My heart started racing and I blinked, trying to think. “Isn’t it 5 not counting the cuddling and stuff?” I questioned, unsure. Bucky nodded and smiled. “Go ahead then.” I said.

Bucky was quiet for a moment, his eyes darting from my eyes to my lips. “Will you wear my shirt instead of Steve’s?” He asked, looking down at Steve’s shirt resting on my body, his finger pulling at the collar. I couldn’t help but giggle. “I don’t know why that’s such a big deal to you, but sure.” I said, sitting up.

Bucky sat up, as well, and slipped his shirt over his head. I gasped a little, looking at his muscles. I blushed and sat up on my knees, playing with the hem of Steve’s shirt. Bucky looked at me, holding his shirt in his extended hand. My hands start shaking and my heart started to beat fast again.

I slowly peeled the material up my body, my eyes settled on Bucky’s. I could see him swallow hard and his eyes fell to my thighs. His mouth opened at the sight of seeing my white lace panties. His tongue traced along his lips and I tugged the shirt completely off. Bucky inhaled deeply, eyeing my yellow bra.

Bucky cleared his throat and shyly handed me his shirt. I smiled and took it, our fingers brushing against each other’s. “Y-you look good in yellow, Y/N.” Bucky whispered out. I blushed. “Thank you.” I was about to slip on Bucky’s shirt but he stopped me. “Wait. I-” I laughed. “Don’t want it to go away?” I asked, goosebumps littering my body.

Bucky sighed and looked down at his hands. “I’m sorry, that’s disrespectful. Plus, you’re cold.” He said, a hint of guilt in his voice. I nodded and pulled his shirt over and down my body. The warmth from it being on his body made me smile. I could see Bucky bite his lip. “You look even better in my shirt.” He whispered.

I rested against Bucky’s chest and his metal hand was mindlessly drawing different shapes and patterns against my skin. It was cold, but I didn’t mind. The simple action made me feel better. “Your turn.” Bucky muttered after a few moments of silence.  

I thought for a moment, tracing my fingers against Bucky’s scar. “Are you jealous of Steve?” I asked with a small smile. Bucky inhaled deeply, his chest rising against my arm and head. “I am. Not because you’re also his best friend. But because you wear his shirts, you get excited when you see him, you’re happy when he’s around.” I knitted my eyebrows together.

I sat up and looked down at Bucky. His eyes remained on the roof of the tent. “Bucky, he’s only my friend. Why do you say that?” Bucky sighed and shook his head back and forth slowly. “Because I-I want that with you.” Bucky admitted quietly. It felt like someone kicked me in my stomach.

Bucky rested on his elbows, his hair falling into his eyes. He moved it and looked at me. “I’m jealous of Steve because you act like you love him.” I scoffed and shook my head, not understanding what he’s saying. “Bucky, he’s my friend.” I said, crossing my arms. “I want you to have that with me.” Bucky said, his voice coming out quietly.

I shook my head, my messy bun falling looser. I tugged the ponytail out frustratingly and ran my fingers through my hair. Bucky groaned and slung his arm over his eyes. “Fuck.” He breathed out. “Bucky, what are you trying to say to me?” I pushed. He made a noise and turned on his side. “Just go to sleep, Y/N.”

I huffed, lying back down beside Bucky. “We still have three more questions left.” I muttered, playing with the material of Bucky’s shirt. He turned over, facing me. His arm slithered over my waist but I stayed put. “We’ll finish them another time.” I nodded and sighed, closing my eyes as I listened to the rain fall.

Soon, sleep came over me as I felt Bucky pull me into his warm body again.

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This was a date, but they were keeping things casual.  Maybe it was just him, but Finn was a little confused by this.  If Andrew wanted to keep this casual, that was totally fine, but if in that case, was this really a date?  For some reason, Finn had trouble wrapping his head around that, but he didn’t really need to.  All he needed to know was that he was going out with a friend and very likely getting laid tonight.  Andrew had given Finn his address, so after getting ready, he headed to meet his friend.  Pulling up in front of the house, Finn walked up to the door, ringing the bell.  As he waited, Finn looked down at his clothes, wondering if he was dressed alright.  He had a plaid button down shirt and nice jeans, an outfit that seemed casual but not too casual.  That was maybe the hardest part of this, figuring out what to wear on a casual date between friends who like to have sex.  Maybe Finn was just overthinking it.

Surprise, you did it!

Stiles had been planning this surprise party with Allison for months. He felt like he was constantly having to talk about something else with Lydia so he wouldn’t spill it. But the day had come. He was so proud of his wife for graduating. He had gone to her graduation and he knew he clapped louder than anyone in the whole place. A now showing Allison and Scott had gone with him along with his dad. It was kind of cool being able to show up as a family for her. Now, however, it was time to shower her with love. Stiles had paid for the building and given money to Allison to decorate it. They had chips, dips, sandwiches, cakes, and desserts for the party. Stiles had invited her mom along with some friends from school. Of course everyone in Beacon Hills would be there as well. The decorations were done in gold, pink, and black and when he had checked on it earlier it looked really awesome. They had told Lydia they were going to a gender reveal party that Melissa was surprising Allison with but in reality they were the ones surprising her.

“Ready, babe?” Stiles asked as he fixed his shirt. He was wearing a pair of khaki pants, a button up shirt, and nice shoes. Maybe it was too much but he wanted to look good. He was the husband after all. Stiles drove her to the building and helped her out of the jeep. He threw open the doors to the building and everyone yelled out ‘Congratulations!’ as she walked in. 

Shut Up and Dance with Me - Owen Grady x Reader

A/N: Turn on Shut Up and Dance. And turn it up loud.

Looking in the mirror, you gave your reflection a little fist bump. You’ve never had a better hair day. Perfect timing, too:

The Raptor Squad Summer Block Party was tonight.

Every few months, a division of Jurassic World hosted some sort of “work” party. But really, at that point, no one on the island felt like coworkers. Living on a tiny commercial theme park-ified island in Central America—your friend choices were pretty limited.

So you partied. And that seemed to keep everyone from getting cabin fever.

“Ready?” You answered the knock on your door. Barry and Owen had offered to swing by your bungalow and pick you up.

Owen Grady, you sighed inwardly. He looked good tonight. A nice pair of fitted jeans and a black button down with the sleeves rolled up. It proved to be challenging, but you tried to keep your relationship with him as professional as possible…but—you can’t say you resisted his flirtations.

You smiled as you saw him give your backless dress and your beat up sneakers a once over.

The party was in full swing when arrived. Owen quickly got swept up in conversation, but his hand hardly left the small of your back. You liked when his hands lingered on you. Not quite a promise, but the anticipation was enough to make you dizzy.

He whispered in your ear. “Everyone keeps asking me how smart the raptors are. I don’t want to talk about work anymore.”

“Owen, you always want to talk about the girls.” You countered.

He laughed, not denying your statement. He gave you a look as the DJ started to play one of your favorite songs. Owen took your arm, you think, you don’t know how it happened, and led you to the dance floor. “Shut up and dance with me.” He said, spinning you with your arm high above your head.

Tonight, it seemed everyone was helpless to the bass and the fading light. Coworkers would rotate through, dancing and signing, drinking and laughing. Owen, not surprisingly, was an excellent dancer. The right amount of touching, hands on hips, and always kept you laughing with some new made up move of his.

Barry had gone off to fetch a round of tequila shots, but he had been gone a while. You looked around the room for him–but Owen turned you back around so you were looking straight at him.

“You’re holding back.” He said over the music, while spinning you once again. You laughed. "Keep your eyes on me.” He said, pulling you closer.

You were holding back a bit. It felt like every pair of eyes were on the two of you. And often, they were. Owen was one of your best friends on the island. Everyone thought you were bound to get together, as if it was an eventuality.

It made you self-conscious–your actions being scrutinized and judged. But it wasn’t worth missing out on an opportunity to explore what you had with Owen. It was chemical. Physical. It was your kryptonite.

So, you let yourself become a victim of the night. And when he looked deep into your eyes, it was as if he was seeing his destiny, his future. Which was infatuating and infuriating. You felt it in your chest as he looked at you. 

You knew then. You were bound to be together. He kissed you. Right there on the dance floor. A deep kiss. One hand cupped around your face, the other on your back. You answered his kiss, throwing your arms around his neck like you had imagined doing so, so many times. 

Someone cleared their throat loudly. Barry had finally come back with those tequila shots. “What did I miss?” He laughed cheerfully, passing on a shot to you, and clapping Owen on the back.

“Cheers!” Barry toasted, and you smirked at the bashful smile Owen wore across his face as you downed the shots.

Later, the two of you had found a blanket and a campfire. You cuddled together, the blanket around both of you while you leaned into his chest, sitting between his legs. His arms wrapped around your waist. He’d kiss your temple, breathing in the scent of your hair, and gently rocking you back and forth.

“Why tonight, Owen?” You asked. You had been alone together countless of times, and he never made his move.

“I realized, this might be my last chance.” You tilted your head at his answer. He kissed you again. “You never know what tomorrow holds. The raptors could turn on us all.”

You rolled your eyes, but smiled as you turned kissed him, and pulled him to his feet. “Shut up and dance with me.”