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Guys I wrote smut! finally. This was an idea that just popped into my head thanks to @mizpahes this is a single one shot, I might make it a series for decade!harry though so let me know what you think

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warnings: smut. its smut.

word count: 3,655

summary: the one where Harry takes his sweetheart out to a drive in movie 

The 1950’s, a decade made for teen rebellion. Of course, no one over the age of 30 would know that though. The movement was as silent and effective as a speakeasy of the 1920’s, it was popular only to those involved. Teenagers went out every weekend on innocent dates, they’d get dropped off at home with a polite kiss on the cheek only to come back a few hours later to sneak into their lovers room, or out, for that matter. America was thriving after the war and so was the Styles family.

Harry had moved to the states with his family after his father got a job offer to work for Cadillac. He was the best car dealer in Manchester and they needed someone like him working for their brand. So, the Styles’ were given their very own Cadillac dealership in the suburbs of New York and became an instant hit. Wealth hit them faster than they could even say the word ‘sold’, and Harry found himself gaining popularity at his High School just as quickly.

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Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Nightmare

Imagine having a horrible nightmare about Zoom and Harry comforting you.

Note: I’m so sorry for not posting for more than a week, I didn’t really have a lot of time to write and it’ll probably get even worse in the upcoming 3 weeks. I’ll still try to post as much as I can but I promise that after I (hopefully lol) successfully graduate, there will be a lot of fics coming up!
(Still working on the part 2 of my last fic!)
Gif not mine.

Harry has always warned you, all of you, about how dangerous Zoom can be and what he’s capable of.

You knew that Barry isn’t ready. Not yet. You knew that somewhere deep down inside. He still had to get better, faster, stronger. But the clock was ticking, time was running out. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Fighting Zoom that night was a horrible idea and you couldn’t stop blaming yourself. Barry shouldn’t have faced him. Not alone at least.

You could have stopped him. You should have.

And now Barry was stuck in a wheelchair barely able to walk.

Zoom’s power was much greater than you imagined and it was hard to believe that he thing under the mask is still human.

How were you supposed to beat him now? Without Barry. Was it even possible?

It was driving you crazy. You barely even slept anymore. And when you finally did, you woke up screaming. The few past night were horrible and this one was no different.

You opened you eyes wide, breathing heavily, heart pounding in the state of emergency.

After a second of massively intense panic you realized it was all just a dream.

Just a dream.

The same as always. All over again. You see Zoom fighting Barry that night again. But this time the red speedster doesn’t make it out alive.

Quickly glancing around you made you realize you fell asleep on that tiny little sofa in your workshop once more. You sit up drawing your knees closer to your chest and laying your head on top of them as you started sobbing quietly.

It was okay to cry, right? There was no one there after all. Just you and the darkness. So you thought. You didn’t even notice the sound of the door opening.

„Y/N, did you see my-“

The familiar voice forced you to look up meeting the gaze of the genius scientist. You wanted to say something … but you couldn’t.

Even though the room was pretty dark, there was enough light for him to notice the state you were in. Red, tear-rimmed eyes, with watery streak falling down your cheeks.

„Y/N … are you alright?“ Harry asked gently as he came closer and leaned over to wipe the tears away from your face.

You weren’t used to that side of him. And you definitely didn’t want him to see you like this. But you simply couldn’t stop the tears rolling down one after another.

He didn’t really need an answer as he could pretty easily tell that you were not alright.

„Come here.“ He said softly as he picked you up in his arms, you instantly wrapping your legs around his waist and burying your head in his shoulder as he held you.

He knew exactly where you had your music since he spent quite some time here lately as Cisco couldn’t stand Harry’s habit of throwing stuff around when he was pissed off.

He pushed the little button and a song started to play. Probably one of your favourites.

You had no idea where he was going with all this but you couldn’t complain, it was actually really nice. You finally felt like you could let go.

You tangled your arms around his neck and let the tears pour down your face once again, your voice muffled as you pressed yourself tight against his shoulder.

He didn’t say anything. He was just there for you. Gently stroking your back with one hand and slowly sliding his fingers through your hair with the other one as he swayed lightly on his feet.

None of you said a word, uncertain about how much time has passed.

„.Harry?…“ You finally spoke. „Can I ask you something?“

„Hmm?“ He nodded. There was a surprise in his voice but you could see the relief in his eyes when he noticed you were feeling slightly better.

„… why are you being so nice to me?“

You couldn’t tell for sure because of the dark but you could swear his cheeks colored, subtly, but still, as he averted your gaze for few seconds before looking back.

„… because I care about you.“

A genuine smile appeared on your face.

„I care about you, too.“

He seemed like didn’t expect such answer at first but he smiled back, with a real smile, a smile you haven’t seen from him before.

„Come on, you’re not sleeping alone tonight.“ He whispered as he kissed you forehead softly before you could embarrass him any further.

—Next morning—

„Harry, HARRY! We’ve got a proble-“ Cisco screamed out as he rushed in through the door. „ … ou. Sorry.“

„Did you guys like … sleep together?“

„No. Well, yes, we did sleep together … but we didn’t sleep together …“ Harry tried to explain but failed miserably.

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

„He’s trying to say we didn’t make out.“

„… yet.“ Cisco added winking at you causing you face to turn red.

A Soulmate to remember chap 7

A/N- Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that my request box is open and empty

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5Chapter 6

Tags: @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots,@marvelsimaginess, @naturalnation123 , @suavehayes (let me know if I missed you/you want to be tagged) so I can add you to the list! Hope you enjoyed!

TW: Churches? Otherwise, none

Y/N- Your name 

L/N- Last Name

Word count: 1,863

You were sitting in an extra little sitting room, and You had just finished checking up on all of your college classes, and making sure you had completed all of the homework, when your mother let out a shrill call, “Y/N- phone!”

“Make sure you don’t listen in this time,” You call back a you reached over to the still-operable landline- that your mother refuses to get rid of -with your free hand. I pick it up and press the button, “Hello, Y/N L/N speaking.”


You immediately stop typing on your laptop and set it aside on the couch, “Jason! How are you, I saw a little bit of the situation on the TV - are you okay?”

He seemed taken aback for a moment, but cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, Yeah, a little bruised up, but I’m fine.”

You let out the breath, “Good, good, I’m glad, I knew you could probably take care of yourself, but still.”

Jason was silent for a moment, and you didn’t know wether to break the silence or wait until he felt like talking, and before you could make your decision he spoke, “So, I, uh, found your cellphone today.”

You blinked in surprise, “Really? You did? I ah, mean Thank you, but, uh, when in the world did you find time to find it?”

Jason was smirking, you could tell by his tone, “Oh, just found a little time, no big deal. When can I get it too you, I figured you need it.”

You nodded, “yeah, say I’ve got work in the morning, would you like to come with me to-“

The phone started ringing and You muttered under your breath when you noticed it was your boss, ‘hey it’s my boss, I should really take this… could I put you on hold real quick?”


“Thanks I’l make it quick, I promise.”

You quickly put Jason on hold before accepting the call from your boss, Steph who is quick to ask, “Oh, my gosh I saw on the news about your Uncle’s party- are you okay?”

You laughed, “Yeah Steph, I’m fine, just surprised you haven’t asked yet.”

Steph squealed, “Oh- M-Gee, about Jason Wayne meeting his soul mate, I was gonna, do you know who the mystery woman is?”

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You Were Meant For Me~ Pete Dunne Imagine

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It felt like it was yesterday when you met him.You had been training with Finn, before catching eyes with him. When you were done, you got out of the ring to only see him watching you with a smirk on his face.

You had caught his attention. 

“ Yeh Y/N, right?” He asks, his eyes going back to your face. “ I heard yeh were one of ‘he best women in this company.” You nodded. 

“ You heard right” you said with a chuckle. 

“ Names Pete Dunne, yeh should know by now” He told you, a smirk still remained on his lips. 

“ I would say it’s pleasure to meet you but I have more exciting things to get to” His smirk dropped, he watched as you walked away not taking his eyes of of you. 

You shook your head out of your thoughts. Pete was everywhere. He was no longer part of your life. You miss him like crazy, he was always the highlight of your day. You loved him. 

He was your first love. 

You finished taping your wrist before rolling your neck around and jumping around to get ready for your match. Swinging your hips side to side, taking a deep breathe. It was time to forget him, he was part of your past. You were only looking forward. Back in your apartment, you still had some of his stuff. He hadn’t taken it back, yet. 

Heading to the curtain for your match, you needed to forget what you had with Pete even if it hurts so much. Your music began to play, you put on a bright smile your face which wasn’t really your real smile as you enter through the curtain hearing the crowd cheer.

This is what you lived for. 

The very first time he asked you out was when you met his other two friends, Tyler and Trent. They were known together as British Strong Style. Trent had mentioned to you that Pete was going to take you out to a small diner. He wasn’t really all about going on dates. He got dressed in a nice blue button down shirt with some nice pants and shoes. His hair hung to the side, just the way you liked it. 

He picked you up giving you a rose before lending out his arm for you to take. The date turned out amazing, he was so much different than you thought. He was such a sweetheart with a big heart. 

Pete held your hand on the way back, fingers interlaced together. He stopped you at the middle of the street to his car. You asked him why he stopped and he said, “ Yeh don’ match any other beauty. Yeh are the beauty in my eyes.” 

The two of you broke it off, he was spending less time with you and more time with Trent and Tyler. You got that they were his friends,but you were his girlfriend. On your days off, when you were home, you sat there waiting for him. But he would come home late, not even bothering to call. One night, you had enough and broke things off with him. 

After the break up, both Trent and Tyler and even Manandrews tried to reach you and talk to you when they saw you backstage. But you wouldn’t have it, ignoring them the best way you could. It hurts to much. 

You felt horrible ignoring them, they had became your friends. But you couldn’t just continue to be friends with them because they just remind you of Pete. 

The man that hurt you the most. 

The more time you spend with Pete, the more you started to fall for him. He would get you small gifts, hold your hand, kiss your cheek, always bring a smile to your face. One moment changed everything, you were still a virgin and after one of your dates with Pete. He had kissed you goodnight, when you brought him back into you in a passionate kiss. 

He pulled away asking if you were sure about it. He knew you were a virgin. You nodded letting him inside your room. His eyes darken, pulling you close. 

“ Do you want me?” you asked him. “ More than anythin’” he cupped your face with his hands. “ I want yeh to remember this nigh’” 

His lips fall on yours in a heated kiss, trailing his lips down to your neck and to your collarbones. 

Pete took his time making your first time, a night you won’t forget. 

You were making your way to Regal’s office. He said he wanted to see you about something. He treated you like you were one of his own. Walking in, sitting in front of him waiting for him to finish with the paperwork he was working on. He drops his pen and folds his hands on top of his desk. 

“ Y/N, I want you to know that I notice everything that goes around. I took notice of how unhappy you are” 

“ Oh”He leans back into his chair. “ Y/N, you know you can always come to me if you are having troubles. My door is open for you, any day and you can give me a call.” 

You nodded, “ I appreciate it Mr. Regal but I just need some time to myself.” 

“ If there is anything I can do, please let me know Y/N” I nodded. 

“ Thank you again, Mr. Regal but I’ll be okay” 

“ Good, wouldn’t want you to be slacking off” “ Never” 

The night that you were packing your stuff to go to your new place, your body froze seeing his hand writing on one of the boxes. You were afraid to open it, but did it anyways. 

The first thing you saw was one of your wrestling jackets. You gave it to him when he miss you. Now here it was, in the box. But what caught your attention was one of his hoodies he had placed inside. 

Taking it out and bringing it to your chest taking a whiff of it. It smelled like him still. A note dropped from a pocket, you picked it up reading it. Tears streak down your cheeks reading the words.

“ You will always have a home in my heart”

A couple of months have gone by. You were wondering if Pete ever wanted to get married and have kids. He couldn’t give you a straight answer. 

“ I don’t know Y/N” he would tell you. You huffed, “ Why not?” He sighs. “ Don’t you want to marry me? Have kids with me? Grow old with me and spend the rest of your life with me?

“ Look Y/N it’s not that I don’t want t’. It’s jus’ my career is kickin’ off. I love yeh, I do. But havin’ kids and gettin’ married is in the future for me. Not now. Not ever.” 

“ Not ever? Are you fucking kidding me Peter? We have been together for this long and now you tell me this?” He shrugs. 

“ That’s great, well I do want kids. I guess you don’t see me in your future as well” 

“ I didn’ say tha’ ! I want yeh, here and now” 

“ Not good enough, I need to go” you say grabbing your coat and putting on your shoes. “ Don’ go luv, I need yeh, please” he begged with tears in his eyes. 

“ And I thought for a moment that we could have something more! Take another step in our relationship! Fuck off!” you threw a pregnant test at him. 

“ I took three, by the way!” you said, slamming the door leaving him alone in the room. He kneels on the floor, taking the pregnancy test in his hands and sees the plus sign.

You are carrying his child. You are pregnant. 

Here you were coming back home to see your son, you had him a month ago. He had Pete’s eyes and smile. You couldn’t believe that you were a mom. You loved your son to pieces. 

Getting out of your car and getting your bag but stopped as your breath hitched seeing who was on the doorstep. He looked like he lacked sleep and in his hand he held a single rose, a rose he gave you on the first date. 

“ Pete” you whisper his name enough that he heard you. He stood up, walking down meeting you half way. Seeing him for the first time in a long time was surreal. 

“ Y/N” He says your name, it falls from his lips so nicely. “ I miss yeh so much, I’m an idiot that doesn’t deserve yeh. I heard yeh had our son, I am sorry that I never chased yeh down. I was scared, scared t’ being with one person for the res’ of my life. But then I realized that all I needed was yeh. Please, forgive me Y/N. I need yeh and I want t’ be a part of our sons life if you let me” 

“ You had me when you said my name” He laughs leaning down to kiss you, he hesitates at first. You nod giving him permission to kiss you, once your lips met it was like everything you had with him came rushing back. 

You needed him and he needed you. 

Co Workers (Part Nineteen)

A/N: Surprise! I’ve decided to finally bless you all with a fluff chapter!!!!!!! I know I’ve been screwing your emotions for awhile. I thought I’d let up a bit. (for a while anyway muahahahaha) I even left you with a fluffy gooey cliff hanger

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there is any for once! (heheh)

Word Count: 2.2k

Catch up HERE Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Okay,” she said as she continued to read, “so you said you’d been drinking quite a lot lately?”

“Yeah,” you started, “I just, I needed it.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work on all of it.-” She sat the folder down on the desk and took her glasses off- “but right now, I’m asking because this shows that your hCG levels are about 75,500.”

You squinted at her and crossed your arms, “What’s that mean?”

She looked at you, slightly surprised that you didn’t know.

“It means that you’re pregnant, Y/N.”

You stared at her for a moment, not quite sure how to process what she’d just said. You looked around, finally holding your arm up and pointed to it.

“I-I have the arm thing, it’s supposed to be good for three years!” you practically shouted.

She stood up and walked around her desk and sat in the chair next to yours. You looked down at your lap.

“I-I can’t right now, I just, my job, and Misha, and-” you looked up at her- “I have to call him.”

You’re eyes shot open as the earsplitting alarm clock went off. You groaned and flung your arm over to hit the snooze button. It didn’t shut off. You sat up, leaning over to look at where the damn shut off button was. 7 AM. You rubbed your eyes and swung your feet off of the bed. You’d gotten maybe, three hours of sleep or so. You’d been up most of the night tossing and turning in the uncomfortable bed that they gave you.

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Sherlolly Week 2017 Day 2: First Date

(The rating is still G on this one. Set in S1, sometime after ASiP but before TGG.)


“Sherlock?  What are you doing here?  Do you have another case already?” Molly asked, setting her bag on the lab table.  He’d only left a few hours before.

“Nope.  John has a date and I’m not to return to the flat until two at the earliest, which, I have to say, is highly optimistic of him considering the length of his shower this morning.”  He went back to looking at whatever slide he had in the microscope.

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Just for you

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Part 1

Request: “Can I request a two part angst with Baekhyun where you were best friends and he loved you but he was two late to confess because you were dating Sehun. Then 3 years later you guys met each other and… will you finish it because that’s all I have. 😘”-anon

Genre: Angst. Prepare yourself because there ain’t gonna be no fluff.

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: He has been waiting so much time for this. Knowing each other for so long, he knew you were the right girl for him. But when he gets the courage to confess his feelings to you, he is faced with the fact that you’re already taken.

Today was the big day for him. The day he would have to finally man up. The day he would take actions for what he has felt for a long time. The day were he will put his fear of rejection aside and take up enough courage to tell you everything he wanted to all this time.

He convinced himself, it was the day. Because previous days he would think of doing it but end up dismissing the idea and not doing anything. But this time was different, this time he was going to do it.

He had everything sorted out, well almost everything. He did invite you for dinner at a nice restaurant but was he didn’t know exactly was what he was going to say to you. Or more specifically, how he was going to express his feelings to you.

The anticipation was eating him alive. Of course you were his best friend, known you for years now. But that didn’t stop himself from getting anxious for your reaction. What would you think of him? Would you feel the same? And If you didn’t what would happen with the friendship you both had?

If there was something putting pressure on him more than the rest for his worries of the night, it was that. He didn’t want the bond between you two to end at all, but he wanted to be honest with you. You were his best friend after all and he told you everything that was bothering him or things like that. Everything but his feelings, and that was going to change.

He was already at the table he reserved for the both of you in the restaurant. He had a nice buttoned up shirt and dark jeans. He wanted to seem like he put some thought to his outfit but not too much that would make him seem like he was trying too hard. And it was really a rarely the times he got to dress in anything other than his usual clothes so he figured he’d give them a shot. After a few moments of looking back and forth waiting for you, there you came. You walked in with a casual medium length dress, hair behind your shoulders and a loving smile making everything he noticed about you even better.

You spotted him and walked to the table. Baekhyun stood up and walked to your seat and pulled out the chair for you. You were flattered by his actions and grinned to him “Such a gentleman Baekhyunie~ Please take a seat, don’t worry about me” he grinned back at you and sat down in his seat.

He sat a cross from you, starting to feel his heart flutter. You both talked to each other a lot and it was a normal thing to eat together but this time was different. This time he had been holding back his feeling and he was planning on letting them go for once. This time was the time for Baekhyun to finally let you know.

“So, how has my bestfriend been in these few weeks?” you asked Baekhyun, “You know, we should go eat together a lot more and even more now if you’re the one paying.” He laughed and replied “What are you talking about I pay for you all the time!” you laughed along and said “I know, I’m just teasing you.”

“I’ve been fine as ever, not much has happened since we last talked” he admitted. You looked at him suspiciously “Not much? From Chanyeol’s point of view, you seemed to be stressing a whole bunch about something he refused to tell me himself” you said to him.

In that moment, he cursed at Chanyeol in his head. His beloved close friend was well aware of his struggling with feelings towards you and even encouraged him to talk to you. What Baekhyun didn’t know is that Chanyeol was spilling the truth (well, not the complete truth, thankfully) to the one person it was about. He made a mental reminder to choke Chanyeol as soon as he sees him again for almost snitching on him.

He gasped “You’ve been talking with Chanyeol about me behind my back?” he added “I did not expect this from you, tsk tsk. If you want to know how I am, just ask me, not that idiot.” You then said “Well he did tell me something you haven’t told me. Come on Baekhyun, I’m your bestfriend, shouldn’t you feel comfortable enough to tell me if something is bothering you? I know I’m not always full of advice to give you but I’m always here to listen to anything you want to rant or just talk about” you finished, putting your hand on the top of his arm that was resting on the table and caressing it while looking at him with a sweet smile in your face.

He reciprocated a small smile to you as he put his other hand on top of the hand you were caressing him with. “It’s now that, I know I can trust you Y/n, but it’s just not that easy” he admitted while avoiding eye contact. He knew that if he looked up to your doll like eyes again while you touched him so softly, he’d crack and tell you everything in that moment and he didn’t want that. He wanted to wait a bit more, enjoy this moment with you just for a little longer just in case things went badly after he confesses to you.

You were about to ask him what exactly wasn’t so easy to talk about as he just claimed but your thoughts were interrupted by the waiter greeting the both of you and asking for your orders. You sighed quietly and smiled politely to the waiter to then look at your menu quickly and choosing the most appealing meal you could find. You knew something was up with Baekhyun and obviously you wanted to know what was bothering him so much. It did worry you a bit but you decided to let him talk to you about it when he was ready to. You didn’t want to rush him and possibly make him feel a bit more stressed because of it.

After the waiter left, he got oddly quiet. You guessed it was because of what you had previously were talking to him about and felt a little bad. You looked down at your lap, messing with the skirt of your dress, thinking of how to enlighten the conversation of at least change the subject he was clearly not comfortable enough to talk about in the moment. And then something popped into your head.

“You know,” you started telling him “you’re not the only one with secrets” that made him look up to you slightly confused. “There’s something you haven’t told me?” he said tilting his head unconsciously like a puppy. You giggled at his gesture and nodded “Yep, I was planning to tell you later on the week but I guess I can tell you now” you said and he nodded waiting for you to continue.

You inhaled and exhaled, feeling a bit nervous for what your best friend thought about what you were about to tell him but you pushed your anxiety aside because you knew he would support you through everything, like he always had.

“Well I have two things to tell you actually” you started saying “The first one is that I was offered a really good job outside the country. They’re going to pay me a really good amount per hour and also pay for my transportation. I know what you’re gonna say; it’s far away. But I’ve thought about it for sometime and I think it’s a good idea” you ended. He didn’t have any specific expression on his face, it was very serious and blank, but you knew him well enough to know he didn’t feel the happiest about it.

He continued to look at you and sighed, taking this information in. You, his bestfriend and girl he was madly in love with was going to move far away from him for sometime, who knows how many years. It pained him the thought of not being able to see you often as he would, not being able to share more times together or not having a chance at a relationship with you. Distance was going to be a pain in the ass, he knew skype calls and text messages wouldn’t cover or makeup for anything they can do in the moment together. But he also knew how hardworking you were and if you were even considering it, it must be because you wanted it.

“What did your parents say about this?” he asked “I know they wont be pleased with not having you around them”. You replied “I haven’t told anyone besides you, Baekhyun” and added “I was going to tell everyone this weekend but, I guess I just couldn’t wait to tell you”. That made Baekhyun’s heart skip a beat. You didn’t say it with the intention of making him feel some type of way but the your voice was so soft and lovely in his ears, he couldn’t help but to feel special.

He quickly snapped out of his little daze when the waiter came to their table serving them their orders. They both thanked the waiter as he walked away and began eating. Baekhyun paused himself, wanting to continue the conversation and said to you “Well, you better not think you’re getting rid of me that easily Y/n. You’ll have to do more than just move far away to do that” you laughed at his comment and said “Oh I’m sure it wont be easy but don’t worry because you aren’t getting rid of me either. I’ll come back for the holidays and gossip with Chanyeol to keep tracks on you” and he laughed loudly at that.

“But there’s also something else I have to tell you” you said catching his attention. He lifted his look from his food and stared at you waiting for you to continue. “You know Sehun from our hometown?” you asked and he responded “Oh Sehun, the one who was in our elementary school?” you nodded. He said “Yeah I remember him, barely but I do. What about him?” you then paused for a minute trying to collect the words to say and ease this to him. He was always understanding and supportive when it came to the decisions you took but even then, you didn’t fail to feel nervous as the words were about to come out of your mouth.

“He contacted me not so long ago and we started hanging out” you said “He’s actually really funny and cool. He dances amazingly too, like a professional dancer-” and without noticing you proceeded to rabble on about him to Baekhyun. Baekhyun began to feel jealous as you talked a bout another guy so deeply to him. He balled his fists under the table so you couldn’t see them as  thoughts about where this was going clouded his mind. Something told him to stop listening, to just get up and go. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He cut you off, unable to let himself hurt even more and asked “Your point is?”. You stopped your rambling and cleared your throat to talk. “I’m in a relationship now, with Sehun” you said looking at his face to see his reaction when you announced to him the news. But you began to feel strange as there was no expression, he was just blank.

In Baekhyun’ s mind, he was in chaos. He knew this would happen sooner or later if you didn’t feel the same for him but he didn’t know it would hurt this bad. It was like a blow to the heart. He didn’t even get to tell you how he felt, damn it, he thought. If he would have talked to you sooner. If you wouldn’t have met Sehun again. If you actually would have fallen for him, he wouldn’t be hurting so badly. He thought about all of this but he knew deep inside, there was no point to think about the it’s and what if’s.

The reality of the situation was presented to him with a spoon full of sugar but it tasted to bitter to him. He couldn’t swallow and digest it. The thought of you being in love with another man made his stomach turn. The thought of you being touched, kissed, caressed, loved by someone else made him sick. He wanted to spit out this awful truth but he couldn’t. He loved you and loving someone means taking care of and wanting only the best for them. And if loving you meant he’d just have to let you go and let you be happy with another man, he was willing to do just that. Just for you.

You stayed seated anxiously as the minutes flew by and you waited for his response. He stayed dangerously stiff also, not flinching at all when you moved in your seat. You wanted to know what he was thinking, what was running through his mind that had him so lost in thought. You wanted to say something and pull him out of his thoughts but you didn’t for some reason, you just sat there waiting for him to speak again. And he did.

Baekhyun sighed as he directed his eyes back to your face. The face he looked at with so much love was now full of worry. He took his hand from under the table to take yours. His thumb caresses your hand as he savored this little moment in his head. He pasted a smile on his face for you as he finally responded “I’m really happy for you Y/n, I hope he makes you really happy” in a caring tone. You smiled at him as the weight was lifted of your shoulders. Seeing him so supportive made you happy and glad you told him before anyone else. You squeezed his hand in yours and said “Thank you so much Baekhyun, you have no idea how much this means to me” making him squeeze your hand back and reply “Just as long as he’s a good guy and treats you right, I’ll approve it. If you’re happy, I’m happy”.

You felt your smile grow even larger if it was possible and looked at him. You both pulled your hands away and went to continue eating. As you were about to lift up the fork, you felt your phone vibrate in your purse. You took your bag and looked at your phone. It was a message from Sehun saying  he’d come to pick you up and he was waiting outside. You looked out and quickly spotted his car.

“I’m sorry Baek but I have to get going” you said to him as you began to lift up and stand from your seat “Sehun came to pick me up”. His gaze never left his plate as he nodded and said “Oh okay, I’ll see you around then”. You said your goodbyes and before walking out you hugged him from behind and said “Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it” and he replied “Anything for you, Y/n” and with that you un wrapped your arms from him and walked away.

You got outside and walked directly to Sehun who was leaning against his car in the parking lot. “Who was that?” he was asked and you couldn’t help but laugh at his straight-forwardness. You kissed his cheek and walked to the passenger side telling him “Baekhyun his my bestfriend, don’t stress about it”. You both sat in the car and you continued saying “In fact, I want you two to met soon” and he nodded his head. “Well if he is your bestfriend then he must be a good guy” he said and you mumbled “He sure is” as the car drove off and you were on your way home.

Baekhyun stood up later after you left and called the waiter to pay the bill. At this point his appetite was gone and he just wanted to leave, wanting nothing more that swim in the bed sheets of his room and sleep, hoping to dream with a reality far better than this one.

He stepped out of the restaurant and walked to his cars with his keys in hand. He opened the door and sat down in the driver seat. Closing the door he took a deep breath, still taking in what just had happened. Turning on the car radio in hopes to distract himself, he rested his head on the staring wheel and listened to the songs being played. After a while, he lifted his head and started the car. He could already feel the wetness in his cheek from the tears that had ran down his face. He couldn’t help them. He was alone and vulnerable so he let himself go while he was driving home. His vision was cloudy and it was almost not possible to see the road correctly but he couldn’t help it. He just loved you that much.

A/N: So sad! And the best/worst thing is that there wasn’t someone who was being the antagonist, both characters were doing what they thought was best. There will be a second part where they meet again though, so yeah. Any questions or thoughts leave them in my inbox! Take care, sweeties *waves goodbye*

Honeymoon Shawn (Destination Wedding)

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  • Somewhere like Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico or Cuba
  • A secluded hut out on the water of some kind. 
  • Waking up to the wind blowing white curtains
  • Fresh air
  • Both of you getting up to eat a nice colourful plate of cut fruit and eggs. 
  • Mimosas while sitting outside together on the water. Talking about the wedding and the party. Being happy that your families and friends had fun.
  • “Hey guess what we’re married.”
  • “Is really is that what I did yesterday? Oh shit I forgot” 
  • Jumping into the water off the deck. 
  • Shawn looking good dripping wet, those shorts sticking to his skin
  • “nice”
  • Getting dressed and going into town, trying to talk to locals. Shawn trying really hard. 
  • Walking through the markets trying on hats and picking up nick nacks.
  • “Do you think mom would like this?”
  • Stopping at a little restaurant getting a Corona, a cold beer or water and something to eat. 
  • Holding hands down the busy streets.
  • Shawn getting drunk off the unlimited drinks
  • “Shawn you’re so goofy when you’re tipsy.”
  • “Yeah but I’m happy.” 
  • Checking out the beach. Also writing your names in the sand and taking a picture because cliche is still fun. 
  • If there is foreign music = Salsa hips for 2.5 seconds.
  • Just being happy.
  • “What do you want to do today?” 
  • “I have an idea”
  • Shawn rents a Jeep and takes you out all day to see the Island or area.
  • Driving under huge shade trees as the sun comes through
  • Listening to music like Colbie Calliet, Jason Mraz and A LOT of John as you drive 
  • Shawn turning to you and making this happen (0:31) (song yes included)
  • Looking over at him when he’s not looking and you think of how lucky you got as you watch him (he does the same when you’re not looking)
  • His sunglasses and his hair twirling in the air from the breeze
  • Smiles
  • Late hot sticky passionate sex
  • A lot of ‘i love you’s’ and a sweet smile before a quick kiss
  • watching the sun set in the water every night 
#216 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompt “Reader, who’s a graphic designer, knows someone from Catfish team and is visiting them on work. While she’s waiting for them she’s drawing. Van had been stressing out over the new album’s cover, cause he disliked the options they had. While passing by he sees her drawing and instantly knows it’s the one he wants. They flirt but nothing happens until he appears to one of her expositions and asks her out. Flufflyness is always appreciated” and “you spend the night at van’s (as a friend maybe) and you mean to borrow one of his shirts but it ends up being larry’s” and “a fic about trying to explain to van that you’ve just never really had a best friend/ you’ve had best friends in the past (teen years) but they’ve always had better friends than you and it’s always just sorta bothered you (it’s basically my reality lol) and like van not really getting how that’s possible”

Bonus mini-request for painting with Van.

Trent gave you some of the thick, nice paper from the printer under his receptionist station to keep you occupied while you waited for him to go on his lunch break. You sat in the waiting room scribbling away with a charcoal pencil when someone wandered in from the record label offices. The room was where the elevators were and he pressed the button to go down. You’d not bothered looking up until he was standing over you, his shadow robbing you of light.

The first thing you noticed about him were his eyelashes, thick and long and beautiful. Then, a small red mark under his left eye. He was talking before your brain thought to listen.

“Sorry?” you asked for him to repeat himself, despite having stared at his face the whole time. He smiled.

“Said that’s dead good. You an artist or something?”

“Something… graphic designer,”

“What’s that for?”

You looked down at the alligator. You shrugged, and moved to fill in details but stopped yourself. Maybe it was done.

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New Year’s Eve (Yuri x Otabek)

Type: One shot

Genre: Fluff and Romance

Word count: 2,667

Pairing: Yurabek also known as Otayuri (Yuri/Otabek)

Summary: Every New Year’s party Yuuri and Viktor hold Yuri and Otabek attend and for the last two years Yuri has been trying to get his midnight kiss with Otabek, he’s failed for two years but he won’t give up that easily.

Warnings: None.

A/N:  Prompt me if you have any, I hope you enjoy this one shot and thanks to the person who sent me this prompt :3 I edited this in like 10 minutes so sorry if it sucks major ass 


The first New Year’s Party

 11:00 p.m.

Yuri sat in the corner of the crowded living room of Viktor’s flashy roof top apartment, people were sitting and standing talking excitedly to each other as the time moved closer to midnight, Yuri sighed to himself as he looked around the room everyone seemed happy for the year to be over all except Yuri Plisetsky, he always hated the start of a new year with everyone making plans to be a better them with all their resolutions that they end up failing within the first week of the new year, Yuri thought it was pathetic and stupid and he wanted to stay in the year that he finally one Gold, his angry thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone sitting next to him, as he looked to see who it was he saw Otabek’s handsome face

“What are you moping about over here?” He asked with a smirk

Yuri crosses his arms over his small chest “I am not moping” he replies stubbornly

“Sure” Otabek says taking a sip of the beer in his hand “Got any resolutions?”


“Not one?”

“No” Yuri looks over at Otabek ‘He looks really handsome tonight’ Yuri thinks to himself as he looks Otabek up and down, he had on a fitting black shirt with the first three buttons undone he also had on nicely fitting dark blue jeans, he looked up to see Otabek watching him which caused his pale cheeks to heat up a bright red

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'd like do know... I'm a poor little thing who really like to had some ouji clothes. I don't know where I can find some cheap clothes. There's the Bodyline shop, but I don't really trust the quality... Argh. What can I do? (And sorry for my crappy english)


My best tip for finding more affordable ouji is to check Japanese second-hand sites. You can find some really great deals there, and the quality will be great too, since you’re getting brand items. Japanese second-hand sites typically won’t sell items that are significantly damaged or stained, so the clothes you buy from them will be in good condition too, even though they are used. Plus, most of them will ship internationally, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a shopping service. While I do occasionally buy pieces new from the brands or from Lacemarket, the majority of my wardrobe was purchased from these sites.

There’s a comprehensive list of them under the “secondhand” tab on Buttcape’s Where to Buy Ouji guide here.

I glanced over a couple sites to find a couple examples of the kind of deals you can find: here’s a Putumayo jacket for only 1,500 (~$13.50) and here are some Metamorphose shorts for only 1,800 (~$16.20). So you can totally find stuff that’s in line with Bodyline’s prices. Rarer pieces will of course be more expensive, but you can build a solid wardrobe out of nice affordable items.

It’s also worthwhile to check out Yahoo Auctions, but you’ll need to use a shopping service to buy/bid on anything, and I personally haven’t had as much luck with it (though I’ve seen friends get some great deals, so it’s definitely worth a look).

If you do decide to order from Bodyline, the quality isn’t terrible (though it’s definitely not up to brand standards) and some of their stuff can look quite nice if you swap out their cheap buttons for fancier ones. Also, in my experience, their shoes are really good, especially for the price you pay. Overall though, I think it’s better to buy from second-hand sites, since you can find a much wider variety of items, and the quality is much better.

I hope this helps!

still turning

Group/Member: GOT7 // Jinyoung

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.802

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jinyoung 33
“I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

Summary: You struggle with the news of your best friend, also the love of his life, celebrating his engagement.

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // Rules

You really had meant to make it to the party. In no way, had you intentionally meant to sit down on your couch and subsequently get locked onto it, your body physically refusing to move from its place. After the first thirty minutes, you’d told yourself repeatedly how ridiculous this was. He was your best friend, and he was expecting you to be there, and yet here you were. After an hour, you’d gone through every single excuse you could possibly think of so that when you finally stood up and left, you’d be able to explain where you’d been. ‘Oh Jinyoung I’m so sorry, my car had a flat tire and I had to get my neighbor to change it for me’ or maybe ‘I’m so sorry Jinyoung, I was just getting ready to leave when my grandmother called me, we both know how chatty she can be.’ After the second hour, you realized that the excuses didn’t matter anymore, that none of it mattered.

You’d lost track of the amount of times that your phone had lit up, probably Jinyoung or some of your other friends wondering where you were, probably worrying due to your lack of response. The truth behind it all was more than a little pathetic, and more than a little heartbreaking, and it was none of your intentions to tell them why you’d managed to get fully dressed and ready for your best friend’s engagement party, only to find yourself unable to go.

The truth behind it all was that you had been in love with your best friend for years.

For years, you’d dreamed of building up the courage to tell him, for years you’d endured listening to him talk about other girls, and for years you’d convince yourself he would come around. Years hadn’t prepared you for the moment he would call you, clearly chocked up with tears and pure glee, nearly yelling into the phone that he’d finally done it. He’d finally popped the question to the girl of his dreams.

Nothing had prepared you for finally realizing that the girl of his dreams was not you, nor would it ever be.

Feeling the first tear slide down your cheek you clenched your eyes closed, fists squeezing shut until your knuckles turned white. Why in the hell were you crying? This was your own fault. You should have either made a move a long time ago, or should have realized by now that Jinyoung was not meant to be in your future in that sort of sense. Slowly but surely you pushed yourself forward, feeling the cramps in your muscles from sitting for so long. Your elbows on your thighs as you covered your face in your hands. Fighting with everything you had not break down from the pure and torturous heartache you were feeling.

“It’s not fair,” you whispered to yourself.

The idea of checking your phone was purely unbearable. You knew it was irresponsible, knew that you were making a lot of people worry for no reason, but right now you needed to take care of yourself, and to do so you needed to get away from your phone. By now it was nearly nine pm, well passed the time of the engagement party. Face washed of the makeup you’d applied, body stripped of the dress and redressed with your favorite pajamas, you were just preparing to make some tea when you heard the knock on your door. Freezing for a moment you struggled with whether or not you should go and answer, maybe at least see who was there.

“[Y/N]?” It was Jinyoung.

Deep down you’d known it was him from the moment there was a knock. Despite this being an important day for him, despite this being the day that he celebrated the presence of the new woman in his life, you were still his best friend and you still mattered to him.

Unconsciously you found yourself body moving towards the door, hand grabbing the knob and twisting it open before your mind could talk some sense into you. He was still dressed in his nice button up and dress pants. Hair a little messy but still obviously styled for the event. You hated the guilt you felt when you noticed the worry and stress lines in and around his eyes.

“[Y/N] where have you been? You haven’t been answering my calls, you had me worried sick.” Stepping back, you let him enter your house, giving him a sad smile and a shrug as you went back towards the kitchen. “I know…I’m sorry, I don’t really have a reason to why I didn’t go,” you say, too tired to spin some elaborate lie, but hurting enough to not bring up the truth on your own.

“What’s been going on?”

Turning at the question you saw Jinyoung standing in the entryway of your kitchen, his eyes going ever inch of your face to try and detect what it was. Why his best friend of all these years was suddenly feeling so distant. Why you weren’t there to support and him and celebrate him for one of the biggest events of his life. “What’s wrong?”

You tried to ignore the question, as well as the shaking in your hands by turning your back to him so that you could sort through your tea shelf. Pulling and looking through boxes, not even noticing what kind your grabbed, simply trying to busy yourself. “I’m sorry Jinyoung, I just haven’t been feeling well.” It isn’t the full truth, but it also isn’t a lie.

“So talk to me. Quick shutting the lights off on me and let me help. [Y/N] I wanted you of all people there today. I understand if weren’t able to go, but at least tell me why and let me help if I can.”

“You can’t Jinyoung!” the yell startles not only him but yourself as well, your sudden outburst causing your arm to knock out multiple boxes from your shelf, teabags scattering onto the floor.

“What do you mean I can’t?”

Covering your face with your hands you feel the composure you’d been so desperately trying to build begin to crumble. Images of him dressed nicely at his party flashing through his mind; except it’s not just him. She’s right there beside him, arm linked with his. She looks even more gorgeous than the pictures you’ve seen of her. She’s matches the exact type that Jinyoung has always described to you. She’s becoming the exact thing you’d always dreamed of being; Jinyoung’s.

Jinyoung cautiously takes a few steps towards you, noticing the slight shake in your shoulders, knowing that if it’s enough to bring you to tears, whatever is happening is something extremely serious. You’d always been the strongest person he knew, and had always been someone who was able to carry an extreme weight on your shoulders; watching you break down scared him more than anything.

“[Y/N]…what’s wrong?”

“I’m in love with you.”

Nothing could ever be said that would make the world stop as fast as that one sentence did. It was as if the earth stopped spinning, as if time had stopped, everybody freezing dead in their tracks, leaving nothing the whir of your refrigerator. Your hands slowly reach for the counter gripping onto them so that your knees won’t buckle on you, the time spent in silence becoming longer and longer.

“You what?” Jinyoung finally manages to say, his vocal cords feeling as if he hadn’t used them for months. Staring at you, at his best friend, he’s sure that he’s simply heard you wrong. Maybe you’d said you’re in love with somebody else and that’s okay if that’s why you missed the party, because maybe you’re going through some sort of breakup.

“I’m in love with you Jinyoung.” This time the world doesn’t freeze. This time there’s still a spin on the axis, and the second hand on your clock is still making full rotations. This time you slowly turn around, revealing the tears that were heavily streaming down your face.

“I’m sorry. It’s a shitty reason to have missed your celebration but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t see how happy you were with her because I’m in love with you. I shouldn’t be in love with you but I am!” you yell, your hand griping your chest where your heart is. Squeezing your eyes shut you don’t both to stop the tears as they leak continuously out, your temple pounding from the constriction of your vessels. “I swear if I could take it back I would,” you say as you finally look at him, “I can’t though. I can’t stop how I feel, at least not right now.”

He doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know if there’s anything he should say, and so he decides it’s best not to, his head falling down as he stares at the floor tiles, his hands fiddling with each other.

“I think you should go,” his head snaps up at this, heart constricting as he sees the pure pain that you’re in. He wishes that it had been any other guy in the world. Any other guy that had made you feel this way, had put you through this. At least then he could rush to you and hold you and let you scream and yell about how much you hurt and he could try and make it better. But he was the guy. Whether he’d known it or not, he knew that for you, he was the guy that had broken you. He couldn’t run to you and hold you, and he couldn’t tell you that everything was going to be alright. All he could do was step away; his presence only making things worse.

“You’re still my best friend,” he says, wincing at the pained expression on your face. “I…I’ll still be here,” he says quietly as he takes a few steps back, “I’ll still always be here for you [Y/N].”

He doesn’t expect you to reply to him, but the quiet hurts as he turns and slowly walks to the door. As the sound of the latch taking, letting you know he was gone you slowly sink down onto the ground. There’s nothing dramatic about it. You don’t fling yourself to the tiles and scream in misery, but instead slowly lower yourself down into a comfortable sitting position, head resting on the wood of the lower cabinets. You take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The world it seems is still spinning. And despite the pain that is coursing through you, and despite the humiliation that is engrained into your mind, you know that the world will continue to spin; whether we want them to or not.

First Day on the Job

So my friend actually wrote this, but doesn’t have a tumblr, so i’m posting it for her. I don’t think it’s that bad. So we hope you enjoy!

“He seriously is New Yorks finest. Sure he can be a little strident, bitter, and ill-tempered, but once you really get to know him, you’ll discover just how great of a guy he is.” Sonny explained to his niece, (y/n).

“Let’s just hope I don’t screw this up. After all the things you told me about him, i’m surprised he agreed to let me shadow him. I mean afterall, he dealt with you shadowing him, I don’t see why he’d now deal with me, I mean i’m worse than you.” You laughed, but was only half joking considering you was terrified of what you had heard about Mr. Barba. You had seen him on the news plenty of times and as much as he is deemed a hero to the city, he’s made out to be some bulldog of a lawyer to the other law students at her school.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, just try not to act too awkward and stay out of his hair during a stressful case. Anyways I better get going, I promised Rollins i’d help babysit, while she gets some cleaning done around the house.”
“Oh and how’s that going for you? From what you’ve told me, Rollins and you seem to be hitting it off? Going to make dinner for her again? Does Jesse call you papa yet?” You teased. You thought you might have seen Sonny’s cheeks blush before he turned around to grab his coat and slip his shoes on.

“I told you, we’re just friends. She’s like a sister to me anyways. I’m not interested in her (y/n).” You noticed Sonny stressed the “her” in that sentence and was confused for a moment, but brushed it off seeing Sonny was in a hurry.
“Whatever you say Dom. Have fun, love ya.”

“You too.” As soon as you shut the door, you ran to your bedroom closet to find the right outfit to wear on her first day. You were running out of time, considering you had one hour to get ready and be down at Barba’s office. Talking to Sonny took longer than anticipated. You grabbed practically all of your nice clothes out of the closet and layed them on the bed, matching blouses with skirts and blazers with high heels. You wouldn’t say you were into fashion, but anyone at school would disagree. You liked your clothes tight enough that they complimented your nice figure, and the right color to compliment your eyes. You ended up choosing a navy blue tight skirt that ended a few inches above the knee, a white button up blouse, which you left a few buttons undone to show off a little cleavage, and a matching navy blue blazer, with navy high heels of course. Some might say you were trying to pull the old ‘sexy secretary’ look, but you felt it was not too inappropriate that you’d be asked to change by anyone. So you grabbed your Calvin Klein purse, keys, and phone, and was out the door.

You had arrived at the office about 5 minutes late. You had not realized how long the ride from your place was to here, and didn’t exactly rush yourself when choosing an outfit, changing, fixing your hair and applying makeup. You hoped Mr. Barba wouldn’t mind, understanding it’s the first day, but who are you kidding, it’s Barba, he wouldn’t understand. So you took a deep breathe and knocked on the door.

“Come in”

“Mr. Barba, i sincerely apologize for being late I-”

“It happens again, see to it that you will not be shadowing me. Students would kill to get help and credit hours from me. Sit down and let me finish reviewing this file” Barba said without looking at the girl once. You were embarrassed and felt like nearly crying. You were not use to people talking to you like that. Usually they would take one look at you and end up buying you dinner or forgiving you right away for whatever you did. How were you supposed to be a lawyer if you couldn’t even handle Mr. Barba for even a minute.

“I’m sorry Mr. Barba it won’t happen again.” You croaked out as you quietly put your stuff down on a table and sat in the chair in front of his desk. You looked around the room, while he worked for some sort of distraction. It was a very nice office, but a little too plain for your liking, so you ended up watching the man staring at a piece of paper. He had the most kind eyes you’ve ever seen, with tiny cresents under his eyes, guessing he works long hours and hardly takes a break. You’ve always loved a hard worker. His hair was a beautiful brown color with a little grey on the sides and some starting to show in the front. His lips seemed nice and plump, maybe kissable, as he stuck a pen between his teeth. Must be a habit of his. You moved down to his clothes. He wore a light blue button up dress shirt with the lightest pink stripes that one couldn’t really see unless they were up close to him. He had a hot pink tie with some sort of crazy pattern and hot pink and black striped suspenders. The outfit was busy, yet the combination totally completed itself. You felt it says alot about the man. He cares about his looks. He wants to seem like a big time lawyer, but adds himself into the look to make it unique. No matter what you did, you couldn’t stop staring at him. He was gorgeous, you had to admit. You didn’t however, notice that your mouth was slightly open an pointing up in a small smile. Just as you were starting to look up, you caught his beaming green eyes staring at yours. He had a the most irritable, yet tempting smirk on his face.

“Like what you see?” Barba asked acting smug.

“Ye-what, excuse me? Sorry did you say something Mr. Barba?” You slurred out, snapping out of your trance as you felt your face get hot. You could run out of there and never turn back. Barba chuckled, surprisingly. You didn’t think that man had ever laughed before.

“Well, while you were checking me out, I asked you if you had any questions for me. I believe you have to ask and I answer for a paper you have to write.” Barba said this time with a straightface, now seeming uninterested in the conversation. You couldn’t exactly figure this man out.

“Oh yes, uh, let me grab my notebook.” You stood up and bent over slightly to grab your purse off the table, as Barba stared at the skirt riding up your legs slightly. He may have liked what he saw, but knew to look away, he cleared his throat so you would straighten yourself. Just your luck, you were so worried about what to wear that you totally forgot your notebook with questions already made at home. You wrote the questions almost two weeks ago when you found out about the shadowing/internship, so you couldn’t remember what you wrote. You were never like this. Top of your class, always prepared. You just had to wing it. So you grabbed your phone to create notes instead. As you sat back down, Barba gave a questioning look seeing how unprepared you were.

“Ummm, first question…uh…” you looked around the room furiously looking for something that would give you an idea of what to ask. You noticed a picture of him with a brunnette on his desk. Her arm was around his shoulder, hugging him, as both were smiling. “are you married?” You wanted to smack yourself. It was none of your business if the man was married. Barba seemed a bit surprised, but cleared his throat again.

“I am not. I never really had time for a relationship. This job takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to be willing to put in as much time and energy into this type of work.”

“I don’t know why I asked that, sorry, i’m guessing you don’t have kids either?” You nervously laughed, but kicked yourself. Sonny was right, you are awkward. For some reason personal questions were all you could think about right now. If he didn’t notice your face beating red, he might as well be blind. Luckily, he laughed.

“No I do not have kids either, but I kind of meant questions relating to being a lawyer. If you want to know about my personal life, you’re going to have to ask me to dinner first” he winked. Your stomach felt like it flipped. He wasn’t serious right? Before you could answer-

“Why did you decide to become a lawyer, Miss (y/n)?” Barba asked seemingly trying to hold a laugh in.

“Well, of course I grew up with Sonny, and he’s always wanted to go into the criminal justice field ever since he was a little boy. I was surprised he didn’t become a lawyer, but he seems to love his job as a detective, and then he went back to school to become a lawyer in the future and I admire that. I thought if he could do it, so could I. So i decided senior year that I would go to law school. Oh and I also played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde for my school’s spring musical.” You instantly wanted to take that last part back. How dumb did you sound basing the future on some role you got in high school. No one could sing, act, or dance at that school, so it wasn’t like you had competition. Barba did seem amused though.

“Well, i’m glad to hear you’re into theater. I was a major theater geek back in my high school and college days.” This got you guessing how old this man was. You were only 26. This man had to be at least 15 years older than you, right? Was it wrong to feel this way towards your boss, whatever this feeling was. You couldn’t actually be attracted to him, it was wrong. Was it?

“How about we get some lunch? Chinese takeout okay? I’ll call in.” asked Barba.

“Sounds great, mr. Barba.” As he left the room and dialed for chinese, you started texting Sonny.


Hey! How’s it going with Barba?

How could you let me do this!? I’m so awkward, he must think i’m an idiot

Relax, i’m sure things are going just fine

Um no…but btw, how old is this guy exactly..?

Umm 36, why?

Just wondering…

Don’t get any ideas, he’s ten years older than you (y/n)!

I’m not! It was just a question jeez, he’s all yours

What’s that supposed to mean, he’s all mine?

Oh nothing, just you seem to really love this man and you’re already jealous that i asked a simple question about him

Oh please, i’m just looking out for my baby niece. I don’t want to think about an old man on top of you

Okayyy please stop

Im just saying, don’t go there with him, please

I’m not! Ill talk to you later…

Barba arrived in the room with the chinese takeout.

“Hope you like pork lo mein, pot stickers, and fried rice”

“Sounds scrumptious!“ Scrumptious? You could have said delicious, good, tasty, yet you chose scrumptious. Might as well grab your things and leave now before you end up saying things like groovy or totally bugging.

"Sonny tells me you just recently moved to Manhattan, is that right, (y/n)?” The way he said your name, almost like it was foreign, but has never sounded better. You liked when he said your name. You wanted to hear him say it more, whisper it, moan it-

“Ye-yes. I was born in Cleveland, moved to New Haven, Connecticut for Yale, then decided to move out here, close to Sonny and my grandparents.”

“Yale..impressive” Barba smirked. You weren’t sure if he was being scarcastic or not, you weren’t used to sarcasm at all.

“Um, thank you, sir. I don’t mean to be nosy or get off topic, but Sonny told me a lot about you and I was just wondering, if you’re not in a relationship, who is that woman hugging you in the picture?” You timidly asked, slurping your noodles, trying to act casual. Why were you so hung up on the picture? For all you know, it could be his sister.

“That would be Lt. Benson of SVU. She’s kind of a close friend of mine, I guess. You’ll meet her and the rest of the squad tomorrow. We’re dropping off a warrant for them.” You noticed the way his voice shaked a bit when he said close friend. Something obviously happened between them, but you weren’t about to ask. You may not even want to know.

“No need to be jealous of Olivia, (y/n)” he winked again. Just as your face was cooling down, heat rose to your cheeks again. This man was such a tease, but you kind of liked the little flirtiness, wait, was he flirting?

“Oh no sir, I um, I mean i’m not, I wasn’t-” you were cut off by his laugh again.

“Loosen up will ya? I’m just joking. But I should pack up and get going, it’s late and we have an early morning planned for us tomorrow.” You agreed and grabbed your things, putting the leftover food in his mini fridge in the corber of his office. You both walked out of the office towards the doors to leave the building. He offered to split a taxi, but you knew things would just get worse, sitting in a dark car with, or awkward not knowing what to say.

“Actually, i’m really close, so i’ll walk home. It was nice meeting you Mr. Barba, thank you for today and I will see you tomorrow.” You lied about living close, but you didn’t want to say something you’d regret.

“Well, goodnight (y/n), it’s been a pleasure, see you tomorrow.” As you turned to start walking and he opened the door to the cab, he shouted something to you that nearly made you trip.

“By the way (y/n), you’re cute when you blush.” Your face has never been redder. This man will be the death of me.

So this turned more into my queer dating history but its fun lol

So I have always been attracted to boys even before I knew that trans was a thing much less that I could transition. I also always admired girls and found ways to rationalize it until like middle school when I became aware of bisexuality where I had so many crushes usually on the mean kids at least the ones that didn’t have like weird shaped heads or watch alarms that went off at weird times during class like why do you need an alarm for 1:27? Youre supposed to be learning basic Spanish do that instead lol An I dated one guy in middle school when I knew I was bisexual and at least a tom boy. And the things I wanted to do to that boy. Like I was kinky as a small child lol like damn you could do a lot more than hold my hand and let me give you innocent little cheek kisses.

We stayed together until freshmen year of high school where I was bored with how slow things were going so I broke up with him. It probably didn’t help that I was starting to question my gender then either.  I told my mom I thought I wanted to be a boy and she shot that down real quick “You’re a girl and cant be a boy” so I ended up trying to cut off all my hair until it was so fucked she had to give me a buzzcut and I ended up looking like a hard core butch lesbian for a semester)

Second boyfriend was this skinny dude like only an inch taller than me and I was 5’3 at the time. I wrote down love song lyrics and gave them to him to ask him out. Im romantic like that lol. We dated for a while and I guess we just grew apart. He wouldn’t do much more than kiss me occasionally and I was like damn yall how do I keep getting these innocent Victorian straight boys. But he was cute and I still see him around town much to my embarrassment. Idk why im embarrassed so much maybe I feel bad that he thought he was dating a girl and im not?

Next boyfriend was a bi emo guy named Justice. I dated him mainly because he was the only bi guy I knew at my school in rural redneck Virginia lol he ended up being really kinky and kinda weirdly intense.  Like the fun part was he didn’t mind that I was all for sitting in the back of the anime club/computer classroom and tryina get down. The weird part was that he had the idea to write Real Person fanfiction staring ourselves as like vampires because he had a major biting kink and was really emo and thought he was goth but rural VA is a hard place to be goth when all your clothes come from walmart. But he was really intense like he had our entire lives planned out in the fanfic and actually went a bought me a ring  , gold with a pearl setting, that I immediately lost because why would you give me a ring??? Nah so I got real disinterested in Justice and planned to break up with him. I actually ended up cheating on him sort of. My class went on a field trip to Jamestown famous school tour site all Virginian probably had to go to. And one of my classmates/kind of friends was this really hot guy with this shaggy blonde hair and this wiry lanky body and was this laid back hot stoner type and I really liked him so I sat next to him on the bus ride and seduced him through out the whole trip until we stopped in this little shopping mall on the way back to school. I was walking around one of the department stores and saw him trying one underwear of all things lol he invited me to help him pick out a new pair of tight good looking underwear and I agreed and slipped into the changing room while he was putting them on and ended up giving him a hand job he was grateful lol. Then we went back to the bus and pretended like nothing happened but there was already a rumor going around the buses that somebody had sex in the store. A few days later Justice actually broke up with me because he felt that I was “acting different” and I probably was simply because I wasn’t attracted to him any more.

Between dating Justice and the next guy I did have my first kiss with a girl! She was so pretty with silky black hair in a bob and dark blue eyes and the palest skin. She dressed in rave clothes all the time and sometimes wore fairy wings and cloaks to school. She was delightfully strange but moved to florida I think but we were saying goodbye by the schools front doors and when it was my turn I gave her a tight hug and she turned her face and gave me a kiss and I was just wow kissing girls is so nice. Speaking of girls, I also had a huge crush on president of the anime club. She was so tall and really thin with a few curves, but she was really confident and funny and just made you feel at ease and I could’ve seen myself dating her easily but she was dating someone else but im pretty sure she might have been bi but she graduated and moved to Washington state to be a masseuse.

Next boyfriend was extremely religious and also wanted to get married. I was against getting married so young, really against converting to southern baptism and definitely against having kids. Pregnancy has always freaked me out mostly because I don’t like pain and don’t want to be in pain and in general everything about reproduction freaks me out idk why. But I really wanted him. He had these nice big and rough hands and was so warm all the time. He was also really sweet. But I broke up with him because I couldn’t do the religious thing It was Too Much™.

After dating him though I had this huge crush on this girl a year younger than me in me creative writing class. She was gothic in a very flowery dark fairy type way and I loved it she was also had a huge gay crush on my female friend who I can confirm is very beautiful with long dyed red hair and olive skin and this soft husky voice that would be perfect for a late night radio talk show where you call in about relationship problems. But anyways the girl I had a crush on was named Sage and she was beautiful  with her long blonde hair and her light green eyes and small everything she was very thin like scarily thin she actually had an eating disorder that we tried to help her with and she could reach her hand behind her ribs and grip the bottom of her ribs it was creepy to look at. She wrote beautiful and dark poems and never seemed to mind that my crush took the form of hugging her and resting against her as often as I could. She never seemed interested in me though I think she was actually fatphobic or maybe she was just femme for femme I dunno but I graduated and nev er saw her again so whatever.

After I graduated high school I decided to go to a traditionally womens college. My roommate was ace and like the first openly ace person I had ever met and she was really cool and introduced me to the idea of being ace but at the time I was decidedly bi and later pan once some more friends introduced me to tumblr and I started openly learning about gender and sexuality. All my friends were really hot that I met at college and I probably would have been down to date any of them except for the girl that I met through the anime club who also really liked the anime Hetalia. We could get together and watch episodes and read a variety of fanfictions ranging from family type things to kinky sex shit we were very close and im sure that a lot of people thought we were dating or at least fooling around together. We actually met each other at a Virginia anime convention where the anime club people went in a group and I went separately with some friends from high school (the best part of the experience was the wafflehouse in the hotel parking lot) but me and my friend got together at the con and went back to my groups hotel room to gush over the merch we had found and watch some anime together. I was in a closet cosplay that consisted of booty shorts and tied button up shirt so I had a lot of skin showing and we were sitting on the bed by ourselves until my friends came back and they all thought we had sex like no she was very attractive and had really nice curves but girl needed to shower more often because unfortunately she had a smell to her that I just didn’t like. I think she was interested in dating me but she ended up having financial problems of some sort and couldn’t come back to school the next year.

After she left school I came out as trans and got closer to the core group of the college anime club. They were all really hot except for the vegetarian one but she had a boyfriend and didn’t seem to like me much anyways so whatever. I also dated this one girl in my graduation class for like three days over the summer but she broke up with me because she was again a southern Baptist and couldn’t honestly date a trans person because it somehow went against god or some shit. That person has since come out as trans masculine. But anyways next person I dated was this smoking hot older girl who only wore skirts. She was southern Baptist and straight but I had to try even if I never got to be anything other than her creepy friend who everybody knew had a crush on her. She surprisingly was interested in dating me so we started going out. We went on dates around town to explore and see new stores and went to the park and shit was great we had kisses and cuddles and fun cute dates and sexy times but we also clashed a lot over mostly miscommunication. It didn’t help that I was on a medicine that once I started taking it regularly like I was supposed to my sex drive dropped to nonexistent. We fought over this a few times but still planned to try to get an apartment off campus the next year. I thought she was being too clingy by texting me pretty often that summer. I was in a bad mood all of that summer though. We broke up and got back together over the phone probably at least three times before deciding to break up for good. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we had stayed together because when we weren’t fighting we had a lot of fun and I told her things I hadn’t told anybody before, I felt safe.

The next person I dated didn’t go so well. This was a friend from the colleges LARP club that also had people from the community or it was a community club that extended to the college kids and just ended up being held on campus but that’s how we met. She had a very butch androgynous look but I just really liked her personality no matter how hot she looked in her leather jacket. So we started off as LARP friends and then I worked up the nerve to ask for her number and just texted her about random things and we ended up talking about how much we both like coffee so that turned into a coffee date at the local dunkin and it was a lot of fun and we had a few more dates like that and things were looking good. A few friends that knew both of us warned me that she didn’t normally go for men but I had talked to her myself and was like that a lie and you don’t know what youre talking about ok so we hung out for a few months going slow and not really relationship dating. Around the time I was thinking of asking her to be a couple my mental health deteriorated and I ended up being hospitalized. I tried calling her once to keep up the habit of talking at night through text since I couldn’t text at the time but I think me being in the “cr*zy ward” freaked her out because 1) the phone call did not go well and was never tried again and 2) once I got out of the hospital I texted her to see if she was interested in picking up where we left off and she shut me down saying she just wanted to be friends. Of course not even a month later I found out that she and the girl I had dated for over a year were now dating. This bothered me for a long time and I was constantly wondering if I was too cr*zy to date somebody or it was because I was trans a whole bunch of self hatred type thoughts. I eventually got over it (mostly)

Then I didn’t date anybody until last year. I started texting my friend Cat from high school (back then we had a very cute James Potter Severus Snape thing going on where the characters were dating but we weren’t) and I learned that they were agender and ace and I thought it over and determined that I was ridiculously attracted to them and didn’t mind being in a nonsexual relationship because at the time I was still pretty sex repulsed myself besides for reading kinky fanfiction and getting myself off every once in a while. So We went on a friends date in the spring to see Zootopia and it was so much fun and they were so cute in their leggings and hoodie with their windblown cropped hair dyed dark red. I asked them if they wanted to date and they said yes so we went on our first official date (a hike up an abandoned walking trail where we both got covered in ticks and I had to stop and stretch out a bad leg cramp, then we got lunch at a cute vegetarian café in town and went to the town park to hang out. We sat in the grass and listened to Florence and the Machine songs and smiled at each other looking cute. We then got milkshakes and learned that we still had ticks on us from the hick and they took me home and gave me a sweet kiss goodbye with the promise of more dates in the future). Over the summer we hung out a lot because they and their mom were moving from the house they had lived in for years to a house a county over and I volunteered to help with the moving of the last few belongings. Maybe 5 trips all together, but it was a good time every day we got to see each other. We would comfortable hang out in their old house packing things up and taking our time and then we would take the forty five minute drive to the new house listening to whatever queer music we could find and save to playlists.  Then we would cuddle on their couch after taking the days moving things inside and find something nice to eat on the way back to my house. I visited their college a few times (another traditionally women’s college) and met their friends who were also agender and queer and very cute people indeed. I enjoyed all the time I spent with Cat. Cat also helped me realize I was leaning more towards being a demiguy than strictly binary trans and that it was okay if I was ace, that sexuality can be fluid. Our relationship was very intimate and domestic and I loved it, especially the tight hugs and long slow kisses I would get each time we met and each time we had to say goodbye. I fell in love with Cat and because we didn’t see each other all the time and there was no pressure to maintain a sexual relationship I felt I could maintain those feelings I had for cat for a long time. We dated up until August of 2017 when they texted me and let me know they felt they were not only agender and asexual but also felt aromantic and would prefer to be platonic as they couldn’t keep up with the demands of a relationship. This devastated me. I took a week off from school to lie at home and let myself deal with the depression this brought. Im over Cat now. I enjoyed what we had but Im happy being friends though our ideas of friendship are different but that’s another textpost entirely.

I recently went to Charlottesville Pride 2017 with my friends that are the couple where I dated both and now they are happily dating each other and one of their other trans friends and it was so much fun. I think the act of getting a bag of free condoms reawakened my sex drive somehow?? Because now I would totally be down to get sex from anybody I was attracted to?? And im attracted to a lot more people than I usually am?? Like it was my friend Ness’s birthday a few weeks ago and she invited the same trans friend that went to pride with us to come and she brought her cousin with her and damn. Her cousin was the cutest and got so drunk like baby no you gotta stop while its still fun. So he’s agender and gave me his Snapchat and Im just…crushing so hard…hes too cute. But also I’ve been talking to people on OKCupid and everyones just so attractive (not the cismen tho neither the hets or gays wanna hit it so fuck em I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life) and all these tumblr people are cute and I wanna date everybody but everybody live like at least three hours away and it makes me sad because nobody seems to wanna try a long distance type thing which I would be up for.

So tl;dr:  if youre reading this and you think im cute, message me and ill tell you what all we could do together  ;)

Im a biromantic greyace chubby demiguy and i like all body types and most personality types lol

Yes, sir

A/N: After searching through EVERY. SINGLE. DOCUMENT on my laptop… coming to the conclusion that it was officially lost/gone…and beginning to rewrite it, I found the story…in my Google Docs. (-_-  ) How annoying. The Sehun story is most likely in there too so… look out for that, lol.

Request for this scenario:

Then if you are willing can you write a daddy kink smut scenario with Yixing? If not then a boss smut scenario. (he messes with me soooooooooooo much)

Group: EXO

Pairing: Yixing (Lay) x Reader

Genre: Smut

“Two minute warning” your coworker announced to everyone. She was rushing from the door to her desk. You adjusted your hair in your compact mirror and made sure everything was fine: your make up in place, nothing in your teeth. You dropped your mirror back into your desk drawer and cleared your throat before standing up. You straightened out your black pencil skirt and walked around your desk to stand next to his office door. You fully opened the door and got back to your post. You grabbed his hot coffee from your desk and quickly stood up straight just as he walked into the room.

“Good morning, sir” a few workers exclaimed happily. Yixing nodded to them, adjusting his tie as he continued walking. He was a well-respected and highly pawned over bachelor. You smiled and slightly tilted your head to the side, subtly offering him his coffee. “Good morning” you smiled.

As he walked passed you, he stuck out his hand and grabbed the coffee from your hands. “___, I need to see you” he said, not bothering to look at you. You kept your smile until he was fully in his office and then exhaled, your polite facial expression sliding off. You grabbed your planner off your desk along with a pen and walked into his office, gently closing and locking the door behind you. He was a man who valued privacy which meant that his door was closed at all times and no one was allowed within two feet of his office unless they were given permission.

He was logging in to his computer as you made your way over to the desk. “Blinds” he reminded. You instantly turned around and closed the blinds before walking back over to the desk. As you took your seat, Yixing glanced at you. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked.

You flipped through your planner, looking for today’s date. You quickly went through his schedule telling him about every conference call and meeting that he had today. Yixing sipped from his coffee cup, his lips closing over the little opening in the lid. You swallowed hard, eyes lingering a second too long, before closing the planner and letting it rest in your lap. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to erase the memory that tainted your dreams. Yesterday, your boss had moved beyond his usual stares and you were a wreck, wondering what he was going to do next.

“Don’t you think this is a little inappropriate for work?” he asked. You were backed against the wall, your heart rate escalating with each step that he took to get closer to you. He ran his finger over the ‘V’ that formed from your buttoned shirt. The tip of his finger lightly grazing the top of your breasts. You blinked, inhaling shakily, and watched as his eyes followed his finger.

“In-inappropriate? I’m sorry”

“Mmm, don’t worry about it” he said, taking his finger away. He smiled lightly and cocked an eyebrow, studying your expression.  “I like it” he commented. He moved closer, his body only a couple inches from yours. He moved dangerously lose to your lips and you exhaled shakily with unblinking eyes. Yixing let his lips just barely touch yours before smirking and pulling away.

“See you tomorrow” he said, turning his back to you.

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My opinion on the Signs!

from a Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon/Pisces Mercury/Taurus Venus/Mars/Aquarius Rising/Venus Dom/Fixed Dom/Pisces & Taurus Dom :3

Most Aries that I’ve met are absolutely amazing. Funny, great sense of humor, and fun to joke around with! They can be quite feisty, but have warm hearts and can be one of the most caring people you have ever met. The downside is that some Aries I have met are complete jerks. They can be insensitive and can be an a$$hole to someone but then get all butthurt when someone makes one small joke about them. And similar to Leos, they can get too cocky and can be too proud to apologize for a mistake they made. They can also be really rude! However, despite this, most Aries that I have known are very good people, and I love them to death!

Ah, Taurus. I love these guys! They are SUUUPER chill and have a weird sense of humor I can’t help but love! They also are very caring and worry a lot for our friends. When it comes to drama, they absolutely hate it, but are strangely calm. They honestly just want people to be happy and just wants to sit back and relaaaax.

I admit it, they are kinda fake, but if you see through that, they are pretty nice! Friendly, creative…nothing is ever boring with them! Most Geminis that I have met are into crafts, filming, and all that stuff. They seem innocent and friendly, but they are actually rather sassy and can be very rebellious! They aren’t the most peaceful people! They have good hearts though, and are fun and lovable friends!
I have not known much, but the ones I have met so far are pretty cool! I also forgot to mention that they are TALKATIVE, my gOsh! I was at a store and this Gemini girl at the cash register saw my Pisces necklace, and right away she started making conversation with me. However, she did most of the talking!

:( I haven’t met much, but the ones I have met are pretty cool. The one I know the most though is far from the Cancer stereotype. She has a dark sense of humor and can even be quite cruel at times! However, she is a good artist and has the same weird and random sense of humor my Taurus friend has. Other Cancers I have met can be sweet yet sassy, and one I know is SUUUPER cute! But that might just be because she is like…half my age…^^; I also know a Cancer Dom girl, who is shy and SO QUIET but actually has a dirty sense of humor, yet is cheerful and bright. She’s quite childish but is actually smart (all advanced, like me.) She seems innocent but if anything, she’s secretly Satan!

Aaah! I have only met a few Leos, but they are all quite amazing! The one I’ve gotten the closest to was a male who was about a year younger then me. They are so happy and cheerful! They can also be sASSY. Dang! The other Leos I have met are chill and very smart! They are also talkative too. They are kind and generous people and I find myself getting along with them pretty well!

As a Pisces, I find it ironic that almost ALL of my friends are Virgos! Despite this, I actually am kinda iffy about them!
Yes, the ones I know have their own unique sense of humor and can either be really laid back and weird or very perfect and proper, but they can actually be brutally honest, and have even gotten me greatly offended at times. And surprisingly, all the Virgos I know are actually not as crazy smart as you would expect. They are more average, and I even find myself correcting their grammar or helping them with homework. However, Virgos are goofy and my favorite trait of them is their sarcasm and humor. It may be weird, but it’s still awesome! They are also cute when they try to show affection but are too shy to! They are secretly just as emotional as Pisces, tbh. The one main thing that really bothers me about Virgos is how they are SO EMOTIONALLY RESERVED, GOD! It can sometimes get crazy frustrating, because they will get all upset and I will ask them what’s wrong, and offer them help, but they deny it and end up being all mopey and snappy for the rest of the day. It’s fine every once in a while, but for one of my friends it’s ALL THE TIME, and it can really annoy me. They can also be so uptight and they never want to leave their comfort zone!! Like, come ON! Stop being a stick in the mud and at least go on a walk or something. One Virgo I know doesn’t even want to go on a simple walk! What’s the point of living if you aren’t trying something new?

As a person who has lived with a Libra all their life, I have seen all the good things and bad things about these people. They are friendly and very energetic and outgoing people. They are very polite and fair as well! However, Libras can actually be surprisingly mean (without realizing it)! They can even be insensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings! I don’t mind it too much, but Libras are not people I would go to for emotional support. However, they are good at supporting you in other ways! They are really helpful people and just want to have fun with their friends! Libras are not my favorite sign, mainly because of how they are emotionally detached and how they can be kind of mean at times, but they can be really fun friends and are definitely people I’d love to party with!

These are pretty cool people! I don’t know much, but the Scorpios I do know are SO FUNNY and laid back and fun friends! They are far from the stereotypical “dark and brooding” type, and are really fun and AAHGH! I love Scorpios, nuff said.

This is probably the one sign that I know TOO MUCH OF! I think I know more Sags that Virgos! Sags I actually find really similar to Scorpios. They are super funny and really fun. They are cool people and make great best buds. The thing that annoys me about them is that they can be brutally honest and kinda annoying. Like…you can joke around and all but y'all need to learn when ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Trust me, multiple Sags have pushed my buttons a bit too much and they have seen my worst. Despite this, Sags do have a nice sense of humor. They are goofy and sarcastic, similar to my sense of humor. Like Libras, Sags are not my favorite, but they are not that bad! I just wish that one day I will me a Sag that I will end up becoming really close too!

OK. So at first I liked Capricorns, but now it’s kinda changed…I’ve had some crappy experiences with them. One that I knew was a good friend of mine, but ended up being too possessive and controlling for me. I ended up trying to part ways with her. She didn’t take it lightly. She wouldn’t stop bothering me and trying to get me to pity her. I know that this probably sounds nothing like a Capricorn. If anything, this would be something a Pisces or Cancer would do. But, this person was just too clingy and self pitying for me. She had absolutely no water influence (she had a Libra Moon!). Another Capricorn I know was kind and friendly, but very emotionally detached and childish! She had a Libra Moon as well! Overall, when I comes to Capricorns, I can get along with them…but I don’t think I’ll be become good friends with them anytime soon.

I LOVE AQUARIUS!! They are funny, cheerful, energetic, and very weird and goofy. However, my worst experience has been with an Aquarius, believe it or not. I will not get into too much detail, but long story short, my biological father was an Aquarius and even though he cared a lot for my sister and I, he was often irresponsible and ended up becoming mentally ill. Pride kept him from getting help, and he got sicker and sicker and has cause many traumatizing moments in my life because of how unstable he was (mood swings, speaking under his breath, yelling for no reason..). He made reckless mistakes, and has even gotten arrested once. He ended up getting so sick that he killed himself 4 years ago. He was too prideful to get help, and he ended up taking his life. Even now I see Aquarius folks that are too prideful to admit they need help with something, wether they needed assistance on homework or needed advice with love, they won’t admit they need help. It really worries me and this is a major flaw I see in a lot Aquarius people. A little advice for you guys: IF YOU NEED HELP, GET HELP. NO ONE IS GOING TO LOOK DOWN ON YOU FOR SEEKING HELP. IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU WEAK! *sigh* Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get on to the good stuff! Aquarius folks can be blunt, but they are actually really nice and lovable people! I can be weird and awkward with them and they won’t give a crap. There are SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT AQUARIUS!! I just can’t name them all. But to all mah Aquarius buddies: I love you, ur awesome! :)

Great people! Funny, friendly, and THEY GET ME SO WELL LOL (maybe that’s because I’m a Pisces, haha) They are probably the funniest signs out there besides Aquarius and Sagittarius! They are creative and actually very wise. They are not as innocent as you would think, but they are really chill and are always in a “meh. I’m cool with whatever” kind of mood. They are gentle people but can be really sASSY when it comes to it. They are very nice though! Far from pushovers (seriously, one Pisces I know has great come backs, dang) and are not someone you wanna get mad. Pisces are pretty cool ppl, And make good friends!