They consider themselves brothers

Each house's friendships: Gryff edition
  • Gryffindor: most likely to consider themselves brothers
  • Hufflepuff: that one friend they go to when they need to rant and receive a hug
  • Ravenclaw: can have hours long conversations about a show they like
  • Slytherin: everyone ships them secretly (and it freaks Slyth out)

You lived in Paris, enjoying life as it came and went. Most considered you as weak as your brothers and sisters, since they themselves had a struggle of survival when divided. You were oldest, loathed by Mikael and Esther for your choices and your condescending ways. You were a witch, a vampire, a werewolf; with that came a gift your other siblings, of all supernatural forms, did not have. Psychic identity. Your family was fearful of you, yet they admired you. You did what you wanted, when you wanted and carried on with a cold heart and a god-like complexion no one could snatch from you.

You walked out of the upper-echelon-style apartment building you lived in, dressed in all black that hugged you in all the right places. Your black sunglasses hid your doll-like eyes and went well with the rouge that showed off the lush of your lips. You had bodyguards, two tall men like statues that protected you everywhere you went—you were the young God to most vampires and werewolves alike. Hybrids of your own making. You held out your hand for your phone given to you by one of your guards, holding it to your ear. “You called me for once,” you purred. “Y/N,” you heard your younger brother, Elijah, breathe. You smirked. “Is everything alright, my love?” you asked. “…I’m afraid I’ve called based on impending doom. We need you here in New Orleans,” he sighed. You slowly set your sunglasses on top of your head, your heels clicking on the cobblestone streets as your guards walked behind you, holding the umbrella that shielded you from direct sunlight. “How interesting, you’d be desperate to come to me,” you said, “I won’t say no. I’ll be there soon.”

You arrived in New Orleans shortly, hoping the only problem they could have is their numbers. You did support their “always and forever” pact, but you knew they sometimes needed a little help. You walked into the church where Elijah directed you, only to be face to face with Mikael himself. “Hi, Daddy,” you purred. He shocked, even a little terrified to see you. Your guards’ eyes glowed a brilliant gold as you looked past Mikael to see Elijah and Rebekah barely recovering from a blow and Klaus staying strong with Freya. Freya frowned upon seeing you. “Y/N. Please, don’t hurt him,” she begged. “Why not Freya? Talking does not help anything. Don’t be a pet,” you snapped, not taking your eyes off Mikael. “You still think after all these years you can defeat me?” Mikael growled. You eerily turned your head to him, your eyes set aflame with a glowing red color. Flames grew from corner to corner in the room. “Oh, I know I can,” you menaced. Mikael hardly put a scratch on you, your siblings not strong enough to fight with you. You protected them at all costs, easily silencing Mikael’s rage after a strong enough spell was cast. 

After all was said and done, the church was charred on the inside, but everyone else remained in tact. You helped Niklaus to his feet, giving Rebekah the blood she needed to heal and making sure Freya and Elijah were not damaged. “We didn’t think you’d come,” Klaus frowned. You looked at him out of the corner of your eye, a cut on your cheek evaporating away. “You knew me better than that I would think,” you assured him. 

Shenny shippers

I really don’t want to be disrespectful, but I don’t really understand Shenny shippers… (Disclaimer: I love Penny’s character, don’t get me wrong.)

There are a few things I wish I could say to them, just to wake them up :

“You know it was a dream right?”
“Do you realize that Molaro wrote the few Shenny moments just to mess up with your minds, and give you useless hope because he likes to squish fan’s hearts like pizza dough?”
“You do realize they consider themselves as brother and sister, nothing more nothing less?”
“Can’t you understand that he is madly in love with Amy, and that he wants to marry her?”
“You do realize that even if it were to happen, Penny would never be patient or understanding enough and will pressure Sheldon for intimacy?”
“You do realize she is not at the same intellectual level as Sheldon, who fell in love with Amy’s mind not Penny’s breasts?”

Please don’t hate me for saying this, but really when I see iconic Shamy moments with Penny’s face photoshopped instead of Amy, it makes me kinda mad.

I simply can not get over how much the Bears love each other. They may not be related by blood but they do consider themselves brothers and show it in how much they care for and nurture each other and I think that’s really beautiful.