They consider themselves brothers

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why Armand loved Lestat after what he did to him?

You could also ask Why did Lestat love Armand after what he did to him? 

They’ve both done terrible things to each other but there’s a sense of peace now. They sort of consider themselves brothers. Deep down, I think Armand finds Lestat inspiring in his indomitable nature, and Lestat is more than a little intimidated by Armand’s intelligence and Mind Gift. They’ve both suffered a lot in their lives and afterlives and had to find reasons to go on.

^Here’s Owl!Armand and Cat!Lestat [X]

Lestat: “no means NO armand” *boops his nose*

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if bruce wayne had a biological daughter (not helena wayne), do you think one of the batboys would date her?

no? they all consider themselves bruce’s kids so they’d be her big brothers (assuming she was born post damian)

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ashton x the pack for that relationship with thing???


Ashton and Scott have grown close through the years since Stiles had befriended him in the sandbox. When she was around ten, and the boys were thirteen, she would always try to budge her way into playing video games with them or tagging along whenever they decided to ride their bikes through Beacon Hills. Naturally, because of their age, they couldn’t help but get annoyed. But now, all of them have matured and Scott finds himself constantly trying to protect her. Especially because Ashton reminds Scott a little bit too much of Allison.


Ashton and Stiles have always considered themselves as a typical brother and sister duo. They bicker and argue, but at the end of the day they love and care for each other very much. But when Ashton finds out about the supernatural and she’s goes a little bit insane, Stiles finds himself stepping back, thinking that all of this is his fault since it was his idea to tell her about this whole new (terrifying) world. Ashton can’t help but notice this and, even after she’s evolved from the scared little girl she is, she holds it against Stiles. Even if all he wants to do is protect his baby sister.


Ashton adores Lydia. She looks up to her for advise and as a role model, because she is so brave and so very smart (as well as incredibly dressed). Lydia is the one that Ashton can go to whenever Stiles pisses her off or she’s having trouble with Liam. Lydia thinks of Ashton as the little sister she never had, and in the middle of their busy schedule of battling supernatural creatures, always tries to make time for a classic Ashydia sleepover.


Liam immediately is intrigued with Ashton when he transfers to Beacon Hills. But, because of Ashton’s seemingly never ending fear of the supernatural and her trust issues, Ashton pulls back. But it isn’t long until the young werewolf grows on the Stilinski girl, and their relationship evolves from a silly and naive one to a serious one.


Ashton is probably the hardest Stydia shipper in the pack, meaning that she’s never really been a fan of Malia when she found out her and Stiles were dating. Along with the werecoyote’s insensitive comments about leaving their friends behind and killing innocent people. But Ashton knows that Malia doesn’t know any better, and is caring at heart when it comes to Stiles, so she cuts her some slack.


Ashton and Kira never got along, only in the sense that they have never truly gotten the chance to. They laugh when the other one says something funny, and supports each other when they have a good idea. But other than that, they never really talk. It isn’t until Kira gives Ash some helpful advise during Lydia’s impromptu party at the lake house that they begin to appreciate each other.


Ashton reminds Derek too much of Stiles for them not to constantly banter back and forth during a stressful situation. But whenever conflicts arise, they always find themselves on each other’s side. And after an incident when Derek was temporarily fifteen years old, it leaves them in an awkward situation. But it ends up only bringing them closer, weirdly enough.

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do you guys have/had a mom? Or did a Gaster er.. Create you guys? (mun can chose who this goes to)

Gaster shrugged. “I had a wife, but my dear Lucida passed away. I created Papyrus on my own. But, um, not with the lab equipment. See, summoning a skeleton monster only requires one parent. It is how Grillby is my father. He summoned me during the war. However…” Gaster seemed reluctant to continue. “My summoning was… rushed. It fragmented parts of reality, and a piece of my soul fell to the void. That piece… was Sans, who later stole the rest and sent me to the void. Of course, that is mostly sorted now. Sans has that soul, and I have enough fragments to function… Still, he and Papyrus consider themselves brothers, despite Sans practically being a version of me. We respect that wish, and don’t like to bring up how Sans came to be.