They basically just post pictures of dogs

The Internet is strange sometimes

So I randomly started following this chick from the Explore section of Instagram. I just liked her schtick - blonde, tattooed, pictures of dogs…basically all things up my alley. Anyway. I was at the beach with the dogs and they ran up to these two folks coming down the stairs, who had three dogs with them. I thought I recognized the girl, but didn’t think anything of it. Fast forward to the next morning and aforementioned Random Explore Girl posts an Instagram pic with me in the background. Fuckin’ small world. Especially since she doesn’t live anywhere near here.

i just realized that since naomi is a cyborg that means she’s an amputee and that because of her dark brown fur color i imagine her as being a POC when i picture her as a human so when you combine those two things with the fact that she’s a trans lesbian you basically get the type of character described in those stupid “YOU LOUSY SJW’S WON’T BE HAPPY UNTIL WE GET A CHARACTER WHO’S ALL THESE THINGS AT ONCE” posts. but in punk rock anthro dog form

that just makes me like her more tbh