thesteadymedic said: He frowns slightly and looks back at her. “I uh… know of your situation with our latest scout.” …He looks away and sighs. “I just— wish to help if I can. Even though you’ve made things extremely difficult.”

Her frame tenses at what he says. Word had gotten out a lot faster since yesterday, the femme watching the medic and then raising an optical ridge in confusion at his words before anger consumed her. 

I've made this difficult? How the frag have I made this difficult, Ratchet?!”

thesteadymedic said: Oh joyous day… -Not.-

“Not” jokes are the laziest form of sarcasm. You may as well have stayed in berth, hooked up to an energon line so as to avoid the burden of swallowing.

 cruelfeline said: You have been missed, sir.

Well, of course! After all, poking fun at Starscream’s magic anon endeavors and outstanding animal husbandry skills can only be entertaining for so long. 

Evil Ratchet

Ratchet was currently digging around in the mud. …Though it seemed odd, there was a reason for it. The insane medic had left something buried within these woods, something he wanted to get back. “Where….Where..” He mutters to himself in frustration as he keeps looking. …However, he suddenly paused when he felt another presence upon him.  If there was one thing Ratchet hated more than humans it was some mech thinking he could get the drop on him.

The medic reaches for the gun he kept strapped against his hip guard and suddenly turns and shoots into the direction the mech was lurking in. “That….was a warning. I’d much appreciate it if you came out now… Or must I come over there…?” 

Hotshot was on red alert the moment the other mech fired at him, door wings flared and visor dropping to guard his eyes. He lifted an arm which now sported a full sized cannon and had it aimed right at the purple and white bot.

“I was simply scouting my territory.” He replied, vocalizer gruff in warning. Who in Primus did this bot think he was just wandering into his territory uninvited and opening fire. “I would say nice paint but you’re not exactly on my friendlies list.” He wasn’t before, considering the medic symbol, but he wasn’t about to say that out loud. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

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when did crystal get so far down there, and when did Roddy take the top spot? And the heck is with megatronus? I like never talk to him! no many questions~

thesteadymedic replied to your post:

“Even if I knew.. I wouldn’t tell you, darling..” He snickers some. “… I have my own injuries to repair… But, if I were you, I’d go asking the phasesixers… seems Soundwave enjoys their company more so than your own now-a-days…~”

*The warlord growls and cuts off the line, immediately activating Soundwave’s line.*

Soundwave, it is urgent. Respond. What is your status? Location?

thesteadymedic replied to your postM!A: You have been shrunken down to your toy version for three days, inside a mysterious house belonging to some human.

S-Smokescreen? Is that you? -Prods him- Why are you doing here?! Why are we small?!

Ratchet! You, too? I’m not sure, either. Where did the M!A send us? I did find a datapad, at least, but typing on it is going to be pretty hard.

Plus, I don’t know the password.