I figured I should finally upload some of the watercolors I was working on a while ago. This one of Aksel Eide and Sigrun Larsen is my favorite. ^_^

It’s illegal to be this cute 🙈💓

I met both of these gorgeous people in the space of 12 days 💜 Gotta say, it was a good time to be in Sydney 🦄

probably the main reason as to why i love teru so much is that he’s so odd

whenever i see him i’m like “what the hell are you doing, why are you like this?” but in the end i find his weirdness to be really adorable. like come on…

  • wears like a two foot tall blonde wig
  • is an ex gang leader
  • has butt acne
  • dresses in 80′s/90′s fashion
  • makes all kinds of weird faces
  • does that little leggy thing while he fights
  • had a bad experience with raw oysters

he’s so random wtf i love him

“Here at the Octo-Orphanage two young Octolings take care of a handful young and adorable Octarians. They come in the most various  sizes and shapes : round, tall, wobbly or edg— I mean angular. If you want to help them simply donate to the Save-the-Octarians-Foundation! Just remember : A coin spent is an octo-smile earned!”

So I had this idea a while ago aaand…

…do I even have to say anything more? I mean look at them! They’re so cute! I wanna hug them! They deserve to be happy!  ;~;

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it would be hilarious if them calling roadhog his boyfriend in the note first put junkrats thoughts towards "waaait a tick this guys both pants-shittingly terrifying AND hot!" Junkrat has two smelly, homicidal cupids.


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I ship the 2 coaches with their heads bent together in the wife shot of Maggie by the bench. Also blushy Brandon and Maggie. Also kosh and Brandon OBV. Also Maggie and her former roommate from Eton Hall

Wow I can’t believe these two coaches are married,,

And these two?? Definitely adorable. They would win the award for most beautiful couple. (Shipnames: Kole? Mandon? Braggie? We gotta think of something real cute)

On the other hand TBQH the first time I saw Zach and Brandon together I was like “huH GAYYYYYY,” bcos,,, look at them,, Brandon called like 10 times a week,, Zach loved it,, those hearteyes can u believe

Oh yeah and Maggie/Former Roomma-

What roommate??? Where??? Please anon Reveal her,, unlock Maggie’s girlfriend,, please I’m beggign

A few days ago I almost ran over these two adorable dogs close to my house. Just now some kids knocked on my door to ask me if the same dogs were mine, I said no. I immediately called my mother to ask if I could keep them because you know, they’re dogs. She said yes so I ran like a bitch outside to look for them but they were gone. I will never see those dogs again and it’s my fault. I won’t forgive myself. Ever.


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54


The amount of gay in ToA is surprisingly satisfying and I found out that I don’t have bookmark to y’know

match the gayness

So I thought that maybe a Apollo/Lester proudly standing in front of a rainbow would be enough

and I was right

Bonus solangelo because those two are killing me

Feel free to print them and use if you want! (you can also post a pic and tag me *wink wink) but do NOT repost anywhere else