the avengers in social media are literally the most important thing to me in this entire universe. 

  • sam wilson with terrible hispter filters on his instagram selfies. sam wilson with at least one hundred selfies taken while jumping off shit. sam wilson with a lot of cat and dog pictures from the pets he feeds in the shelter.  
  • natasha has a twitter with a really cryptic name and no personal references at all. she tweets about what a douchebag tony is and makes incredibly awful puns. when she’s undercover, she tweets as the people she’s impersonating, and is incredibly good at changing her writing style. 
  • bruce has a wordpress where he posts really pessimistic essays on science, evolution and human nature, but on the good days he can write some of the most hupeful and bright pieces of social opinion.
  • steve likes tumblr. he follows art blogs and reblogs a lot of amateur artists and occasionally posts the sketches he does when he’s out of a run or spending some dead time between missions.  
  • tony has an account in every social network in the universe but he has a particular soft spot for ao3 and the possibility of reading fanfiction based on himself. or writing fanfiction based on himself, too.
  • clint uses facebook the most, but he doesn’t get online very often. his status happen once every two weeks or so, and are usually blurry pictures of bruises or spilled coffee and some variation of ‘aw, shit'  
  • thor likes facebook too. he has a public profile and talks to people a lot, sometimes gets sif to take pictures with him to share with little girls.
  • rhodey runs a very serious tumblr. by 'very serious’ i mean he runs a guns and armory tumblr. 

Haha i tried to dress up to make myself look like one of my sculptures or something like the type of characters I draw. I didn’t have elf ears though so I used cat ears but you can’t really see them, and this is also such a horrible cheap wig but idk it still looks decently cool! I think they type of eyebrows looks way better in drawings than it does in real life but it’s kind of nice in a way~ She’s apparently some type of magic cat elf person who serves as the friendly neighborhood potion salesman lol , apparently also has an excessive love of flowers since they’re EVERYWHERE ! (OwO;;)

Purrfect Peepers

By no means am I a make up expert. In fact, I actually wear the exact same make up almost everyday. This consist of some light power, minimal bronzer, a bright lipstick (any shade will do really) and of course my bold cat eye.

Now I’ve been rocking this look for a solid four years now (so classic, never goes out of style), and although I’m not a makeup fanatic, I do get comments on my cat eyes quite often. The truth is, I do have a little trick to make them perfect every time, and whenever someone asks I share my tips with them. So I figured I’d do a little how-to for you!

I use two different types of liner depending on my mood. This first one that I use pretty much daily, I’ve already shared with you on my blog. It’s L'Oreal Telescopic waterproof liquid liner. It doesn’t budge and is super easy to apply. The second one I sometimes opt for is Maybelline Eye Studio which comes in a pot with a brush.. I like this one when I have a bit more time to spare. It is a bit harder to get off, but it last a long time and I love the matte look of it.

1. First step is to follow your lash line from inner corner to outer corner. Make it straight, and don’t worry about filling it in yet. I actually draw a bit above my lashes and colour it in later.

2. Second step is to make a tiny dot where you would like the tip of your wing to end. By playing around with this dot, you can try and match it perfectly on each eye and it is still really removable in case you make a mistake.

3.Third, once you’re happy with with dot placement, connect dot to the outer corner line.

4. Then draw another connection with dot to line, but slowly curve up to create a triangle.

5. Finally fill in the triangle you just created plus any gaps from line to lash, and bam! A perfect cat eye. Top it off in two coats of your fave mascara your ready to go prowl the town!

Hope this helps to save you from having to re-do a million times!

Amy Lynn xo

some nice self-care stuff to do when u have a day off:

  • take a really long hot shower and take the time to clean yourself really well and shave ur legs if ur a person who does that
  • paint ur nails a bright color
  • cuddle with a cat/dog/similarly cuddly animal
  • listen to your favorite album really loud and sing a lot
  • if its nice outside go for a walk or drive around with the windows down
  • eat ice cream
  • do something you enjoy! draw or cook or make something fun and special
  • hang out with friends if u want or just spend the whole day alone if that suits u

Danielle and Nicole Kahlani Wardrobe Must Haves

Both of the twins have very 90’s, grunge influenced style. If you wanna dress similar you probably don’t need to visit expensive stores! To achive similar look you can just pop in your mum’s good ol’ closet or any vintage/thrift shop you have in your city/town.

Key pieces of most of the twins’ looks are CROP TOPS (REALLY A MUST HAVE!), FLUFFY JACKETS (or anything else that you might have that is fluffy), MOM JEANS (ripped and high-waisted), HAIR CLIPS (both tend to wear them heeps, Nicole bit more), CAT EYE SUNGLASSES (bright coloured, mostly pink), TARTAN SKIRTS (combine them with tights and a crop top) and CHUNKY ANKLE BOOTS!

Add some colour, print and loads of jewlery, and you are ready to go!

(for this post I was inspired by this post from my lovely friend Emillie x)

So recently I bought a new car to replace my whale of a Taurus, covered in skulls and kayaking stickers, with this bright red “Beasty”. The sporty engine is niiiiice, which may develop lead foot-itis. Also, listening to “Ghost” on the highway was amazing with that bass!!

Since my uncle got one several years before, I wanted the same model, and it’s funny to think that this image is almost like the old animation I made of him in ‘09. He had his cat, Zoom, in the car, and here I have my cat, Jet.

Some fantasies really do come true! With a new set of wheels, the next step is to go full-throttle on the art career path, whether it takes me to California, Florida, New York… or just anywhere that allows an artist to flourish.

My car is a lot friendlier than this, but I have too much fun turning things into monsters. I put Lewis’ ghost ribs on it! Perhaps it’s possessed.

We talk sometimes about cats who play fetch - some are trained, and some learn in their own and train their humans.

Marmar is @shadaras’ weird little cat, and she trained humans to play fetch with her within the first couple months of being adopted. She really loves hair ties specifically for it. Here’s a video of her playing fetch with us at 1AM because she climbed up the bookcase and stole a bright green one for us to throw for her.

you’re all settled into bed for the night after a long day. your muscles hurt. your eyes are tired. there’s wine in the kitchen but you’re not sure if you want it tonight. today was an okay day. you took this picture at 7:30 this morning when everything was new & green & bright. you didn’t do anything exciting but you saw the sun. you bought a dress. you laughed really, really hard. you worked on some projects you’re really excited about. you looked into buying a car. and right now, a cat is purring beside you. a song you’ve never heard of is playing on spotify. and you can’t help it. you look back. because today was an okay day. maybe even a good day. and you realize something. today has been one in a string of okay days. the good ones are outweighing the bad ones. and that feels a lot like seeing the sun all over again.


OOTD - Put a Bird on It

I’ve been under the weather for awhile so I thought today’s outfit should be bright and cheery to help combat that feeling. I definitely think it helped!

As I’m sure you all know, I love birds so when I saw this shirt I knew I had to get it, and get a deal on it too! Paired with a vintage pencil skirt, a vintage statement belt, gold accessories, and blue velvet shoes this cool and bright outfit is perfect for a warm summer day out.

For makeup, wearing eyeliner to match an accent color in your outfit is really fun as well! I chose to don a blue cat-eye and a soft red lip to match one of the cute little birds on the shirt for a fun pop of color.

So, next time you’re planning your makeup take a close look at the accent colors in the outfit you want to wear and make your eyes and lips match for some fun coordination any time of the year.

Outfit Info -

  • Top // Amazon, $3.75 
  • Belt // Vintage Anne Klein, From my mother, Free
  • Skirt // Vintage Thrift, $2 
  • Shoes // JCPenney, $9.99 
  • Accessories // Vintage, From my mother, Free

Hope you liked my outfit today, stay tuned for more!




EDIT - Apologies about the blurriness of the first two photos, I tried resizing several times and the thumbnails look the same no matter what I do, please just click to enlarge them, the images look just fine!

It Sucks to be a Vampire || Alexi & one of Liz's muses

Alexi groaned as he woke up on the floor of his shop. He was so sore and the light in the shop was unbearably bright. The back of his throat was so dry it was burning and the night before was a total blur. Hades walked by and he drew his wand, hitting the cat with a spell. Hades hissed as he switched from cat to human.

“Really hate it when you do that.”

“Help me up and bring me some water and cut the sass, I feel hung over.”

“Water’s not going to help with that, Lex. Think about it.” He offered his hand, pulling the man to his feet. “You were attacked by a vampire last night and you’re not dead.”

Alexi frowned and ran his tongue along his teeth, wincing when he found the fangs.

“Well, shit. This is definitely not good for business.”

First of all, I want to say that it’s my first one shot so I hope it’s not too miserable and then, I’m french so I apologize for all the possible mistakes I made.

Crashing a panel

You heard the fans laughing and you decided that it was time for you to crash Jensen and Misha’s panel. You walked on stage showing to the fans that you needed them to remain quiet and then you tiptoed to Jensen. He was focused on the comments that the audience were making and you smiled bright when you noticed some people looking at you chuckling. You grabbed a glass of water and innocently threw it over Jensen’s head. He jumped from his seat like a frightened cat and you laughed really hard with the fans and Misha.

“ That’s how you crash a panel properly ! ” you said in your mic and the whole room cheered. “ You are so gonna pay for that ! ” he said with his Dean voice. Jensen was completely wet so he had no other choice than to take his shirt off. The crowd went nuts and all the girls screamed, “ And you’re welcome ” you laughed in your mic. You heard someone screaming “ We love you [Y/N] ! ” and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “ So, now that the idiot is out of the stage to get a new shirt, shall we go back to business ? ” asked Misha.

After that, the panel went on, a lots of questions was about Misha being pranked or how he was planning on getting his revenge. “ So, I have a question for you [Y/N] ” started a blonde girl “ In the season finale we saw [Y/c/N] and Dean going through a rough separation and I wanted to know, what can we expect for her, and for their relationship ? ”.

You smiled, “ I have read only three episodes for now so I don’t really know what’s to come for [Y/c/N] and I can’t spoil you but knowing how the season ended, in my opinion [Y/c/N] and Dean won’t be reunited before a long time or maybe they won’t be at all. With what you’ve seen and the little that I know, you are so going to hate what’s going on. That’s all I can say for now. ”

Jensen was back on stage and he sat on your right side so that you’d be between the two men. “ What is the most recent funny fact that you guys have in mind ? ” asked a fan. “ That’s an easy one , [Y/N] threw a glass of cold water on me like fifteen minutes ago. ” complained Jensen giving a stern look. “ Suck it up Ackles ” you answered.

 " It was this morning for me. I took the airplane with Matt , Richard and Rob and during the whole flight Matt and Rob freaked out. The thing is, I didn’t know they were scared of taking the airplane and I have been a real heartless bitch. I was like, hey did you know that with all the plane crashes this year we could die today ? “ you couldn’t hold the laugh in your throat as you imitated Matt’s face expression.


♪( ´▽`) Funny unrelated story:

So I follow some of you guys back on tumblr and so sometimes I scroll through to see what’s new. Anyway. One of you cute cats posted/reblogged this hardcore yaoi (which I am totally totally okay with. That’s not what this is about.) But I was in class. And unbeknownst to me, some innocent young gentleman was stationed behind me and I scroll past it not really thinking about it and I just hear this sharp gasp and I flip around to see this dude looking over my shoulder. And he has turned bright red. And all I manage to say is “oh” and then I laughed and I just continued laughing as he slowly scooted his chair away. ahahaha
I never explained myself (that’s just not my personality anyway lol) and I’m pretty sure that he will never come near me again and I haven’t laughed that hard in so long! (≧∇≦)
Thank you one of my mutual followers. Thank you so much. XD
(Now i know how to get weird college guys to leave me alone. Heh)

koseilucy  asked:

♠ for a kiss that leaves a mark on the skin.

KISS MEME! // accepting

he had went on another mission. a short one, just a few days long. they needed the jewels after all. and she had her reasons for choosing to sit out a majority of the missions despite their level of easiness.

and he wouldn’t question that.

so upon arriving home he was greeted by oliver. the cat apparently thinking he was supposed to be some sort of dog or something. so he’d kneel down and pet the feline for a few moments before standing back up. yes he missed oliver, yes he really did. but lucy was his main target for the evening. 

following her scent to the kitchen he grinned when he saw her. though she had her back to him and seemed to be doing the dishes━he really wasn’t sure if that smell was food or dish soap.

          ❛ ━━lusheeee ‘m home! ❞ he’d announce, eyes bright and voice chipper.

and he waited for a moment for her to say something. but it seemed she didn’t hear him so again he’d say it and wait.


not a ‘hey how are you’ or a ‘congratulations for not dying’ no nothing. maybe he was gone too long again? and she was lonely…..he couldn’t have that now could he? so he’d walk over behind her, arms snaking around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.

          ❛ ━━didn’t ya miss me at all? c’mon i wasn’t gone that long! ❞ he’d mumble out, eyes glancing up to her face, still lit up bright. but again there was no answer…to which he’d let out an amused laugh before lifting his face up to whisper in her ear ❛ ━━c’mon y’know you love me. say somethin’ or… ❞ a pause, thinking over what he should say before a wicked grin crossed his face. eyes bright with mischief before biting at her ear, ❛ ━━i’ll have t’ punish ya… ❞ 

still no answer

so he’d let out a hum and trail his lips from her ear down to her neck. pausing to glance up at her for a moment. 

he really did love this girl.

grinning to himself he pressed his lips to her neck, peppering light kisses over it for a moment before pausing at a spot. hopefully she wouldn’t get mad at him…but nonetheless he nipped and sucked at that one spot for a moment until he deemed it done. then would pull away to stare down at the mark.

punishment or reward, he wasn’t so sure anymore.

but if he had it his way she’d be covered in those to show ANYONE that looked at her, she was taken….

maybe that was the dragon in him hoarding her though.