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Name: Louise

Nicknames: Wulf, Chomp, Chompers, and Louie

Zodiac sign: ehhhhhh

height: like 4′11″

Orientation: i might be ace or gay i dont really know

Favorite fruit: apples 

Favorite sent: the sent of this closet near the guest room

Favorite color: 883D4B

Favorite animal: frogs

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate

Average sleep hours: 0-5

Cats or dogs: cats

Favorite fictional character: a boy with bright blue hair and mocha eyes (and C major lips and blue-sky hands and tiger-growl teeth) 

Number of blankets: 0 or 1

blog created: i dont know

number of followers: 111

i’ll tag @deans-broken-wings @finish909 and @prettymuchtrashallday 


Haha i tried to dress up to make myself look like one of my sculptures or something like the type of characters I draw. I didn’t have elf ears though so I used cat ears but you can’t really see them, and this is also such a horrible cheap wig but idk it still looks decently cool! I think they type of eyebrows looks way better in drawings than it does in real life but it’s kind of nice in a way~ She’s apparently some type of magic cat elf person who serves as the friendly neighborhood potion salesman lol , apparently also has an excessive love of flowers since they’re EVERYWHERE ! (OwO;;)

Some questions!

Taged by @tootiredtoblink ^^ Thank you for not forgeting me TAT

Name: Lada
Nickname: idk, White_Fox maybe, didn`t think adout it
Height: 170 cm
Orientation: Getero
Ethnicity: Slavic (blond, blue eyes, bright skin etc.)
Favorite Fruit: Hmm, a lot of them, I love fruits… most apples, bananas, mangosteens (its from Thai)
Favorite Season: Winter probably, I really love snowy weather, but also summer, I love the sun but not heat :D
Favorite Book: hm, Harry Potter (all series) and Sergey Lukyanenko «Maze of reflections» (hope wrote it rightly)
Favorite Flower: Roses and Lilies
Favorite Scent(s): uummm… smell of my cat’s fur (that’s weird omg), paper just from the printer (AND THAT’S WEIRD TOO)… honestly didn’t think about it

Average Sleep Hours: I would like to sleep for 8-9 hours, but i`m night person, I hardly fall asleep in 1, so average 5-6 hrs
Cat or Dog Person: Cats of course
Favorite Fictional Character: oooh , its hard question… from HQ – Kuroo and Tsukishima, from Gangsta – Nicolas, KnB – Midorima, Black Butler – Grell… I can`t choose one :D

Number of Blankets you Sleep with: one or without (with bedsheet)
Ideal Vacation: now – to draw what I want all the days, cause I have enough time for that. Also walk to sea with peeps, play games. But ideal vacations COULD be – go to Japan, first time for walking. Other – for shopping :D

Blog Created: oh, idk how to look that on Tumblr, but sometime in July 2016
Number of Followers: 22 (and 1\3 – pornbots lol). Thank you guys)


My studies take so much time. I didn`t update a long time on tumblr, but I make lil draws, hope upload it soon. I even don`t scroll my dashboard… 2 weeks or more probably? And guys, I did`n forgot you, just need a lot of time to study TAT

Closed- wild shadows.

Kyle stalked along the tree line as he came into the park. Like a large cat, or some sort of wolf. Coming to a trash can he started to scavenge what ever he could. He eventually found a half eaten burger, not much caring who threw it away he took it. His bright red eye’s scanned the park as he sat in the darkness of the brush and started to eat the burger. He didn’t notice anyone around really so he just stayed there. 


We talk sometimes about cats who play fetch - some are trained, and some learn in their own and train their humans.

Marmar is @shadaras’ weird little cat, and she trained humans to play fetch with her within the first couple months of being adopted. She really loves hair ties specifically for it. Here’s a video of her playing fetch with us at 1AM because she climbed up the bookcase and stole a bright green one for us to throw for her.

i have no excuse other than: happy holidays!!

  • baze and chirrut would absolutely live in this tiny, boxy apartment because chirrut has an aesthetic to maintain and for some reason baze loves him too much to protest
    • read: baze is allowed to have his two cats in the apartment and that’s all he cares about
    • besides just being able to live with chirrut of course
  • anyway, these two space dads invite their several adopted children over for a holiday dinner (just holiday because they all celebrate something different this time of year) and the little apartment is so bright and a little cramped but that’s the best part
    • cassian and jyn bring stuffing and potato salad with them
      • cassian also brings his cat K along because for some reason that annoying fluff ball actually gets along with baze’s cats???
    • bodhi brings baklava from the bakery he works at
  • baze is a really good cook so of course he goes all out and makes way too much food and chirrut knows baze is going to do this but he doesn’t stop him
    • it’s because they take the excess food down to the shelter three blocks away with the kids when they’re done eating
  • when they finish dinner and delivering the food, they all sit around the mini fireplace with mugs of tea and cocoa and just talk and enjoy the company
    • K and baze’s cats sleep near the hearth and cassian still doesn’t understand how that asshole cat is so calm because he’s literally always getting into trouble at home
  • jyn and bodhi would insist that everyone open their gifts while they’re sitting around because “we all celebrate something different so just fuck it and open the damn present”
    • there are a lot of gag gifts including neon rainbow tie-dye boxers for chirrut because “he’ll never know” and baze tells chirrut through laughter that they’re just red
    • chirrut knows he’s being lied to but plays along anyway
      • he wears them to bed because it makes baze laugh
  • the kids all end up spending the night in space dads’ living room so they can have a holiday breakfast in the morning
  • just…rogue family modern!au where they’re all fucking aLIVE AND OKAY

“I bought you a pre-Christmas present.”

Gail’s eyes light up when she sees the brown paper bag in your hand and rubs her hands together in excitement. “I love presents! Gimme!” 

You give her a quick kiss before handing over the bag she obviously thinks contains donuts or pastries of some kind. As soon as she takes a peak inside, that bright smile she was wearing disappears, and you watch in amusement as her eyebrows knit together and her lower lip pushes past her top one to form the most adorable pout. 

She wastes no time and pulls out the pair of grumpy cat socks that you had bought on a whim and holds them up the air, flicking the pink silky bows with her finger in disgust.

You look back and forth between the socks and Gail’s sour expression, unable to suppress your laugh. “It really is uncanny.”

“Not. Funny,” she says through gritted teeth, but by then you’re laughing so hard you think you may have burst a lung or two.

First of all, I want to say that it’s my first one shot so I hope it’s not too miserable and then, I’m french so I apologize for all the possible mistakes I made.

Crashing a panel

You heard the fans laughing and you decided that it was time for you to crash Jensen and Misha’s panel. You walked on stage showing to the fans that you needed them to remain quiet and then you tiptoed to Jensen. He was focused on the comments that the audience were making and you smiled bright when you noticed some people looking at you chuckling. You grabbed a glass of water and innocently threw it over Jensen’s head. He jumped from his seat like a frightened cat and you laughed really hard with the fans and Misha.

“ That’s how you crash a panel properly ! ” you said in your mic and the whole room cheered. “ You are so gonna pay for that ! ” he said with his Dean voice. Jensen was completely wet so he had no other choice than to take his shirt off. The crowd went nuts and all the girls screamed, “ And you’re welcome ” you laughed in your mic. You heard someone screaming “ We love you [Y/N] ! ” and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “ So, now that the idiot is out of the stage to get a new shirt, shall we go back to business ? ” asked Misha.

After that, the panel went on, a lots of questions was about Misha being pranked or how he was planning on getting his revenge. “ So, I have a question for you [Y/N] ” started a blonde girl “ In the season finale we saw [Y/c/N] and Dean going through a rough separation and I wanted to know, what can we expect for her, and for their relationship ? ”.

You smiled, “ I have read only three episodes for now so I don’t really know what’s to come for [Y/c/N] and I can’t spoil you but knowing how the season ended, in my opinion [Y/c/N] and Dean won’t be reunited before a long time or maybe they won’t be at all. With what you’ve seen and the little that I know, you are so going to hate what’s going on. That’s all I can say for now. ”

Jensen was back on stage and he sat on your right side so that you’d be between the two men. “ What is the most recent funny fact that you guys have in mind ? ” asked a fan. “ That’s an easy one , [Y/N] threw a glass of cold water on me like fifteen minutes ago. ” complained Jensen giving a stern look. “ Suck it up Ackles ” you answered.

 " It was this morning for me. I took the airplane with Matt , Richard and Rob and during the whole flight Matt and Rob freaked out. The thing is, I didn’t know they were scared of taking the airplane and I have been a real heartless bitch. I was like, hey did you know that with all the plane crashes this year we could die today ? “ you couldn’t hold the laugh in your throat as you imitated Matt’s face expression.


Merry Christmas, writerdragonfly!

To writerdragonfly (AKA Kyla)… Merry Christmas!!!! I hope this year has been wonderful and you have a fun day today.I take your extremely open request of “anything!” and raise you a slightly angtsy (oops), AU fic featuring cursed!Stiles.

Stay The Night

At first it was quite amusing, watching people leave his house, making half-baked excuses and not really knowing why.

“Sorry, I have an exam tomorrow morning. Very early. Need to go home and sleep.”

“I’ve left my cat alone. She needs dinner. Sorry.”

“I need to go. Got a thing on. Sorry.”

Sorry sorry sorry.

Well the person who was most sorry was Stiles. Sorry for his mother than her last dying wish got twisted to come out as a curse.

You see, she was dying for quite some time. The slow death. Cancer. But Claudia was always looking on the bright side – something Stiles tries to convince himself he inherited from her – and in her opinion that just gave her more time to plan her passing and savour what life she did have left.

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you’re all settled into bed for the night after a long day. your muscles hurt. your eyes are tired. there’s wine in the kitchen but you’re not sure if you want it tonight. today was an okay day. you took this picture at 7:30 this morning when everything was new & green & bright. you didn’t do anything exciting but you saw the sun. you bought a dress. you laughed really, really hard. you worked on some projects you’re really excited about. you looked into buying a car. and right now, a cat is purring beside you. a song you’ve never heard of is playing on spotify. and you can’t help it. you look back. because today was an okay day. maybe even a good day. and you realize something. today has been one in a string of okay days. the good ones are outweighing the bad ones. and that feels a lot like seeing the sun all over again.