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This is Camellia!!!! She is a 6 year old Pekingese and such a sweet girl! We rescued her from our local dog shelter after her owners, who were breeders, gave her up because she was unable to have puppies. She loves posing for pictures and will dance for treats!

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Dude... What did your sister do??? 😳


We were walking the dog in the park near our house and the park has two things that are very important to this story:

1) A huge hill with a path going down it that runs perpendicular to

2) A river.

And we’re just walking (I don’t remember what exactly we were doing or whatever, this was before Pokemon Go came out so who knows what we did when we had to walk places) and we start to head up this hill except we hear this screaming like “PUT YOUR FEET ON THE PEDALS!” and coming down the hill super fucking fast is a little kid on a bike that is clearly out of control.

Now I remember, really clearly, thinking “huh, that kid’s gonna end up in the river. Thats no good.” This isn’t, like, a tame river, people drown in it every year. But I’m just standing there like “whelp, bye kid” because???? I’m stunned, the thought to move doesn’t occur to me.

But my sister, who, bear in mind could not have been older than 13, shoves the dog’s lead into my hand and yells “HOLD THIS” (I remember this, like, so clearly - my dog wasn’t even on the lead, she could have dropped it) and just full on catches the bike? Like, she just stands in front of this kid going full speed down a steep hill and grabs the handlebars and the kid doesn’t end up in the river.

I don’t really remember what happened after that but the kid’s mother caught up to her and was, I imagine, very grateful, and we took our dog and went home and I didn’t really think about it for like another 7 years.

And that’s the story of how my sister was once a superhero while I stood holding an empty dog lead, gawping.

My husband passed away in a motorcycle accident. We were driving separately (I had to work and take our dogs, so he left earlier) to visit family and I knew something was wrong because it was getting really late and I had already made it to the destination. I was hoping his phone died and he pulled over to rest. This was the last message I sent him, I found out a few hours later he had been in the accident and died instantly. This text was sent after he had already died but I didn’t know yet.

walking responsibly

yesterday on our hike we ran into a very large, extremely unpleasant australian shepherd that had run so far ahead of its owners that my aunt and I had to deal with several minutes of it racing around barking at our dogs (who were futilely trying to get it to back off) and jumping up on us before the owners arrived, and then it took them a further five minutes to convice the dog to follow them down the path instead of continuing to harrass us, because they had zero vocal control over it.

In my opinion, there’s no excuse for this kind of irrisponsible behavior. if you can’t control your dog off leash, and certainly if you can’t be bothered to keep an eye on it, then you should not be letting it off leash in the first place. and seriously? your dog was so far ahead of you that it took you minutes to catch up? what if I had an agressive dog and your dog came charging at us? what if there had been someone on horseback? with an out of control loose dog like that someone could be seriously hurt. 

this encounter succeeded in stressing out both my aunt and I and our dogs, and has put me off the australian shepherd breed as a whole. 

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Dogs didn't descend from wolves? Even the oldest potential 'dog' remains are only 36,000 years old. Is that old enough to consider their ancestors not wolves as we know them today? This is semantics really though. Or a debate about the definition of 'species' which is loose and confusing as it is. Either way, what made you say that then?

Basically exactly what you said - the ancestors of our dogs were the ancestors of what became today’s wolves. We don’t have a lot of specimens from which to really be able to study what those animals were, but it’s pretty unlikely that a wide-ranging canid stayed static and didn’t evolve significantly in that long of a time period. Dogs are classified as a sub-species of wolf because of genetic analysis, but most people hear wolf and think ‘wolves as they are now’ not ‘wolves as they were then’ so I refer to them as proto-wolves to help folk make the distinction.


I traded out Friday as my stay-home day for today.  It is still pouring rain, and I am kind of an emotional mess and not remotely interested in people this morning.  Our new tv is being delivered today anyway, and I need to be here to sign for it. 

There’s no real reason for this spam of lots of my favorite pictures of me and the husband…but seeing them makes me feel better and I wanted that right now.  That bottom picture is our very first picture together–it’s from 1999!  Last night on our dog walk we were talking about some of our friends’ recent issues with dating/new relationships.  A common question we’re asked is always some form of “when do I bring up _________?” or “should I tell him/her about ________” or “how do I ask about ______?” I try to come up with thoughtful answers…but it’s difficult.  I feel extremely fortunate that I have known my husband since we were fifteen years old. We have a foundation of many nights spent sitting on the hood of his car talking all night, skipping school to go out hiking and talking over a picnic lunch at Chalk Ridge Falls.  He was right there to witness the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life.  There’s really not much he doesn’t know about me…and if there’s anything, I probably don’t remember it myself, so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  We were friends for a long time–well before we ever dated.  And, at that time in my life, that definitely was a better thing to be to me–a friend.  (I was a freakin’ walking nightmare as a person to date.) 

I have a really difficult time being vulnerable in the moment.  I can always talk about anything after the fact, but in the moment when I’m feeling sad/scared/hurt–that’s when I have a tendency to isolate myself. I’m having a pretty tough week, so there aren’t even words for how much it means to me that my husband knows me so well that just a flash of a look, a minor alteration in my tone of voice–anything–can indicate to him how I feel and he knows to be there for me in the way that I need him. I texted him at work this morning to tell him that I appreciate and love him SO MUCH every day, and that is so incredibly true.  That husband of mine.  He’s my favorite.

ELF is talented at scolding ㅋㅋ

MC :  I heard that last time when you came to our show and said some stuff about Kyu, all SJ worldwide ELF scolded you?

DinDin :  Yes, after the show was broadcasted, my SNS was flooded, I saw all kinds of languages that I had never see before, I thought might be they were praising me? But then after I roughly used the Google translate… all of then were c…dog…stupid… then I realized that our SJ sunbaes are such a wonderful group!

Kyuhyun : Yes, now millions of our ELF are waiting for Kim Gura to open his own SNS..   ©

Someone tried to join the Navy.

Recently @anchorleg and I were messaging about whether we let our dogs run free. Mine do at the various off-leash parks we go to. Two of the parks have no gates and limited fencing. We’ve never had a problem.

Yesterday Carson ran away from a park.

Someone saw him cross a busy road. Sheila and I walked all over the area. We drove up and down two nearby highways looking for him (or his body). Nothing. After the sun set I grabbed a flashlight and returned to the park in case he’d found his way back. Nothing.

There really was nothing more we could do. He has tags and a microchip. Unless he got dragged off by a coyote someone would find him or his remains.

Last night I made sure our phones were on and the ringers turned up. No one called. I’d hate if Carson got killed on the road. If he didn’t get found not knowing what happened would bug me just as much. We got Carson from a rescue group in 2009. He was an unclaimed stray, wandering some West Virginia town, starving but house trained. There well could be someone in WV today still wondering what ever happened to their little dog seven years ago.

If I could talk to that person right now I would tell them the dog is just fine. He’s a bit exhausted and taking a long nap after a bath, a haircut, and a night of sleeping outside in 50 degrees.

This morning someone found Carson at the Naval Reserve base by the airport. It is about 1.5 miles, one busy highway, and one bridge over another highway from the dog park.

I hightailed it over there. Two Navy guys had Carson waiting in a locked vestibule of their building. They had dog food and water for him. Carson was happy to see me but pretty subdued from spending the night outside.

Poor guy. His tail and back legs were covered in thick burrs, hence the haircut I gave him. The Navy guys had tried to remove some burrs but Carson was pretty skittish. Once I was there Carson started eating the food. I talked to the Navy guys for a while as Carson ate. I offered to buy lunch. “No sir! Not how we operate,” said one of them with a big smile.

I meet such nice people.

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I wanna tell the story of how I found my familiar (also a little black cat, lol). We were bringing our dog to the pet store for training & there was a cage full of kitties by the door. ofc I asked to hold the only black one,& the second the attendant handed him to me he starts purring and licking my chin. My pup starts nibbling on his tail, & when I hand him back, my super sweet pup starts growling at the lady. stops right away when I take the cat back. first thing he did @ home? nap on my altar

Aww thats the cutest!

“The Starmakers were our favorite creatures. Never have we seen such shining pictures of live and love. Alas, it’s one of our sadder tales, because of their eventual departure. We grew attached to the heavenly beings, when we saved them from the shadowy government ships attacking the mother. We we’re all closer when the eggs hatched, 3 boys, 3 girls. All happy shining and playful. Reminds me of my niece and nephew, who we missed so dearly. Safe to say we enjoyed every second with the little ones.

Then the time came for them to depart, their mother was getting weaker as each day passed. We all knew it would be time soon, but that didn’t make goodbye any easier. We managed to get a picture by the time that they all started to leave and watched the beautiful stars they created in the sky.

The boat was a lot quieter and swayed much easier with the waves of the ocean. The mother had passed away during the night, leaving behind a stunning array of flowers even I have never seen. They also turned out to be bio luminescent and lit up the deck as Stan and I greeted our surrogate children in the sky.

Dipper, Mabel, Carly, Mars, Courage, and Stan Jr. would leave a special bright star for us when they were near. They faded over time, but to this day those stars remain one of our greatest treasures and memories as well.

-Stanford Pines”

Woo! I wanted this crossover for a while! Perfect time to draw it!

Oh and @i-dont-even-care-a-fiddlefuck , senpai has noticed you!♥ You’re great!♥

And @jimsdeadbones I hope your day gets better!♥

“We went out at sunset to walk our dogs before a nice dinner. Our big dog spotted a friend hiding to take pictures and ran over to him and kind of blew the surprise. Overall, it was a great night with a pretty ring, and I’m glad our 2 dogs were there to share that experience!” Ring Style: 17085W on Click to view this ring in 360° HD.