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Support Mila and her single, struggling mom!

Hey everyone, it’s momagrl (Millicent/Mila) and today I’m asking for some help.

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Back in March of 2013, my mom and dad started having marital issues. I didn’t think anything of it, because every relationship has their battles. But after two weeks of bickering and anger, my dad confessed he wanted a divorce. After three months of begging and fighting for her love, my mom and I left our stable lifestyle. We left Colorado behind, along with our lifelong companions (my dad, our dog, and our cat). We were on our own and headed to Alabama to be closer to my mom’s family. Moving there was quite difficult for me, because being a military child I always seemed to be leaving behind a life I started. I started to resent my mother, and I blamed her for my father’s irrational decisions. Little did I know, how complicated their problems were.

After settling in to our new home, which we were renting from my mom’s high school friend, my mom had a difficult time finding a supporting job. We were living off of spousal support from the divorce for over a year (it seemed). My mom found a job in August of 2014, but since her position was funded by a grant she could lose it easily (and she did in October of 2014). The grant wasn’t being funded by the state anymore. So we were borrowing money from my grandparents and collecting money occasionally from my dad (who seemed to pity us). My mom went into a state of depression and didn’t seem to want her life to continue, but she managed to pull through and attempt to make me happy. But Matt (the man we were renting the house from) started to increase the monthly rent. We were paying around 1200-1300 dollars a month, for a crappy house that WE fixed up.

My mom was out of a job for about a year, and in July of 2015 she was hired by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation in Montgomery. If you can imagine, the money is not in social work (which is what my mother has a degree in). Now, it’s August and Matt needs us out of the house in 30 days or less because he has sold the house (without telling my mom). We are frantic, because living in a college town can be pricey in safe neighborhoods.

I am worried and desperate. We don’t have a lot of money. And as a sixteen (seventeen in November) year old who needs to be able to pay for AP courses and help contribute to our stuggling lifestyle, I need help from every willing person out there! And you know how it can be for women, our needs (feminine products, razors, shaving gel, shampoos, conditioners, etc.) cost a lot.

All I ask is 1-5 dollars from each person. It’s not that much, and it would help out tons! I feel so bad for asking but I don’t know what else to do.


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Submitted by Karla Moeller

Some of my favorite trips have started as failures. This time, rainy weather kept us from Buckskin Gulch, but helped us find the Petrified Forest National Park.

We hiked down from Kachina Point into a stark, unforgiving, and, some might say, bland picture of the painted desert. But it turned out to be so much more. The three of us, with dog in tow, were on a planet of our own, with no other souls in sight. Vast stretches of red textured dirt had us bounding along the surface of Mars. Dull grasslands worn by the wind and the heat of early summer were speckled with the blooms of white and yellow flowers. Up and down, we wandered through the gaps of packed hills across an alien landscape. And when the wind picked up at sunset, we cuddled up against those hills for protection.

I’d never felt like a national park was all mine until I went to the Petrified Forest. There, you can make your own trail through the hidden beauty of the desert and you can take your best canine hiking buddy along with you. Best “failed” backpacking trip yet.


Karla Moeller is a field biologist and a children’s science writer who loves photography and adventure of any kind. You can find more of her work at the website she manages,, or on Instagram @karktm.

we have a tiny family of bunbuns living under our back deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there’s a momma and definitely two little buns hoppin’ around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baby animals of all kinds give me l i f e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Based on a survey [Penn State research student] Thomas developed for pet owners, she found that dog owners exhibit the “Better Than Average Effect” more so than cat owners. Thomas believes that through a kind of cognitive dissonance, dog owners psychologically believe they have a “one of a kind,” or better than average dog. If you ask me, this describes a lot of us who were smitten with our very first show dog and couldn’t understand why the dog didn’t win more.
—  Susi, “The “Better Than Average Effect”. DogKnobit (29 July 2015).
Diogenes of Sinope
  • Diogenes of Sinope
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I frequently find humor in our subjects’ foibles, from Henry Hudson’s misguided meanderings in search of a northern sea route from Europe to Asia, to the entirety of the Eggnog Riot. Today’s subject is full of foibles, too … but unlike in the case of so many other past subjects, he was doing it on purpose. Diogenes of Sinope was the incredibly eccentric father of the Cynicism school of philosophy. He also purportedly urinated on people as though he were a dog.

Here’s a link to our notes and research

Above: Philosopher Diogenes Looks for an Honest Man, by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione


Traveling 4 Food || Westin Portland Harborview 

The place to go for pets and babies!

I called them the day we were to arrive to let them know our family dog would be staying in my parent’s suite. The hotel set up a dog bed with all the necessary essentials, including lobster dog biscuits! We were all impressed, including Spike. 

They gave my sister a baby Kid’s Club bag with a night light, electrical outlet plugs, assortment of diapers and of course the rubber ducky. 

The hotel went through a full renovation and opened in early 2015. The lobby is quite nice and it’s probably the least “Westin” Westin I’ve stayed it. If felt more like a Le Meridien, actually. The rooms are nicely appointed and the staff were generally excellent. And I was surprised to find this was my 100th stay at a Starwood property, and the hotel had provided a nice gift. I definitely recommend this as an option if staying in Portland. 

Westin Portland Harborview | 157 High Street, Portland, Maine

Just met the most pretentious man while we were heading back to our car with the dog to come home after a lovely play on the field with a flat coat retriever we met there. We got to the car just as he was getting out with his yappy little shits and he said in the most like, holier-than-thou tone:  “OH! Hello there, is this your vehicle?” “Yes.” “Ah, and is this… lovely (Yes, he sarcastic emphesis on “lovely”)  dog going in this vehicle?” “Yes…” “Yipee”. My mum asked if his dogs aren’t friendly and he said “Well let’s say if you put your dog in your car we’ll all remain friends.”

Like, what ? Wanna’ soften that upper lip mate before I do it for you.

While my parents, my younger sister Iris and our dog Koko were going outside for a walk as usual like we do almost every night, there were these two guys who seemed like were going on a joy ride and then they hollered at my sister and I. What idiots…I seriously hate guys that do that. Like really…?! And they did it when my parents were right there next to us. Stupid boys…

tm-toxicity asked:

Question. Did you name your dog Caruba so you can introduce him as "My Caruba"?

Yep! It was partially my mothers choosing as well she loves game grumps and out of this world was the first series she watched and enjoyed while thinking on a name I said Caruba and she is like “YES THATS THE NAME OF OUR DOG” and we were both excited to be able to introduce him as Ma Caruba :P