So me and my sister were on a walk with our dogs when our oldest male, Jake looked like he stopped to go shit but he ended up having diarrhea but there was blood in his stool. He looks fine right now but I still want to take him to the vet.
I’m sorry this is pretty melodramatic but he’s one of my best friends and I just want him to be ok.
I’m sorry

absolute favourite by Libby Hall Dog Photo on Flickr.

smiling by Libby Hall Dog Photo on Flickr.

John Brown by Libby Hall Dog Photo on Flickr.

My husband and I went and hung out with this cutie who we will officially be adopting on the first. I need boy dog names tossed our way! We were thinking Murphy.

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was that really your dog or were you just fucking with our most handsome bartender?

Pft, nah, I was just fucking with him. I’ve never had a dog. 

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Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.

there was this park called stolby that my dad took me to and he climbed rocks with me strapped to his back and i remember being utterly terrified, and also our old neighborhood where there were many stray dogs so he would go running with me in a baby stroller and i would fill a bag with puppy treats and throw them to the dogs as we ran

This picture was taken last year on June 20, showing a Chinese animal activist kneeling down as she offers to buy a dog from a vendor to stop it from being eaten in the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Apparently, we cannot blame all Chinese people, but some local people who are making profit from the cruelty in this festival. These local people beat the dogs, burn them, skin and boil them alive, believing that torturing them makes the meat tastier! Some dogs were saved by animal activists from the last year festival. Our dogs are lucky, but thousands of others are not and won’t be saved unless we do something seriously to stop the festival from taking place this year on June 21. Take this initiative, and help @animalsasia to stop this festival by signing the letter on its website ( There is little time to act. Please do it now. #itsnofestival #stopyulin2015 #heartsforyulindogs

credit to and thankyou so much @spoiledhusky for sharing this

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One song: I think it’s only because of the title, but every time Marcus returns on Classic Alice, Vince the Loveable Stoner by The Fratellis becomes stuck in my head for days afterwards… so I’ve been singing that since yesterday.
Two movies: Um… I don’t remember what the last two movies I watched were… I was quoting The Emperor’s New Groove excessively yesterday because my mama and I were randomly comparing our dogs to characters in that movie? I can’t think of another one I’m currently into. Sorry. =P
Three Shows: RIGHT NOW… Stitchers, Killjoys, Dark Matter… three very cool new shows!
Four people: Hmm, real people and not characters?… Aaron Ashmore, Iain de Caestecker, Shawn Ashmore, Allison Scagliotti
Five foods: Coffee, tomato soup, banana bread, vanilla pudding with fresh strawberries and blueberries, and ricotta cheese

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I always remember the dream you had. You said I was sitting on our porch reading, and you were running around in the yard with our dogs. It was sunny, the perfect temperature, and you said you were happy just because I was there.

I’m already annoyed by this dog I’m watching. She’s mostly fine but she’s very undisciplined and I can tell that her family lets her sleep in the bed and in my household dogs don’t sleep on the bed. They sleep in their crates. They certainly don’t bark in the middle of the night! 

I’m not saying my family “disciplined” our dogs, and our dogs were certainly a little under-socialized because my family is so insular, but at home they just learned to behave because there were ground rules. Don’t get on the furniture, nighttime is for sleep, and sleep happens in your crate. 

Dogs love to have their own little den, anyway. I mean this dog has opted to forgo sleeping on her bed in order to sequester herself in my tiny, cavelike kitchen for the night.