These are the things I think about when life is hard. He did it. I can

A Friend in Need

Hey guys.

So recently a friend of mine who I have met through Twitch and Twitter has fallen into hard times financially. Medical issues among other things has really taken a toll on him and, well, he needs help.

Before I link his information, I just want you guys to know that he is without a doubt my best friend. I didn’t think I would make such a close friend once I got into Twitch, following Ray from Achievement Hunter when he pursued full time streaming, but boy did it happen fast. Dan and I are close - closer than I am to any of my family members. I would trust him with my life and I know he would say the same about me. 

You’ll never meet someone more kind, caring, and fucking selfless as hell than Dan. He has been there for me through a lot of crazy shit in my life since we became friends more than 9 months ago. On days that I don’t think anything can make me crack a smile, Dan has me rolling on the floor laughing so hard there are tears coming out of my eyes.

Dan has done so much for the Community (both RT and Twitch) and he deserves our help. 

He is a moderator for both Ray Narvaez Jr and Tina Dayton’s twitch chats among others, he has been an RTX guardian for the past few years (and is going to be one again this year) and he is so active and knowledgable. I respect and admire him a lot.

Tomorrow, February 5th, 2016 Dan is going to do a 24+ hour Twitch livestream on his channel in order to raise money to help offset the costs that are looming over him. It will begin at 12pm CST on February 5th. He will be playing a variety of games (one of which even with yours truly, so make sure you tune in for that!)

If Dan is unable to raise enough to help situate him back to a stable setting, he will be going back to Russia. For good. I will never see or talk to him again, and neither will any of the many other people that care about him. So you can see why I am wanting to get this out there for you all to see. 

Follow Dan on Twitter Here
Follow Dan on Twitch Here
Donate to Dan Here

Please. There are over 4600 of you, and quite a few of you have more followers than I do. If there was a time where I needed you all, it would definitely be now. If you cannot donate, don’t worry. Simply showing up to the stream, following his Twitch, and reblogging this post will help 100%. 

Dan deserves to stay in America where he belongs. I don’t want to lose my best friend. 



Olicity Meme: favorite episodes [13]
2x10 Blast Radius

list of hanzo shimada things

•a bit grump, but as of late more antisocial so interacting with new people is hard
•loves his brother very much but thinks he doesnt deserve his forgiveness so he acts cold when he is around or mentioned
•Accidentally falls in love with Jesse McCree and says nothing about it ever because ignore all distractions
•feels uncomfortable around mercy bc he can only think of genji and what he did to him
•constantly tells himself hes the best to try and compete with his fear of failure and inadequacy
•has a sweet tooth. really likes chocolate. bribe him with chocolate.
•stays on the roof when resting after a battle to keep watch, visited by mccree often
•pretends hes annoyed when he actually enjoys the company after a while
•doesnt smoke himself but when smells cigar smoke he relaxes because that usually means mccree
•may not be totally in a life of crime anymore but he does like treasure and shiny things

anonymous asked:

brotp meme scanbo and percy.

we don’t get nearly enough scenes of these two together and I for one think that’s a tragedy 

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate

Scanlan. Percy eyes him the entire time and Scanlan secretly fears for his life

  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple

Scanlan. he actually manages to surprise Percy the first time and plant one on him. never again

  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail

I mean, like. Percy, when he feels like it, but honestly, he doesn’t always feel like it. Scanlan is hurt. Scanlan is hurt, and betrayed. Scanlan thought they were friends, he really did. Three years they’ve known each other and this is the thanks he gets. Some people have no sense of honor

  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues

Scanlan gives Percy advice. there’s actually some reasonable, useful stuff in there, among the things Percy can never repeat in polite company and the BS Scanlan spouts with a shit-eating grin

  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes

Scanlan does, before Percy trounces him. Percy doesn’t like to lose. Percy’s pretty okay with cheating 

  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk

Scanlan. Percy just rolls his eyes

  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights

Of the two, Scanlan starts them. and probably holds his own pretty well; they’re both really good at thinking on their feet. plus, Percy’s a noodle

  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

Scanlan, 100%, and Percy is just mortified

marypsue  asked:

So the only thing coming to mind rn is that I was chatting with dubsdeedubs about a possible AU of Roadside Attraction where Stan ends up turned into a spider-person and all the possible shenanigans that could result from that (she mentioned voice actor jokes and Ford needing pictures of Spiderstan, which made me laugh so hard I got a stitch in my side). Thoughts?

Okay, this is not actually Thoughts about that but I feel like it is a good opportunity to bring up the slight AU that I always think about when I watch Roadside Attraction but am never going to do anything with, aka “The Choices Of Master Samwise Scarred Me For Life,” which is:

Darlene’s venom works more quickly and more catastrophically than it does in canon, so by the time the kids reach Stan he’s not moving. Or, as far as they can tell, breathing. Mabel is 100% bubbly over-optimistic denial. “People get bitten by spiders all the time! We just need to get him to a hospital! He’ll be fine!” Candy is compartmentalizing like heck; like in canon, she’s the one who manages to think quickly and get them out of there, there’s just a part of her brain that’s screaming non-stop the whole time. Grenda is the only one who’s strong enough to carry Stan out of there, and Mabel’s her friend so she doesn’t say anything, but personally she’s thinking that Stan is only going to be “fine” in the way that ogre in the forest was, which is to say not at all. Dipper is having a complete nervous breakdown.

Once they escape and get Stan back to the RV they establish that he is breathing, just extremely shallowly, and eventually he wakes up and they all have a group hug and things proceed as canon.

Really this is half about angst and half about wanting Grenda to haul a trussed-up Stan back to the car in a fireman’s carry.

spoopybeefcake  asked:

“When you think about people who have died, do you picture them anywhere?”

For a moment, Yosuke has nothing to offer but veritable radio silence. He’s not sure if he has an answer. His mother is a practicing Buddhist but his father isn’t. In fact, he’s always discouraged any sort of philosophy, saying a man should have his own moral code. Yet, Yosuke can’t bear to think of Saki-senpai’s life just being snuffed out. Even Yamano-san, she didn’t deserve her life just ending

“I don’t know.” He admits with a slump of the shoulders. “It’s hard to believe a soul just…stops existing you know? It’s cliche to say that they’re “up there” and  “watching over us” but sometimes…I really think they are, you know? Even if ghosts don’t exist, the good and bad things they did in their lives still exist. Saki-senpai is…gone but everything she meant to me still lives on. Maybe that’s kinda like the afterlife?” He sighs. “Nevermind…I sound stupid…”