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[2018] A Wrinkle In Time - Trailer.

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how are the kitties this fine night, morning, afternoon? pics for science

Pangur & Grim went to the vet this morning for their annual shots & examination, and this was the medical diagnosis given:

1. Pangur makes for a painful scarf. she kept trying to leap off the table onto my shoulders, and twice the vet had to pull Pangur bodily away as I unpried front-talons from my shirt & skin

2. Grim is chubby. she’s got a nice waist & muscles, but that soft belly gotta go. I’ve got her calorie calculations & a higher quality food, so anticipate a buff slim Grim in a month’s time!

3. Grim’s personality is Better. when the vet tried listening to her heart, Grim did a partial roll so that her (SOFT) belly could be more easily accessed & pet, and the vet commented on how absolutely chill her heartrate was. I’m surprised she could hear it over Pangur’s agonizing background wails

Things i love about (book) Stanley Uris

  • He’s fastidious
  • “A creature of habit and convention”
  • “A patient boy”
  • Thinks that birds talk to each other (they totally do stan)
  • Thinks about phrases like ‘weirdsville’ and ‘Creep City’ because Richie says them
  • When the dead boys come for him in the standpipe he defends himself using his bird-book and shouting out the names of birds (it works)
  • Has an adorably dry sense of humour
  • Makes the suggestion to clean up the blood from Beverly’s bathroom (and then pays for the rags to get cleaned and jokes that it was a laundry date)
  • Was offended when he saw the dead boys (which is way worse than being frightened in his eyes)
  • “could stand to be scared, but he hated being dirty”
  • Was the most successful young accountant in Atlanta
  • Played baseball and “had the reflexes of an angel” according to Eddie (and I honestly don’t disbelieve, cause my boy Stan is an angel)
  • Cant think of anyone else to tell about IT because he only trusts the losers
  • Poor kid had his face washed with snow until it bled, by henry bowers
  • Traded funnybooks for firecrackers (him and Richie are meant to be i stg)
  • He can sing (or sayng according too Richie)
  • “Kookie kookie lend me your bones”
  • Sharp minded
  • When Richie tells him 'i heard somewhere that you killed Christ’ Stan replies totally deadpan with 'i think that was my father?’ COMEBACK KING!!
  • Carries his bird book with him (almost) everywhere
  • Jokes about breaking Eddie’s other arm
  • Saves Eddie and Mike in the sewer using his bird book and telling the giant bird he doesn’t believe in it
  • (He does however believe in phoenix’s)
  • He is the one who cuts the rest of the losers palms because he knows that it wasn’t really gone