These Times

having seen footage of myself from the last avengers battle, i now understand why hydra felt the need to cover up my whole face. those expressions are ...not dignified. at all.

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Didn't he remind you of Tim Curry in "Shiny"??? I thought he was awesome.

I had a tune stuck in my head all day after watching Moana and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Bowie? I checked through my mental list of every Bowie song I know, and nothing quite fit. I love Jemaine Clement and “Shiny” was great, but I didn’t figure out what song it reminded me of until I was about to fall asleep.

And then…. I realized.


every luke/lorelai moment through the series

↳ 1x06

                     “Well, I’d better get these in the freezer before they melts.”

                                         “Well, not very likely in here.”