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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

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Hey, so um early tonight i didn't take my meds and my whole family was out of the house so it was just me so aka the fuckening began. I cried in a bathtub (empty completely clothed just wtf) then I contemplated shaving my head but then I only cut of a lot in the back with scissors and it's nice but i just idk feel a lot..

hey now, bathtubs can be a complete cocoon of safety.  After you’ve cried, I do suggest washing your face and drinking water, since crying can make you dehydrated. I know it’s really a Lot ™ to move whilst the Fuckening © is going on, but it’ll be harder if you just. Let it weigh you down. Sometimes change is good. Last time I had The Breakdown I cut off all my hair and goddamn if that wasn’t refreshing. Queen Britney did it too. 

Imagine like. Your feelings are a lot of little ants crawling all over your body. Some are biting. They won’t do a lot of damage, but they’ll still be annoying, and it’ll kinda hurt. You’ll have to get up and shake the ants off, eventually. Please eat something and take your meds. You can lie down afterwards! You’ll feel so much better if you get up for a little while, promise. I hope you feel better real soon.


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Here are some overly intense filter selfies~
(you almost cant tell that theyre mark but mmk i try)

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