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#TIMEDISPATCH - Lesvos, Greece, Sept. 4, 2015. Waves of migrants arriving on the island of Lesvos, a prime Greek tourist destination, over the last few weeks have made the island a hotspot in Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis – and have caused some of the most peculiar culture clashes Lesvos has ever seen. Lounging in the sun with a cool drink, a well-heeled European might look up from a romance novel to see a black dinghy come ashore not twenty feet away, carrying a cargo of some of the most desperate-looking human beings imaginable. The holiday-makers react to this spectacle in different ways. Some watch in awe and smile in greeting at the foreigners. Most do their best to ignore the breach in their tranquility. But a few volunteers have stepped in to help in ways that Greek authorities have not. A German volunteer, pictured here, helps an Afghan family that just reached Lesvos after crossing deadly waters from Turkey. Photograph by Yuri Kozyrev—@noorimages for TIME. Read more on

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I hope you have a better day today! I send you thoughts of early morning shrinkyclinks bed sharing and having sleepy cuddles. Steve can't stop squirming and giggling cuz Bucky is nuzzling his neck and it tickles goddamnit!

oh my goooooood ;______;

And I bet Bucky always lays to where he can put his left arm under the pillows because he doesn’t want Steve being cold on account of the metal when they snuggle.

Which Steve thinks is moot, anyways, because he always ends up sneaking a hand under there to hold Bucky’s.

Like, can you imagine Bucky not wanting his metal arm anywhere near Steve at first because it was made to be a weapon, what if he hurts Steve, his guy is so goddamn tiny, it wouldn’t take any effort at all. 

But Steve is having none of this bullshit, tbh, and he always makes it a point to hold Bucky’s left hand or play with his fingers when they’re watching television

And Bucky ends up watching him more than he does whatever show is on, watching the way Steve caresses the metal, rubs it up against his cheeks, sneaks kisses to the palm and his fingertips.

Steve’s mission in life: showing Bucky that his arm is more than a weapon and it can cause more than just death and pain.

Missing Parts - Don’t Forgive, Don’t Forget: A Reverse Portal AU

((This is the third installment to buskets AU. I really wanted to try and write a realistic conversation between Ford and Stan because, as of yet on the show, they haven’t really talked about the past. And they really need to! Talking helps! Discuss your problems, people! You will feel better! Link to Part One and Part Two.))

Stanford Pines had always been a night owl. He tried to go to sleep at a normal time, he truly did, but his wandering mind kept him awake to ungodly hours of the night. It wasn’t his fault that his mind was most productive after midnight. He’d gotten used to the insomnia a long time ago, and he was used to prowling around his home in the dark. He knew the old shack so well that he usually didn’t even have to turn a light on during his nightly walks, but his routine had changed somewhat since Stanley had returned from the portal.

While Stanford was like an owl, Stanley was more like a cat. Stan could fall asleep anywhere and had proven this on more than one occasion when Ford had stumbled across his brother dozing in the strangest of places and positions.

Stan had given up sleeping in Ford’s room after “borrowing” it for a few days. Since then, he had fallen asleep in every room in the house. Sometimes Ford would find Stan snoring away on the living room couch and other days he’d be asleep in one of his studies, without permission of course. Ford had even caught the man taking a nap in a storage closet, curled up between a box of old science books and a vacuum cleaner.

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so i’ve already downloaded buffy, one tree hill, friends, the office and skins cause i wanna do a rewatch sometime, and added spartacus, rome and dexter to my to-watch list, but i’m kinda tempted to do a supernatural rewatch too cause it’s been like 4 years since i first watched it and idk