These Hearts

My art half of @caseyvalhalla‘s fan fic for @kh-worldsconnected fan zine °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°!!

I’m currently away on holiday so I wont be able to link directly to the fic in this post, so please please check out @caseyvalhalla‘s blog for it! It was such an honour to get to collaborate with such a talented writer, and I hope this does the fic justice :’) The theme for the zine is TIME, and we interpreted that as nostalgia in the form of a retro video game <3 I wanted to do something different, and tried to replicate the feel of an Atari box art for the background, so i hope that inspiration comes through \o/ 

A huge thanks to @sylvermyth for organising this and reaching out to me! I hope everyone continues to create amazing kh inspired works <3


[ ● Hello Kitty Cat ● ]

Time is an Illusion

/Huffs nervously/ My art piece to @pocketchina ‘s Zexion themed written piece for Kingdom Hearts: Worlds Connected!  We took the “Time” theme and made it work as a “coming of age” snippet. It’s fascinating to think about Zexion discovering his illusionist powers. How he figures out how to push his powers as he ages into an adult Nobody. 

Entry for  @kh-worldsconnected

A woman does not have to reveal any aspect of herself she does not wish to; be it her past, her thoughts or her body.
She was not put on this earth to satisfy your curiosity - she is a person in her own right and what she shares with you is HER choice, not your entitlement.
If you respect her boundaries, allow her to have her privacy and let her get to know you, you will earn her trust and slowly she will reveal the parts of herself she wishes you to see.
Intimacy - be it physical or emotional - takes time to build. Give her your unconditional love, acceptance and respect and in time if she deems you worthy, she will reveal her true self to you.