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Omg are you really going to CF 2016?! If so what's your booth name and number want to stop by!

Yes lil anon! I will be attending CF2016 with 3 of my awesome friends! 
@phuijl, @darksatannekolordsama & @multipleheads <3

Our booth name is Natsukashii ✿ (F13)! keep an eye out for the coming week, phui will be uploading a promo post for our booth, and i’ll reblog it when she does!

ahhh, please do!! it’d be so nice to meet you! do mention who you are when you drop by! c: see you there at the space station~ 

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I feel really hurt?? My friend is planning to take my other friend to the BTS concert in Anaheim and I only knew about this today?? I feel really sad and hurt and I'm sorry for whining about this in your ask… I must sound really pathetic. I'm sorry…

ahhh it’s okay, you have nothing to be sorry about. you don’t sound pathetic at all to me and i think a lot of people, including me, can relate to how you feel. i’m sorry about that, because that is kind of exclusive and inconsiderate to invite your friend and not you when you’re also a fan of BTS… :\\ 

maybe you can talk it out with your friends? they might’ve forgotten or unaware that their actions have hurt you D: or you can always go with other friends! if you don’t have any friends who are willing to go, you can always meet new people/other ARMYs at the concert! honestly, people who attend kpop concerts tend to be very kind and it’s easy to bond with them sooo!! don’t be afraid, maybe this is a chance for you to meet new people and involve yourself in an amazing community! who knows, this could be a start of an awesome friendship? either way, i’d suggest you talk it out with your friends and you can decide on where to go from there ^^ good luck, and i really hope it all works out. i’ll always be here for you if you need to talk!! <33

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oh-oh you said dreiviertel zwölf. watch out, someone's gonna start zeitangaben discourse on your blog now

Shit, I meant. Uh. Vierzig. Fünfundfierzig. Vor. No, nach. Mitternacht. shit no how does Zeitangaben work in the rest of Gemrany