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the funny thing is about this bread au, there is actually a recording of Roy's voice actor singing a song about wanting to have a simple life as a baker

Oh knead knead
Pull, pull
It’s time to mold it
Into the shape of a dinner roll

I’m just a simple baker
Trying to make my way
Though my bagels are the best
At the end of the day

I like to make them
At just the right time
So the Lieutenant can hear me
Bust this sick rhyme

I’m going to make them
Over an open fire
Whoosh, whoosh

‘Cause you know my heart 
Burns for bread too
Kaboom, kaboom!

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(1) Burnie remembers the last time he saw Geoff alone, they met often back before The Fake AH Crew was born and he can just about remember the meeting that proceeded it. Geoff looked tired and was sporting more than a few new scrapes, one-man heists were difficult even for a seasoned criminal and it was clear they were taking their toll. Geoff mentioned that he was taking on an "assistant", just for one heist or maybe two, then he would see them off before they had the chance to backstab him.

(2) “I work alone” he insists, and Burnie shakes his head because he knows Geoff will be asking him to help with a heist again in no time. The next time he sees Geoff is the first time he sees Jack. Geoff’s temporary assistant has been with him for three weeks past their supposed break off point now and he agreed to bring them to meet Burnie. When he sees Geoff walk in with a lady e almost makes a joke about them being husband and wife, but the way they spend all night conspiring and

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some more anon replies, again under the readmore, cos u all are good & sweet

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Psst... Sou pup, what if you ask grandma to help you bake a cake?

Sou pup suddenly pops up from a small pile of plushies, pillows, and blankets from a corner of his room where he had apparently dozed off. It was pass his bedtime after all.

Sou: Gwandma Kish??! ( ◜◒◝ )♡

His sleepy eyes widen and sparkled, hopeful and loving. Where was his beloved grandma?? Was she here? He had heard muffled words from outside his little fort but the word grandma was as clear as water to him. Did his grandma come to tuck him in? He slowly scans his room but there was no grandma…

Sou: Where… where gwandma Kish? (๑´ - `๑)

He asks you, a bit concerned. You carefully explain to him about the small misunderstanding and what you really meant. Sou pup frowns hearing that his beloved grandma wasn’t really here but perks up hearing your idea! Oh, he liked that very much. His grandma made the best desserts and he knew his papa loved her baking and cooking. She was the best~

Sou: Sou like idea… Sou talk to gwandma Kish tomorrow~ (๑ˊ ᵕ ˋ๑) ♡

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you should definitely talk about size differential!kink bc absolutely same

I mean, okay anon, TWIST MY ARM why don’t you.

Let’s talk about–

That first time, when Sam’s eighteen and hitting that second-to-last growth spurt, still mostly skinny because he doesn’t eat enough but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him–he just goes up and up, and Dean’s buying him new jeans again and Sam tries them on in the grody Goodwill dressing room and comes out and Dean thinks, what the hell. Sammy’s long long legs in jeans that fit, for the most part, though his shirt’s too short and pulling when he stretches so that line of bare stomach peeks out. He comes up to Dean’s side and Dean’s conscious for the first time of looking up and there’s a moment where his stomach goes weird and hot. Oh.


Dean doesn’t like being shoved around. Has enough of that out in the field, and he’s been thrown into enough walls for a lifetime. And–it’s not that Sam shoves him around. That’s not it. But–sometimes, if it’s been a long day and they’re tired, and Sam gets that kind of intense look around the eyes, sometimes then, Dean will find himself caught up by the hips and–urged, maybe is the word for it, pushed step by step back until his shoulders are up against the motel-room wall, and even if he’s standing up straight Sammy’s standing up straighter, looming, his shoulders blocking out the lamplight, having to bend his head to look into Dean’s eyes, and that, that Dean doesn’t mind, so much.

Or–or after, sometimes, when they’re older, Dean broadens out a lot more, takes up lifting in the bunker, and he likes the look it gives him. His shoulders look good. Except–Sam’s bigger, still. Sam’s always bigger. Puts on muscle like it’s nothing and he’s still got those long, long legs, and Dean still doesn’t think of himself like a fainting damsel or anything, but it does something to him if Sam gets all worked up into a mood and yanks him in close and picks him up, being showy, using his strength like he usually doesn’t. It yanks at the pit of Dean’s stomach, lights him up like nothing else, and he pretty much goes liquid, lets Sam lay him out and do whatever he wants, then. They have good sex, fun sex, and they each have their little kinks and foibles, and he’ll maybe never be over how Sam likes his hair pulled, or how he likes to get tied up, sometimes. Sometimes, though, what Dean wants is exactly this, and he doesn’t really know how to ask for it, because how do you ask that? Sammy, he could say, I like that you–that you’re tall. That you’re bigger than me. He’d get no end of shit for that. Still. Doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy it. Doesn’t mean that, when Sam gets into a mood, he can’t go onto his back on their bed, let Sam loom over him with those shoulders, his body just… bigger, his legs longer and his hands huge as they trap Dean’s against the bed. Doesn’t mean he can’t go light-headed crazy with watching Sammy’s bigger dick slide up against his, can’t cup his bigger balls and love the way they feel, the way they weigh heavy against his own lighter skin. When Sam flips him on his stomach and he spreads out, gasping, he can love how Sam pushes up inside, big and inescapable, weight crushing Dean down into the mattress, and watch Sam’s hand twine with his, longer fingers and bigger palm, and love how Sam’s big enough that he blocks out everything else, his arms braced around Dean’s head, his long long thighs bracketing Dean’s, so that Dean’s left feeling–small. Caged, cradled, pinned. He doesn’t say a thing about it, doesn’t ask. Doesn’t have to. It’s just–a fact. Sam’s bigger than him. 

(Thing is–Sam knows it, too.)

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can you tell the difference if there is, between genuine ym moments and moments where its obviously geared for fanservice?

i’ve been looking and you know, yoongi and jimin don’t really do couple fanservice at all ?? not now anyway, they’re not often put together for actual fanservcey things like how jimin and tae have mandakko and yoongi and hobi have hwagae market, so a lot of the times they actually get to interact it’s more for themselves as opposed to for the camera. this is obviously fanservice, as is jimin posting that picture of yoongi on twt today, and that time jimin smeared cake on yoongi’s face and yoongi played along ?? things like that where whatever they’re doing is for us.

but when they do things like this where they’re not paying attention to cameras, or they’re trying to be subtle about skinship or even stopping themselves from touching,, none of that is fanservice lmao it’s all genuine because they’re not doing it for us. and then there’s something like this where jimin can’t help himself and is trying to play it off as fanservice when we all know it isn’t really.