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RE the confused merger anon: Imagine you are going to buy shares of a network that produces a show that's an international blockbuster. But then you hear that the leads now hate each other and the Q score is going south. Would you still put money in that firm?

Here you go Don’t Get Anon. Imagine Anon decided to answer as well :)

Imagine Anon, at NO time have I seen, read or heard anything that leads me to believe that Sam & Cait hate each other. The need for an engagement announcement, no matter how poorly handled, speaks more to your second point. 

If the heads of LG and the head of Starz have a NO FRAT contract in place, OR it’s a KNOWN that they frown upon it, and your “flagship” production has two leads who most in the business, and in the gossip rags, AND on SM believe ARE together, even if extraneous voices say they aren’t. What would YOU do hmmmm?

Let go of my Heart.

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Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Drabble

About: When Jin suggested the two of you spend some quality time together, you didn’t expect to be here, sitting on the floor cutting out red hearts for BTS’ New Years Eve performance.

Word Count: 0k.8

Date: 18 January 2018

A/N: There you go anon! I’m sorry I took so long writing it I had writer’s block fuck my life. I hope this was what you wanted and more! I swear Jin will be the death of me…

Sighing for the sixth time that evening, you leaned backwards to lie on the floor, groaning in protest as you turned your head to stare at your boyfriend. “I. Give. Up.”

Jin laughed, reaching out to run his fingers through your hair before planting an affectionate kiss on your forehead, and you leaned into his touch, trying to savor every moment with him. “I’m sorry princess, how about I cook something for you after we finish this?”

You fought back a grin and instead, pouted playfully, soaking up his attention. Dating a celebrity wasn’t as fun and luxurious as people made it seem, especially when that celebrity was a member of the biggest boy band in the world. Between their comeback stages, worldwide tours, talk-shows and never ending rehearsals, it was almost impossible to get some alone time with him. 

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can u talk about your love for Sweeran this site needs more positivity today


Sweeran is all we need to talk about. 

I mean look at them.

i mean they respect and love each other so much it is such friendship goals

When you have Sweeran, why talk about anything else? 

and they are each others biggest cheerleaders: 

plus they are just cute: 

and they have a lot in common: 

and there is just a pure love there 

“He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can’t imagine a time when he wouldn’t be.”

i mean he has a tattoo from the Red tour. That’s just how special that time was to him.

Taylor was so happy for him  I CANNOT. 

this is just iconic 

Me too, taylor. Me too

When the world feels wrong, sweeran always feels right.

plus they both love cats.


If you’re having a bad day

just look at sweeran pictures / gifs / video. 

it fixes everything

have a nice day.