The feathers bristled a tell-tale warning followed by a dimunitive chirp.

“Yes, Braelle. I sense it too.” she coo’d affectionately, stroking his neck before looking in the direction from which he had flown, "…trouble.”

(don’t tell me to calm down you calm down)

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Hello, can you please explain to me the difference between using a reference and tracing?

I’ll be quoting something from this post, which by the way can explain better than me but TLDR; 

Referencing is looking at a picture for a pose/detail/fold help/etc. These sort of things can not be copyrighted. As long as you drew the image yourself and did not trace or DIRECTLY copy the image, nothing is wrong!”

Whilst tracing is completely drawing over something, which is what milkybreads did, even though she passed it off as a “I ref too much” thing when confronted about it lol. 

It’s obvious she’s tracing and not referencing because if you place over her -ahem- “art” over the original, it’s exactly the same. and also that one with the six fingers is probably her not wanting to make it obvious that it was traced so she added another finger for a peace sign but forgot to remove the other one lmaooooo

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore! ♥

Soooo like a year ago I got this message! And I’m finally getting round to doing it cause BUTTON! Thank you Raquel ♥ (also for waiting patiently)

  1. Button was originally made for @amixofpixels! When she showed me a picture of her I realised I really wanted her back in my game, too! And what would be better than pairing her with a sim from HER game!
  2. Button has anxiety, but Caleb is the best medicine for her ♥
  3. You’d think Button’s favorite pattern would be, well, button-shaped, but it’s actually stars! She’s the biggest fan of stars and would totally become an astronaut if she wasn’t afraid of getting anxious on the starship.
  4. [SPOILERS] She didn’t actually want kids, like ever, but when she got with Caleb she found out that he wants a lot of them and now that he convinced her to have one, she’s actually in love with the idea of her being a mum, and now that she’s pregnant again she’s actually thinking of having at least one more baby!
  5. Button loves to read! She reads all sorts of stuff, but her faves are science fiction and the science books she has to read for her work at the lab.

So this is my drawing of tiny!Dan !!

I know it isn’t very good but it’s quite good compared to most things I’ve drawn (please bare in mind that I don’t draw extremely often, although I’m going to start!).

I originally planned to make it so he was holding up the dress in the middle, rather than the side (so his penis could poke out^-^) but whatever.

I’m quite proud of myself thoigh as it’s the first drawing I’ve done without looking at a photo to draw it.

Also, probably no one will see this, but if you do, this is @fire-side-treats’s character!! (Just the drawing is mine, they do way better pictures of him though)And if you don’t know it you should check it out on their blog!

(Also btw I’m very open to constructive criticism/tips!!)
My Literary Challenge of 2016

The 39 steps

As I was unable to travel down to Adelaide to watch the 39steps with the fabulous Mr. Nathan Page I thought it was a good idea to read the script for the stage play. I was wrong ~ now I need to see the play even more.

It was a quick read (I’ve finished it in one afternoon). Opposite to the very serious original, it is a light parody. If you’re a fan of Mr. Hitchcock’s work, you will recognize some reverences in the play. Of course, as this is a stage script, it would work better on the stage than on paper. You have to visualize the action to get the most out of it. Thanks to the help of my fellow MFMM-fans who made it to the play and the pictures of the State Theatre Company of South Australia I was able to do it and had quite a few laughs.

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hii!! 💫🍂 what do you use do edit your pictures? 🙈

hi angel! i steer clear of filters and play around with lux + settings on insta. with the clipped photos, stickers, backgrounds, borders, etc. i strictly use LINE camera app (sometimes i used the beauty setting to up softness + brightness but mostly i use stickers and frames, tho the filters on there are much better than insta if you’re a filters kinda doll) i also do the classic of stretching white stockings over my camera for a hazy soft look (a la my easter bbies photo and my original funeral cross wreath photo, not the new one but the very old one if you remember it or know of it at all)
the moral of the story is: i use instagram + line camera.
hope this helps, sorry for the rambling, i’m quite inconsistent with my editing 🌸🐁 xxoxox

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Hello! Fellow, Terra fan! I like to share an idea with you. Lately, I been thinking of Terra's origin story and wondering what kind of backstory he should have? Should his beginning start out a orphan from a distant world that was founded by Master Eraqus? Or maybe he should have a family, but his parent are dead and his only sibling is living with a foster family, while Terra work hard to become a master so one day he can return to his sibling? Which one sound better?

Honestly, Terra being an orphan and Eraqus finding him has been a headcanon of mine for a while now (/ v\)
I mean, having that kind of past ‘could’ be a cause of the darkness inside him. Besides, I always picture Terra being Eraqus’ apprentice for a bit more time than Aqua, don’t know why.

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If you like cars so much what was your first car?

GET READY FOR SOME KNOWLEDGE. I got to drive a car where there were only 700 of them released that year in the US. It was a limited edition 1993 190E 2.6, wikipedia does a better explanation on the models than I could here. Randoms thought it was a cosworth one, even though it didn’t have the correct parts. My parent’s sold it about a year ago, along with the booklets and original window sticker they got from the first owner. Anyway, here’s two pictures (with cameos of Diesel and my dad)

Easiest car to learn how to drive on though. I had a 1993 2.3 after that, that I bought myself for 1700. Oh and this black model was bought by my parents in 2002 for 15,000 so it’s wasn’t that expensive but still pretty expensive. Brand new in 1993 the original owner paid just over 35,000 for it.

I tried redrawing Dobson’s picture, with my waifu in place of Korra. I think the top part came out alright, but the bottom part there’s still some issues to work out. For one, feet are the bane of my existence. If there’s anything Dobson can draw better than I can, it’s feet. 

I tried fixing an issue with the legs where it seems he’s trying to draw her left leg resting on her right leg but in the picture, her left leg is clearly way in front not resting on anything. I tried making it more apparent that one leg was indeed resting on another. 

Can’t help but to feel the geometry is a bit weird. I tried adding in the angles the actual chair has, but it does make it look very off. 

Now I didn’t draw Asami who was in the original picture Dobson made, mainly because I couldn’t think of anyone I’d want by her. 

Personally I think it turned out to be pretty good practice redrawing something. If Dobson’s Korrasami pictures are interesting enough (and he continues drawing them), I might try redoing them for the sake of practice. 

Taking on new RP's!

Hello, all! My names Sarah. I’ll make this as short and sweet as possible, because we all have better stuff to do than read a pages-long RP ad that’s so in depth it makes your head spin.

I’m not concerned with the length of posts, but I do write in third person, paragraph form. Sometimes, I can write paragraphs long replies; other times, they tend to be shorter. I’m absolutely fine with whatever! I only ask for no one liners. They tend to be short, choppy, and make it difficult for me to picture what’s going on / write a response.

I always double for rps, and I’m perfectly fine with canon/OC and canon/canon pairings (although I tend to stick with canon/OC for myself). I’m willing to try my hand at pretty much anybody for you; critiques and criticisms are appreciated! I’m absolutely fine with m/m, m/f, and f/f. My only limits are: necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality, and toilet play. If you have any other limits, simply let me know and I’ll be sure to avoid the subjects.

I only use e-mail to roleplay. I can be reached at:           

I work a full time, so I may not be able to reply every day. Sometimes, I could get multiple responses out per day; others, a day or two may pass before I get back to you. I will always shoot you an email if something comes up or I’ll be away for an extended period of time to let you know I’m not leaving you hanging. I’m not a real stickler for reply times; I know life can get hectic and get in the way. All I ask is that you let me know if it will be a few days!

Below, I’ve listed a few of the fandoms I’m currently interested in, followed by possible love interests I would like played against my OC (in no particular order). I don’t really have a preference between them, so if you see one you would absolutely love to play or would prefer to avoid, don’t hesitate to say so! As I’ve said, I am willing to try my hand at just about anybody against your own OC. If you’d like to do a love triangle, I’m definitely down. Bring on all the drama.

Game of Thrones (Please. I beg of you. I am a woman obsessed.)

   -up to date on all six seasons

   -I have read the books

Tormund Giantsbane || Jon Snow || Daario Naharis || Sandor Clegane || Oberyn Martell || Jaime Lannister || Tyrion Lannister || Bronn || Gendry Waters || Jorah Mormont

Once Upon a Time

   -I have seen up through season four

Sheriff Graham / The Huntsman || Killian Jones / Captain Hook || Neil Cassidy / Baelfire


-I’ve seen all of the seasons, but post season 8, it gets a bit… 

Dean Winchester || Sam Winchester || Castiel || Crowley

Marvel Cinematic Universe

   -I’ve seen a LOT of the movies, and if by chance you’d like me to play for you one I’m not familiar with, I’ll simply sit down and watch it. There’s a number I’ve meant to see but haven’t yet, so chances are its on my watchlist anyway.

Tony Stark || Peter Parker || Thor || Steve Rogers || Johnny Storm

Harry Potter

-read all the books

   -seen all the movies

Draco Malfoy || Ronald Weasley ||| Fred Weasley || George Weasley || Harry Potter

Teen Wolf

   -I’ve seen up through season four

Derek Hale || Stiles Stilinski || Scott McCall || Jackson Whittemore

Thanks for reading through this all! If you have any questions others than what I covered above, feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you!

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In that post about reading five versions of Higuarshi. Where did you get the one with the English text? I've been looking for one in English with the sprites.

The English version is made by mangagamer with a fan made sprite mod.
There are 2 versions. The original pc version that has all 8 arcs but pretty shitty grammar and need a music patch to get the full higurashi soundtrack. (they had trouble getting the rights to use a few copyrighted songs) That’s the one i have in my picture.  
You can easily find the complete series patch in nyaa.

And the other one is the new steam release that is way superior than the original release. It’s still needs a sprite mod if you want the ps2 sprites, or in this case the ps3 sprites since they have better quality. there’s even a mod to make it widescreen and have the CGI scenes from the ps2/3 games.

I highly recommend the steam version if you want the best Higurashi experience, but as of right now, they only have up to episode 3. So if you want read all the episodes you will either have to wait until mangagamer release last question arc and kai (which we joke that it will be by 2020) or read the old version that has all 8 episodes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANUARY!  One year ago, when starting this comic, I wouldn’t think of it actually going on this long.  In fact my first original estimate was to be from 3 months to 6 months AT THE MOST.  But here we are, and I couldn’t be happier.  When I started this, it was because I had a deep love/hate for Bittersweet Candy Bowl.  I hated the hell out of December for its execution, and always felt that it could’ve been so much better than what we got.  So I made January to help paint the picture of a different way it could’ve gone down, and to give some resolution that we never got before. And if it was just that, I probably would have just finished this in 3-6 months.

But I loved the characters and story too much to not continue tweaking and adding more stuff.  Writing January has been a blast; making these scenarios, and jokes, playing with these characters that I love has been amazing.  And while I personally choose not to read BCB anymore, I can’t take away what it did.  It inspired me, and it touched a lot of people unfortunately it also fucked with a lot of people, but that’s beside the point.  And I can never forget that, 

So here’s to you Bittersweet Candy Bowl, for making something that was so great that it inspired me to get back into making comics… after you crushed my spirit to the point where I couldn’t find it in me to draw comics for years! 

Actually you know what? Fuck Bittersweet Candy Bowl, HERE’S TO JANUARY I’d say “Here’s to another year of January” but actually we’re near the end of the story, and if it actually does take another year to reach the end of January I’m gonna be disappointed in myself.