The feathers bristled a tell-tale warning followed by a dimunitive chirp.

“Yes, Braelle. I sense it too.” she coo’d affectionately, stroking his neck before looking in the direction from which he had flown, "…trouble.”

(don’t tell me to calm down you calm down)


So here are my top 10 favourite shots from 2014. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it was to pick these. They say you’ll be lucky if you get several ‘good’ shots in an entire year! I think a 'good’ shot is different to what I would class as pictures I like though.

Throughout the year i found myself continually criticising my own work and constantly striving to make my next shot better than the last. I have learned to be a bit more open with my work this year though. I’m more focused on developing my work instead of worrying about playing to a certain style or idea. 

Here are the links to the posts with each shot. I’m curious as to what your favourite shots of the year were too, whether you took it yourself, or it was one you stumbled upon! Feel free to send me them so I can take a look through :) I can’t thank you all enough, who have supported my work and who i have talked to throughout 2014! I made a lot of new photographer friends through Tumblr, so I look forward to seeing your own work in 2015 too!

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

I hope your 2015 is a good one!

by Adam Marshall
Society6 \ Facebook \ TwitterFlickr \ Behance

Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity.

The ordinary man has always been sane because the ordinary man has always been a mystic. He has permitted the twilight. He has always had one foot in earth and the other in fairyland. He has always left himself free to doubt his gods; but (unlike the agnostic of today) free also to believe in them. He has always cared more for truth than for consistency. If he saw two truths that seemed to contradict each other, he would take the two truths and the contradiction along with them. His spiritual sight is stereoscopic, like his physical sight: he sees two different pictures at once and yet sees all the better for that. Thus he has always believed that there was such a thing as fate, but such a thing as free will also.

—  G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, (New York: Doubleday, 1990 (originally published 1908)
Ten Art Journal Prompts to Improve Your Creativity.

These journal prompts are designed to train your creative ability. Art is a holistic study with several components. Each of these journal prompts isolates one of those components and explores its contributions to creative development.

1) Cut a photo out of a magazine and paste it on one side of your journal. On the other side, replicate the picture. (can be stylised) then, using sharpie or other bold marker, alter the original picture so it better looks like your drawing. This prompt highlights differences between reality and the way you interpret it.

2) String together nonsense words so that they roll perfectly off the tongue. Think ‘incoherent poetry’. Pay attention to syllables and rhyme. This prompt focuses on what language sounds like rather than what it communicates.

3) Dip various objects in paint and lay them across the page. Elastic bands, erasers, paper clips, combs, etc. This prompt experiments with texture and the effect of mixed media.

4) Draw a self portrait (from a mirror or photograph), and then choose a feature on your face. Draw another portrait from a different angle or with a different expression over top of the original that uses the original drawing of that feature. Can be done with animals if you’re not good at drawing people. This prompt highlights angle, pose, and position.

5) On black paper, use white pencil or pastel to draw something using only highlights. Paste this into your journal. On the opposite white page, draw the same thing using only shadows. This prompt pays attention to contrast and light source.

6) Create a list of the colours you assign to letters, numbers, musical notes, and people. Draw a few of these things in the colours you’ve listed. This prompt draws connections between how something looks and how something feels.

7) Swipe wet paint across the bottom of the page, turn the book and let the paint drip down the page. When it dries, create an image using the lines created by the drips. For example, the lines could be flower stems, could support words or letters, could be fence posts or tree trunks or telephone poles. This prompt asks you to incorporate an obstacle into your work.

8) Create a drawing using a felt-tip pen. Then, using water and a small paint brush, smear the lines of your drawing so that the shading becomes more like water-color. This prompt transforms the original media and requires pre-planning.

9) Using acrylic, paint something using only vertical lines. All forms in this painting must be suggested only by colour, as no outlines are permitted. This prompt teaches the importance colour when representing a form.

10) Cut words out of an old dictionary and paste them into your journal. Then, devise ways in which those words may be used that are not listed in the dictionary. Verbs are easiest. For example, the word 'stumble’ might be used to describe paper fluttering in the wind, or puffins in flight, despite not being defined in the dictionary that way. Write your new sentences beside the words.

To break in my new journal, I will be doing all of these prompts this week. If you do them, tag them 'artjournalprompts’ and I’ll reblog your work!

Think managing your finances has to be complicated? Wonkblog contributor (and UC Chicago social scientist) Harold Pollack doesn’t.

After a talk with personal finance expert Helaine Olen, Pollack managed to write down pretty much everything you need to know on a 4x6 index card. And it would probably fit on a 3x5 index card if you really crammed (that last point, for instance, is probably not strictly necessary for managing your money).

He explains:
The card came out of an RBC chat I had with Helaine Olen regarding what I view as the financial industry’s basic dilemma: The best investment advice fits on an index card. A commenter, Alex M, asked for the actual index card. Although I was originally speaking in metaphor, I grabbed a pen and one of my daughter’s note cards, scribbled this out in maybe three minutes, snapped a picture with my iPhone, and the rest was history.

Pollack’s right. Follow these principles and you’ll be in much, much, much better shape than most Americans — or most anyone. And all it will cost you is $2.20 for a pack of index cards — and you’ll have 99 of them left over.

It’s really hard to be poor (see Pollack’s amazing interview on how being poor changes the way people think for more on that). But the lesson here is that once you have an income that you can live off of and save a little bit besides, managing your finances shouldn’t be all that hard.

The people making it complicated are often trying to make money off of you. This 4×6 index card has all the financial advice you’ll ever need

Assassin’s Creed Cinematic Trailer Masterpost

Something that I kind of did originally for myself as a personal backup but figured might as well share. The point was to gather the highest quality encodes possible. Youtube is great but really kills video quality. No gameplay trailers unless it was obviously specifically animated for the trailer. If anyone knows where to download better versions than the ones I’ve uploaded here let me know and I’ll update my list.

Places where I downloaded these vids from based on frequency: Gamersyde, Game Front, AusGamers, Player Attack, FilePlanet, Digic Pictures, Spike VGA site, Atomic Gamer, Cinematic Game Trailers

Updated: 10/18/2016 2nd AC Movie trailer 

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles

Assassin’s Creed Movie

Video players: CCCP, VLC player

Dear Jason Rothenberg,

Intent does not equal impact. Life lesson 101. Learn it. Feel it. Live it.

I know you are heartbroken by the criticism coming your way, I would be too, but maybe it’s not about you or your vision right now. Take your pride off that top shelf and replace it with compassion instead. Putting emphasis on impact rather than intent can be a difficult transition for people; we want to believe nothing we do is wrong or hurtful. I know it’s not easy.

I believe you never intentionally wanted to hurt anyone. BUT you did. So what is the difference?

I believe you think all of your actions were part of the game, that every show does similar stuff to promote itself and stay afloat. However, you took it way too far. You used us. No matter if you intended it or not.

You are correct in thinking the relationship between Clarke and Lexa was a positive step towards inclusion. So why end it with something that has already been done in the already lacking pool of queer representation?

Yes we want happy storylines, but if Lexa had to die, for whatever reason, we at least deserved a different, more original, ending.

I want to believe anyone can learn from their mistakes and grow. Even you. It is one of the ways this world will become a better place. However, your late and contradicting apology leaves me worried. You did bury, bait, and hurt people. If that is not who you really are then just apologize. Stop trying to rationalize your decisions, learn from your mistakes, and remember that intent does not always equal impact.

If you forget, we will remind you.

And if you are lying, I wish you good luck sir.

We are a force to be reckoned with.

We will never back down.

More Carla Jaeger Pics~

Fanime was a blast - thank you to everyone who was kind enough to approach me. You truly made my con!

Here’s a quick recap, complete with photos muuuuch better than the original one I posted from my garage.



The roommates did Disney women, so obviously I fit in perfectly.

Also, I took up the entire hallway of the hotel, looked ridiculous trying to get up stairs, and couldn’t get through doors. These struggles were well documented.

But I did get a chance to have some nice pictures taken of my dress in full.

Ta-dah! That’s pretty much it…

Oh, the aerial view was pretty awesome too.

Thank you again to everyone! I had a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed meeting so many of you!


Hi guys! Today I bring you some bedding on a mesh from TSR.

I really missed some of the bedding I had in TS3 so I made some for myself and added it to this cute mesh. I also edited the texture of the bed frame itself so that it was wooden. Thought I would share :3


Original bed by: Jomsims @ TSR.
Wooden texture pulled from a lovely coffee table found here!
Bedding: The fox and the muticolour watercolor print are from a bedding made by Simcerely, the orange patterned one is from colourlovers, the mickey image and the exploding tardis-esque (not pictured above because I’m a derp forgot to take a picture) are from google. 

The thumbnails were being stupid when I tried to replace them and they turned into white squares with red x’s through them so I decided to just leave them as is, it’ll be a little confusing but it’s better than those silly x’s. Also, you won’t be able to have my recolours in your game with the original bed.. I don’t know how to fix that ): 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions or something goes a little wonky!

Side note make sure you either don’t have a lamp directly near the lighter ones (mickey for example) or use that nifty lightning mod to dim the lights or else it glows like white furniture does under bright lights!!


Edit: Now with a working download link because I’m a derp and forgot how to tumblr.

After all this time I finally finished this picture of Hethert. The original one had her arms down but I had a request from @thewitchingcow to have her redrawn a bit differently for a commission. I think I like their idea better lol. But yeah this is for thewitchingcow. It took me a long while to finish this b/c of life bullshit so I feel terrible about that. I CAN create art faster than what I did. v.v


I got to meet anotherwellkeptsecret this con! She’s one of my favourite fanartists and poses much better in pictures than I do lol. She was so sweet, and I got to purchase some of her original pencil drawings. You guys don’t even know, they just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside every time I look at them, there is so much fluff and tenderness. They’re going straight on my wall!

The Tumblr “2015 Top Posts” and #yearinreview posts filling my dash are lame.

All the blogs Tumblr considered worthy of this mention are filled with reblogs, silly meme photos we’ve seen plenty of times, professionally snapped photos, and cartoons. None seem to have much original content.

Reading about Pat being so sick he sweated his very own Shroud of Turin on the bedsheets? Now that is way more interesting than viewing a blog filled with Friends screen grabs.

Kim’s mysterious horn growing on her forehead is better than Tumblr’s recommended blog showing cats wearing flowers. (Kim really should post a close-up of that horn, just sayin’.)

Steve’s pictures of his dog Sandy sitting on a lawn chair are better than any ten pictures of cute Husky puppies that I’m sure I’ve seen on more than one blog.

Erin’s tattoos are cool because they are her tattoos and she is not posting someone else’s tattoo photos.

Nikkie’s ragey day at work is more fun to read about than reading a blog that is a duplicate of a Pinterest page.

I connect with Marj writing about her son’s cross country meets. I don’t connect with a blog filled with beautiful photos of cabins which I could Google myself.

When Ross writes about refereeing a hockey game – that’s a blog post I read start to finish. When someone posts pictures of artwork that’s in a museum – I can’t scroll by fast enough.

Suzi flushing a toilet with her foot and hearing how annoyed that make her dumb coworker, that’s worthy of “Best Of.” Ten dozen pictures of fog shrouded castles, not so much.

Kari’s pictures of her kids she took herself are way better than transit system maps someone has collected.

Rich’s own drawings are always better than any drawing that has 115,324 likes.

Tumblr, your taste in blogs is way different than my taste in blogs.

Hello! Welcome to my first Tumblr Awards! After being on here for a few years now and thinking about doing a Tumblr Awards. There’s no better time to do one. So here goes.

Rules. Because we all love rules, right?

  • Of course you have to be following me
  • Reblog until June 16th
  • Likes should only be for bookmarking
  • Lastly, check out simplyfilmandtv

There will be 1 winner and 1 or 2 runners up depending on the notes this gets!

Here comes the main part. The Awards.

  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Posts Overall
  • Best Original Graphics
  • Best Original Gifs
  • Favourite Potter Blog
  • Favourite Multi-fandom Blog
  • Upcoming Blogs: (Less than 500 followers, submit a picture of your follower count if you want to be entered for this.)
  • Favourite Overall Blog

What is in it for you? The ‘Prizes’.

For Winners:

  • a follow back if i’m not already following
  • 3 promos at anytime
  • spot on my Award Winners page
  • a request of your choice*
  • and of course, my friendship

For Runners Up

  • a follow back if i’m not already following
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  • and of course, my friendship

 *if a request is Potter related it will be published on this blog. If not Potter related it will be posted on this blog.

So yeah, that’s all from me. Happy reblogging!

Spoilers! My Thoughts on Epic Winter

Beware: Very long post with crap ton of pictures! -wink- 

Guess who has a new OTP???

DIS GURL DOES! I really love this new song better than the last one in my opinion. 

I suppose I’ll give my thoughts on the movie. Over all? It was pretty all right, but I felt it was too predictable. There were very few elements in the movie that was new and refreshing. For example, the two main characters (Raven and Apple) took a nice healthy break from the spot light to give some other characters a try, which is nice (though due to this choice, no Rapple -sniff sniff-).

I was very happy to see Justine and Duchess have a ice dance off! I would love to see more between these two in the future <3! Healthy competition of course.

AND GUESS WHO SQUEALED/CRIED OVER SEEING HER ORIGINAL OTP? PLEASE MATTEL! I want to see these two interact more. Ever since Spring Unsprung I shipped them and was disappointed that they haven’t talked to each other since! 

Not to mention I am sad that Darling and Apple haven’t been shown talking about their destinies either. It obviously showed that Apple and Daring weren’t meant to be; but I am still holding on to Darling most likely being Apple’s Prince Charming while also being the White Knight in Wonderland. (Just make Darling gay Mattel -slips them Mattel money that they obviously need for their stupid/tragic doll budget cuts they’ve been making-) #Butthat’snoneofmybusiness 

“Blondie needs to chill out.”

I think this was the best thing in the movie X’D ahaha! And of course Blondie’s mic drop right before this. Did you see her icon on the bottom right corner? It’s so adorable! I haven’t seen it before until now! :D

It was spelltacular that we saw some parents again!

Jillian with her dad. EVEN LIZZIE AND HER MOM! SO ADORABLE! 

Not gonna lie, I felt bad for Raven, but it was pretty amusing scooting her mother around ahaha!

The library scene really was hexcellent! The detail was superb. I really enjoyed it and hope it will be used again in the future.

Farrah really grew on me in this movie. She is seriously adorable and too amazing for her own good. I was delighted seeing what else she can do. 

Am I the only one tickled pink in seeing cutie Poppy snuggled in Holly’s long hair? XD

Soooooo why didn’t Faybelle get a doll but Maddie and Apple did? =_=;; I would have DIED for a Faybelle doll in this outfit :’( (I would say maybe a special edition doll but I think the special edition doll was Crystal Winter herself. I guess we shall see…)

The antagonists in the movie were all right. I didn’t realize how short they were until Crystal hugged them later on. At least they’re not as short as the pixies.

Also, did anyone else get annoyed with Blondie? I feel harsh saying this, but I kinda wish they left her out and put someone else instead (like maybe cutie patootie Cedar or something). I have a like/dislike relationship with Blondie. She has her good and bad moments. At least her outfit was pretty cute during this movie but I kinda wish they left her out. 

Cute Winter pout and sulk <3

Not gonna lie, I kinda want that gun now ahaha! 

“How did the sleigh even get up there?” Blondie asks the real questions XD 

I was happy to see Briar and Faybelle interact a few times within the movie. You can clearly see Briar is still very uncomfortable of being put to sleep for 100 years of her life. I suppose they wanted to show she still hasn’t quite decided on what she wants to do. 

Okay Faybelle that WASN’T okay to do, even as a joke. Not hat-tastic >: / 

But I do appreciate her ‘oh shit she gunna do it for realz?!’ look XD 

I just really enjoyed these scenes of them glowing and asleep. Just gorgeous animation all around #aesthetic guyz

My most favorite part probably was the new song and everyone dreaming of their happily ever afters. It was very enchanting and beautiful! 

Most likely my new wallpaper <3 

Soooo yeah my new otp. I was very thrilled on seeing this. It really does show that Faybelle has a soft side and definitely wouldn’t curse Briar so she can be free to do as she pleases. She does care and even stopped Briar to not make a choice she knows she wouldn’t be happy on making.

I just love the details to this song. I’m starting to wonder the person who sings this also sings for Monster High. The voice just sounded familiar. 

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY! These cuties literally killed my heart in this scene. HUNTER LOOKING SO DAPPER AND IS AN ADORABLE CHESTNUT! I mean, look at him! He’s so captivating and just so blessed to have Ashlynn in his life. He never thought he would ever get a princess and just—my heart guys, my heart! 

Blondie’s dream was just very cute. She just wants to have many bear friends to bear with her :’D (I’m terrible I know). 

Just an darling Crystal Winter screenshot. 

I know many Dizzie and Darise fans were very upset over the canon relationship of Rosabella and Daring. I find them very adorable though and consider them a nice and interesting couple. I would love to see more of them in future episodes and movies <3! 

Overall the movie was beautiful and gorgeously animated since I am a big winter person myself. I would probably give it a 7.5/10 since I feel that some parts were a bit lackluster, and like I said earlier, too predictable. But I actually am proud that Mattel still gives me another otp to love <3. And also,

Crying Faybelle gives me life? It just goes to show you have to read the fine print when it comes to shady things like that. Glad she learned her lesson (or at least I hope she did). I grew to love Faybelle a lot during these past 2 movies. But probably since she’s been seen a lot (like Lizzie from Spring Unsprung and Way to Wonderland) we might not be able to see her possibly for a long while. Just saying and noticing a trend guys > o >.

Anyways, let me know what you think! Do you like the new movie? Have you collected any of the dolls? What do you think of the new Rosebella and Daring pairing? Talk to me guyz! I’m alllll ears! ^_^ 

Together Forever and Always: Chapter 3 Part 1

(there is more than one part to chapter 3)

(Not many pictures :( )

Warnings (regarding the entire chapter): Dadly fluff, Origins, major injury, psychological and physical trauma, attempted murder, strangulation, blood, gore(?), broken bones, ink vomit(?) (you know because Ink’s in this chapter)

Viewer discretion is advised




(This chapter starts exactly where the other left off)

Comet couldn’t help but stare his eye sparkling in wonder at this wonderful, wonderful skeleton. He had only just met him and already he was nothing but kind to him. He helped him to his feet grabbing his shoulders staring him in the eye and kneeling down to see him better.

He seemed to be checking him for any injuries tilting his head up and to the side. Once he seemed satisfied he wiped a tear from Comets eye as it started to form.

“Are you okay?” He asked seeming genuinely concerned and maybe he was Comet didn’t know whether to trust him or not. He felt oddly calm and safe.

He took in a shaky breath he wanted to say yes but that thing.. It’s words echoed in his head over and over. He shook his head being honest he couldn’t lie even if he wanted to.

He felt four arms wrap around him, three holding him close and one taking his hand. He was shocked but made no effort to tear away from the others grip he actually felt safer like this.

(I just noticed i gave Streak two sets of sleeves instead of one.. whoops)

“It’s alright now,” He said softly his voice was sweet and comforting.”I’ve got you. I won’t let anyone hurt you,” Comet leaned into the others touch cherishing it.

Streak tilted the others head up to look at him.

“I need you to be careful alright? That person you saw is very dangerous, don’t trust anyone unless you know them,” He said Comet nodded. Streak let go of him Comet mourned the loss of the others touch for a moment until the other grabbed his hand placing a strange device in it. It looked like a weird phone with a small screen, the entire outer covering was blue the small screen blinked with the name of their current location. There was no number pad but a dial on the end with different initials probably the people he could contact.

“Call me if you need anything.”

Comet looked up at the skeleton as he started to leave. He couldn’t leave yet! He couldn’t think of anything to say or do, he tugged on the others scarf.

“Will I ever see you again?” The other looked away with a chuckle.

“Most likely,” With that he disappeared leaving Comet alone with his thoughts, he sighed only now realizing how tired he was. He needed a break.

He opened a portal to Solas walking through it his eyes widened to what he came home to. Streak was there he had already met up with him again!!

He rubbed his eyes looking at where he came and back to make sure he wasn’t imaging it. The large skeleton was talking to his- Goth’s parents and an upset Dream. Without thinking he ran over to Streak throwing his arms around him. The other jumped but didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

“Hey be careful,” Streak said with a chuckle Comet apologized letting go with a smile. Streak pat his head. A questioned popped into the small skeletons head.

“Wait how did you get here only a few people have access to Solas?” Streak chuckled again before his body disappeared in a flash of light and a swirl of ink.

In his place stood Ink and Error, Comet gasped feeling himself unwind and unfuse unintentionally. Palette stood from where he layed on the ground accidentally unfusing usually caused disorientation but Palette ignored it stumbling over to his dad.

“Dad! You fused!” He said excitedly Ink smiled putting a hand to his face as he looked back at who he was fused with.

“Yeah I did,” Palette was too excited to notice the blush covering the others face.

“And with Error too! That’s so cool!” Goth watched them from afar trying to keep himself steady as he stood. He couldn’t keep his mind off what that person had said to them. “You were never supposed to exist”

Those words played over and over in his head until it made him physically sick. Geno saw this walking over to his son.

“Goth are you alright?” He asked Goth lied he wasn’t alright but he didn’t need anyone worrying about him right now not when the entire multiverse was falling apart.

“I just need to take a nap,” He said walking to his tent to sleep maybe this will all blow over and everything will be fine. Comet was supposed to exist, they were meant to fuse.. Right? If they hadn’t he’d be- no he wasn’t going to dwell on it. He shut his eyes focusing on other thoughts, focusing on Palette to be honest Palette was the only thing keeping him sane right now.


Palette wanted to hear all about it, the first time they had fused. How it felt and why they fused.

Error stepped in for this having stayed silent for most of time until now.

“Actually believe it or not us fusing was an accident, a lot like yours actually.” He said Palette grinned and sat down ready to listen. Error chuckled looking at Ink.

“Just so you know I’ll intervene if you tell it wrong,” Ink said Error scuffed and put his hand on his chest.

“When have you ever known me to tell a story wrong?” Error said with a smile Ink stifled a laugh.

“I would tell you but that’d only inflate your ego,”

“Says you mister big head!” The two started laughing Palette watched annoyed for one he wanted a story, two they were making his other dad upset.

“Would you two just tell the story?!” That’ll get them to stop, the two looked surprised but stopped messing around none the less.

“I can do you one better kid,” He opened a rift in time it looked like a movie “I can show you, it’ll be like you were there.” Error said Palette’s eyes sparkled he was so excited to see what happened though Ink didn’t look to happy. He was going to protest but it started playing and he knew Error wasn’t going to listen. He didn’t want to see what happened again but he felt himself glued in place.

~~~Flash back movie time!~~~

Ink stepped into the world followed by Error, it was blank and barren all signs of life seemingly gone. It was hard to tell that this icy wasteland used to be Underswap.

They were here looking for survivors to take them to a safe place, Error wondered if this was where his Blue used to live. Probably not that world’s been gone for a long time including his Blue. He was probably living happily with his brother in the omega verse.

His eyes watched Ink who was looking around frantically for anything, anyone. He had failed again hadn’t he? He had failed 18 universes already and to him that was too much. He had done so much but he couldn’t even save one universe from total destruction.

He had almost lost hope when he heard coughing and then lots of shooshing. He ran over to it seeing a little hatch on one of the rocks. Opening it he saw a whole group of people, living, breathing humans and monster.

They were shivering looking at them with hope in their eyes.

“He came!” Someone shouted and others joined in happily some crying tears of joy of how long they had waited for Ink to arrive.

“ I told you he’d come to save us!” Ink smiled widely almost tearing up he could almost not contain his excitement and spewing Ink on everyone is not a good idea especially after what they’ve been through.

“Don’t worry I’ll get you somewhere safe, it’ll only take a second.”

He opened a bottle of it spilling it onto the floor of their hiding spot the ink spread all around them encasing them in an ink bubble.

“Happy travels!” He was about to send them off when someone had shouted something.

“Look out for the Dark Horror!” the group disappeared.

“What was that all about?” Error asked Ink shook his head taking Errors hand and walking away from the spot.

“I don’t know but we should head back the others will be expecting us-” They stopped walking when they saw someone, had they left someone behind?

“Stay here,” Ink said walking up to whoever that person was, they were hard to see for some reason he couldn’t make out any distinct features.

He sat back in the snow there was no use going with him, he wasn’t good with people. Not only that but people saw him as a bad omen a sign of destruction. He didn’t blame him after destroying all of those universes.

They would always scream wen they saw him and beg for mercy, to which he usually gave an eye roll and then a disapproving look from Ink.

Ink would then care for whoever it was giving them hope, he loved the way Ink looked when he cared for them.

He was brought out of his thoughts when the sound of metal going through bone met him. His eyes darted towards Ink who had a large spike lodged in his torso or at least it looked like a spike where he was standing. He saw Ink turn his head to look at him. He saw the pleading look in his eyes, the fear. Tears trickling down his eye sockets.

Error knew what it felt like to be betrayed.

He didn’t even think as he reacted his strings wrapped around Inks body yanking him towards him. He caught him in his arms holding him close.

“E-Error..” Ink whispered weakly he was trying to say something but couldn’t get it out. Error couldn’t tell if it was ink or blood dripping from his lips honestly he didn’t care he just had to find a way to stop it and save Ink.

He dodged an attack from the mysterious attacker holding Ink tightly, he didn’t have time for this! The only person who actually cared about him is dying he can’t waste time some glitch!

He teleported to a hiding spot he was sure he was safe for now. He looked down at Ink his eye lids drooped it was like he couldn’t feel the pain anymore like he was ready for what came next. He put his hand n Inks cheek rubbing it with his thumb

“Ink hold on for a bit I’m gonna get you help and then we’re gonna kick this things butt together okay?” He felt tears prick the edges of his eye sockets.

“Error,” he could barely hear him anymore the sweet voice he had cherished for so long.

“What? What is it?”

“I can’t feel my legs,”

Error looked back and sure enough Ink’s legs had already began dusting. Tears began sliding down his cheeks, the dam had finally broken.

He hugged Ink tightly repeating no over and over wishing this were all just a bad dream. He looked at Ink one more time his whole lower half was already dust. His soul pulsated in his chest it was bright and colorful just like him.

Error pressed his forehead against his.

“Please don’t go”

In a second their souls merged in a storm of Ink and light a large skeleton emerged. Steak stood still the first emotion he felt at that moment was rage. His body reconstructed the parts of him that had disappeared.

In only the few short moments from when he was created to now he was already fighting for his life. The once small figured turned out to be a fusion though how he had gotten so small baffled him for now he didn’t care.

It wasn’t difficult to defeat them, they were weak unable to fight together bickering with each other he made note of this.

~~~Flashback end~~~

Palette wiped a few tears from his eyes. The scene had brought up some not so happy memories and the thought that he had almost lost his dad that was scary.


Nightmare slammed his fists on the new table already damaging the wood finish. They could never have nice tables.

“YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!” Nightmare screamed flipping the table it broke on impact with the ground. It wasn’t as sturdy as Cross had thought when he stole it. Killer tapped his chin pretending the table was still there and leaned on the air.

Horror on the other hand was furious though his expression didn’t show it at all he just kept his usual smile. he had been building a card mountain ,but that was ruined now.

“All you had to do was kill him!” He said kicking the cards that were sprawled over the table ruins. “But you can’t even do that right! You failed twice!”

He took a deep breath calming himself down.

“It’s alright I know you guys won’t fail me this time. It’s simple lure him into a corner and kill him, if you can’t do that don’t bother coming back.” Nightmare ordered the two sighed. Fusion for them wasn’t as easy as it should be seeing as Killers soul is the way it is if you can even call it a soul.

The fusion went smoother than usual Thirteen noticed, it hadn’t even been that long since he was last fused but it felt like forever.

“Man! I almost forgot how great it feels to be me!” He said stretching he summoned his weapon it rose from the ground like goo rising from the ground which it was.

It formed into a knife which seemed to already have blood on it, Thirteen brandished the weapon.

“You know what you have to do, so do it” Nightmare said looking up at the huge fusion.

(Warning blood and stuff, also this pic is old so yeah)

(look at it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)


Another day, another AU wiped off the map.

Goth woke up with sweat dripping from his skull. He took a few deep breaths it was just another nightmare he told himself it wasn’t real.

He had been having horrible dreams since he had fused, he was in a very bright place one of the main colors he could pick out was gold and black.

He couldn’t tell if it were him or Comet but in the end he always disappeared, he always died.

He shook the thought away he didn’t like to think about that besides he was going to go hang out with Streak today, well Comet was.

Goth forced himself out of his bed getting dressed slower than a snail.

Usual Goth would be more than happy to be with Palette especially when sharing something as intimate as fusion, but lately he hasn’t been feeling like himself like a piece of him is missing. Maybe it was linked to the dreams or more rather the nightmares.

He shook it off trying to pull a smile, maybe if he told Palette he’d feel better. His soul fluttered just thinking about him he was so kind and bright. He always knew how to make Goth feel better be it with a joke or a comforting hug.

He looked at himself in a small portable mirror. He looked awful. Bags under his tired eyes his face looked rather sickly.

Goth placed a hand on his forehead he didn’t feel warm as far as he could tell it was probably due to the nightmares it’s not like he could get much sleep with them not to mention no matter how long he slept he still woke up exhausted.

He finally forced himself out of the tent looking around the barren land he now called home, he was met with Palette he looked him up and down.

He couldn’t prepare himself for what happened next. Palette took Goth by the waist pulling him close so that they were face to face. He placed the back of his hand on Goth’s forehead tracing it down to his cheek flipping his hand and rubbing his cheek with his thumb.

“Are you feeling alright?” He asked Goth’s face turned a shade of purple he tried to say something but no words left his mouth. Could he tell him?

“I-” He couldn’t say anything Palette gave him a smile as if to calm him down.

“Don’t worry you can trust me, tell me what’s wrong.” The distance between them grew as Palette stepped back. Goth whined he didn’t want him to let go, he hoped Palette didn’t hear him. Palette cocked an eyebrow finally Goth found his voice.

“I’ve been having these dreams they’ve just shaken me up a bit,” He lied it’s not like he was totally lying just molding the truth so that it didn’t sound as bad.

Palette frowned sweat formed on Goth’s head. His hand was once again on Goth’s waist the other cupped under Goth’s chin. Palette’s eyes bore straight through him.

“What do I have to do to get the truth out of you?” He asked this wasn’t the most romantic way to do this but all that waiting made him impatient not only that but his Goth was hurting and wouldn’t tell him why. He moved his hand to the back of Goth’s neck pulling him close to the point to where their ‘lips’ were touching.

It was better than either of them could imagine. It was deep and passionate their feelings poured into the kiss like a waterfall. A few tears letting themselves escape from Goth’s eyes.

They broke the kiss both taking in some much needed air, Palette wiped the tears from his sweethearts eyes.

“It’s okay I’m here for you.”


This fusion was different. It felt better, smoother. There was a new sort of magic present between the two as they fused.

Comet opened his eyes he felt fantastic like he could fight a thousand amalgamates and ten more after that, but he wouldn’t be doing any of that he’d be hanging out with Streak.

He smiled at the thought he loved the way the other made him feel. It wasn’t like how Goth felt for Palette.. It was something different. He felt trust towards the other, he felt like he could depend on Streak.

Like Goth could depend on his parents.

Streak walked through a portal pulling Comet out of his thoughts.

“You ready?” He asked holding his hand out for Comet to take like he always does a beautiful smile on his face, Comet smiled only nodding.

Streak lead him through the portal into a beautiful glittering world. The sky danced with different swirls of color, different sparkling stars that shown brightly making the snow their feet were in glisten in their light.

Comet’s eyes sparkled staring at their beauty the gorgeous light reflecting off the metallic sheen in his outfit.

“It’s so beautiful,” he said being unable to take his eyes off the sight, Streak chuckled. He felt some kind of instinct like he needed to protect this small skeleton.

He was like a child curious and awe struck always looking for something new, so innocent and new.

He would protect him like his own child.. He had to.

(It’s been forever I know but I had a lot going on and couldn’t find the energy or time to write. It’s not as long as I wanted it to be and there were somethings I had trouble with but it’s alright. I hope you enjoy the fluff because it wont last in the next few parts so be prepared)

(I hope it was worth the wait)


Streak, Comet, Thirteen: Me

Goth: @nekophy

Palette: @angexci

Error, Geno: @loverofpiggies

Ink: @comyet

Nightmare, Dream: @jokublog

Cross: @jakei95

Killer: @rahafwabas

Horror: sour-apple-studios

Day 1: Dream/Free
They were free.

I just realize that I forgot to upload my Leokumi Week art? It’s like 4 months late since it was originally in May. SHRUGS better late than never?

I won’t be posting day 7 because I deviated from prompts and well… 💦💦💦 I don’t wanna talk about my poor attempt at something spicy. All of my Leokumi week pictures are back somewhere on my FE twitter though.


Sydney by Bicycle – Month in Australia – HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR


Bike tours have become one of the best options to go around a city for the first time.

All over around the world bike tours have become very popular and easy to book online. 

In Sydney I did the bike tour with and I can say that I was impressed, they have chosen the spots very well; really nice views for pictures, I’d say much better than the places I visited on my own, even some of the places we visited would be impossible to visit on my own.

You can see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from every single possible angle. (Well, not from the air)

Riding across the Harbour Bridge twice, having time to take pictures, and keep riding and discovering more and more about this beautiful city is definitely something incredible.

Graeme, the tour guide; will also be taking pictures of you, and he will send them to you after the tour. For free, Amazing!

This bike tour or any bike tour is definitely worth it if you want to see the most of one place in one day.

- Julián -