i was tagged by reflectingiridescent to post my top 9 albums.  they are, in no particular order:

how big how blue how beautiful by florence + the machine
next to normal written by tom kitt and  brian yorkey, performed by the original broadway cast including alice ripley and aaron tveit
my head is an animal by of monsters and men
prisoner by the jezabels
what we saw from the cheap seats by regina spektor
lungs by florence + the machine
assassins written by stephen sondheim, performed by the broadway revival cast including neil patrick harris and michael cerveris (although it’s the obc pictured mostly just because i am shallow and the colour scheme worked better than the others)
bridge over troubled water by simon and garfunkel
sigh no more by mumford and sons

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Topi’s Daily Card #310:  Ascendant Evincar

Crovax.  One of the Weatherlight crew’s best warriors, and later on their worst enemy short of Yawgmoth himself.  People know this card better than Crovax the cursed, and this was originally printed in Nemesis.  Being able to kill small creatures as well as boosting your own, Ascendant Evincar makes a fine addition to any mono black commander deck, and could reasonably lead the helm of a EDH deck as well.  As far as his story goes, Crovax was born in Urborg, and joined the Weatherlight crew along with an Angel that was bound to an artifact that Crovax carried.  Killing the angel Selenia later down the line cursed him with vampirisim, and he was left behind by the Weatherlight Crew in Rath, where Crovax was taken to Phyrexia and warped into the brute pictured in this card.  Crovax is much later down the line killed by Gerrard during the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, of course covered in the Invasion block.  While this is a very brief summary of a recurring antagonist, Crovax and yesterday’s card, Mirri, have a big, fateful encounter earlier in the storyline, which is where tomorrow’s card will focus.  2/7

33. Howl

His wild eyes darted about the circle that had gathered there; his body leaned and pointed like a tipsy thespian. 

“Please don’t dig poets’ sour pictures, lecturing so dowerly,

‘cause dower is as dower does and dower comes so easily…”

Our modern day Homer swayed and parried around a chalk pentagram that had been drawn outside a subway entrance in the San Francisco Mission District. Sitting around the candlelit circle were mostly young people, younger than us, who, if they weren’t doing some sort of drug, at least wanted you to think they were. Collin and I had come to the Mission at 10 o’clock at night because we’d gotten word there was a writers’ circle happening where we could perform a few original songs. We’ve tried to perform as much as we can in these cities so that we leave something of ourselves in exchange for the inspiration we’ve sponged up. We stood awkwardly in our untatted, unpierced skins, telepathically agreeing that it was better to sit this one out and just watch.

Other poets got up, each more bombastic than the last. The whole audience of ruffians sat at raptured attention. There were musicians, too, who sang acoustic covers of obscure punk music that, somehow, everyone seemed to know. There were comedians, social critics, and all took their turn entering the circle for a few minutes and vying for the crowd’s attention. Everyone here was costumed in feigned poverty–not like the actual homeless that spend their nights on these streets. These artists’ clothes were artfully tattered, meticulously bohemian.  

I wasn’t wholly taken aback by this thanks to what I’d seen earlier that afternoon. Collin and I had walked several miles (you thought the hills at Holy Cross were bad) to the Haight district to see the historic epicenter of the ‘60s hippie counterculture. Not far from the famous Haight-Ashbury intersection we found the house where the Grateful Dead once took up residence. Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane also lived in the area for a time. Gentrification has begun, here–they have an American Apparel outlet on Haight–but, on the surface, less has changed than you might think. Raggedy looking stoners still gather on the sidewalks and in Golden Gate Park, hula hooping, drinking out of paper bags and walking their dogs on rope leashes. Yet, something wasn’t quite right. The Summer of Love had, by now, cooled into autumn and winter. Who were these people, really? Had their parents or even grandparents lived here and passed on the lifestyle? Or, perhaps more likely, were they just a bunch of kids who liked pot and felt like bumming it for a while? Either way, the aura of authenticity was all but gone from the scene.

Instead, it was a bit like the historical reenactors who walk around downtown Portsmouth, NH in colonial garb, and in that way it was both fascinating and educational. I could understand, for the first time, how middle America had felt so threatened by the counterculture when they encountered it for the first time. They did not have the benefit of the loveable old ‘60s burnout, the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream types, to assure them the whole thing wouldn’t actually implode society. Even now, as I walked down the street, I felt like grabbing one of these dread-locked scoundrels by the shoulders and, in my best Futurama Richard Nixon voice, yelling, “You dirty hippie!”  

At the nighttime artists’ circle, I found myself reacting the same way. Perhaps it was because this little clan was so exclusive, or seemed it. There was peace and love within the group, but it didn’t seem easy to join. Here I was, not even willing to get up and sing a song I’d written (this from a guy who will shamelessly perform almost anywhere) because of how clearly inappropriate it would be– inappropriate for all the swears I wouldn’t use, all mushrooms I hadn’t ingested beforehand.

Collin and I at 710 Ashbury, the “Grateful Dead House”

This trip has given me a vibrant backdrop against which to trace the outline of my own identity. This is (a little bit of) America–where do I fit in? In discovering these wonderfully foreign cultures throughout this country, I’ve been able to more clearly make out the negative relief of my own New England culture (I’d always known we say “wicked” when others don’t, but assumed mass media had rendered America basically homogenous). Standing watching this strange and fun display, I understood how Ginsberg could have sprung up out of this culture. I also understood that I’m a lot more Frost than Ginsberg (Ironic, since Frost was born in Cali). I appreciate shock art, but it’s not what’s in my veins. Where a younger version of myself might have looked at this scene and felt somehow deficient for not fitting this cool cat mold, I stood, instead, feeling like an emissary for my precocious, faintly Puritanical people–a people I’m finally beginning to understand now that I’m 3,000 miles away from them.

Collin and I are thinking about checking out the Golden Gate Bridge if our calves hold out.

oatcat asked: seemed cool but personally Id rather some 'ugly' one by fan who knows whitewashing is wrong than originals that are often overly edited/pale. Id rather see one thats 'too dark' than their skin too light

So you think it’s okay to make someone’s skin too dark but not okay to make it too light?? You have a problem..

Both are not okay and either way it’s not true to their natual skin tone. Saying you like the darker one more than the other is like saying you wish that person’s skin was darker when it may not be (in the case of the suga edit). 

If you don’t like how the fansite is editing their pictures then don’t follow them or look at their pictures. Editing it to some unnatural tone/color isn’t making it better (especially when they clearly state do not edit).

Ahahaghaahaaaaaaaa I worked on this for well over a week and it’s finally DONE

Well to be honest, i finished it yesterday but by the time I was done I realized that almost no one would be able to see it so I waited till now to post it.

This piece is called “God Help Me” and is inspired by the song of the same name by Emilie Autumn (odd how her first name is kinda like how some people think my name is spelled). I do want to say that I’m portraying the song a little bit differently than I think it was originally meant to be, like I’m going for a more “trapped in a terrible situation and trying to get out” rather than the more “mourning over being molested/raped/abused” that the song seemed to be going for (not trying to say that that isn’t a issue or that the thing I’m thinking of is better, just trying to explain my motives). The character pictured here is the lovely Miss. Godfrey, who you might remember from that other downer of a piece I made. I just saw this in my head when I listened to it and I just HAD to actually make it. I also wanted to try my hand at digital art, although I have tinkered with it a bit in the past, this feels like the first time I’ve really understood it. This was made in gimp (I do hope to try and work in photoshop next, as I have it but I felt intimidated by it, maybe I can try to handle it now), and took me way to much time.

I finished watching Buffy last night.  I began watching it sometime in 2007 so if you do the math it took me longer to watch it than it did to make and originally air it.  I tended to marathon for a season or two then move onto something else for long stretches only to come back to another marathon sometime later.

It was a frustrating show to me in many ways.  Initially I struggled with the low budgets and cheesy effects perpetuated by the monster of the week stylings of the first season.  It got better in the second and the third and fourth seasons were really compelling.  I think “Hush” is one of the greatest episodes in the history of episodic TV.  It was a bit more hit and miss after the fourth season, but I still rather enjoyed it.

My wife is very particular about what she wants to watch.  This has become more true since our daughter entered the picture.  Sex and certain types of violence (especially sexual violence or violence against children) have become verboten in our house (at least while the wife is awake.)  This has made finding a show that we can watch together increasingly difficult.  Prestige TV tends to be dark, brooding and full of the sort of stuff the wife can no longer stomach.

But Buffy was something we could agree on and its been a joy to periodically push our way through the series.  As much as I wouldn’t consider the greatest of TV and any time I discuss my own fandom of it I have to bring out a lot of caveats, I really did enjoy its run.  It makes me very happy to have had it as a show my whole family could enjoy together.

I think I’ll start it all over again and bring in Angel this time.

I’ve been going back and forth between my old pictures and have been finding so many good unedited pictures that I can now edit with a more mature eye and have better a better outcome than what I normally thought I had. 

This is still one the funnest shoots I’ve ever done just cause of the fact that this rad dude is a good friend of mine. 

I still haven’t decided which pictures of my latest shoot to put up here since I’m waiting for my client to use up the most of his pictures so then I can post the ones that I find are the best. 

I have a few things cooking this month and one of them will probably be a project with open collaborators (Which means I’ll be open for collaborations) and a few other ideas that MIGHT include something to do with some secret stuff. 

I hope that I won’t have to keep it a secret for too long though, I’ll be posting more pictures this month since I’m free from my summer classes. Keep looking out! 


My first fairly-successful attempt at making a collage piece with Paint.NET, for a Warhammer 40K RPG game I’m running.

I’d never been able to make anything that looked better than a crude cut&paste MS Paint-looking thing, until I found that you can set the eraser tool in Paint.NET to differing opacities.

One thing to note: I did not create any original parts of this picture. It’s from a variety of different concept art pieces I found, and unfortunately I did not save the sources I used. If anyone spots a familiar part, let me know the author’s name and I’ll make sure to give them the proper credit!

Hellooo! I would like a review for my kitty OC! I’m sorry for picture though, this is the only one I currently have of her ^^; probably should’ve made a clearer one.

Wow I love the art!!

Name: Willowwisp

Name Meaning:

Willow- For her light brown pelt with darker tips.

Wisp- For her swift fighting skills

Gender: She-cat

Clan: CanyonClan

Rank/Allignment: Warrior

Age: 28 moons

History: Willowwisp was born in a litter of two, her mother did birth other kits, but they were stillborn. Willowwisp has a sister, and she got the ‘better end’ of the genetics. Her sister was much more prettier than herself, so Willowwisp was very self conscious and never wanted to be around anyone else. Her sister was very self-centered and snobby, and Willowwisp was constantly annoyed and angered by her littermate. When Willowwisp and her sister came around to be apprentices, Willowwisp was finally managing to make friends. But her snobby sister always tried to lure cats away from Willowwisp, wanting to be more ‘popular’ with the clan than WIllowwisp. Soon Willowwisp was down to one friend who stayed with her during all of her apprenticeship, and she became quite fond of the Tom who would stand up for Willowwisp, even though she wasn’t a very pretty she-cat. Willowwisp’s mentor was a very blunt and harsh she-cat, put it was a good match for Willowwisp. She was very self-pitying, but her mentor’s harshness made Willowwisp overcome her depression and become more stern and willing to stand up for herself. As an apprentice, Willowwisp was a very skilled fighter, but her larger build made it hard for her to catch anything whilst hunting. She would persist on training herself to hunt and fight better by sneaking out of camp during the night and practicing. During her final moon as an apprentice, The clan went into a war with a clan they usually quarreled with. Willowwisp was one of the many cats chosen to battle with them, along with her father. She battled to her best ability, her larger build giving her some advantaged against some smaller apprentices that she battled against. But a senior warrior took a strike on Willowwisp, leaving a permanent scar along her maw. And in the midst of the battle, her father was struck down in cold blooded revenge from one of their own clanmates. Canyonclan did end up winning but Willowwisp was traumatized about her fathers death, and how the scars upon his neck didn’t produce the scent of the enemy clan. After the battle ended, Willowwisp along with her sister and many others had their warrior ceremony. But after becoming a warrior, she began to obsess about finding her father’s killer, there was a traitor in the clan, and she was going to find out whether they liked it or not.

//Backstory still is a big wip!//

Oooooooooo murder mystery detective cat I love it

Personality: Thickskulled, Short temper, Very one-sided to cats she does not know, Soft-spot for kits, Generous, Brash, Introverted, Obsessive, Short attention span, Does not forgive easily, Self Conscious, When close to her she will care for you like a sibling, Does not like talking a lot

I think you’ve got a pretty solid character here! :3



America’s Next Top Model - Photo Shoots Ranking

  • Spot 118 of 216. No Glove, No Love Campaign - Cycle 21

Photographer: Erik Asla


     When I first saw the pictures during the voting period I never thought that they would be for a safe-sex campaign. I honestly still can’t relate them at all with that but it is a very interesting concept. However, once again they released different pictures during the voting period that were actually better than the final shots used on the show. They were very good without having two shots of each contestant in the same picture. Also, none of these new shots were better than the original ones, so they basically ruined all the pictures. I think that Lenox’s is the only one that actually works because of the symmetry that it creates. I think it is great that they didn’t go over the top and just used a prop and simple but striking styling. But it is so weird that the photos look taken inside of a studio when they were actually outside. 

     I won’t even talk about the call-out order with Adam and Keith receiving so much praise; but we all know that Tyra didn’t give a damn this cycle and she ruined all the elimination order.

   You can check all the spots on the ANTM Ranking link on my blog.

✘ Alyssa Florent ✘ Vampire ✘ 19 (43) ✘ FC: Lucy Hale ✘ Open

”She’s talking to angels, counting the stars, making a wish on a passing car.”


Even as a child, Alyssa always dreamed about finding her one true love, a prince on a white horse. For her, it was more than a simple fairy tale that all the other little girls forgot once they’ve got something better. Through the years, she had built up a vivid picture in her very own prince. In her head, she had two reality, one where she was going through with her everyday life and another where everything was the same, except she had her love by her side every second of the day. She though it was magical and perfectly normal, but as she got older, even her parents started to notice her strange behavior.

It didn’t take long until she ended up in a mental hospital, diagnosed with schizophrenia. For Aly, nothing changed, except from the fact that she got to spend more time in her imaginary world and not being bothered with unimportant things such as school or her family. For months, no medication improved her condition and her parents started to give upon their only daughter. Then one night, Aly remembers it as the worst night of her life, her prince simply disappeared. At first, he started to fade away, then suddenly he was nowhere and it scared the hell out of her. She felt like a part of her was ripped out, her love for her imaginary prince still lingering, missing her presence like nothing before. He was with her ever since she could remember and she couldn’t imagine how to fill the whole he left behind himself.

Even though after she recovered and returned home, Alyssa hated her parents for taking him away from her. By then, she realized she was sick and it was all only in her head, yet she couldn’t help but miss the comfort her prince and her imaginary provided. It was extremely hard to get back to a normal life, especially because everyone looked at her as the ‘crazy girl’. The only thing she was grateful for was that nobody made fun of her in front of her or didn’t try to get close to her. Alyssa felt like she didn’t need friends, she wanted to be alone with her thoughts because she was sure that no one would understand them.

Then she met him. From the very first second their eyes locked, Aly knew it was him. For a second she though it was because she forgot to take her pills that day, but then he walked over to her and spoke to her. He spoke and smiled and she fell in love with every little movement of his. Maximilian was everything she’d dreamed about all those years and it only took him a few hours to get her to agree to be turned. Despite the pain of the transitionor the sadness she felt every time after she fed, never for a second she regretted it. He was by her side all along and there was nothing more she could wish for.


+ sweet + adaptable + devoted

- naive - guillable - delusional


Maximilian Florent - Her maker, the love of her life. Alyssa dedicated her immortal life for pleasing him and she enjoys every second of it. She thinks their love is pure and true, not having a clue that she is only the newest of his toys.

Dante Fortier - They’ve ran into each other once or twice through the years and Alyssa finds him extremely charming. She understand his love and devotion to his maker, since she feels the exact same thing for Maximilian.

Dolor Coven - Aly doesn’t feel safe around any of them, especially when Maximilian is away. She can feel the dark power oozing out of them and it scares the hell out of her.

Phoenix Blackwell - She is the only member of the Dolor Coven that doesn’t give her chills. It might be because they’ve stopped aging at the same time or because of her sweet face, but Alyssa prefers to spend time with her over anyone else in the coven.

Emma Michigan - Long years ago, two hunters, Emma’s parents attacked her while Maximilian was away. All Alyssa wanted to do was escape, but she murdered both of them. She still feels deep regret, but is not sure how to approach Emma without getting a stake in her heart.


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n30nnights asked:

Onion, Cookie Cat, Buck Dewey

Onion: If you could replicate anything 100 times, what would you make copies of? 

cats probably. the largest denomination of a U.S. dollar also probably. 

Cookie Cat: Do you miss any discontinued products?

the original beyblades were better than these weak ass light plastic bullshit tops they’re makin these days 

Buck Dewey: Share the last picture that made you laugh.

i don’t have one

platinumpencilz asked:

7 and 31 for the OC thing :0

7: Are your OCs part of any story or stories?

Dear lord yes. Basically all of them have a story to go along with them. A couple of them have even been recycled into other stories when it was clear that I sucked at writing their original story. Lookin’ at you, Zharan.

31: Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

Well, actually, my OC Tobias Gomez has a ‘ramblr’ account, which is tumblr in the future. It’s also much better, by the way. He reblogs things his friends post occasionally, but other than that, he does basically nothing. He favorites a lot of pictures of guns, though.

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“eradication” [Xbox 360/Halo 3]
I tampered with this one abit, came out better than the original. I own this picture
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Unrestored Morris Mini Cooper 'S' sells for £39,100 via /r/cars

Unrestored Morris Mini Cooper ’S’ sells for £39,100

Yesterday we attended a Bonhams car auction and one of the cars with the most attention was this 1964 Mini Cooper ’S’ 1,071cc . When we were looking at the cars beforehand the auctioneer told us that this mini had had a lot of attention and their engineers had said it was excellent. Many of the people I talked to said it looked better in the pictures than in real life and the estimate was a bit ambitious. Although the engine parts had the original plastic covers on and the car had its original 120mph speedo, underneath, the body work looked like it could need a major overhaul. When it came to the auction it was a really exciting lot that went for a crazy amount of money; it was the most I’ve ever seen a mini sell for. I love classic car auctions!

Gear: The Fujifilm X-T1 Long Eyecup EC-XT L

In some pictures on the web I saw some X-T1’s with other eyecups than the standard one.
I did a short Google search and found it: the Fujifilm X-T1 Long Eycup EC-XT L.

So I ordered it online and just three days later I received it by post.

The Eyecup shades the viewfinder from better than the original which I think is very good.At first I had concerns when wearing glasses, but these were unfounded.

In situations with a lot of light such as the midday sun, or even with side light you will get a much better viewfinder image as result when using the EC-XT L.

Here is a little comparison between the original (above) and the EC-XT L (below):

And this is how it looks on my X-T1 SG:

I can the absolutely recommend the EC-XT L  to anyone. It is a great optional piece of equipment that improves the convenience of the camera by a good bit.

Buy it here from (USA) or on (Germany) here. *

* These links are affiliate links to (USA) and/or (Germany). For orders through these links you support my work and I get a small commission. Of course with no additional costs for you!