I know that for me, when I think about the reason that everything went to shit in Beacon Hills, I think of Gerard Argent. It’s a cause and effect sort of thing.

He’s a crazy, werewolf hating bastard and before Peter kills Kate she tells Chris she was following orders, inferring that Gerard told her to kill the Hales. If the Hales hadn’t died, then Peter wouldn’t have gone balls out crazy and killed Laura and bit Scott etc,. I also believe Talia would have kept Peter in check.

Gerard Argent is also responsible for the formation of the Alpha Pack as Deucalion was actually pushing for peace before Gerard blinded him and his beta turned on him.

The Darach is only in Beacon Hills looking to use the Nemeton’s power to take revenge on the Alpha Pack.

The “door” the Nogitsune used never would have been opened if they hadn’t have had to sacrifice themselves to the Nemeton in order to find it and their parents who were being held by the Darach.

The Benefactor turns out to be Peter whose wacked out, trapped in my body coma ramblings invaded the mind of a young banshee who had no idea what was going on, but thought she was meant to implement his plan.

We have learned in 5a that the Beast of the place I am not going to even attempt to spell is part of the Dread Doctor’s plans to raise the wild hunt. The Beast is connected to the Argent family.

We won’t know for a couple of weeks how things will play out, but I am willing to bet that Gerard will be perpetrating some villainy.

This is just my opinion/theory. It is NOT meant to fuel any flame wars or give anyone an excuse to rudely attack me. I am not bashing any characters, just presenting evidence and patterns.

That being said, I would love to hear other people’s feelings, thoughts, ideas, theories, etc;. Just don’t be mean or abusive. Disagreeing with me is totally fine, just be cool about it.


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

A retelling of the popular nursery song There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,“ lyrics by Rose Bonne and music by Alan Mills. The book is about an old lady and her internal struggles to rid her stomach of a mysterious fly. Why did she swallow the fly? We still don’t know why, but with his distinct art style and a clever format, acclaimed graphic designer Jeremy Holmes has given the universal rhyme a unique makeover that is clever, funny and unexpected.” 5 x 13, mixed media.

Jeremy Holmes, Mutt Ink LLC, designer/illustrator | Kristine Brogno, art director

| Victoria Rock, editor | Wendy Wagner, production | Chronicle Books, publisher