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Bucky turning Steve into a puddle by gushing about his cute waist and beautiful pecs/boobs. Maybe abo with Steve getting so wet when Bucky starts lavishing attention to his nipples. Bucky telling him to come just from that and of course Steve does.

I went with canon!Stucky, if that’s okay :P 

Steve hated going shopping. 

When he was small and frail, it was because people would think they could trample on him and the crowds made him feel woozy. Now, the crowds just made him feel uncomfortable. People staring at him, he always worried about how he looked. At least when he was small, he knew that was why. But when they look at him now? He felt insecure, like he had something on his skin, like he was in the way.

But then when Bucky came back and he saw how beefy Bucky was, because oh my god have you seen him, Sam?! He doesn’t feel out of place. Bucky was thick everywhere, his thighs, his waist, his shoulders and chest. Despite Steve’s serum, Bucky was larger than him. Sure, they were level-wise, by height anyway, but while Steve was muscle packed into a tight body, Bucky was just...mouth watering large. 

Next to Bucky, Steve felt smaller. He didn’t feel out of place or in the way. Because he had Bucky’s hand on the small of his back guiding him, or Bucky’s arm around his waist. 

“I don’t want to,” Steve pouted, standing with Bucky in the clothes department of some store, “can’t I just wear what I have?” 

“Baby,” Bucky grinned, picking out clothes he thought would look good on his sweetheart, “you can’t wear the same clothes all the time. It’s a gala and Pepper wants everyone dressed to the nines.” 

Steve sighed and sank down in one of the chairs the store had and watched as Bucky went around choosing Steve’s sizes, “Buck…” 

“Yeah, Stevie?” Bucky replied, grabbing some trousers to go with the shirt he had in his hands. 

“Do you think…I’m ugly?” Steve asked, too ashamed to look up at Bucky’s face. The minute those words left his lips, Bucky was over in a second, crouching down in front of him. 

“Baby, look at me,” Bucky said firmly, but gently, “sweetheart, look at me.” 

But Steve screwed his eyes shut. He felt so stupid. Pathetic. Crying over something as small as this? What the hell was wrong with him? He was Captain America for god sake! 

“Baby doll,” Bucky whispered, cupping Steve’s face, wiping away the tears there, “you’re beautiful. I love the bright blue of your eyes, the way I can see a whole storm brewin’ in them when you’re angry, or the sun when you’re happy.” 

He kissed Steve’s closed eyes.  

“I love your adorable little freckles, the red of your lips. I love the way your soft hair feels against my chest when you sleep.” 

He kissed Steve’s cheeks, forehead, lips and head. 

“I swear to God, you got the prettiest set of tits I’ve ever seen, and you’re cute little waist, so tiny and compact, drives me wild, you know that?” 

He growled in Steve’s ear and wrapped an arm around his waist and squeezed. 

“I love everythin’ about you. The way you smile. Your laugh. That big mind of yours. I love you. And you are mine, doll. My baby boy, and he’s beautiful.” 

Steve finally opened his eyes, tears falling freely down his cheeks. He made a small noise and Bucky knew he wanted a hug. Steve melted into his arms and hid his face in Bucky’s neck. 

“I gotcha, darlin’. I gotcha.” Bucky closed his eyes and cursed whoever had made Steve feel like this. If there was one thing he was certain of in this stupid world, it was that Steve was precious. And no one lived to see the sunrise if they so much as made Steve sad. 

Bear Brothers (closed RP)

In a little house, by the seaside, was a polar bear in his rocket chair, looking out the window. “Sky is looking grey, Grover. A storms a brewin’ out there.” The shark-dog in his lap barked in response, looking out at the window as well. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Visitors? He never got visitors. Unless it was some pesky reporter asking about his daughter again. Grover jumped off his owner’s lap and ran to to door, barking and growling like a maniac. Walter hushed him and went to the door, opening it slowly. “Hello?”

RFA Members and Fave Phone Apps

(besides the RFA app, of course)

Zen: Instagram. So. Many. Pictures!!! He gained a lot of followers thanks to Seven’s Twitter (ahem, Tripter) bot, but all of the RFA members except Jaehee have unfollowed or uninstalled the app completely to prevent the constant selfie spam

Yoosung: Some kind of RPG like Unison League, anything that reminds him of LOLOL. Speaking of, he has a LOLOL app that times the respawn of certain monsters and dungeons.

Jaehee: She uses Instagram to follow Zen as well, but her favourite apps are Mandala and Brain Yoga–anything that helps her de-stress and isn’t too time consuming.

Jumin: He has literally every cat and every item in Neko Atsume. He doesn’t have too much attachment to the computer cats, but he does get gift ideas for Elizabeth 3rd from all the toy options in the game. Also uses the Weather Whiskers app, because who doesn’t love a cat im rainboots saying there’s a storm a-brewin’?

707: Plays Love Live! religiously, and may or may not own a few of their performance outfits for cosplaying (when he’s in the mood for it)

V: Google Talk. (someone plz stop me) It reads things to you, so you don’t have to~

Rika: Survive Mola Mola! started out as a cute game to feed sunfish but turned into a horrifying obsession to keep the damn things alive because they JUST. KEEP. DYING!!!!!

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Undeniable (Part 5)

Series Summary: Reader is Sam’s roommate and best friend at Stanford. When Sam’s older brother Dean comes to visit, the reader is forced to get to know him, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 4680 (I’m sorry this got so out of hand)

Warning: SMUT smutty smut, cursing, self doubt?

A/N: The smut is finally here! Heh. Hope you all enjoy this part and don’t kill me for making it so long. Enjoy the fluff, because as I told @thosefreakingwinchesters, there’s a storm a brewin’. As always, feel free to send me some love if you like what you’re reading!

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Want to catch up? Read parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here! Undeniable Series Masterpost

Dean was frozen at first, shocked by your sudden kiss. You feared you may have made a huge mistake, misunderstood what he was trying to tell you seconds earlier. After a moment, his lips moved against yours with a force that matched your own. They were as soft as you imagined they would be, despite the fierce pressure from the kiss. Tentatively, you slid your tongue along Dean’s bottom lip, testing the waters. A strangled groan broke from Dean’s throat, and he slid his hands from your wrists to your upper arms. Dean squeezed, pushing you back lightly and breaking the kiss.

“(Y/N), wait,” Dean panted. “Not that I don’t want to do this,” he squeezed his eyes shut momentarily, “because I really, really want to do this, but let me explain myself. I owe you that. And you’ve been drinking-”

“You try walking home in this thin of clothing and let me know how well your buzz holds up,” you said, letting Dean know that you were sober enough to mean everything you were saying and doing. “I want this, too. Ever since you admitted to how amazing I am at singing in the shower.” Dean laughed at that, and you smiled. “We can talk about everything later. But right now…”

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