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Sorry for super long post but this got badly out of hand. Happy Valentine’s and stuff, here are these two being sorta cute but dysfunctional af. (Tumblr destroys the image quality, open in new tab to view properly).

(Coffeeshop AU)

Valentine Day Instruction Manual (aka V-Day Drabble)

Because APPARENTLY These two rom com losers can’t get together without an instruction manual, I have made one for Wade to use. (P,S I may have been slightly tispy and bitter about being single on Valentines so cursing will be greatly used) No Spiderdorks allowed to see this book, very secret.

Step One:  Buy Chocolate. This is either for the person you like, or for if this all goes horribly wrong and you need comfort food later.

Step Two: Check to see if you won’t look like an ass when you tell the person you like them. Do they already have someone? Do you have broccoli in your mouth? (ARE YOU KEEPING SOMETHING FROM THEM THAT THEY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE AVENGER WADE WILSON I AM LOOKING AT YOU) Make sure all things are good to go before you ask.

Step Three: Just fucking ask you ass. You will get no where sitting on your tush, besides, I bet Captain America would have the balls to ask his crush on a date. Come on, go ahead. AND STOP ASKING BOBBLE HEADS.

Love, (With exasperation and fondness)

Your Fan Fic writer (who’s been really busy working at Disneyland to write more than this in Months)

Submitted by captainstevebarnes. An excellent and useful guide. 

Wade might’ve got a few of the steps mixed up. 

As much as I want AIMH to get to 2 million retweets, I don’t know how I feel about the idea of people specifically setting up new twitter accounts to retweet it more than once.

Isn’t the nicest thing about how big that tweet has gotten the idea of literally that number of people standing behind them supporting them? Like yes, encourage people who haven’t already to retweet it, but wouldn’t it be better for it to hit 2 million organically?

ahugepancake asked:

Hello, I've finished the animation that contained the Gaster animation you made, which I asked for permission to use a while ago. Here's the link! /watch?v=8-tM_MhC--o Thanks so much again for letting me use it!

this is like legitimately the coolest thing ever pls watch it


Royalty AU

The masquerade ball was supposed to help prince Barry Allen’s decision of who to marry easier, as he prepared to take the throne in a few short weeks. He didn’t expect to end up dancing with Leonard Snart, the infamously cold-hearted king, for nearly the whole night.