There are ghosts in Winterfell and I am one of them

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do you think benjen knew the truth about jon? or at least suspected it?

I like to think he suspected it, possibly even knew with certainty without Ned telling him. There’s a theory floating around that Benjen joined the Night’s Watch out of guilt because he knew of Lyanna’s plans to run away, so maybe when he saw Jon he just *knew*.

Benjen is particularly warm toward Jon, even joining him at the low table during the King’s feast in Winterfell to talk to him and tease him. That particular interaction doesn’t end well because Jon’s drunk and angry, but Benjen does say this:

“You might, if you knew what it meant,” Benjen said. “If you knew what the oath would cost you, you might be less eager to pay the price, son.”

Jon felt anger rise inside him. “I’m not your son!”

Benjen Stark stood up. “More’s the pity.” He put a hand on Jon’s shoulder. “Come back to me after you’ve fathered a few bastards of your own, and we’ll see how you feel.”

Jon even becomes sullen that Benjen stopped being as friendly with him when they went to the Wall, because Benjen is trying to make a point that he’s just another brother at the Wall and would not get special treatment from him:

Even his uncle had abandoned him in this cold place at the end of the world. Up here, the genial Benjen Stark he had known became a different person. He was First Ranger, and he spent his days and nights with Lord Commander Mormont and Maester Aemon and the other high officers, while Jon was given over to the less than tender charge of Ser Alliser Thorne.

Three days after their arrival, Jon had heard that Benjen Stark was to lead a half-dozen men on a ranging into the haunted forest. That night he sought out his uncle in the great timbered common hall and pleaded to go with him. Benjen refused him curtly. “This is not Winterfell,” he told him as he cut his meat with fork and dagger. “On the Wall, a man gets only what he earns. You’re no ranger, Jon, only a green boy with the smell of summer still on you.”

Stupidly, Jon argued. “I’ll be fifteen on my name day,” he said. “Almost a man grown.”

Benjen Stark frowned. “A boy you are, and a boy you’ll remain until Ser Alliser says you are fit to be a man of the Night’s Watch. If you thought your Stark blood would win you easy favors, you were wrong. We put aside our old families when we swear our vows. Your father will always have a place in my heart, but these are my brothers now.” He gestured with his dagger at the men around them, all the hard cold men in black.

Jon rose at dawn the next day to watch his uncle leave. One of his rangers, a big ugly man, sang a bawdy song as he saddled his garron, his breath steaming in the cold morning air. Ben Stark smiled at that, but he had no smile for his nephew. “How often must I tell you no, Jon? We’ll speak when I return.”

Jon expresses a great amount of anger over his uncle’s treatment of him, which seems to indicate that Jon is very much unused to Benjen refusing him or being anything less than warm toward him. His anger reaches a boiling point pretty quickly too:

“I don’t care,” Jon said. “I don’t care about them and I don’t care about you or Thorne or Benjen Stark or any of it. I hate it here. It’s too … it’s cold.”

When Benjen goes missing, it affects Jon rather greatly throughout AGoT:

Jon remembered the wish he’d wished in his anger, the vision of Benjen Stark dead in the snow, and he looked away quickly. The dwarf had a way of sensing things, and Jon did not want him to see the guilt in his eyes. “He said he’d be back by my name day,” he admitted. His name day had come and gone, unremarked, a fortnight past.

For a moment Jon was too frightened to move. Why would the Lord Commander want to see him? They had heard something about Benjen, he thought wildly, he was dead, the vision had come true. “Is it my uncle?” he blurted. “Is he returned safe?”

The grey walls of Winterfell might still haunt his dreams, but Castle Black was his life now, and his brothers were Sam and Grenn and Halder and Pyp and the other cast-outs who wore the black of the Night’s Watch.

“My uncle spoke truly,” he whispered to Ghost. He wondered if he would ever see Benjen Stark again, to tell him.

“Very well, truly,” the fat boy lied. “I am so happy for you all.” His round face quivered as he forced a smile. “You will be First Ranger someday, just as your uncle was.”

“Is,” Jon corrected. He would not accept that Benjen Stark was dead. 

“Benjen Stark is still First Ranger,” Jon Snow told him, toying with his bowl of blueberries. The rest might have given up all hope of his uncle’s safe return, but not him.

In ACoK Jon still thinks of his uncle, and even mentions him to Ygritte:

“Do you know anything of my uncle, Benjen Stark?”

Ygritte ignored him. Stonesnake laughed. “If she spits out her tongue, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

In Jon’s crypt dream in ASoS, he calls to his uncle for help:

He dreamt he was back in Winterfell, limping past the stone kings on their thrones. Their grey granite eyes turned to follow him as he passed, and their grey granite fingers tightened on the hilts of the rusted swords upon their laps. You are no Stark, he could hear them mutter, in heavy granite voices. There is no place for you here. Go away. He walked deeper into the darkness. “Father?” he called. “Bran? Rickon?” No one answered. A chill wind was blowing on his neck. “Uncle?” he called. “Uncle Benjen? Father? Please, Father, help me.” Up above he heard drums. They are feasting in the Great Hall, but I am not welcome there. I am no Stark, and this is not my place. His crutch slipped and he fell to his knees. The crypts were growing darker. A light has gone out somewhere. “Ygritte?” he whispered. “Forgive me. Please.” But it was only a direwolf, grey and ghastly, spotted with blood, his golden eyes shining sadly through the dark …

All of this to establish that a relationship did exist between Jon and Benjen, and overall it seemed a rather warm one. It’s just as well that Benjen would behave warmly toward any Stark bastard, but seeing as Benjen and Lyanna had been close in age, that they likely spent more time together than Benjen would have with his other siblings, and that they were partners in crime at Harrenhal may indicate that he feels close to Jon because of Lyanna.

Most Beautiful: Jon Snow X Reader

And this one is dedicated to the famous and beautiful @restlessanawake who is really awesome! Go check them out! They were a massive help to me in setting up this blog. Hope you enjoy!!

Warnings: Pregnancy. Labor. Fluff overload ;)  One sex joke With him and the whole Stark clan, This is post White Walker War were all is good and Jon knows his parentage, but still goes by Jon Stark, or I guess goes at last. Things are almost too happy. But fear not no one dies.. Well…..Meh

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“Time to get up love.”

You groaned, pushing away the arms that were attempting to shake you awake and moved closer to the other side of the bed. “Jon.. Lemme sleep. Little Mister Stark would not stop kicking last night. I am surprised you couldn’t feel it actually.” You smirked and opened your eyes, hearing his laughter and he carefully turned you around as he echoed your smirk.

“I told you, my love. It will be a she.” You gave him judging eyes and he rolled his own gray ones, “Even our  Lady Sisters and Lady Aunt is on my side. As is Tyrion.”

“Well while that may be true, Bran is on my side and he has the sight.” She winked while forcing herself to stand slowly. “Speaking of your Aunt and Sister, when will the royal Queen and the Hand be visiting?”

He smiled, standing up so that he could help you while he continued, “Sansa and Tyrion promised to be here by nightfall, but you know the Queen. She said she would be here a fortnight ago… She will do her best to make it for the labor. And Arya, of course, must guard the Queen being the head of the Queen’s Guard.”

Your nine-months were up  and being a Stark, family was essential for all things. Holidays. Name-Days. Weddings. And pregnancies.

As though the stress of almost delivering a child was not enough, the anxiety that holding off the labor until everyone was present was madness. Jon, being around you enough, could tell.

“Fret not, Y/N.” He smiled, pressing his forehead yours and wrapping a robe dress around you for the day and kissed your nose, “They will be here. And now, we must break fast.”

No surprise to the couple, Bran was already down stairs, his plate full as he was working on his sister’s-in-law. Seeing them he stopped and blushed, wheeling towards the two slowly as Jon embraced his brother with a hearty laugh.

Brandon Stark was decreed Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King of the North, so the three of you were practically inseparable.

“How is the Lord Snow this morning, Y/N?” Bran smiled, wheeling towards her and placing his hands on her belly as Jon sat. “He get you any rest?”

“None.” Jon sighed from across the room, “She was kicking all night.”

This caused both you and Bran to laugh and Bran to say a small, “We shall see.” As the three of you began to eat your food.


A grand feast was the result of Lady Sansa and Lord Tyrion’s arrive, Jon and the imp drinking away while you, Sansa, and Bran sat across the hall, discussing matters of getting Bran married.

“What about the Mormont girl?” You suggested, “She supposedly has the beauty and wits of the Tyrell’s but the strength of her father’s name.”

“The Queens bastard?” Sansa raised her eyebrows, “She is an adventurous girl. Young though, don’t you think?”

Your sister in law had not left you alone since she arrived, her hand barely leaving your belly.

“Besides. I think our Bran has his eyes on the head of House Reed. Lady Meera, is it not?”

With the words of her name, Bran blushed and brushed it off, “Have you and Jon thought of a name?”

You nodded, “Well since he will not listen to me about the gender, I decided Eddard Robb will have to do.” Bran nodded, a bright grin taking away the blush on your face. Sansa gasped.

“I hate to agree with my Lord brother, I do believe that your babe is a girl.” She winked at you causing both of you to laugh as Jon and Tyrion came towards you guys, handing drinks to Bran and Sansa.

Jon broke the laughter, snaking an arm around your waist to your belly as he looked at Sansa and Tyrion, “When are you and the Hand planning to have children, sister?”

Sansa’s face fell and she set down her goblet, Tyrion taking her hand. “We are waiting.” Silence fell between them as they knew what he meant before Tyrion broke it, winking at the youngest Stark,  “We would like to see little Bran wed to the Reed girl first.” Bran blushed as everyone laughed mutter a small no stop as Jon kissed your cheek, then moved to your ear, his beard tickling her cheek.

“Bet it will happen by years end?”

“Please, by months end!” You smirked and he pepper kisses everywhere on your face, causing you to laugh.

“This is why I love you” He smiled.


A few days had passed and you were still waiting on Dany and Arya. Maesters had demanded you bedridden, fearing labor would come any moment though nothing came for a week. Deciding this and seeing your husbands nerves at an all time high, you had forced him to go on a hunt with Tyrion and Bran, promising that Sansa and a hand maiden be at your side.

“I just want you out lil lord.” You groaned, rubbing sleet off your eyes as you had not gotten proper sleep in several days,(basically since Jon left, your baby had been especially persistent in moving all night) “Stop being so feisty like your father and his family.” You smirked at Sansa who laughed. “Where do you the Queen and her personal guard are?”

“You know Daenerys. “ She smiled sadly, rubbing your belly, “And Arya. Stubborn as mules those two.”

“Aye. That is one way to put it.”

Silence fell as you were both occupied as the baby leapt and kicked about the in your belly causing you to hum in attempt to calm him. When at last he stopped, you sighed and Sansa smiled, but only for a moment when you felt something wet between your legs.

Cursing, you looked at Sansa whose eyes twinkled.

“Do you think-”

“Sansa…” You bit your lip to stop you from swearing again, “Get Ghost. He will get Jon. And get the Hand Maiden… Hurry… Please…”

She ran, laughing gleefully and picking up her skirts hollering, “IT’S TIME! THE HEIR TO THE NORTH IS ON THE WAY!” And within minutes, servants came rushing in, dabbing your forehead with a cloth and offering you food and wine as others spread your legs open. All the while all you could do was scream bloody murder.

“I just want my husband!” You whined, “Gods!” You closed eyes and bit your lip to try to and stop tears from falling out of your eyes.

Then you felt the tickle of a beard on your chin and allowed yourself to cry tears of happiness and the man kissed your cheek and slowly wiped your tears away.

“Hush now love. You need to start pushing.”

“I-I-I-I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” He grabbed both her hands and brought them to her lips,”You are strong.. You can do this… I believe in you… Ready?”

You nodded opening your eyes to meet his dark grey (brown in show) ones.



You opened your eyes to see your family sitting in your room, Bran and Arya making small talk, Sansa talking to Jon on the other side and Tyrion discussing matters with the Queen herself.

“Morning love.” Jon said, moving towards you slowly, a swaddle of blankets in his arms. “You did marvelous love.” He kissed your cheek and helped you sit up, placing the bundle in your arms.

“ Who is this?” You smiled brightly as he moved back to the crib. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

“We were both right.” Jon smirked sitting by you on the bed with another bundle, “Eddard Robb and Catelyn Rose.”

“Twins.” You laughed happily, “Huh. Don’t remember that.”

Sansa laughed, kneeling beside you “Don’t see how you could. You were screaming bloody murder.”

“Honestly Y/N.” Arya piped in, “The Queen and I could hear you from outside.”

“Perhaps we will wait forever to have children, my lord husband.” Sansa added.

“She did have two.” The Queen herself added, “I would never imagine having two back to back.”

“You did have three dragons though, your grace.” You smiled, “Can’t imagine that.”

The Queen smiled, making her way towards you, kneeling beside you and looking down at the babe in your arms, “Dany or Daenerys please.. He is handsome, just like his father, and grandfather.”

“Lemme see!” Bran exclaimed, he rolling and Arya going to Jon. “She has dad’s hair. Mum’s eyes.”

“Opposite for him.” Sansa observed.

“Our perfect family.” She smiled at Jon who kissed her hair, bringing her in, “One boy. One girl. Perfect.”

Jon’s face fell, “What, so we can’t have anymore? Not even try?”

Laughter filled the room in a warm feeling as the world calmly faded to peace and laughter.

Nothing could be better and nothing could break their joy.


A thin film of ice covered the surface of the pool beneath the weirwood. Theon sank to his knees beside it. “Please,” he murmured through his broken teeth, “I never meant …” The words caught in his throat. “Save me,” he finally managed. “Give me …What? Strength? Courage? Mercy? Snow fell around him, pale and silent, keeping its own counsel. The only sound was a faint soft sobbing. Jeyne, he thought. It is her, sobbing in her bridal bed. Who else could it be? Gods do not weep. Or do they?
The sound was too painful to endure. Theon grabbed hold of a branch and pulled himself back to his feet, knocked the snow off his legs, and limped back toward the lights. There are ghosts in Winterfell, he thought, and I am one of them.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, parallels.
  • Both are orphans. Both lost their fathers before their birth, during Robert’s Rebellion, and both mothers died bringing them into the world.
  • They were smuggled away from their place of birth - Daenerys went in exile to Essos, Jon was carried to Winterfell. They both suffered abuse: Jon by Catelyn, and Daenerys by Viserys (Daenerys case is much worse of course). Dany was in the shadow of Viserys; Jon was in the shadow of Robb.
  • As Daenerys is sold to Drogo and starts her life with the strange culture of the Dothraki, Jon joins the Night’s Watch and struggles to adapt to the law standards of the life at the Wall. Later Jon has to join the Wildlings, the “savages of Westeros”, just as the Dothraki are the “savages of Essos”.
  • misslalwen also pointed that both Jon’s and Daenerys’ journeys in ASOIAF start with a feast: Jon’s very first chapter is the feast at Winterfell, when he takes the crucial life-changing decision of joining the Night’s Watch. Daenerys’s very first chapter is the preparation for her wedding feast with Khal Drogo; her second chapter is the feast itself. It happens at the same time as Jon’s story.
  • Their first love relation: Daenerys was sold and raped by Khal Drogo; just as Jon was forced into his relation with Ygritte - he had to sleep with her under threat on his life. Mance made it clear that if Jon doesn’t sleep with Ygritte, he would kill him (as it would mean that Jon remains true to his Night’s Watch vows and therefore is a Crow).

Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

“I never asked you to lie for me.”

“I never did,” she said. “I left out part, is all.”

“You said - ”

“ - that we fuck beneath your cloak many a night. I never said when we started, though.” The smile she gave him was almost shy. “Find another place for Ghost to sleep tonight, Jon Snow. It’s like Mance said. Deeds is truer than words.”

  •  Both Jon and Daenerys develop affection to their companions.
  • When Drogo and Ygritte die, it’s in the hands of Daenerys and Jon. 
  • Both Jon and Daenerys feel guilty about their lost first loves, and mourn them.
  • Both Daenerys and Jon rose to power quickly, and at a very young age. Daenerys is Queen of Meereen at 15, Jon is made Lord Commander at 16. Note that it happens at the same time: Daenerys takes up residence in Meereen and becomes Queen, while Jon becomes Lord Commander, both at the end of Storm of Swords.
  • They are the two best examples of young leaders in the novels. How they rule, the difficulties they are facing, the trials they undergo. Their stories illustrate the battle against their inexperiences and will to move forward “kill the boy and let the man be born” “if I look back, I’m lost”.
  •  Daenerys was offered the chance to return to Westeros, but she decied to stay in Meereen to rule and help her people. Jon was offered to be made a Stark of Winterfell, but he refused because he knows he has a duty to the Night’s Watch, and because he feels that as a bastard, he doesn’t have morally the right to be Lord of Winterfell.
  • Both want the best for all the sides, and both struggle to be accepted by those they rule. They both turn their attention to the outcasts of the society,to those other people refused: Jon cares for the Wildling, and is the first Lord Commander in history to make peace with them and allow them to cross the Wall; while Daenerys releases thousands of enslaved people and does everything she can to keep them alive.
  • Both faced assassination attempts, by those who disagreed with their ways of ruling. While Daenerys escaped her poisoned locusts by luck, Jon is stabbed by his Brothers. And again, these events happens at the same time, at the end of A Dance with Dragons.
  • Both are connected to magical legendary beasts: a direwolf for Jon, and 3 dragons for Daenerys.
  • Both think of their family they never knew: Jon quite a lot of his mother, and Daenerys of Rhaegar and Aerys, and her ancestors.
  • Daenerys feels the need to carry her Targaryen lineage and fulfill the duty to her House, Jon also want to impress his adoptive father Eddard. 

He was no true Stark, had never been one … but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three.

“Remember who you are, Daenerys,” the stars whispered in a woman’s voice. “The dragons know. Do you?”

  • Daenerys tries to think of Rhaegar as her idol, while Jon’s idol was Daeron Targaryen the Young Dragon.

That night she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, riding to the Trident. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse.

When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror

  • Both are gentle and kind people. And both are very melancholic
  • Finally, Daenerys’ prophecy from the House of the Undying:

A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. … mother of dragons, bride of fire …

 The obvious reference to Jon (blue flower in a Wall of ice) is part of the prophecy concerning Daenerys’ love interests, symbolised by the word “bride”. 

  •  And there are subtle foreshadowings when Jon and Daenerys think of the magical beast of the other (unbeknown to them of course)

He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three. - Jon, A Storm of Swords

Off in the distance, a wolf howled. The sound made her feel sad and lonely, but no less hungry. - Daenerys, A Dance with Dragons

And I am sure there are more parallels, perhaps less obvious. Parallel lines are meant to never meet, but in the case of Jon and Daenerys, I feel these lines are sliding straight toward each other.

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Why do you think Ned listens to Jon's pleas when they find the direwolf puppies? Is it the sense of the prophetic and that link to Rhaegar? Or is it because Jon hits on the symbolic link Ned picks up ton?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I think the simplest explanation is best, what Bran himself thinks:

“Lord Stark,” Jon said. It was strange to hear him call Father that, so formal. Bran looked at him with desperate hope. “There are five pups,” he told Father. “Three male, two female.”

“What of it, Jon?”

“You have five trueborn children,” Jon said. “Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were meant to have these pups, my lord.”

Bran saw his father’s face change, saw the other men exchange glances. He loved Jon with all his heart at that moment. Even at seven, Bran understood what his brother had done. The count had come right only because Jon had omitted himself. He had included the girls, included even Rickon, the baby, but not the bastard who bore the surname Snow, the name that custom decreed be given to all those in the north unlucky enough to be born with no name of their own.

Their father understood as well. “You want no pup for yourself, Jon?” he asked softly.

“The direwolf graces the banners of House Stark,” Jon pointed out. “I am no Stark, Father.”

Their lord father regarded Jon thoughtfully.

If there is something we readers come to understand about Ned Stark, it’s that, even more than being a just man, Ned is a merciful one. It’s what helps to cause his downfall - telling Cersei about his discoveries toward the children’s bastardy specifically because he knew Robert would kill them, and her, if he found out. He is not one to let weak and innocent things die by his own deeds, and I think that went for the direwolf pups as well. 

Still, I think competing in his mind was his unwillingness to single out Jon as not his son. Ned had taken unusual steps in raising Jon, beyond what would be expected of a highborn lord and his bastard son: he had not only acknowledged Jon as his son, but he had brought Jon to Winterfell, had him take lessons with his trueborn children, and had his master-at-arms train him in the yard alongside his heir. He had taken great pains, in other words, to show that Jon was his own. But, if Ned agreed to keep the direwolf pups, he would be making a public statement of separating Jon from his trueborn children; after all, without the party having discovered Ghost, Jon would have no direwolf pup to keep. 

Hence why Bran “understood what his brother had done”. Jon openly gave Lord Eddard an out. By announcing that he was “no Stark”, Jon set himself on the other side of that line, without Ned having to do it himself. Jon would acknowledge what Ned was reluctant to do: that he was the Bastard of Winterfell, with no more right to a direwolf than to the use of the one from his father’s arms.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Important Female Characters that have been cut out of Game of Thrones

Arianne Martell: The female heir to Dorne who demands recognition and acknowledgement and refuses to be passed over.

“You will not rob me of my birthright!”

Wylla Manderly: Grandaughter of Wyman Manderly, insults the Freys in front of a hall full of people and refuses to be married off. And she has green hair which is pretty sick.

“He was our king! He was brave and good, and the Freys murdered him. If Lord Stannis will avenge him, we should join Lord Stannis”

Val: Sister of mance Rayder’s wife Dalla (who has also been cut) said to be extremely beautiful yet is fiercely independent and strong.

“I am no southron lady but a woman of the free folk. I know the forest better than all your black cloaked rangers. It holds no ghosts for me.”

Mya Stone: One of Robert Baratheon’s bastards, lives in the vale and is in charge of helping people up to the Eyrie.

“Men come and go. They lie, or die, or leave you. A mountain is not a man, though, and stone is a mountain’s daughter. I trust my father, and I trust my mules. I won’t fall.”

Lady Stoneheart: *spoiler alert or not really because she won’t be in the show* Catelyn Stark resurrected seeking revenge on the Frey’s and leading the Brotherhood without banners (there’s your revenge plot D&D)

“She don’t speak. You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.”

Asha Greyjoy: not to be confused with whoever “Yara” Greyjoy is, Asha does not believe in flippantly calling people “cunts” and is not scared of dogs.

“My mother raised me to be bold”

Alysane Mormont: Fights with Stannis’ army and guards Asha when she is captured (oops not really spoilers again) and don’t tell me that they don’t become best friends because they do.

“Mormont women are skinchangers. We turn into bears and find mates in the woods.”

Barbrey Dustin: The widow of Lord Dustin, hates the Starks because she blames Ned for the death of her husband. She is cunning, intelligent and one of Roose Bolton’s biggest supporters in Winterfell (but you know in the show no northern lords are in Winterfell because logic)

The bride weeps … Dressing her in grey and white serves no good if the girl is left to sob. The Freys might not care, but the northmen … they fear the Dreadfort, but they love the Starks.“

All these women are unique, different and complicated, even though some of them do not fit into d&d’s “strong women” or “sexually empowered” archetypes they are important and interesting parts of the story. All of these amazing characters were axed in favor of a storyline depicting a violent rape and that is truly unforgivable and disgusting.

Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine looking after Ghost whilst he’s missing and when Jon discovers it was you who took care of him, the two of you bond. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

could you do a Jon Snow imagine where the reader is introduced to Jon after Ghost’s disappearance (you know how Ghost was missing until the 5th episode of season 4)? so maybe she had been taking care of Ghost that whole while and he became attached to her, which is why Jon and the reader form a bond :p TY! idk if that made sense, I hope it did lol

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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A Raven Among Crows: Pt 3

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part One  Part Two  Part Four 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

The wind started to pick up, it started howl in everyones ears that the horses started neighing. 

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A Walking Disaster

Pairing; Robb Stark x Female Reader 

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written on tumblr, so hopefully it is good! Feedback is welcomed with open arms! Also, in my perfect GoT world, Robb was never dead and gets to go back to Winterfell and remain King in the North

Warnings: N/A

Prompt: As a token of gratitude to the King in the North, your father decides to ship you off to Winterfell to become a Lady in Waiting to the King’s younger sister, Sansa Stark. Unfortunately, you find yourself messing up left and right.

 You had to be the worst lady-in-waiting the seven kingdoms had ever seen.

Honestly, Ghost probably could’ve done a better job than you and he didn’t even have working thumbs. 

 It had been about 2 months since you had walked through the gates of Winterfell and joined the royal court. It had also been about 2 months of a constant flow of royal screw ups. 

After the sack of King’s Landing, everyone had shown their gratitude toward the Northern army and their King, Robb Stark. The reign of King Renly could not have come about without their help and as a sign of gratitude, Renly had granted the Young Wolf his request to be separated from the seven kingdoms.

Following in Renly’s act of kindness, you father had also given the King of the North 60 of his most skilled men and you as a lady-in-waiting to Sansa.

As a lady-in-waiting, it was your job to follow Sansa around and do practically everything with her. Sadly, for you, that meant doing the type of things you weren’t very good at. It wasn’t like the tasks were hard, you were just a very accident prone person; as your father would always tell people. Whenever you were presented with an activity or task, it had been followed by some type of disaster. 

Including the current one where you had accidentally set Lord Umber on fire.

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Sweet Revenge

(Jon x Reader)

Request:  Hi! Loved your Halloween idea! I was thinking about a GoT one shot: in the book there’s a chapter where Arya remembers when Robb took her and Sansa to the crypt in Winterfell, telling them about ghosts; then Jon, cover with flour, scared the shit out of them. Well, could you write a sweet revenge for the girls? With # 1, 11 and 17. If you add a fem reader would be great!

1.  “Stop touching my shoulder!” - “Y/N I’m walking in front of you…”

11.  I accidently walked into this dark room and now the door is stuck…what was that? Is someone else in here?

17.  “Don’t say that! Now something is bound to happen.”

Robb was leading you down into the crypt, telling the three of you about the ghosts that lived here. Arya was laughing while you and Sansa were genuinely scared.

“They’re probably watching us right now.” Arya jokes, not faced by anything Robb was telling you.

“Don’t say that! Now something is bound to happen.” You gasp and look at her in horror.

“Arya’s right…” Robb says with a smile and keeps walking.

“Robb! Stop it.” You hiss back.

He puts up his hands in defeat, “Alright, alright.”

“And stop touching my shoulder!”

“Y/N I’m walking in front of you…how am I supposed to touch your shoulder?”

You slowly turn your head back but there’s nothing to see. You take a deep breath and shake your head, he was getting to you more than you would like to admit.  

You kept walking deeper into the crypt, the sunlight quickly fading until the torch was the only source of light left. You just had to go with them, hadn’t you? Normally you weren’t really scared of anything but ghost stories just got to you somehow.

“What’s in there?” Sansa asks, pointing to a door while she keeps a tight grip on your hand.

“Why don’t you take a look.” Robb answers and you both look at each other shaking your head.

Though Arya had other plans, “What are you doing?” You whisper as you see her, walking over to the door and opening it.

“There’s nothing in there, I’ve been down here before.”

You sigh and walk over to here, all three standing in the little room, looking around for anything out of the ordinary. You and Sansa jump as the door falls shut behind you, both quickly spinning around with a face full of shock.

You try to open the door but it’s shut tight. Sansa grips her torch tighter only to let it fall to the ground seconds later when out of nowhere Jon jumps out from behind a corner, all covered in floor. You scream, all three of you scared to death until Jon starts to love and Robb opens the door again with a big grin on his face.

“Are you two out of your minds?” You yell at them, “Assholes!” You say angrily and storm out of the room and up the stairs. Jon was going to regret that shit.

“Jon! Jon!” Sansa hurried over to him, seeing him in the yard the next morning.

“What’s wrong?” He asks confused.

“There’s someone at the gates who wants to see you.”


He was half expecting it to be a joke, a little revenge for yesterday but when he saw the guy dressed in black armor he stopped and looked at him. He raised his sword at him without saying a word and walked over.

“What do you want?” Jon asks but doesn’t get an answer, only the sword cutting into the air right next to him.

Jon picks up one of the training swords nearby and rushes to attack as well. It doesn’t take long and he’s down on the ground, sword pointed at his throat.

You start to laugh and take off the helmet you were wearing, “That was pathetic…but it serves you right.”

Jon stares after you open mouthed, not able to believe that he just lost to a girl and even quicker than in any other fight he had before.


Request - Could you do at Game of Thrones imagine where the reader is married to Robb and they’re deeply in love but when he goes to war he cheats on her with Talisa and Jon is there when she finds out 

Pairing - Robb Stark X Reader

Wordcount - 3000

Warnings - Strong Language, mature themes, violence 

Multi-shot - Yes 

Author’s Note - I might have gone too overboard with this request but I couldn’t stop writing it. - (Y/F/S/N) - Your first son’s name. (Y/S/S/N) - Your second son’s name. 



Before the war everything was so different, Robb and (Y/N) were deeply in love. After the birth of their first son, (Y/F/S/N) the strength of their marriage and their love for each other only seemed to blossom further. Robb was an great husband and an incredible Father. He would bring (Y/N) flowers and made sure she had everything she desired, even when she repeatedly told him that she had everything she could possibly want. (Y/N) and Robb were the perfect family unit and nothing would ever separate them or so she thought.

The death of her Father in-law, Ned Stark caused choas and corruption. Ned was loved among the people of Winterfell, his wrongful imprisonment had put people on edge but his death was what had caused the people  to want to go to war. The matter only seemed to worsen when the Lannisters refused to let Sansa and Arya go. The war truly broke out between the Lannisters and the North. Robb at first would occasionally return to Winterfell to visit (Y/N) and (Y/F/S/N) but soon it became un-practical. That final night, (Y/N) had begged Robb not to leave even know she felt selfish for doing so, she understood why Robb had to stay out at war permanently but she only longed for him to keep her warm at night and have knowledge her husband was safe. So that night before he left they made indescribable love where she conceived her second child, a boy who would be born nine moons later, her son wouldn’t see his father when his eyes first opened. His Father would only be given word of his sons arrival. He would probably not see him for several name sakes.

However there would be one man in their lives who became (Y/N) greatest asset to her. Whether he was consorting what to do with the people of Winterfell and the vital issues to helping raise the two boys. Jon Snow became a life saver and a great support system. While Robb was away Jon became the man (Y/N) relied on. (Y/N) sat in her chamber rocking (Y/S/S/N) back to sleep. It was late, he had been fed and changed but (Y/S/S/N) was not having any of it tonight.  

“Sh now. Your wake (Y/F/S/N) and Uncle Jon. Mummy loves you and so does Daddy. He’s off fighting a veracious Lion who has taken Aunt Sansa and Aunt Arya. One day he is going to come riding home, the Stark banner riding high in the sky. Everyone will be cheering and celebrating, when the King of the North returns with your Aunt’s and on that day we will be a family again” (Y/N) expressed as (Y/S/S/N) wriggled around her arms. He had not stopped crying, (Y/N) didn’t know what else to do. When there was a sharp brisk knock on the wooden door, the baby who was creeping up to witnessing his sixth moon only to began to cry louder. She pulled the door open to reveal Jon standing there looking tired and weary. 

“(Y/N), I thought you might need some assistance. Rest assured (Y/F/S/N) is still deep in slumber” (Y/N) smiled before stepping aside to let Jon into her room, that she had once shared with Robb. 

“Sorry I didn’t intend for you to wake. He just won’t settle. Nights like this I wish Robb was here” (Y/N) sighed as Jon extended his arms (Y/N) gave her over her screaming son, he immediately settled down, moving closer to Jon’s body heat. (Y/S/S/N) since birth had been closer to Jon and whether he would admit it or not he rather enjoyed spending time with all of you. You accepted him as the person he was not as the bastard son of Ned Stark. 

“There one little Prince fast asleep. Mind if I lay with him for a while. You know just in case he wakes up again” (Y/N) melted at the sight of Jon and (Y/S/S/N). He was so content when he was with Jon. 

“Sure as long as you can get Sapphire off the bed” (Y/N) replied looking at the Direwolf that was sprawled out over her large bed. Sapphire had been found beside Ghost, she had white and grey fur with pointed ears. She was also (Y/N) engagement present, she couldn’t ask for a better companion or loyal protector. 

“Sapphire move” (Y/N) instructed but the Direwolf simply opened her eyes before closing them again. As much as she loved Sapphire to pieces but she could be stubborn when she wanted to be. Jon did nothing more than pull the blankets back, removing the robe he had been wearing, leaving him in a pair of comfortable looking trousers as he laid (Y/S/S/N) on his bare chest, tapping the vacant spot beside him. 

“You look exhausted. Come here and lay down. Rest while he’s asleep. I promise not to try anything”  So (Y/N) took the place beside Jon in her night wear before covering herself with the thick warm furs before drifting off to sleep knowing her sons were safe and sound.  

The following morning morning, (Y/N) stretched her arms out to find the space next to her empty. Jon and (Y/S/S/N) were gone. She hurriedly moved out of bed rushing to put on her dress for the day, preparing her (Y/C/H) in a tidy manor before finally slipping on her shoe and tying them. She ran out of her room when she bumped into her messenger, Maxwell. He had been so loyal to her in the times that they had been facing being a war with the Lannisters. 

“Maxwell have you seen Jon and (Y/S/S/N) He’s going to be need to be fed” (Y/N) asked cheerfully as she was every morning. Maxwell didn’t want to give the news that he had heard and eventually witnessed for himself. Before he came to (Y/N) he always made sure he had sustainable evidence of the news that he had to give her. Yet he couldn’t seem to tell her before she broke her fast.

“There in the meeting room, breaking their fasts. Both children were with Jon. I will need to speak with you later my Queen” (Y/N) smiled at her most loyal servant he had been away for sometime. She was eager to know what he had found  But the frown apparent in his face was concerning. 

“Maxwell breaking my fast can wait. If it ‘s bothering you we can go and discuss this now” Seeing concern in (Y/N)’s face, he knew that there would be no easy way to break the news to her. But at the same time he understood how important it was for a women nursing a child to maintain their meals. 

“My Queen, break your fast and attend to your children. I can wait while you do so” So (Y/N) went down and joined everyone to break her fast. But the whole time she worried about the news that Maxwell had for her. As she nursed (Y/S/S/N) she didn’t even hear Jon knocking on her bedroom door. 

“(Y/N), you were distracted earlier, I thought you might want to talk about it” Jon kept a respectful distance away from  (Y/N) as she sat with her back to him keeping her eyes fixated on her youngest son. 

“Maxwell comes with news and by the look on his face it’s bad news” (Y/N) cleaned herself and (Y/S/S/N) as he clearly had enough. She placed small kisses on his forehead as she turned to look at Jon. 

“Would you come with me to see what news Maxwell has for me?” (Y/N) asked in reality Jon didn’t need to be asked, he was going to attend the meeting no matter what. After (Y/N) had given her youngest son to Marie ( the children’s Nanny) to meet with Maxwell, she gathered thoughts before stepping into the room noticing Maxwell pacing back and fourth in front of the fire. 

“Maxwell it’s not like you to be phased by news. Is Robb okay?” (Y/N) asked concerned for Robb’s welfare. Maxwell collapsed onto his knees, looking ashamed of himself. 

“My Queen, please don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you. The King has been having an affair with a young women called Talisa” Affair? Talisa. Robb. No! He would never have an affair! She thought to herself. 

“Did you see them together?” (Y/N) asked quietly, Jon could see her heart breaking at the thought of Robb with someone else, he took her in his arms as her knees buckled beneath her. 

“My Queen,I have, I would never come with word of such betrayal without actual evidence. Her name is Talisa Haegyr, a noblewomen from the free city Volantis, she gained medical training relocated to Westeros when she could no longer stand slavery, the King found her sometime ago” The news devastated (Y/N), what more did Robb want from her? She bared him two beautiful sons she ran and maintained Winterfell with Jon’s aid. Yet while she was in Winterfell with their children, he was fucking some noble whore. There was no denying the pain that she felt. But seeing Maxwell so intimidated and afraid, it didn’t make her feel any easier. 

“Maxwell, it’s not your fault. I could never hate you. You are the most loyal of messengers. I consider you a loyal friend, a protector of my sons I only have one question, do you know where Robb is? She asked as she took Maxwell hands in hers.

“Of course, my Queen” (Y/N) smiled before looking up at Jon. She gave him a look that he had never seen off her before 

“Tell Marie to prepare the boys for travel. Pack your bags or travel. Gather food, water and blankets for the journey. Get twenty of our best men, make sure their prepared. Maxwell,will you take us to Robb” Maxwell and Jon were surprised at how calm she was. But in  reality her heart was breaking and she desired nothing more to run to their shared room and cry. But she was Queen of the North and mother of two.

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Arya reunites...

((Hehe, here ya go anon! i decided to start out with something where all the characters already have established personalities. Ummm I did my best to keep them as far away from being OOC as I could…BUT I havent’ written for Arya more than…well once I think…so I don’t have her down just yet. Also, Sandor…uhhhh….I don’t even know how well I wrote him.. Sorry!))

Word Count: 1,331

The Twins were filled with noise as the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey continued well into the night. Outside the castle were tents full of Northern and Riverlanders, drinking, eating, and cursing under the moon, inside the great hall sat the King in the North, his Mother, his honor guard, the newlyweds, Walder Frey, and a few of his children/grandchildren. A small fight between a Frey and Smalljon Umber had broken out but was quickly quieted with Robb himself stepping between the two men and handing them both tankards of ale.

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Jon Snow X Reader – Woman of the Watch

A/N – This was an anon request at who are a great imagine blog btw. So I hope you enjoy this overly long one-shot anon and I hope you saw the link I posted for it.

Request: Could you write a one shot of Jon Snow, where the reader is the only female nights watch member (like a cook or seamstress) and Ghost tries to get them together.

Thorne had seen many come to the wall and many die at the wall, he’d seen the youngest of boys pass through, he’d mentored rapists, murderers, and scum from all walks of life but during all his time as a member of the Night’s Watch he had never been so disgusted as today; the day he introduced you, a woman, to the Night’s Watch.

He had argued with Jeor Mormont, his Lord Commander that the wall was no place for a woman but if some rich prick of a lord wanted you here then there was nothing to be done about the controversial situation.

The icy air swirled around you cutting like daggers, every winter ever experienced paled in comparison to the glacial cold of the wall.

“Attention all men of the Night’s Watch,” Thorne’s voice boomed through the courtyard, he needn’t have called them at all for at the sight of a woman standing atop the courtyard’s steps they’d all congregated to ogle at you; although you knew their reactions to be inevitable it still made you feel uneasy, a fact you hid with silent dignity.

“This is (Y/N), for reasons I cannot disclose she is to become the first woman of the Night’s Watch,” the announcement ran heavy with disdain, and the men of the watch stood divided with a mix of emotions, some pity, a few uneasy, but mostly lust; it was the lust that frightened you.

“Wait, you mean she’s to fight with us,” a common voice spoke up from the back.

“No you daft bastard, she’ll be in the kitchen cooking and sowing.”

“About time we got a new chef, our last one was ugly as fuck,” another voice heckled, gaining a cheer from the crowd.

“Need I remind you craven bastards of your vows. If anyone is found to have broken their vows they will be cast out of the Night’s Watch and executed, am I clear?”

There was a mumbled agreement of “Yes sir”.


“Yes Commander,” the men chanted louder this time.

Thorne continued addressing the men on duties but your attention was drawn to one man in particular, a man with shaggy hair and dark eyes, eyes which bore into you intensely.

“JON SNOW,” Thorne roared, removing the man’s attention from you.

“Yes commander,” Snow approached, keeping a safe distance from you.

“You are to show Miss (L/N) to her work station and then to her chambers, and for fuck’s sake get her a fucking cloak before she freezes to death.”

“Yes Commander.”

Thorne left and an awkward silence befell the two of you, Jon was unsure of what the proper conduct was in this situation, did he offer his arm, apologise for the commander’s foul language, move briskly on? In truth since no situation of the like had ever occurred before he opted for offering you his cloak, knowing that none of the cloaks would fit you anyway and he could get another later.

“Thank you,” you took the cloak tentatively, Jon stifled a smile upon seeing the cloak drowning your smaller figure.

The tour was short lived and it ended in the small kitchen behind the great hall, Ghost was laying calmly under the table but stood attentively upon seeing his master enter.

“Oh My God” you exclaimed, getting a look at the giant dire wolf.

Jon mentally berated himself for forgetting to warn you about Ghost, “Ah, this is Ghost, there’s no need to be afr-”

“He is amazing,” you cut Jon off leaning down and offering your hand to Ghost who appreciatively sniffed it, wagging his tail contentedly.

Jon watched the transaction in shock, most men feared Ghost but here stood a woman who was not only ok with Ghost but actually excited to see him.

“Is he yours?” you asked between petting Ghost.

“Yes, he came here with me. Ghost – This is (Y/N), you’re going to stay with her and protect her on a night from now on ok.”

Ghost gave a low grunt in return and Jon gave a satisfied nod before leaving to return to his normal duties.

Weeks passed and you had begun getting used to life at the wall, some of the men still treated you like meat but a lot of them treated you like a sister or sweetheart bringing you wooden carvings or stories of their past; these were the men that you’d often sneak extra rations out to if you could. The moments you really relished though were those when Jon would visit, it didn’t happen often but you loved to hear his stories of Winterfell and his siblings while you mended clothes or prepared food.

One night in particular stayed in your mind, Jon had been sent into the kitchen on cleaning duty for failing to attack a fallen member of the Night’s Watch during combat training, this was when the two of you had become something more than friends but less than lovers.

Jon sat next to you washing dishes while you darned socks, he was apparently quarrelling whether to ask you a question that was playing on his mind.

He threw in his reservations and asked anyway, “(Y/N), what exactly did you do to get sent to the wall?”

The question caught you off guard, nobody had asked that yet and you’d begun to think that you wouldn’t have to say it. “Why do you want to know?”

“We both know that there’s never been a woman on the wall, so whatever crime got you sent here had to be bad.”

“It was no crime, it was an…” you searched for the word, “An injustice. I was a maid in the home of my towns’ Lord, Lord Hamish. He was not satisfied with his wife, the whores, or the other maids so he tried to entice me into his bed, I refused. So he sent me here, he said if I was to act like a fool then I should live with them too.”

Jon stood in shock, he knew Lord Hamish, he was a northern lord in one of the towns near Winterfell, a brutish man but until now he’d seemed like an honourable one.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“It isn’t your fault, besides it could have been worse, I could have been killed or raped, so here I am, at the edge of the world.”

“No. No one should ever have their honour questioned like that.” He put down his plates and rested his arm on your shoulder, leaning in to comfort you.

Ghost ran in, crashing into Jon’s back, knocking his balance and making him crash on-top of you; the movement was far from graceful, Jon’s face was only inches from yours and your breathing slowed, you had noticed in the past how handsome he was but this was a whole new level of attraction you were feeling. He leapt up quickly and offered his hand to pull you up, trying not to blush; Ghost ran off as fast as he had entered, eager to avoid being berated for his unusual actions.

“Right then… I’ll be off, I have to find Ghost,” he excused himself, leaving as quickly as his legs would permit.

“… Yeah,” was your weak reply.

After the incident in the kitchen Jon avoided you as much as he could, focusing instead on training and battle strategies, even though he would never admit it he missed your presence dearly, the way you laughed, your happy outlook on a condemned life, the way you treated the other men… the way you smiled when you saw him.

No.” Jon thought. “I will remember my vows and not become infatuated with someone I can never be with… even if I’ve never wanted anything more.

Ghost hadn’t helped the situation any, he kept removing objects from your chambers into the courtyard which Jon would try and return before anyone noticed. Since his previous efforts to get his master to visit you had been unsuccessful a change of tactics was in order; late that night Ghost came into your chambers and walked past you, this was something you were used to by now as the dire wolf often came and went as he pleased. What you weren’t prepared for was when he took the hairbrush from the nightstand and ran off.

“Ghost, come back here with that,” you whispered with urgency, giving chase to the dire wolf. You were under specific orders not to leave your room when it got late so that the men wouldn’t be tempted to do anything that would interfere with their vows.

Ghost ran around Castle Black, pushing into one of the rooms on the other side, you didn’t know what room this was so you followed him in, being careful to be quiet in case anyone was around; the wolf rounded a corner and placed the brush on the ground where you retrieved it ready to leave.

“(Y/N),” Jon spoke behind you, sounding a little strangled.

You turned around ready to explain the situation but stopped short when you saw that Jon was dripping wet wearing nothing but s towel around his waist, you blushed crimson and covered your eyes.

Jon slammed the door shut in case anyone came past, “(Y/N), what is going on here? Why are you in my chambers?”

“I am so sorry, Ghost brought me here I swear, I’ll just leave now and-”

You were silenced by a hand covering your mouth, “Quiet for a minute, someone’s going by,” he whispered in your ear, standing unnecessarily close to you. When he was sure that no one was nearby anymore he uncovered your mouth, the two of you stood still for a moment unsure of what to do.

“You, uh, you should go,” he ushered you to the door, still holding onto the towel.

“Jon wait. While I appreciate that now’s not a great time I need to know something, why do you keep avoiding me?”

“You’re right, now isn’t a great time.”

“Please Jon, I miss my friend… I miss you.”

You raised your hand to his cheek, desperate for an answer, your eyes searching his; he breathed in your scent, wishing this could last forever but knowing that it couldn’t. “Why doesn’t she get it, I love her… Oh gods no, I love her.” Suddenly the thought was too much, he pushed into you kissing you hungrily, vows or no vows he needed to know the taste of you.

He pulled away as fast as he had kissed you, both of you were panting heavily.

“Wha- Since when- How long have you felt like this?” you stammered.

“Too long, not long enough, I don’t know. Damn it. We can’t be together, I made vows. Gods I made vows.”

Confused tears were forming in your eyes; you knew what you had to do but it didn’t make it any easier “You’re an honourable man Jon, I won’t make you question your vows, I won’t bother you again.”

Jon grabbed your arm unable to see you walk out of his life, he had no idea what he was doing. How could he possibly choose between his vows and you, the only good thing about the wall.

“Wait, don’t leave.”


“Because I… Because Ghost likes you.”

“Ghost. Really, that’s what you’re giving me here?”

“I can’t… I can’t take a wife.”

“I never asked you to.”

“(Y/N), will you stay with me? I know it’s selfish and I can’t give you anything but I want you to stay, not for Ghost, but for me.”

You paused for a moment unsure of what to do, “Do you think we can make this work?”

Jon smiled and kissed your forehead, “If the wolf thinks we can then I don’t see why not.”

High Hopes

Pairing: Robb Stark x Reader

Request: “hi dear can i request for a robb stark one shot? the reader was betrothed to robb but went missing during the war of the five kings, everyone assumed that she died. robb was miserable but had to move on and marry someone to produce heir (he defeated the lannisters). after two years, she appears to be alive and it turns out that she was captured and tortured by ramsay and theon helped her to escape.”

A/N: I switched this request around a bit considering I just did one where the reader was Ramsay’s captive and none of the events would have happened in Westeros if Robb would’ve won. I kind of liked what I did more, sorry if this doesn’t please the person who requested it!! 


He’d actually won. They had called him a boy as if it were an insult. But, now they should be the ones insulted. They were beaten by a boy and while their heads stood on spikes, his wore a crown. This wasn’t a prize for himself though, this was to save everyone he had left to love. His mother, sisters, brothers, and his people, they were all safe because he actually won. But, as he sits on a throne and calls himself King, he can’t find the glory. His glory was lost in a girl he thought he could keep safe. 

It’s been 14 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days since he walked away from his hope of a happy ending and every single day he wishes he could go back. He thinks about that night in her room as if it were just the other day. He remembers every word and even as time goes on it feels like a jagged blade is being shoved into his stomach and twisted like a wheel. 

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anonymous asked:

Apart from temperament , do you see any major differences between Jon and Robb? What would change if they were in each other's shoes? Sometimes I find them so similar...

(Thank you, my anonymous friend, I have been meaning to pull these thoughts together for ages. I hope you’re in the mood for a novel.)

“Temperament” covers a lot of ground, so to start off being clear what I mean about that: in terms of their psychological default settings, so to speak, I think that both Robb and Jon take after their mothers. But tendencies aren’t the same thing as destiny. Environment and context matter, and individual experiences matter. That’s where the really interesting parallels and divergences between the two characters come into play.

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Jon x Sansa Week: Day Two

II. Direwolf

It isn’t Sansa’s fault. She isn’t certain of much at the moment, but, “It is not my fault.”

And really, wasn’t it just like Jon to get upset over the most trivial of things. She was a highborn lady. She deserved lovely things in her life.

“Sansa,” Jon grumped at her - at her! “How much have you had to drink?”

“Pft, only a little,” Sansa used both hands to wave aside Jon’s concern, measuring out what she was sure would seem a goblet sized amount from Jon’s perspective. She’s not sure she succeeded, because Jon’s face has gone from broodingly concerned to mostly alarmed.

“Sansa,” Jon started again, and Sansa just knew that whatever Jon was going to say next was going to be boring.

“I like for things to be pretty! Is that so wrong?”

“No, Sansa. It’s just that -”

“I like flowers and butterflies, and pretty dresses and pretty songs and pretty words. And it’s not stupid. I know everyone is always saying that it is stupid, that I’m just a stupid little girl…”

“No one is saying that you’re stupid. Sansa -”

“And I’m not! I can be brave and fierce, and I’ve survived and I deserve pretty things. And I deserve to be happy, and pretty things make me happy, and -”

“Sansa, I want you to be happy!”

“- and don’t think that you can make feel bad about this because Ghost wanted to be pretty too!”

And Ghost was pretty. He had such silky white fur, if only Jon would brush him more. And even his red eyes, which Sansa had found unnerving as child, were terrifyingly beautiful.

Jon’s lips were all tilted up in that stupid half smile of his. “He’s the prettiest direwolf in all the land. Now Sansa -”

“Don’t Sansa me! You’re making fun!” Sansa overbalanced as she went to stomp her foot, and her flower crown tipped and her drink spilled, and for a moment everything was awful.

Then Sansa licked at the beaded trail of the sour goat’s milk on her fingers and down her wrist, and somehow Jon had gotten close enough to right her flower crown, and maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

“I thought Ghost would want to feel pretty is all. You don’t need to be so broody and grumpy about it,” Sansa declared, because she was the Queen of Flowers tonight and no King of the North would take that from her like a goblet of - wait. “That’s mine!”

Jon sniffed at his stolen drink, before taking a quick sip. “This is a Free Folk drink.”

“Of course it is. Tormund gave it me,” Really Jon could be so dense.

“Why - why was Tormund giving you -”

“Because I asked him for it!” Honestly.

“Why would you want -”

“I wanted something stronger than wine, and I asked Tormund if he had anything and he did. And he gave me a skin filled with this sour goat’s milk, and I had some and after the first little bit I liked it so I had some more.”

“I thought you were pleased when Manderly brought some good Dornish vintages with him.” Jon just didn’t get it. He was hopeless.

“It’s because people are always giving me things!”

“Yes. Because you’re Sansa and the Lady of Winterfell.”

“Pretty things.”

“… I thought you liked pretty things.”

“I do. Honestly Jon, what does that have to do with anything?”

The look on Jon’s face was sublimely frustrated. Good. “Why does the gift of pretty things make you upset enough to get this drunk?”

“I’m not drunk. I am barely inebriated Jon Snow. Please and thank you,” Sansa said pointedly, and then poked him the chest with her still drink-less hand. “Your Grace.”

“Sansa -” Really, why was he being so stubborn about this?

“They give me stupid things! Stupid and useless pretty things. And they give you food for the larder, and men to fight wars with, and they give me silks and flowers, and -”

“And what, Sansa?” When had Jon gotten close enough to grasp her by the chin, to look straight in her eyes. It was unnerving that he moved so quickly like that, didn’t he know that?

“Don’t do that,” Sansa swatted at his hand, and wasn’t sure why he looked so hurt. She certainly wasn’t strong enough to do that.

“Sansa, you’re not pretty and useless -”

“You don’t think I’m pretty?”

“No! I mean - I mean, Sansa, you’re -” Jon stepped back, raked a hand through his curls and then tossed back the rest of the fermented milk in Sansa’s chalice in one go.

It was impressive. That is to say, Sansa, who had only managed little sips all evening, found it a useful skill that she wished she could acquire herself.

“Sansa, you’re very pretty and the men, they don’t - they don’t think you’re stupid and useless. They think you’re a strong, fine Northern woman and it makes them happy to give you pretty things, because they want to honor you and make you happy and…” Jon was flushed with his haste to reassure her. “And it makes men brave to know that women - that the Lady of Winterfell is dressed like Spring and waiting to greet them with food from her table. It gives them something to believe in, to hope for Sansa.

"These men loved Ned Stark, and you’re his daughter. And they want to honor you and make you happy. Sansa, I want to honor you and make you happy -” It might have been the longest speech she’d ever heard Jon give.

“That’s the most I ever heard you say!” Which might have been a misstep, because Jon stopped talking with an almost audible snap, and something about the clench of his jaw and the way his eyes closed radiated agony. Perhaps he bit his tongue?

“The Knight of Flowers had a cape made out of roses when he rode in Father’s tourney.”

“What?!” Jon’s voice was a bit strangled. Maybe he really did bite his tongue.

“When you came in, before, earlier - you asked why Ghost was covered in flowers. And it’s because the Knight of Flowers placed second in the joust and he was pretty.”

Jon gaped at her, “I don’t think Ghost is going to be jousting anytime soon.”

Sansa turned back to Ghost, who, unlike Jon, had been perfectly behaved and managed to stay perfectly still in respect for the flower crown and cloak she’d woven for him. The flowers she’d braided into his fur might have been a mistake in retrospect; his fur was hardly long enough for it. But he was fierce and oh so pretty, and it made her happy.

“He looks so pretty you can hardly tell he could rip a man’s throat out easy as breathing!” Sansa chirped, bending to give Ghost a kiss on his upturned snout.

“Traitor,” Jon murmured, and Sansa whirled around, frowning.

And through it all, Ghost sat, resplendent in his flowers, utterly still and silent.

Marked by Snow - Jon Snow

Soulmate AU where your mark can only be seen by your soulmate and no one else.

Trigger warning: attempted rape

This is my first Jon Snow and Game of Thrones piece so if you enjoyed it make sure you request more!

You tied up the front of your dress, your fingers ghosting over the intricate snowflake that was splayed over your chest. The middle of the snowflake was in the middle of your cleavage and the rest of it branched out over your breasts.

Y/N, you need to hurry. Lord Bolton will wake soon and you must help him bathe.” Margaret said, fussing around with her apron.

“Why did I get dressed then?”

“Because he enjoys watching you undress”

“He’s a monster. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again”

“He’s keeping you out of the cold. Winter is coming”

And with that, Margaret left. The servants managed to sneak the Stark motto into conversations to remind each other of their allegiance to House Stark. You were Arya Stark’s tutor before Ned Stark’s head was decapitated. Theon let you live only because he had a soft spot for you. Only when the Boltons took over, the other servants helped you to hide the fact that you were her tutor and thus you stopped studying books and started scrubbing floors.

You left your quarters and walked through the castle to Ramsay’s room. You knocked on the door and pushed it open after hearing Ramsay’s voice grant you access.

“I’m here to bathe you, my lord”

“Yes, someone already filled the tub with hot water,” Ramsay said looking you up and down.

“Aren’t you a bit too overdressed for this occasion?”

He rose out of his bed, stark naked.

“I’m sorry my lord” You quickly undressed and folded your dress neatly and left it on the floor next to your boots.

Ramsay stepped into the hot bath tub and sat down prompting you to follow after him. You stepped in and sat between his legs on your knees, thankfully he was using the wide tub so sitting on his dick was avoided. You took the soap bar and rag that was sitting on the side and began to rub the soap into his pale skin.

“You truly are very beautiful, Y/N”

“Thank you, my lord”

“If I wasn’t already married to Sansa and the Warden of the North, I would be married to you.”

You shivered at the thought of being married to Ramsay and continued to clean his body.

“Where is your mark Y/N?” He asked, his hands running down your side.

“My hip, my lord” you lied.

“What’s it of?”

“An arrow” you lied again. 

It was in actual fact your friend’s mark. To you, the soulmate mark was sacred, no one but the person that completed you should know what it was. Your friend told you what her mark was because she wanted someone to know what it was. No one she showed the mark to could see what it was and she was afraid that no one else ever would. She was proud of the arrow, it was beautiful and she thought that someone else should know what it looked like.

His hand trailed to your hip.

“Is it here?”  He asked squeezing it.

You tensed and nodded, quickly getting up.

“I must clean your back,” you said, stepping out of the tub.

Ramsay moved forward as you chose to stay out of the tub and finished washing him. Once he decided that he was clean enough he let you get redressed.

“I want you back in here when I’m back. Once I’ve killed Jon Snow I will need someone to celebrate with.”

You knew what that meant. None of the other girls ever worried about being called to Ramsay’s chambers only because he had Myranda.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like Myranda to come, my lord?”

“She’s a bit too boring now. I want you to take her place”

“Yes, my lord”

You kept quiet about what Ramsay asked of you, only because Myranda scared you a bit. Ramsay had twisted and warped her mind and she was possessive over him, you would like to live when Jon Snow won the battle and won his home back.

When the battle had started, you and 2 of your friends hid in broom cupboards. The three of you were deathly silent as you waited for the outcome of the war. Either way, you were safe-ish. If Ramsay won then the three of you would still have work and a place to stay, only you would be forced to Serve at Ramsay’s every beck and call. If Jon won then you would be free from working as a slave and everyone would be treated kindly as Ned Stark once treated you.

You didn’t know how long the three of you were stuffed in the cupboard but you heard the screams of a man and the low growls of dogs.

“I’ll see what happened. They might have breached the castle.”

You slipped out of the broom cupboard and walked around the castle. Knights of the Vale and wildlings were walking around also.

“Look who we have here.” A knight said looking you up and down

“Whats your name lass?” Another one asked you


“You look very pretty, Y/N”

“Thank you, Ser. Am I right in believing that Ramsay Bolton was defeated?”

“Just, we managed to come in the nick of time and save snow’s arse.”

“Thank you, Ser’s. The people of Winterfell are in your debt.”

The three men were making you very uncomfortable and you tried your best to keep them sweet in an effort to pass through them.

“You can make it up to me. Can’t she?”

The knight turned to look at his friends. They all laughed, clearly drunk. You tried to use their fit of laughter as a way to slip through them but one of them grabbed you harshly and pinned you between his body and the stone wall.

“You’re going to thank me, right here, right now”

He thrust his tongue into your mouth as his hands ripped the top of your dress open, exposing your top half to the cold winter air and his two friends. You tried to push him away but he held your wrists in his hands preventing you from doing anything. His mouth moved from your lips to your neck as you screamed for help. The knight clamped his hand over your mouth and forced you to the floor. 

Just as he managed to free himself from the bottom half of his armour, Jon snow himself, accompanied by 3 other men turned the corner. The two bystanders ran off with a wildling fast behind them. Jon ripped the man off you and towards a tall red-haired wildling.

“Tormund, get him out of my sight.” He practically growled.

Jon’s eyes stopped at your chest as he stared at your mark. Your hand went to shield yourself from his eyes. He shook his head and took off his cloak for you to cover yourself with.

“Forgive me, but the snowflake on your chest was beautiful. Are you okay? He didn’t actually?” He placed a hand on your back.

“No, you came just at the right moment, thank you, my lord.”

“You’re bleeding.” He commented with a frown, seeing his fingers coated with red.

He helped you up.

“They don’t look that bad, I’ll help you clean them up”

“you don’t need to my lord, I’m sure I can ask someone else”

“Anyone else already has their hands full dealing with the casualties. I do know how to clean scratches”

You nodded and followed him. He took a pot of water and a rag and an antiseptic paste from Margaret and lead you through the castle to what you guessed was his room.

“I’m sorry but its the only place I’d like to be right now.”

“It’s fine”

You slipped the cloak off again and his eyes were staring directly at the snowflake. You turned and sat on the bed waiting for him to wipe the blood away.

“Can you see it?” You asked.

“See what?” He replied.

“My mark”

“I’m sorry for staring-”

“You don’t understand it, do you?”

“Understand what?”

“You’re the only one who can see that huge snowflake”

He stopped wiping and placed the water on the side.

“You mean -”

“Yes, nice to meet you, other half”

He chuckled.

“I don’t even know your name”

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N”

“Arya’s tutor Y/N?”

You nodded.

“You were right under my nose this entire time and I didn’t even know it?”

“If you stayed at the wall, you would never have known it. Can I see yours?”

He nodded and removed his armour and undershirt. You saw a feather quill down his side and traced it with your finger.

“It’s huge” You commented.

The feather started right under his armpit and went down three-quarters of his torso.

“So is yours. I still need to apply the paste.” 

You got up from the bed and had your back facing Jon. His fingers worked quickly applying a layer of the antiseptic on the scratches. Once he was done he wiped his fingers on the rag.

“I’ll go and find you some clothes”

You nodded as he slipped on his undershirt and left the room. You sat back on the bed and used the cloak to cover your bare chest. You were sat idly waiting for his return and your head looked around the room. This room could be yours soon if Jon accepted you. From the way he acted towards you, there was no sign to say he wouldn’t. However, the pessimist side of you thought that he wouldn’t. He would have to marry a high-born lady or a princess to keep his power in the North and you were only just a tutor. He was gone for a very long time and you felt like falling asleep, which was what you were going to do until you heard the heavy door creak open.

“I’m sorry I took so long, I had to deal wth some political matters. Your friend, Margaret, gave me a night dress and a new dress for you to wear in the morning.”

You got up and took the dresses from him.

“Thank you my lord”

“Jon. You of all people needn’t call me my lord”

“Thank you, Jon” you corrected.

He smiled and you pulled the remnants of your dress down so that it pooled to the floor. A blush crept onto Jon’s face as he tried to look away but ultimately failed. You stepped out of the dress and took the night dress in one hand and put your normal day dress on the bed. The dress was slipped over your head and you sat back down.

“What was this room used for while I was gone?”

“Well, your father didn’t change anything after you left for the wall, Theon left it as it was and Ramsay was going to use it as a ‘guest room’ but since no one wanted to stay with the sick fucker, it wasn’t used.”

“Smart and mouthy? I’ve struck gold with you”

You cheeks heated up as he stared at you.

“I hope I’m not being too forward but I’d like you to sleep with me in my chambers from now on. Now that I know your significance, I’d like you to stay with me so I can protect you”

“It’s understandable. Well, I’m going to sleep now”

“I’ll join you, today has been a long day.”

You walked to the other side of the bed and pulled back the furs and slotted yourself into the mattress. Jon stripped down into cotton trousers and took his place next to you.

“Good night, Y/N”

“Good night, Jon”

At first, you kept to your side of the bed. You didn’t want to overstep so you gave him his space, but it was cold. The layers of fur were keeping out most of the cold air but when you could feel the warm air radiating from Jon it took all of your power to not snuggle up to the heat source. You flipped over for the millionth time and sighed quietly.

“Can’t sleep?” Jon asked, turning over onto his back.

“It’s colder than usual.”

“Winter is here, so it’s expected.”

“Do you mind if we cuddle? I hear you conserve heat that way”

He nodded and you moved closer to him. You liked sleeping on your tummy so your face was buried into his chest as one leg was flung over his, you were practically sleeping on top of him. His hand rested on your head as if it was second nature and the extra warmth help you get to sleep.

That night you slept amazingly. You didn’t know if it was because you were sleeping with your soulmate or whether is was because the bed was so damn soft, either way, you didn’t want your sleeping arrangement to change.


Word Count:

Warning: I tried -ONCE AGAIN - to write fuff. Read at your own risk…Also, I tried to write when my muse has officially moved out of my brain…

((To @box-of-sarcasm , I hope I tagged the right blog!, if you completely hate this please feel free to message me so and I’ll try to rewrite it when my muse decides to be creative again!))

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Lucky Charm

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Request: “Could you do a Jon snow imagine with the prompts 20 and 25 :)) please please please (I love your writing so damn much btw)”

Prompt 1:  “It would be perfect. You just need less clothes.”

Prompt 2:  I have you shoved against the wall and now I can’t stop looking at your mouth. 

Prompt List

If someone had told you 6 months ago that you’d live to see Jon Snow smile more than once in a day, you would’ve laughed right in their face. Now, it was hard to get Jon to stop smiling. It was like Winterfell was made of magic and being back here had sparked a flame in him that even the biggest problem couldn’t put it out. Maybe it was some new outlook on life he’d decided to have, or maybe it was just this feeling of finally having a home again. Whatever it was, you weren’t going to start complaining about it, especially on the night of his name day.

You and Sansa were stood in the middle of the hustle and bustle of party planning, directing people where to put what and how many of this or that you needed. Handmaidens and cooks worked diligently to make everything perfect for their King in the North and it just about was, until a giant white wolf had bounded in and snatched the whole ham from where it was. 

Ghost!”, Sansa and you screamed at the same time before sprinting after him. 

With his tail wagging, and the ham still stuffed in his mouth you approached him cautiously. 

“Ghost”, you start and tip toe forward, “Be a good boy and put the ham down”.

The large direwolf had taken the same mood of his master and was nothing short of playful lately. It was like he was a pup all over again, but right now wasn’t the best time for him to try and be all cute and annoying. 

You were only a few inches away from him now so you hunched over a bit and reached your arms out cautiously. As you got closer, Ghost got cocked his head to the side and his tailed stopped for just a moment once he realized what you were doing. 

“Just stay there boy…..”, you whispered with only one more step before your hands would be on the ham, “Don’t move……”. 

Unbeknownst to you Jon was stood against the doorway watching the whole situation unfold with the hint of a smile on his face. He would’ve stepped in and called for Ghost to drop the ham himself, but there was just something about your trying so hard to make his name-day celebration that was just so adorable. 

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