GUYS I JUST REALIZED! In the preview of episode 11, Victor is wearing this outfit right?? (A green scarf, gloves and what looks like a dark blue jacket)

Back in episode 9 he wore the exact same thing when heading back to Japan to check up on Makkachin to see if he was okay. So we might be getting a perspective from Victor’s side of the story in HOW HE FELT WHILE BEING SEPARATED FROM YURI?! I DONT KNOW YET?!?! MAYBE?!?! I hope. T-T

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Do you think jasper will get a redemption? How and when

Is this, uh, is this actually a question?

I don’t mean to be snide here. but I seem to keep getting asks like this. 

Have we all forgotten that as of Warp Tour Crewniverse explicitly decried people calling Peridot a villain, stating there weren’t any villains in the show? Because people seem to have forgotten about that as soon as Jasper and YD showed up. Rebecca Sugar actually said that the show is driven by ideological conflicts rather than one faction vs. another. 

Or are we just ignoring that literally everyone we’ve gotten to know has “gotten a reform arc”? Including the mass-grave gem shard abomination in the heart of the planet. Including that one monster from the first episode. Apparently the pundits never get tired of going “okay but this next one, they definitely won’t get redeemed” and then being wrong, again and again and again. 

Spoilers here: every time the fandom has tried to suggest someone’s behavior, nature, whatever means they won’t get an arc. 

They’ve been wrong. 

More than that, it baffles me how people seem to act like there are no unresolved questions or tension related to Jasper’s arc. Not like we’ve seen more evidence rather than less that she has some kind of positive history towards Peridot who noticeably hesitated after poofing Jasper suggesting she has some pretty impressive mixed feelings about it. 

Not like we know now that the reason why Jasper has been so driven and unrelenting is that she’s a traumatized and isolated person, who, if I’m right that she didn’t actually ever get to know Pink personally, has the potential to share a piece of common ground with Steven that he really needs someone to relate to on, and that both of them could really benefit from being able to talk about- the idea of being the Special Chosen Child who doesn’t feel like they measure up, trying to follow the lead of a leader figure that they never actually knew but that most of the context of their life has been shaped by the absence of the same.

Like… do people actually believe that the massive amount of plot potential Jasper is currently sitting on is a can of worms that’s going to contentedly stay closed? This is like playing a Zelda game and someone mentions the terrifying murder island no one has returned from, you know at some point you’re going there. We’re going to delve into Jasper as a character.

Do I know the specifics of Jasper’s reform arc? No, because if I could predict with complete certainty and accuracy where the show was going to go I would have zero compelling reason to watch it. But it is a goddang certainty we’re going there. 

theory omg

okay guys so I just thought of this while looking at Yuri!!! on ICE posts.

okay so you know how this happened:

okay so what if viktor did this:

because he thought yuuri was into him because of that night

but yuuri didn’t remember..

*feels really bad for viktor in this moment*

Interesting sprite of Kaito

So, I just wanted to point this out in which the newest info of DRV3 came out. Specifically, I want people to look at this for a second, specifically the top left sprite.


Notice how in the sprite, Kaito sort of has a confident/pumped up face with a slightly grin on his mouth, his eyes are normal size, and he’s relatively “normal”.

But now, let’s look at one of the newer screenshots that was posted with him in the background.

It’s the same sprite, but with significant changes to be noted, despite the blurry quality.

Notice how Kaito’s mouth is not in a slight grin and actually shows anger, his eyes are more squinted and his pupils smaller, and the shading on his forehead is darker, usually showing signs of seriousness or intimidation.

I know this post was a few months ago, but I really agree with that person who talked about Kaito having some sort of a psychological disorder where he can’t control his emotions well and ends up being violently angry and uncontrollable. To me, it gives an identity to a guy who looks rather a cheerful and upbeat personality to be crippled with such a hard obstacle that can prevent people from trusting him or even being a friend to him. All I know is that I severally hope that IF this is true and Kaito does have these problems, that not only can it be shown throughout the story in a significant way, but he ends up BEING A SURVIVOR. Too many characters in media that have severe anger issues end up dying and it’s rather boring; it’d be cool for such a character who can’t control themselves like that end up making it out alive.

Well, thanks for listening to me rant! What do you guys think? OWO

Shiro Theory - Mind Control/Kuro - Thread

@lukastos @youreagalrakeith @shiro-voltron

My current theory for Shiro is that during his time in the Galran Fighting rings the Druids used some sort of mind control on him. Please refer to my add on to @awkwardvoltronphotos’s post horrifyinglylance.tumblr.com/post/154111825674/awkwardvoltronphotos-okay-so-we-all-know-each who also points out some interesting (and angsty) stuff concerning episode 11 and Shiro is season 2.

The conclusion of my theory is basically this:
After becoming fan favourite of the Galran empire in the Hunger Games the Druids decided that they wanted to keep their Champion close to them. What if one day regardless of what they’re bribing him with (to keep his fighting spirit up) the Druids have enough and send Shiro out there in their control. I call dark!Shiro or Mind controlled!Shiro Kuro. But Shiro is still conscious of his actions. Constantly being stressed, angry and anxious Shiro’s conscious mind shuts itself down which is why Shiro forgets everything.

It’s kinda a stretch but regardless.

Stuff I’d like to point out:
- Shiro still has his undercut. Now while that’s just a design thing, why would the Galra allow Shiro to keep up his hairstyle? @lukastos pointed out something interesting concerning this observation. (Pls expand bro)

- When Shiro is stapped down on the table in the Garrison, the doctors suggest to put him under because they have no idea what his Galra arm can do. Shiro’s reaction to being put under is normal but not. Don’t you think if you were previously experimented on you’d react the same way?

- Speaking of Shiro’s Galra arm. I don’t see Haggar giving out awesome evil Galra prosthetics out to everyone. It means that some part of the Galra know and favour Shiro to some degree.

- Why doesn’t Shiro remember anything? Like it’s obvious he’s forgotten stuff but why doesn’t he remember? What happened to make him forget about something that is obviously extremely traumatising?

- Shiro’s scar and white hair. He’s not a ghoul why is he dying his hair Kaneki style? Scars, depending on the wound of course, can take up to two - three years to heal. ( www.scarfade.com/blog/long-take-scar-heal/ )

Pls discuss with me! Do you think it’s a possibility? Do you have any other ideas?

Shingeki no Kyojin 88 (review+theories)


Following the Grisha infodump flashback, this is probably the final chapter about Mr. Yeager’s adventures in Marlean territory before being found by Keith. I was suspecting the transition to be during the chapter but it looks like we’re going to focus on present matters next chapter. Meanwhile, let’s review the contents of what’s mostly dominated by a Grisha-Kruger dialogue.

  1. Eren Kruger
  2. Grisha Yeager
  3. Slavery of freedom
  4. Eldians, Titans and the Coordinate
  5. What now?

More under the cut!

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So y'all know when Newt explains Swooping Evil?

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He tells Jacob the venom, if diluted properly, can erase bad memories. (source). So when he gives the venom to Frank to rain down over the people of New York, what if it only erased the memories of magic from the normal citizens? What if, since Jacob had a bad time getting into the wizarding world (i.e. the murtlap incident) but ended up enjoying his new friends, he only lost the memory of how he met these strange people? 

Originally posted by jeeviaz

Which would mean he remembered Tina and Newt and Queenie, but not how they met. It probably felt like a huge dream to him as he couldn’t remember the start of it. Jacob would then use this dream like memory for inspiration for his bakery, which would explain why he created Newt’s beasts out of bread. 

But when Queen shows up one day in his bakery, wearing a bursting smile…

Originally posted by exfuckcharming

and all the memories start coming back to him and he can see her face above all else, the clearest of his foggy memory, as she made him the most happy. 

But I mean clearly Bismuth is Gone And Never Going To Return Ever which is why Steven specifically refused to use the Breaking Point on her and refused to repeat what Rose did in hiding her actions towards Bismuth from the rest of the team.

Not as if other characters have disappeared for a long time between appearances (Lapis???) especially when that character knows things and would be inclined to casually mention them that the writers of the show want to keep as major revelations.

Not as if Crewniverse deliberately set that up to be an unsatisfying ending to a character because they had zero intention of ending her story there.

Or maybe the fact that Garnet and Pearl, who were close to Bismuth, haven’t been shown using the upgrades they got from her in future episodes, but there was clearly a plot relevant reason they did get those, which would almost suggest they don’t want to use Bismuth’s handiwork until they make peace with her rather than blithely exploiting their friend for an upgrade and then keeping her in a bubble. 

I’m not saying people can’t be frustrated about Bismuth getting canned but I’ve seen posts comparing it to other shows permanently killing off a member of the cast and it’s like- guys, really? She’s not dead, there is no way in hell she’s not coming back. 

Does Steven “absurdly fastidious attention to detail” “the random monster in the first episode is a recurring character and the random monster in the second episode was a major warning of future plot” “one of the hints that Garnet was a fusion was literally a pair of shooting stars in like half a second of the first opening” Universe really strike you as a show that’s going to introduce a character and showcase her in that significant of an emotionally charged episode and then have her never come back again?

This would be like after Ocean Gem going “Well I’m sure we’re never going to see Lapis again ever! Crewniverse must hate her, why else would they give her such a sympathetic presentation.”

It is true that I was very much in conversation with people in the preparing of Gender Trouble and then again when I had to respond to the criticisms in writing Bodies that Matter. But I think perhaps that now I work in greater solitude, possibly because that particular theoretical time of the feminist movement is not happening any more, and my work has wandered off in some other directions. One reason your work, Sara, has been such a joy for me is that it brings theory back into play in a way that is conceptually patient, imaginative, and urgent. That combination of patience and urgency is difficult to find.
—  Judith Butler and Sara Ahmed, interview in Sexualities (2016) 1 

I were thinking about the proposal whole time
And someone noticed that yuuri bought only one ring
Also we could see that he was sleeping all day when victor was definitely doing something and he didn’t want yuuri to join because he didn’t woke him up (what he could do)
Next day after practice yuuri unusually asked to go sightseeing what is pretty confusing
And I Think that he was looking the whole time for the shop where victor bought ring for him
I’m trying to say that victor bought for him ring when he was sleeping and somehow yuuri noticed and decided to go with him and look for the same ring because he wanted them to propose at once and before gpf so he would have more confidence

I know that my English sucks but yo Who cares

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Would Steven even be able to breathe if he ever went to Homeworld? Gems don't actually need to breathe, so there might not be any oxygen there. Then again, you did mention that gems still need air to talk, and there is air in the moon base for Steven to breathe. What are your thoughts?

Took the words right out of my mouth, friend- moon base. The fact that Gems would specifically create and maintain an atmosphere in places that don’t normally have it (the warp streams vs. the outside of the warp, the moon base, the insides of the hand ship and roaming eye) tells us that Gems much prefer to be inside an atmosphere if they can possibly help it, and their taste in atmosphere is coincidentally the same as humanity’s.

Okay, like: a pop historian tweets that Betty Friedan intentionally left work on black women out of The Feminine Mystique and that we know that because her biographer read early drafts and correspondences. The sentiment gets retweeted and echoed around twitter. Later, the same pop historian says the same thing in a podcast, except here they say Friedan intentionally left out chapters on “Jews and black women,” in order to emphasize her exclusivity. But like, as you know, as we all know, Betty Friedan was Jewish, right. To me, at best, this is gonna weaken your claim, because… her relationship with Jewish subjects is not at all the same as her relationship with Black women, her history of publishing or not publishing around Jewishness can not tell you the same thing about her relationship to power, I dunno dude!

I know that they were talking about Horowitz’s biography, so I’m looking at his book for the first time in maybe six years. I was assigned parts of it in a women’s studies class, by a historian, back then, and I found his take Friedan’s history with the Left to be really compelling. I also think this is a book that really shows us the potential of biography in historical analysis. But I’m… honestly really struggling with some of his arguments and especially the way he deals with race, and I don’t want excerpt it because some of it’s weird.

But here is the line in question: “In early drafts, Friedan emphasized how prejudice against Jews and African Americans had parallels in the hostility to women.” This is, like, plainly not the same as saying she removed content about “Jews and black women,” in the sense that I can’t imagine that content was, exactly, about Jews or black women. (I have not read these drafts and I don’t want to take this statement at face value without doing so.) I do feel comfortable guessing that this content was a bit allegorical, though? I mean, we’ve seen this–”the comfortable concentration camp.” 

I’m just not sure I’m convinced that Friedan’s writing on black women was, like, measured and considered until she changed her mind or something, and I’m not convinced there is any evidence of authorial intent whatsoever. I’m also, I gotta say, no longer convinced (after a cursory revisit) by Horowitz’s core arguments (1) that McCarthyism weakened the Left which is why second wave feminism was Like That and (2) that Friedan’s sixties politics can be described via decisionmaking per se. (Oh, wait, biography.) And suggesting that Friedan removed content about Jewishness from The Feminine Mystique for the same reason that she excluded content about black women (and, for that reason, the same reason as Lavender Menace) is kinda cruel and overstates her relationship with the black freedom struggle.

AND while I’m at it, nearly every criticism of her use of “the comfortable concentration camp” is irresponsible and borderline antisemitic. 

I’m really tired


I had this  Idea ™ 

We all know our Sonshine ( Adrien Agreste) is a little anime/manga nerd. 

As well as a gaming nerd. 

So what if he played overwatch?? 

and of course he’d be the little helper and play as Mercy.

What if chloe found this out

did research

and started styling her hair Like Mercy’s to get his attention? 

i made a little doodle ~ 

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I'm pretty sure it will take a long while for Lapis and the CGs to become something close as friends, but what are the things/situations you would like to see during the development of those relationships?

I feel like one of the big sticking points is that we have to reach a point where Lapis is being at least mostly sincere about how she feels and who she is before that happens.

Basically, there’s absolutely a grudge between Lapis and the Crystal Gems, but, at this point, Lapis isn’t putting it on the table where they can meaningfully make progress on it. This is part of why I’ve said that Jasper and Peridot are better positioned to have reform arcs- because their first instinct is to address and be honest with their grievances. This opens it up, Steven knows what it is they want, and can help them with that.

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a new theory on today’s episode! i think it’s something that his parents do or say that makes isak go to even. his father was with someone who has mental health problems and his mother has these issues. i think he opens up to either one of them - or both - or he observes something in their behaviour that makes him to go even. possibly he even leaves during the concert and goes to even’s house. that’s why we haven’t seen even. bc isak had to figure out first how he’s confronting even and his parents will give him a way or another.