Other concept on the prior post: 

Polyamory exists.

Rose had zero intention of Greg and Pearl fighting over her. 

The issues in Rose and Pearl’s relationship were pretty obviously that Rose was comfortable having multiple lovers, while Pearl had certain discomforts on the subject rooted in her sense of insecurity, and Pearl failed to voice these concerns to Rose- instead taking them out exclusively on Rose’s other lovers- and Rose failed to identify and help Pearl’s insecurity, in part because Pearl did not articulate it.

They had a relationship. There were communication issues in Rose and Pearl’s relationship.

“Oh but she chose Greg over Pearl!”

Is that why she left both of them by creating Steven? Because she sure left both of them.

“But Steven is Greg’s child!”

Reproduction is not the Ultimate Destination Of A Relationship. Pearl can’t reproduce that way, Rose needed a human partner.

Let’s also just say that acting like Rose choosing to have Steven is proof that Rose loved Greg and not Pearl is:

Damaging to people who, like Pearl, can’t impregnate their romantic partner by insinuating that being unable to impregnate someone or be pregnant means you are Inherently Unlovable or will be Alone Forever

Damaging to bi/poly/pan people by suggesting that Rose’s relationship with Pearl was inherently inferior to her relationship with Greg because that produced a child.

Damaging to the whole concept of parenthood by acting like children are a merit badge of a good relationship and not human beings in their own right.

Also completely ignorant of how in Mr. Greg they had a whole musical number about how Steven, and pretty heavily implicitly Rose, loved both Greg and Pearl and would want them to both be happy, and Pearl’s suggestion that Rose “chose” Greg is born from her insecurity, not from a factual account of the situation. 

Also, where were you when in Rose’s Scabbard Rose was visibly relieved that Pearl chose to stay with her and said “My Pearl”, the whole hand clasp thing? How in We Need To Talk their fusion dance is very romantic and intimate, and how Rose describes Rainbow Quartz- the embodiment of her relationship with Pearl- as “something special.”

“Oh Clockie they were just really close physically because that’s how you need to be to fuse” 

You know what you don’t have to do to fuse? Kiss each other. You know what Rose and Pearl did?

(spoiler: they kissed)

I’m putting my chips on the table now.

I think Gabriel Agreste is going to be the Collector. 

*holds up hands* let me explain

1- Similar Character Design

This is Gabriel

And this is the Collector

Notice the inverse of colours majority of the suit. 
Notice the chin, which has been the biggest point of contention in comparing the facial structures of Gabriel and Hawkmoth.
Notice the exaggerated contouring of the swoopy hair and sharp shoulders, notice the vaguely similar shape and contouring of the glasses.
Notice the stance and the facial expressions- magnified versions of that which Gabriel already does. 

Biggest thing for me honestly was that the tie went from horizontal stripes of red and white to vertical stripes of red and black- same shape, just different colours. 

2- The Effects of the Absence of Madam Agreste

IF we are correct in assuming that Madam Agreste was the holder of the peacock miraculous, then we could also assume that she disappeared because of her role as a hero. 

If Gabriel knows this and knows who/what she was, it would ALSO explain why behind this portrait he holds both her miraculous AND the ancient text about the miraculouses themselves. He’s COLLECTING information and or keeping his wife’s COLLECTION safe. Both reasons could probably be linked to trying to keep his wife’s effects in the hope that she returns and, perhaps, his low-key desire to use the information he possesses/is gathering to hopefully find her one day (which would give him a similar motive to Hawkmoth). 

And if he knows what happened to his wife-

Imagine how afraid he is for his son.

Yeah, Gabriel is abusive- I’m not going to deny this for a moment, but we also know he loves his son. The Jackady episode proves this ten fold, as does the moment between Gabriel and Adrien in the Volpina episode. Paraveve made an excellent point as to how season 2 is probably going to talk about this relationship a lot, but the exact nature of it? Well, we’ll have to see. 

He’s an asshole of a father, but he loves his son in the sad, cold, detached way he appreciates most things.

And on that note-

3- If Adrien Gets Hurt…

Oh holy shit, if Adrien gets hurt…

And the reason I point this out is because of this post by Pawsomley Buggy which points out an interesting feature in many of the leaked images…

Chat Noir’s name has been stripped from the title. 

Now grant it, his name is in this promo for the episode which will take place in China (pointed out by Pawsomly again)-

And this was also stated by Astruck (lifted from Australet here) 

This is my thought though- 

ADRIEN may be important in helping Ladybug, but not necessarily CHAT.

Because of something happens to Adrien while he is Chat Noir and Gabriel finds out… I bet he’s going to loose his shit.
I bet he’s going to snap.
I bet he’s going to freak out.
I bet he’s going to clamp down on his son even harder.

I bet he’s going to take Adrien’s miraculous. 

I bet he’s going to take ALL Of the miraculous’s, in a misguided attempt to keep whatever happened to his WIFE from happening to his SON or any other unfortunate bastard weighed down by the duty and danger of being a hero. Whatever happened to his wife scared this man, scared him badly. I think if he was given the power and opportunity to protect his son, no matter what the cost…

I think he’d take it.

Now, whether this is Hawkmoth offering him power or, if Gabriel is actually Hawkmoth, him loosing control over his own akumas, I don’t know. I just have the feeling that this- this is what’s going to happen.

Gabriel is the epitome of the, ‘cool story, still murder’ issue. He fears for his son’s safety and well being so he locks him away and traps him within his own company. He’s cold and distant and micromanaging and deathly afraid of everything his son does. This is not good parenting, in fact, this is awful parenting, but we can see why he’s doing it. 

And that’s what’s gonna break my heart if I’m right. 

@fy1ao and I were thinking

Now listen,,,,,

What if by fixed unit they didn’t mean the members were fixed but the country their main promotions are in are fixed? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember anyone saying the NCT 127 members were fixed just that the unit itself is fixed. This could mean that they will only sing in Korean and not do Chinese, Japanese, etc. songs. Why would they promote in other countries with the coordinates of Seoul in their name? If that’s true then NCT 127 can rotate members still. NCT U could be the unit that is allowed to freely promote in any country (their name means NCT Unit which could really work in other countries considering it has no affiliation with anything specific), while NCT Dream could be the same as NCT U but for a certain age range or maybe even the cute concepts? The NCT concept is still a little vague when it comes to the actual units so this is plausible! So if you’re worried about JohnKunSol keep a little faith 😊


So there is a theory that all of this is just Rick in a coma. Here are some of my thoughts.

*Almost everyone and everything rick is dreaming, he’s hearing about while he’s in a coma.

*Shane and Lori did end up having an affair and Lori got pregnant while Rick is in this coma, and Shane confessed it to Rick who then, in anger, subconsciously dreamed of killing him.

*The Greene family is part of a christian group that visits hospitals to leave flowers and prayers for patients

*Rick was upset that Lori betrayed him so he visioned her dying as well

*Michonne took place over Ricks job as sheriffs deputy while he was unable to work. And she visits the hospital all the time to check on him

*Carol is a nurse at the hospital and a friend of Lori’s and Sofia always sneaks into ricks room to read him stories with carl.

*Glenn Rhee regularly delivers pizzas to the family when they visit rick, so much so that they know him on a first name basis, (He has such a boy crush on maggie and everyone knows it)

*Abraham, Rosita and Eugine all work at the police office 

*Daryl was someone Rick arrested a year before and he felt bad because of how his brother treated him.

*Sahsa and Tyreese are some of Ricks nurses as well. 

*The Governor Phillip is a dick doctor that patronized Ricks visitors AND MADE SEXUAL REMARKS TOWARDS MAGGIE.

* The Wolfpack is a group of asshole teenagers that snuck in and tried to mess with Rick.

* The prison symbolized how he saw his home

*Alexandria symbolized how he saw his home town.

*Hilltop symbolizes how rick sees other people

*Negan is his asshole neighbor that leaves dogshit on his lawn and curses him out all the time.

Thats all I have for now if I forgot something, or you wanna add to this, feel free!!!!!!

Anti theory 1/2

In jack’s latest sister location video the title was “Merged together” Obviously inferring that anti had finally found a way to merge with Jack, but I still have some questions.

1. Who is currently in control?

I have been getting so many mixed signals as to who is actually in control right now that I’m not totally sure. In the sister location video where they merge, we see jack slump over and anti appear for the longest time we’ve seen. But for one frame of it, I’ve seen other blogs theorize that it might be jack because the eyes look traumatized. By taking this theory, it would mean that anti is now in control but is just pretending. but if that’s the case then that brings me to my next point

2. Anti’s glitches

they seem to come at the most opportune times, but I noticed one thing. In pipejob, there were no glitches or mysterious things at all except for at the end when “jack” comes up close to the camera and says “Hi my name is {glitch} Jack!” Maybe the reason there was nothing wrong with the video was because Anti was actually doing the whole video. that shouldn’t make sense due to the fact that in other games we still see anti’s glitches which signals to me that he is NOT yet in total control but has taken over at least once. But what will give him enough power to gain full control? I’ll talk about that and more in part two

Update: Link to part two here

So I have another theory on why Victor turned down Victor’s offer to date him

I think maybe Yuuri knows Victors attracted to him (what kind of fool wouldn’t?) But I think, because Yuuri has such low confidence in himself, that he believes Victor only wants to have sex with him because he’s his pupil, that he finds him sexy, but ONLY sexy, and doesn’t actually wants to be with him in a romantic and loving way. I don’t believe that’s true, I think Victure really is developing have feelings for Yuuri, romantic feelings, and wants to be in a loving and respectful relationship with him, but Yuuri doesn’t understand that because ehe has such little confidence in himself that he’s never believe someone as grand and amazing as Victor could ever love him. 

 This could possibly have been foreshadowed in episode 3, when Yuuri describes how in the Eros story, the woman falls in love with the player, but the player only loves her in a sexual way, than uses her and leaves her alone. Maybe this isn’t foreshadowing that Victor will do this to Yuuri like many people fear, but that Yuuri BELIEVES this is how Victor feels about him, because of his issues with confidence and low self-esteem. I think it would be beautiful if this happens, and than in th episode Victor goes on to tell Yuuri that he really does respect him and wants a romantic and loving relationship with him, and that he really believes he is a wonderful and kind person and admires him. It would be a really touching moment that would make me SCREAM with feelings, just like I did in Hibike! Euphonium episode 1 when I saw Kumiko and Reina together again (shout out to my lesbian anime daughters!). I also think this would raise Yuuri’s confidence and self-esteem level a lot, therefor improving his performance. It would be really progressive for the story. I hope the show goes on that or a similar route to that, because I think it would be the most realistic and productive situation for the story. I love this show and it’s beautiful art, choreography, characters, and of course, romance <3. I hope it goes so well to even have a second season! That would be especially good for an anime that has two queer main characters, one being the protagonist, with out it being a romance focused anime. 

gaytog  asked:

If you haven't made a post about it already, I would love to hear your thoughts on Connie's relationship to the "Love Interest" trope!

This is honestly the first thing that immediately charmed me about Connie’s character and writing in Bubble Buddies, but the basic thing is:

Steven clearly Likes Her, but he doesn’t participate in any of the stereotypical tropes that tends to plague Love Interest Interactions. We don’t see him ogling an unaware Connie, and overwhelmingly, it’s emphasized time and time again that he should talk to her.

His initial attempt at just ‘playing it cool’ is sort of lightheartedly made fun of, Connie doesn’t realize he’s talking to her.

And Steven is never apologetic or dismissive of his fondness for Connie except, again, early in Bubble Buddies when this is clearly displayed as a product of awkwardness and nervousness. We don’t have him going “Uh, she’s not my girlfriend

A lot of this awkward, stilted, stereotypical dance that fictional love interests tend to do around each other is stripped away and what we see in its place is a wonderful, organic friendship between two characters who mutually enjoy being around each other, who comfort and support each other, who share moments silly and serious, sentimental and trivial.

The characters have this wonderful and charming synergy that’s excellently written and frankly I think pretty much any fictional love interest trope should take note. And part of it that’s so charming is Connie and her desires are presented just as strongly and clearly as Steven’s are. We don’t have, say, episodes of Steven working desperately to try and spend time with Connie when she herself is just sort of Vaguely Around, acting as a living plot device.

Nothing is one-sided about how Steven and Connie relate to each other. They’re presented as opposites yet counterparts- Connie even has a mainly blue character motif to Steven’s mainly pink one, they wield a matching sword and shield; character-wise, Steven’s sincerity encourages Connie to be more frank with her parents about how she feels and what she wants, while Connie is a continuous force in helping Steven open up rather than bottling his own feelings, even as simple as talking him into venting about what happened in An Indirect Kiss

And the other thing that’s nice is the Love Interest Role only really marks where Connie is with Steven. We have her developing and exploring other relationships, big time. Nightmare Hospital is pretty much, front and center, entirely about Connie’s relationship with her mother, and Steven takes a supporting side role as Connie’s love interest, arguably.

Is Connie a love interest? Absolutely, and that’s not bad. The important thing is that her role as a love interest never defines her, and it doesn’t define the way she relates to others. And the biggest thing that appeals to me is she’s never a love interest as an object of desire- but always a love interest as someone who shares an unmistakable bond with some fledgling, youthful romantic suggestions between her and Steven. 


He is so young that it hurts.
Wants so much I’m afraid he is going to fall before he would be able to touch the sun…
Yes I’m thinking about Icarus you might have guessed by now.
I really do hope it won’t be Yurio’s tragedy. I mean he would sell his soul and even his body in order to win. He wants everything and thus he risks everything.
Tell me how many times did we see this on screen: sportsmen giving all they had and going home with nothing but grief.
Yurio becoming a prima ballerina is a dangerous thing because… You know it’s difficult to explain but it’s like he is giving up himself and is blind and can’t see his fate…
God, I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m entirely wrong.

As you may recall during an earlier audio recording, wherever Edward is being held, there is the audible sound of dripping water. 

This indicates that this place is somewhere damp, possibly underground, like a sewer.

Or, as I theorize, Wonder City, underneath Gotham, as shown in the Arkham games.

But why Wonder City? Well, lets look at who has access to what when it comes to areas of Gotham.

If one went with the first possible answer of the sewer, the obvious suspect would be Killer Croc. However, as we of Team Lazarus have discussed, the actions of the culprit don’t fit Croc’s MO, and it would be unlikely for him to try something like this.

As for Wonder City, the rogue connection it has is with Ra’s al Ghul. As seen in multiple media, including the Arkham games, Ra’s is willing and able to kill off the rogues.

But why Edward? There is one reason, and it involves our team name.

Anti theory 2/2

You can read the first part here if you missed it

So as I was saying, It seems the more powerful Anti gets the longer he is able to sustain himself in an episode of any game Jack is playing. So how does he get his strength?

3. Attention. Ever since his first appearance in the first sister location video, Fan art, Theories (like these ones), stories and more have been on the rise. People have been paying extra special attention to Jack’s social medias and his channel just to make sure they don’t miss any possible Anti appearances. The glitches seemed to be happening more and more as the attention towards him grows which leads me to believe that Anti would draw his strength from the attention and excitement of us viewers.  So now that I have had talked about what’s going on, who might be in control, and the occurences of Anti’s glitches, my question is

4. What’s next?

Even the simplest person can see this is obviously escalating to some event happening on the day of Halloween. This was even confirmed by a tweet from Jack in zalgo text which read “7 days” this past sunday. But what I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around is what kind of event? Is he planning on doing something to Jack? Is his intention to take over the channel? Does he just want to interact with us? I don’t know. My hunch is that when we eventually see Anti in full form Jack will either be visibly troubled or totally surpressed and controled by Anti.

But that’s just a theory…….


(Sorry not sorry)

Let me know what you guys think about all of this, I’d love to hear your ideas and theories as to what’s happening 

In Chapter 345, the World Tree is shown to be a kind of borehole which leads to the lower strata of the astral planes and the removal of what is referred to as “mistletoe” has made made the tree stronger and thus has further defined the integrity of this borehole.

This coupled with Guts stating that getting his own country is a mere stepping stone could mean that Griffith could either expand his empire into other realms. This would be pretty interesting to watch.

If so, this could potentially put him at odds with his fellow God Hand. An attempted invasion of Qliphoth for example would put him at odds with Slan who is at best capricious and impulsive.

If there is nowhere to conquer, could he potentially turn on the Idea of Evil itself with the desire to take its place? If so, this would fit in with the image of Lucifer from Paradise Lost that I have of him.

Would then Guts or Casca (would love to see the latter) take Femto’s place among the God Hand? When you think about it, the “sinful black sheep” from the prophecy could be the Apostles that would eventually follow Femto in rebellion rather than a judgement on their innate nature.

Or would Guts be something else entirely- like a Pilgrim (would fit in with religious theme).

anonymous asked:

What are your thought S's resemblance to Rose?

I think Pearl has a type~

…More seriously, what I think is interesting is that S looks like Rose but she is also not a dead ringer for Rose, and she presents in some very different ways.

Rose had full princess curls and a full-length dress, while she was very powerful, her body language and overall demeanor reflects grace and poise. She acts like someone used to being in court.

And that’s all fine and good! The interesting thing is that while superficially, S resembles Rose- the heavy-lidded eyes, plump lips, chubby yet tall and sturdy frame, the pink hair- when you actually get a good look at S besides the “gosh you look like Rose” you realize there’s a lot they don’t have in common.

S has a different eye shape and different eye design- compared to Rose’s shiny black eyes, S has an iris design much more like Pearl’s, the circle iris without visible pupil. She’s, I believe, the only green-eyed character we’ve seen in the cast and it’s rather striking, and there’s more green in the shirt wrapped around her waist. Compared to Rose, whose pink color scheme tints her entire body, S doesn’t have particularly pinkish skin (hers is darker), her eyeshadow is black, her lip ring is silver- she’s mostly monochrome, and the main color accents she has are, again, green- which seems to be her character color.

At a glance she looks like Rose and that’s what gets Pearl to look, but in fashion, mannerisms, body language- she’s nothing like Rose.

And Pearl keeps looking. Pearl continues to be charmed by this person even after it is very clear that she’s really not much like Rose at all- doesn’t have the airy decorum. And Pearl doesn’t relate to her the same way. 

This is why I think that it’s so promising that there’s the implication Pearl and S are going to spend more time together and potentially build towards something- because from what we’ve seen despite the potential being there, Pearl hasn’t really projected Rose onto S as much as a passing resemblance was what initially drew her eye. And S shows up in an episode that is largely about Pearl pushing outside of her comfort zones a bit and proudly doing things that she likes- reaching outwards, trying new things, and enjoying it. 

The fact that S shows up not in a time where Pearl is sentimental or a context like the strawberry battlefield that’s about looking back, but in a context where Pearl is engaging heavily with human things and newness and, again, enjoying it, suggests positive things about Pearl and S’s relationship, if it does in fact go somewhere from here.

I mean, I don’t think that Pearl’s past relationship is going to never come into play or have an effect on her possible relationship with S- but I think that if that issue comes up, it won’t be the very core of the relationship, and it’s something that they’d work past together. 

I feel like john being stuck and alone has something to do with him being an heir of breath.

As far as i understand it (and Most of my understanding comes from @dahniwitchoflight) heirs have a lot of their aspect, and john is an heir of breath, so hed have a lot of Independence and will, and their challange is to not get stuck on things. And in the game he could easily do this, hed Move on from one goal to another, and he was Happy with that. the only exception being the ship. And him Living alone makes sense as heirs naturally gravitate towards their aspect.

But now that they beat the game, he doesnt have anything to do, hes stuck on nothing. He Lives alone cause hr has a tendency to do so, but it isnt healthy.

And one of my assumed Powers of breath hero’s is not being emotionally affected by things, so they can focus on the task at hand, or atleast john seems to be able to do this.

However, now that he has No task at hand or anyone to distract him, all the emotions the others went through seem to be hitting him. Out of everyone he Always seemed to be able to handle everything, but it seems overly obvious this isnt the case, or atleast that it couldnt not affect him for ever.

I think we should be very, very worried for john.

Okay, so I have this picture as my phone’s background & I notice this purple blue outline. I remember someone once told me that the part of a flame that burns hottest is the blue part.(I don’t know if this has been pointed out yet) So it so happens that Yang’s right arm area is highlighted with this blue color. If we remember what Winter said about semblance is like a muscle. So you probably see where I’m going with this. My theory about Yang is her semblance is block so she has to train to reactive it and when she does all of her semblance that was block will release into a new form arm that is made of fire.

I think I just found Hussie doing some sneaky ass DM slides (upd8 theory)

Okay so,

We all know how Terezi sent the image of the black hole to John right?

Now most people know that if you turn your brightness on your computer or phone all the way up you get this:

Its a bit difficult to see, but you can see a faint outline of something in the middle of the black hole there.

Now that’s cool, but with the powers of photoshop, we can now get:


Now this looks pretty cool, but its sorta hard to make anything out in terms of symbolism and such, so I had my friend play around with the image some more, such as working on exposure and color inversions, etc. And this is some of the stuff we yielded.

With the colors inverted it kinda looks like a cloudy eyeball

Here’s the same thing but with better resolution and different screen settings so the orange part is red now.

SO that’s all pretty interesting, feel free to form whatever opinion or theory you like about them, but-

THESE are the two that caught my attention, especially with the second one, it sorta looks like an object becoming dismantled or dissolved, but I figured that hey, if this is a black hole, then its probably putting pieces together right?

This image also gave me deja vu since it kinda looked like something else…

It has some rather loose similarity to the record that the scratch was done on.

The theory I came up with more or less speculates that the black hole is rebuilding another disk or something of the sort, since you can see that the disk in the black hole is most damaged where the original scratch incisions were made. I thought that maybe its compiling all of the power and memories of the ghosts to make a new disk? It really doesn’t make sense since Calliope created the black hole but it could be a last ditch effort by the green sun to save itself. idek man I’m not good at homestucking

But yeah, we didn’t perform a ‘full’ investigation on this so feel free to come up with stuff on your own too, hope that this was interesting. @sdfhgjkgjgk did all the photoshop work give him some sick kudos

This Body is Weak Theory

“This body is weak”

This quote might not be saying ‘oh jacks getting weaker i can finally take over’ MAYBE it means that when he does take over, jacks body might not be strong enough to anchor him to this world indefinitely.

In other words he can only fully possess it for a short amount of time (until the end of halloween) before it starts to deteriorate.

Nnt week Day 3 - family. I couldn´t resist some headcanons for this. Well, if Banlaine ever happens King and Ban will be officially family. And since we can be almost sure that Diane will be with King, she´ll be in family as well. I really cannot wait to see what king of babies can Kiane produce. (read my theory bellow if you want). Considering last chapter, it may not take that long till we find out, heh

Sorry, for this sketchy quality, I rushed. I quite like anyways. I may do a full color version later.

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faelapis  asked:

yes! bringing up guilt is interesting, because there seems to be a fanon assumption that in fiction, maybe especially in su, people who feel guilty are good people, and that guilt, making them good, also make them innocent and just taking the blame themselves. like. the main takeaway i took from mindful education was about guilt. not because steven did something wrong, but because connie did. it tackles both "right" & "wrong" guilt, and ultimately, in both cases it must be faced, and then let go

I don’t really have words to put to that but those are excellent and important words. 

Numbers within the Riddles: A Theory

So right now, we’re guessing that the missing letters in the riddles correspond to the letters they’re replacing.  So far we have 8 for B, 4 for A, and 7 for T.  At first glance, it seems he’s calling Batman… but there are only three riddles left so that’d be hard to squish that in. 

What if the next missing letter is i, replaced as 1?  What if the secret code is a warning that Edward is being used as BAIT?  Since his kidnapping, supervillains have been running scared against this mystery antagonist, bringing themselves out of the woodwork for fear of their own safety.  His disappearance even caused Jonathan to look for Edward in the first place, seeing as he only did so because he didn’t like the thought of rogues turning against rogues.  And now the supervillains are being rounded up to the best of the GCPD’s ability and stowed away in Arkham… all of them, gathered in one place for easy disposal.

Obviously, this theory will be proven or disproven within the next couple of days, but until then, I think it’s something to think about.