The pink hibiscus flowers appearing in Steven’s Dream is the national flower of South Korea, Mugungwha. I went to look at the meaning of the flower in a Korean context. There’s definitely a lot to think about.

A flower from the tree blooms during the dawn, shrinks in the afternoon, and falls in the evening. By every Mugungwha tree during the blooming season, you can see a bunch of shrunken flowers at the bottom. Even though a flower lasts only for a day, more flowers bloom every day in the tree, making it look like the flowers never wither.

Kit’s mother

Hello fellow shadowhunters!

There’s news about Kit in the last Q&A Cassandra shared with us. Now, we’re working on part 2 of our long theory about him (which u can read here) but we felt the impelling need to discuss these news with you all, right now.

Remember, this is just speculations, we don’t claim to be right, also, our minds are full of ipothesys that could be pretty wrong in absence of a proper reasoning, so take it for what it is.

Here’s what Cassandra revealed:

Lastly, looking for the Lost Herondale isn’t just because Jem and Tessa like Herondales. Kit isn’t even descended from Will. It’s partly because of a duty to the family, but partly because Kit is more than a Herondale: his heritage on his mother’s side makes him very important in the upcoming situations of TDA and TWP. Tessa and Jem knew they were racing against the clock to save Kit’s life before someone else figured that out.

Ok, we do not intend to discuss if Kit is or is not a descended from Will (even tho we have ideas you can read in the post about our theory),  we want to concentrate our attention on this new piece of information about Kit’s mother. She’s clearly important, so important that Kit needs to be saved before someone else figure him out.

Who or what could she be?

We thought about she being a shadowhunter before, but it looks pretty unlikely in the light of these new informations. So, we came to the conclusion that she could very likely be an extremely powerful immortal.

It appears clear in LOS that Kit has something to do with fairies, they recognize him (they say more than one time that his face looks familiar), so Kit’s mother could be one of them; but, even if she’s one of the most powerful fairies on earth, what would make Kit any different from Mark or Helen? Plus, Kit doesn’t show classic features of half-blood fairies (like Mark and Helen do). We feel like excluding this possibility for now.

What if Kit is something like Tessa? (It would explain her interest in finding him as soon as possible). It follows that Kit’s mother could probably be a powerful demon, which somehow reminds us to Sebastian (yes, Lilith wasn’t really his mother, but still, it seems quite unlikely that Cassandra would repeat herself like this) also, Kit doesn’t show any warlock power so far, but it could probably be too early, maybe he could discover them later, maybe in TWP, we can’t know. That’s still a possibility.

Could Kit’s mother be an angel? This is an option that gives us chills, but we can’t really exclude it. Of course, it follows that Kit would have pure angel blood in his veins, which reminds us of Jace and Clary, but in a slightly different way: Kit would be a real half-angel. How powerful could he be coz of that? Is unimaginable. Also, we know fairies are born from an angel and a demon, what if Kit’s mother is actually the angel (or the demon) who started it all? That would explain why some fairies recognize Kit’s face.

Last, but not least: the riders of Mannan are the children of an ancient God. They are the ones who mostly recognize Kit. What if Kit’s mother is actually something closer to a God than an angel or a demon?

What’s your opinion about it? Let us know! And stay tuned for part 2 of our theory about Kit!

Sorry for the terrible screenshot quality…but I have a question. Is this from Solas or nah? Cause it totally seems like he left behind some advice for the Inquisitor and was also telling them where to go next (the floating upside down island?) Plus the “as if left for someone to find” choice of wording… I see you Bioware.

its crack theory hour with Henry. When Alfor put Allura into cryosleep and called for the lions to be separated and hidden, were the lions led by their paladins or did they hide on their own with the instruction to? I wanna believe the lions found their own way without their paladins. Blue is shown walking among a stampede of antelopes in their habitat, the desert where Blue was found to be hidden away. We’ve already seen that the lions can find their way to their paladins through Red and Keith. What if the lions knew where their future paladins would be because they knew that the current ones were “obsolete,” black paladin Zarkon tried to steal the rest of Voltron and yellow paladin Alfor resisted and ordered the lions to separate. Just from these two we already know the lions understood what was going on. The reason why Yellow and Green weren’t on Earth is because it was risky to put three lions on the same planet. 

Three? What about Red? Well, I’d say Red has shown her attachment to Keith well before the episode where she raced to Keith and Allura in the middle of space. Red was with the Galra. I could be very wrong here because I don’t remember if it was explained why Red was with the Galra. What if Red knew Keith was Galra and gave herself to the ship knowing Keith would be there in due time. But Keith was taken away from the ship by his mother at an early age when she joined the resistance. From there is where she sent her son to Earth, with the only memento of her, the knife. He was never given the chance to meet Red and bond with her then. 

Blue was trusted with being the one to bring the four paladins to the castle and awaken Allura and Coran. Blue found her own way back to the castle with only a little bit of help from Lance, she needed his help to open the portal. Green and Yellow trusted Blue with finding their paladins on Earth because she is the most open lion to her paladins. If any of them were given the reigns, she could have flown them to the castle regardless. Pidge and Hunk would be handed off to their lions and Allura would take the reigns of Blue. Or if one of the three were to not make it, Coran was their to take a lion, too. We know he shows the potential for Red, he was just denied because she knew Keith was still out there and chose to save her paladin before anyone else would be allowed to pilot her. 

Once Blue and Red were found, they would have been to awaken Allura and Coran and find the other two, knowing Black was still in the castle. The plan was jostled, though, when Keith was hidden from Red rather than Red hidden from Keith. 

TL;DR The lions knew exactly where their paladins 10,000 years in the future would be and knew exactly what to do when they arrived as paladins. They had their own plan for how the paladins would be assigned to the lions and how they would be found long before they were born.

The Person in Sebastian’s Closet Theory

I may have an inkling of who may be in Sebastian’s closet. Now, I haven’t read the books, but I checked the dude’s bio, and I came upon this:

Now, this is what happens in the books. But remember that the show is deviating away from certain elements in the books.

So I rewatched the episode and skipped to the ending with Sebastian opening the closet.

Now, the lighting is kinda nonexistent since this is a closet, but I’m pretty sure the guy in the closet is blonde.

So, my theory is that this guy, tied up and locked up in the closet, is the real Sebastian Verlac. Why does Jonathan!Sebastian still have him alive? My guess is possible that the guy is gonna push the poor dude under the bus once someone finds out his schemes.

But this is just my theory. Try not to look too deep into it. I’m probably wrong by a long shot.

My theory of season 7:

OKAY. So. Ladies and gentleman. I have put the story together to how I think it’ll go. FIRST of all, I stayed up trying to debunk a ridiculous ‘leak’ that is said to happen in season 7. Dany saving the men. Well, I don’t think this happens. Emilia was not seen filming in Iceland. She was filming in Belfast when Kit, and company were filming in Iceland. Now, the leak said that she would RESCUE some men and take them back to Eastwatch. Well, how does that make sense? She doesn’t turn back for Jon? Doesn’t try to go back in? Makes NO sense. ANYWAY. I think a dragon will save Jon. Probably Rhaegal. Because if you look at it, it makes sense for Rhaegal to die first. Since Rhaegar died first. First Rhaegal, Viserion, then Drogon. And…if they’re trying to push Jon being a Targaryen, wouldn’t it make sense for one of the dragons to come to his aid when he needs it? Like Drogon did for Dany? Or maybe Bran wargs Viserion? But…I’m not sure.

Tell me your thoughts.

Continuing on here…We get Sansa in the Godswood, crying, walking away from Jon(?) which I’m almost 100% sure it is Jon, because her reaction doesn’t match up with Bran. He’d be facing the tree, why would she fight looking back? Also, she wouldn’t just leave her brother out there alone. Plus, if Jon was facing her, then she would try REALLY hard not to look back.

Which she does.

So, they’re in the Godswood, but I don’t think he kisses her. I think they have a very emotional moment together. Or maybe he does..? So, we get that scene. Then, we get angry pics of Jon. Scene of him throwing LF against the wall, presumably for Sansa, if the leaks are accurate. The leaker also said Jon’s moves echo Neds. Also, we get a scene of a shaking LF emerging from the crypts. Another backing for the reaction of Jon was not expected. LF turns his head, but his face says it all. He knows. He’s seen it before…Jamie/Cersei. I also think he knows Sansa feels something to. Hence, cat and mouse. He’s going to try really hard to pry Jon/Sansa apart. I think as well, if that marriage letter is written, it’ll be Baelish who writes it.

I also think scenes between Jon and Sansa will be amped up, because they’ll be coming to terms with their feelings. Especially Jon. We’ll know for sure he’ll love her when he fucks Dany due to her. The cliffhanger..? maybe.

I mean, all those angsty faces we see him him. And the tear filled face of Sansa as she WALKS away.

It sounds like fanfiction…but so did GRRMs original outline. Its how it’s played out that will matter.

And him sleeping with Dany. He won’t love’s too obvious, too forced. She’s the girl he falls back on. Plus, betrayal for love? I’m telling you…season 6x10 when Tyrion tells her that Daario won’t be the last to love her…it was put there on purpose! And it was not because Tyrion loves her. I’m sorry, but that’s grasping. After all the shit he’s been through. It’ll be hard for Tyrion to love again.

So, the triangle between Dany, Jon, and Sansa. Elia, Rhaegar, Lyanna. Rhaegar was FOND of Elia. He LOVED Lyanna.

What do you think?

“He’ll be changing her outlook on men.” -Sophie Turner-

“Jon’s uncontrollable emotions gets him into trouble this season.” -Kit Harrington-

“Shedding her humanity.” -Emilia Clarke-

It’s laid out. It’s all there..

Anti Theory Time! (Feat. Schneeplestein and Darkiplier)

As you guys know, Schneeplestein came back recently. And recently, someone asked Jack on Twitter if Schneeplestein and Anti will do a video together and Jack replied “How do you they haven’t?” And that’s when the theorists went nuts. So I’m gonna tell sometheories of my own. Without further ado, here we go.

So people are saying that Anti and Schneeplestein could be the same person. Or Anti’s using him to spread the virus (aka the giggles) but I gotten to think… What if Anti, Schneeplestein, and the other Jacksepticeye egos were just the Iplier egos from Markiplier TV? Wanting to take over the channel to make the Fangirls go nuts.

This could mean that Schneeplestein would be Anti’s right hand man, like the Host is for Dark. Or this could mean that they are the heads of the table, just like how Wilford and Dark are at the heads of the table in Markiplier TV. Have I blown your mind yet? If not, let’s take more evidence.

Now I know that Anti and Dark haven’t made acquaintances with each other… yet. But we do know this… Anti is copying Dark for the sake of the fandom of the channel. They both said “Did you miss me?” And they also talked about being pushed aside, and they were being replaced not by each other. No… their hosts. Dark was referring to Mark, and Anti was referring to Jack. Now we know Anti calls Dark a cheap imitator and child’s play, but think about this: Dark hasn’t even called out on Anti in social media. Bottom line here is Anti is being the cheap imitator to Dark by copying his words and phrasing but to a different fanbase.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. Anti and Dark Theorists, if you have any other theories or want to add to mine, don’t hesitate. So for now, this is just a theory. A Dark YouTuber Theory!

I really want A.D to be Allison. It’s so obvious and I’m really excited. I’ve always wanted her to be the sociopath I thought she was at the beginning and when she came back all nice and sweet it just felt wrong to me. That’s my HOPE.

But something stirred in me while watching last weeks episode… when Caleb sat across from Mona I felt like it was him. I have no reasoning other than WHAT A FREAKING BETRAYAL! And the weird line about not being able to testify against your spouse. And then down in the tunnel when he said he needed to apologize to Spencer I immediately was afraid for what he was really apologizing for. He’s so tech savvy idk.

Everyone says Ezra but I don’t see it. I just want to leave the finale SO SHOOK that I can’t process lol. That’s where I’m at.

So I think I found the inspiration for Marinette’s bakery/house!

While researching for a fanfic I’m currently working on, I wanted to see just where Mari’s house is so I could accurately describe locations/distances and things. Her house is supposedly located at 12 Rue Gotlib, 21st arrondissement according to the wiki. 

Both Rue Gotlib and the 21st arrondissement are fictional; Paris only has 20 arrondissements and Rue Gotlib is named after Marcel Gotlib. Alright then, so far there were no real leads.

Then I came across another post on tumblr by @mirabug55 which noted something interesting. They posted an analysis of her house, a part of which noted that it was next to Place de Vosges (which the Park in Miraculous is based off of). It turns out that’s a real place!!

(image from @mirabug55 , post link here)

Based on the location of Mari’s house relative to Place de Vosges, I looked at buildings that could possibly be it. And I found one! 

Willy’s Boulangerie (located at 6-8 Rue du Pas de la Mule, according to Google Earth) is a 7-story building located on the corner of a street (with 2 crosswalks leading to it, just like the bakery). It is located, relative to Place de Vosges, exactly where Marinette’s house is and is close enough to walk (a la Gamer, but I’ll get to that later!) even if it isn’t directly adjacent as it is in the show. So not only do the location and architecture match, but the cherry on top is that it actually is a bakery. Just perfect!  

(All Street Images © 2017 Google.  If you want to see the perfection for yourselves, click here  for the Google Street View!)

When I had spent a good hour doing all this, I reread the Miraculous Wiki page for the bakery and found out…..that the bakery was probably based off Boulangerie du Moulin de la Galette (here on Google street view). *Sigh*. Just as I was convinced, it seemed like all was lost. I read, though, that this was never officially confirmed. It’s a tumblr thread (here) by @miraculeusecoccinelle. I now definitely believe that the exterior was based off of that bakery. I mean, LOOK at it. It’s a perfect match. (when I first saw a picture of it I thought it was located at Disneyland Paris and was an official bakery model lol) The couple that runs it is even mixed French/Asian, just like Tom and Sabine! Japanese is different from Chinese, but when TV rarely shows mixed race couples, it’s close enough to be a bit more than coincidence. It’s located in the 17th arrondissement, which is closer to the fictional 21st, but still far away from Place de Vosges (which is located between the third and fourth). Another detail is that their bakery actually does appear to have a balcony (like Mari’s), while Willy’s doesn’t look like it has one.

So where does this leave my new bakery theory? The Moulin de la Galette definitely meets the physical charachteristics-coloring, font of Boulangerie, and balcony-excepting the corner location (it’s in the middle of a long street) and proximity to Place de Vosges. It’s also surrounded by trees, which is cool, but there aren’t many next to Marinette’s house. Willie’s Boulangerie doesn’t match the physical description as well, but it shares its orientation on the streets and short walk to the Place with her house. 

My best hypothesis is that the creators of the show saw both (or more) bakeries and created a mishmosh of all of them to make Mari’s house-the design of Boulangerie du Moulin de la Galette with a slightly altered location based off of Willie’s. In reality, there isn’t any house that fits that description that close to the Place, but then again we don’t know the geography of the 21st arrondissement ;) .

Now that I’ve gotten that out, I present to you Times Miraculous Was In Place de Vosges.

(Episode images from Miraculous Wiki)

Why, hello there Volpina! (*inwardly screams* EVEN THE BENCHES ARE THE SAME! I’ve never seen a bench like this. Am I just being dumb? Are those common in France?)

Is anyone just realizing now WHY THE HECK IS ADRIEN MODELLING IN HIS NORMAL CLOTHES?! Doesn’t he have to model, like, a different outfit from the one he wears LITERALLY EVERY DAY? 

I mean, no disrespect to Louis XIII, but seriously, this park would be better with superheroes.

Told you we were getting back to Gamer! 

And it’s also from Mr Pigeon! 

Hope this has given all of you some food for thought! Of course, I don’t own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the other characters! For the official Miraculous Ladybug tumblr, click here

GUYS HANG ON. You know how Lion can do the roaring-portal thing? Where he roars and he can jump in and teleport anywhere?

Assuming he and Lars have the same powers…. WOULDN’T THAT MEAN…


Still as prissy and prim as what, Marceline?

And yes I am suggesting that the amp Marceline angstily uses after she talks to Bonnie in “Go With Me” (the same episode where she spends the whole night sabotaging Finn’s attempts to ask PB out to the movies) is a gift from Bonnibel. 

And that Bonnie purposely wrote Marceline’s name as prissily and primly as possible on the amp because she knows that Marceline secretly thinks her handwriting is pretty.

here’s what we know.

our cecil:

  • doesn’t have a brother
  • has evidence of a brother in his home
  • has a sister
  • is openly gay
  • lives in night vale, in which lgbt people are completely accepted

cecil from cal’s timeline:

  • grew up in a homophobic environment 
  •  has a brother (cal)
  • abby does not exist
  • janice does not exist

cecil from the cassette timeline:

  • dies at fifteen
  • at the age of fifteen, has a brother
  • this brother has “hollow eyes”
  • this brother believes radio voices should be high
  • would recreationally vandalize things alongside cal as a teenager


  • has “dark black eyes”
  • radio personality 
  • high voice
  • lives in a town more conservative than night vale (desert bluffs)
  • during the strex invasion, was physically handicapped
  • shown to enjoy dark, twisted things
  • often described as having a gruesome smile
  • has a fascination with teeth, gore and blood
  • decorates using the above


  • is cecil’s brother from an alternate timeline in which cecil never came out as gay
  • coughs up teeth
  • is bleeding throughout his episode 
  • leaves a bloodstain on cecil’s rug


  • is cecil’s sister from the timeline in which the show takes place

 “ash beach”:

  • similarly to how in “cal”, cecil hears crunching eggshells, the figures are describes as sounding like cracking egg shells
  • it was an episode in which people experienced false memories
  • in the episode, john peters (you know, the farmer?) experienced false memories of his long-lost brother

here’s what we don’t know.

  • e v e r y t h i n g


So. Healing Powers.

I know, I know, the Homeworld political intrigue is pretty freaking cool. Rose was endorsed, and/or possibly impersonated?? By a diamond??? Crazy stuff. But I wanted to take a slight detour from that and take a look at Steven/Rose’s cool reviving power.

To start, let’s think of the ramifications of Lars’ new hue. He doesn’t feel tired, hungry, or physically limited in any way, even denying food after having “not eaten in days”, according to Steven. His heartbeat is notably slow, and if you go back and listen, it’s not your typical two beats–it’s one. I’m not sure what that means, but–and I’m just spitballing here–it could mean that Lars and Lion are, in fact, a kind of zombie. No, not your “rrrraaagh brains” zombie, but for all intents and purposes, Lars and Lion aren’t strictly… alive. They’re just kinda… magic’d into peudo-life. Whatever that means. The details of Lars’ new state are pretty fuzzy from here–we’re kinda in some new territory. 

So here, have a couple fun theories that may or may not be right!

-Lars will end up getting sweet portal powers. Lion can create them, and has presumably been through the same process as Lars. Perhaps this is how Lars and the Off Color gems get back to Earth? Or will Lars get other cool powers?

-Lars could possibly be–unless killed again–immortal. Yeah, this one’s kindof a stretch, but we don’t really know how old Lion is. If he’s been around for millennia, then Lars could live that long too. If not, then we just won’t know until Rebecca confirms it somehow. 

And finally, check out this cool thing I noticed (and you probably did too):

Notice the trees? They correspond with where their revived being lives. Lion’s tree is one you’d find in the savanna, and Lars’ is one you’d find in Beach City. Besides being a cool little detail, it might be another little glimpse at how this “pocket dimension” works.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on this whole thing. If I’m missing any cool little pieces of evidence or if anyone else has something to add, feel free to add on!

The Fate of Pink Diamond

Everyone is posting their theories on who shattered Pink Diamond. I’ve seen it going every direction: Yellow Diamond did it; White Diamond did it; Pearl did it. And while I’m a big believer that Pearl was, at the VERY least, involved in her shattering, I also have an alternate theory.

Consistently, whenever Pink Diamond’s demise has been mentioned–in her presence–Pearl has always shown great distress. At first I assumed it was grief; if you subscribe the the theory that Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond, it might be caused by any residual feelings she might have about her Diamond. Perhaps it has been because the act has ruined Rose’s name or because of how Steven found out.

We don’t know why, but Pearl has always shown great duress whenever Pink Diamond’s shattering is brought up.

The Crystal Gem rebellion was only as successful as it was in great part due to Rose’s healing abilities. So long as they weren’t shattered, she could bring her comrades back from mortal injury with her tears. It’s very likely that, particularly during the early stages of the rebellion, that their chances were dismally low.

Lots of people have pointed out that only a diamond can break a diamond, which has been one of the big reasons why people believe Pink was shattered by another diamond. The only problem is why? We’ve seen that Yellow, though she manages her grief well, is still very torn up by the loss of Pink Diamond.

Though she was hasty in The Trial and most of her actions could easily be perceived as an attempt to cover up her own part in the shattering of Pink Diamond, Yellow has never been a patient gem. She is quick to anger and though she may keep a calm facade, she has always been quick to lash out.

In Message Received, even when Peridot is still obeying respectful protocols, when she tries to convince Yellow to abort the Cluster and preserve the Earth she lays into Peridot. 

This is before Peridot outright disobeys her orders and calls her diamond a clod. She probably would have given Peridot the same treatment she gave the Zircons if she had been physically present. I really don’t believe Yellow had anything to do with what happened to Pink Diamond.

A lot of people have been concerned by White Diamond’s failure to appear at the trial of the gem who was believed to have killed Pink Diamond. It is very suspicious, especially since we know nothing of White Diamond. We only have the very barest of ideas of what she looks like because of the murals on the moon base.

We of course see something of her likeness on Homeworld.

Blue Zircon mentioned during The Trial that Rose Quartz had already been an established threat for a few hundred years. This means that Pink Diamond wasn’t shattered until a few hundred years after the start of the rebellion.

What if the Crystal Gems were losing the war? What if they needed something to turn the tide in their favor? What if they could get their hands on a bargaining chip? In the early stages of the rebellion, there likely weren’t many gems on Rose’s side. It seems possible that, even during the events of The Answer, that Rose and Pearl were the only rebel gems. After all, if they wanted to wage an assault against Blue Diamond and her court, wouldn’t they want to bring more than two gems?

What if they knew they didn’t stand a chance? So they wanted to level the playing field. If only a diamond can shatter a diamond, it’s unlikely that Rose or Pearl would have been able to deal the killing blow. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy a diamond’s physical form.

What if Pearl and/or Rose managed to destroy Pink Diamond’s physical form and took her gem? What if they brought her gem to the diamonds and turned the war into a hostage negotiation? Pink Diamond could be safely returned but only if Homeworld abandoned the Earth. This doesn’t seem like too desperate a tactic, especially if there are only two gems standing against the might of their planet.

What if they tried to bargain with White Diamond? A diamond’s life for a single planet seems like a fair trade. But what if White Diamond wasn’t willing to negotiate. What if White Diamond forsake Pink Diamond, shattering her when her gem was put up for ransom?

After all, we’ve seen a mural depicting a gem of a very great visual similarity to White once before. A mural illustrating Rose Quartz standing before White Diamond, holding something very pink and diamond-shaped between them. All while White Diamond lashes out.

Maybe the reason Pearl gets upset at the mention of Pink Diamond is because they never meant to shatter her; but it was because of their actions that she was shattered at all.