So Apparently Ted is a two handed guitar player!

So derpin around with writers block watching the Lorax for the hundredth time when,

Hold the fuck up! Is that a guitar’s neck? Ted do you have a guitar? Oh my God Ted you play the guitar! That’s so awesome! You wonderful boy! But I know what you guys are saying. “That guitar neck has no strings!” There’s an explantion for that! But post is getting kinda long so let’s put a read more! But before we do that can we appreciate the fact that the animators actually rendered a Seuss style surge protector 

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Softer than silk and smells like butterfly milk

Okay so there’s a scene where Audry is explaining to Ted what trees are and she uses the famous line “Tuffs softer than silk… smells like butterfly milk…” And of course Ted says what does that mean and Audrey is like I have no clue but it sounds great. Nostalgia Chick who had next to nothing good to say about this movie (The only reason I think she was so hard on it was because there was fandom for it) and one of things she brought up was that line and how they were like undermining doctor Seuss’s words. And I thought surely that couldn’t have been it because just look at how much love and care they put into making sure his vison of the lorax was translated well. So I thought about those lines and tried to figure out their purpose. And here’s what I personally think it is.

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